Évinore LeClaire was a French girl active during the French Revolution. Despite being only a child, Évinore LeClaire was a member of the Templars and Saint Vierge group. With her being only a child, Évinore LeClaire became a great spy for the Templar Order.

During the production of AC: Changes, Évinore's genetic memories were used to create the Animi Avatar The Brigand.

Évinore LeClaire
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September 8th, 1782



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Templars (1789-1794)

Saint Vierge (1789-1794)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Céline Monsarrat

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Évinore LeClaire was born on September 8th, 1782 in la Bièvre in Paris. Évinore was the younger sister of Luxoir LeClaire, a man who was a member of the Luxembourg fighters. Growing up, Évinore was taught to do whatever her brother said and she did with no question. Évinore was never able to attend school as her family were too poor to afford it, so when Évinore was old enough to walk, she started working Évinore mainly worked in the Salpêtrière Hospital, a place that was more of an asylum than a prison. It was Évinore job to deliver any supplies that the workers needed, which was needed often. Évinore would end the day exhausted from running around the hospital so much, and would return with little money in her pocket. Évinore hated the life she had to live, but her brother Luxoir told her to be patient, a bigger job was about to begin.

Templar-affaires Edit

Attention Edit

It was 1792, Évinore was was 10 years old and walking with her brother, Luxoir, to an unknown destination. Multiple times, Évinore would ask where they were going, to which Luxoir told her they were going to meet a person who had a very important job for them. Évinore was unsure what to think, but just kept on following her brother. Eventually, Évinore found herself walking in the Cour des Miracles, one of the most dangerous slums in all of Paris, especially with the revolution going on. Luxoir led Évinore into a medium sized building and when they got inside, Évinore found herself inside a room with a round table with some chairs surrounding it, and some furniture around it. A woman came up to Évinore and Luxoir and introduced herself as Marguerite LaVenduz, who offered Évinore a seat on a nearby couch. Évinore accepted graciously, she had never met a nicer person or sat on an actual couch before. Luxoir sat Évinore down and told her to wait there while he took care of business. Évinore sat back and relaxed as Luxoir talked with Marguerite, Évinore never paid attention to what they were saying. Eventually, Luxoir called Évinore over to the table and she sat down on a chair next to Luxoir. Marguerite asked Évinore what she knew of her brother's work, to which Évinore said she knew nothing. Marguerite explained that Luxoir was part of a very important mission that required Évinore too. Évinore asked what Marguerite meant by that, to which Marguerite asked Évinore how many other working she knew. Évinore said she knew many children that worked in the the hospital she worked at. Marguerite then asked if Évinore could convince them to work for her, as they were essential to the mission. Évinore said that she could indeed gather many of the children up to work for Marguerite. Marguerite thanked Évinore for answering her questions and said that her assignment would be given to her in due time. Évinore and Luxoir left and Évinore awaited for change in her life.

Joining the Templars Edit

Évinore and Luxoir waired back at their home for the next few days waiting for whatever mission Marguerite had for them. Évinore like Marguerite, she was nice and paid more attention to her than anyone had in her entire life, so she was eager to see her more. Eventually, Luxoir received a note from Marguerite that gave the details of their mission. Most of the mission involved Luxoir doing most of the work, but the bottom of the note had something for Évinoreto do: Gather twenty children and guide them to Marguerite's borough, there she would take care of them. Luxoir spent the next two days preparing his sister for the mission that lay ahead of her. He knew that Évinore could easily gather up twenty children, but she needed to know how to navigate the underground tunnels underneath Paris that they could use to get to Marguerite. The exercises they did was Luxoir guiding Évinore on the route they would take fifty times, then Luxoir would go to the end point and have Évinore find him. Évinore learned quickly and was able to do the route in less than twenty minutes, she was ready.

On September 9, 1792, Évinore did her job, she was able to get twenty children out of the jobs they worked at, promising them that Marguerite would give them a better home and life. Évinore got the twenty children to the sewers and let them go down first. The children got down the sewers, then Évinore herself got down and began thr route. The sewers were dirty, dark, and terrifying to some of the children, but Évinore was able to convince them to go on to their better lives. After twenty minutes, Évinore got to the entrance to the above ground and went up the ladder first. Marguerite was there to greet Évinore on the top who immediately asked Évinore if she got the children. The children then started to come up, and ultimately answered Marguerite's question. Marguerite thanked Évinore for her work and said that she would take it from there, then sent Évinore off. Évinore got back home and was greeted by Luxoir, who told her that the two of them were now full fledged Templars. Évinore didn't know what that meant, but knew it was good due to Luxoir's attitude. Évinore would follow her brother's orders for the next few months, before Marguerite would contact them again a few months later.

