Émile Bonnaire

Émile Bonnaire (1728 – 1754) was a French servantboy and unofficial lover and fiancé of Cerise Lémieux.

Born and raised in the city of Calais, France, Émile Bonnaire was destined to live and die in the gutter. His mother sold fish on the market – the fish was brought by Émile's father. Émile had little chance of survive his childhood. Émile had no siblings, so much of his time went on helping his mother. His father expected Émile to take over the fishing-business, but he did not want to. So, he want to a filthy inn and asked for work – which did not got of course. Émile didn't gave up however, and asked every inn or pub he crossed. At last he found himself one: an inn close to the sea.

After working at the inn for eight years, Émile handed in his resignation and left for working as a waiter at a more expensive inn: for merchants and noblemen. At the inn, he one day got noticed by a young woman and someone who seemed to be her father. Before they left, the man asked if Émile could think to work for him – to which Émile agreed on. Now working as a servant for the House of Lémieux, Émile soon got a more intimate relationship with the family's youngest: Cerise.

Eight years after becoming a member of the Conseil de Calais, Parisian Templar Absolon Noir was visited by Cerise Lémieux. She had heard of Absolon's gentleness when it came to justice. She told that her father, Michel Lémieux, had decided to marry her away to a Venetian nobleman – Cerise's brother, Marcel, supported the action of their father. Cerise wanted to marry one of the servants: Émile. Absolon promised to help the family.

The following night, Absolon had hired a captain to bring the lovers to the city of Saint-Nazaire. Absolon had told the lovers to meet him there. As the two climbed the gangplank and Cerise thanked Absolon for being so discret, Michel stepped out from the shadows – accompanied by Marcel. The lovers felt betrayed by Absolon – which they had all reason to. Unknown to the truth, Cerise did not knew that her father was a Templar; because of this, Absolon stood loyal to the father. Marcel took his sister back to the Lémieux-estate. Absolon pulled out a sword and killed Émile by pushing it through his stomach. He then pushed the poor man into the sea below the two Templars.

Trivia Edit

  1. Émile Bonnaire's name is a reference to BBC's The Musketeers.
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