Stationed at the Saint Vierge Edit

Months passed and Évinore and Luxoir would wait for any contact from Marguerite, which was few and far between. Évinore could never understand why Luxoir was so angry at Marguerite, she was always so nice. Luxoir would say to Évinore that Marguerite barely called upon them, and they wouldn't be able to get money for their home. Évinore couldn't understand what any of that meant, to which Luxoir said he didn't expect her to, she was just a child after all. Eventually, after a six month gap, Marguerite finally contacted Luxoir for a job that she wanted them both to do. Marguerite also wrote a request that they go to her house in her borough to discuss the plans for the mission. On May 4, 1794, Évinore and Luxoir made it to Marguerite's house where, once again, Marguerite was her usual kind self to Évinore and spoke with Luxoir about he assignment for them. After a few minutes of Marguerite and Luxoir discussing the assignment, Marguerite asked if she could talk to Évinore in private, which was approved by Luxoir. Marguerite led Évinore to the next room and sat her down. Marguerite then said that she had some things to reveal. Marguerite said to Évinore that she heard voices from "The Grey Lady" who said that both the Assassin and Templar causes were not important, under the Grey Lady's rule, all would live in an age to affluence and wealth. Évinore believed everything that Marguerite was saying and said she wanted to help the Grey Lady in her cause. Marguerite was happy to hear that and said she had an assignment for Évinore: Continue to do whatever the assignments that were given to her and Luxoir, but make sure most of the rewards went to Marguerite. Évinore accepted and looked to the future.

Decline Of Business Edit

Évinore made good on her promise to Marguerite, making sure to recruit the children working in the factories to the Saint Vierge in an attempt to locate the Jewel of Eden. Beginning in 1794, Évinore began to notice that the amount of children working in the factories were becoming less and less. At first, Évinore simply thought that the amount of children she was recruiting was taking a toll on the number of them working in the factory. When Évinore spoke with Luxoir on the issue, he looked confused like Évinore, stating that there were thousands of children with no parents forced to work in factories every day. Luxoir promised Évinore to look into the situation. On February 17, 1794, Évinore was making her way to a textile factory that she knew would house many children. At this point, she had gathered up to 67 children for Marguerite, but the demand for more kept Évinore at work. As she came one block away from the factory, Évinore noticed a group of children in a line walking out of the factory and that they were being led by a middle-aged woman in brown robes. Évinore turned around and ran back to her home and waited for Luxoir to return. When Luxoir finally returned, Évinore wasted no time in letting him know of the woman who had lead the children out of the factory. Luxoir reacted with shock and anger and demanded that Évinore describe the woman she saw, and she did. Luxoir said that the woman matched the description of an Assassin, an assassin named Marie Anne Étienne. Évinore asked what was to be done, to which Luxoir said she was to wait in the house and he was going to look around for her. Before he left, Luxoir told Évinore that if he wasn't back in five hours, then to immediately go to Marguerite's house and don't stop for anyone. Évinore did as she was told and began to wait.

Unknown Edit

Évinore waited, waited, and waited some more. Three hours passed, and Luxoir still wasn't back. Four hours, and eventually five hour passed, and Luxoir wasn't back. Évinore followed orders and began to make her way to Marguerite's house. Évinore made sure to not talk to anyone she passed, as well as take quick glances around to see if she could spot Luxoir anywhere. Évinore was about two miles from Marguerite's house, when she was stopped in her tracks by an man in blue robes who told her with a foreign accent to stop. Évinore initially didn't say a word and kept on walking. The man didn't let her through, however, and kept on telling her stop. Finally after, two minutes of this going on, Évinore decided to stop and hear what he had to say. The man knelt down and removed his hood, revealing a blond-haired blue-eyed man and he told Évinore he knew who she was and what she was doing. Évinore didn't say anything, and the man kept going, saying he was indeed an Assassin and that her brother was nowhere to be found. Évinore was angered by the man when he said that what Luxoir and Évinore were doing was wrong. The man revealed himself as Arne Otsberg and told Évinore that she was going to have a knew life. Évinore simply felt defeated, her brother was nowhere to be found and now an Assassin was about to take her somewhere, but she just accepted it and didn't fight. Otsberg picked Évinore up and carried her off, and no knew where she went or what happened to her. what people did know however, was that Otsberg never harmed her and that she lived the rest of her days happily and with no pain or fear.


Trivia Edit

  1. LeClaire is a French diminutive derived from either the French word clair "bright" or the given name.
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