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Story of the First Member of the classified squad in the Chinese Assassin. []

1810 Guangzhou[]

"We followed him all the way here. There are guards all around the area and he will be entering neutral territory soon. I don't see anyways you people are going to take the scrolls before then." The young Assassin shifted from a little to keep balance as the wind blew lightly on the branch the two was on.

The dark figure standing steadily on the branch kept her eyes on the cavalry, it was almost at the estate. From the depth of her black robe was the Sparrow Whistle, she put it at the edge of her mouth, rolled her tongue, it produced a high pitched noise through her mask. It was almost silent with the sound of clashing metals and neighing horses below them. She readied the mechanic by her arm, a long thin blade, it was almost like a needle, it shuffled in and out. She flex her fist and shoulder. The dual black butterflies strapped to the back of her waist clacked silently as the branched move slightly. She was fully ready.

The Assassin examined the complete darkness next to him. He wonder, why was this Assassin wearing complete black? There wasn't even a stripes of redness or any other colors on her clothes, it was just pure black. This wasn't the standard uniform of the Chinese Assassin, they were a new team as he had heard.

Another high pitched noise was produced from the denizens. They had start to make their move, she leaps away from the tree as the Assassin look on. Curious on how they are going to turn the tide of their losing war.


The children played by the garden, they just finished their study session. It was a quiet night, the breeze was in the air and fresh in their faces, the guards stood at their positions as the children ran around. The garden was a square in the center of the estate, and a pond with bamboo trees by the side.

The girl talked about the teacher, and complained incessantly on how he scolded her when she ran out half way through their session. The boy playfully retorted that she was rightfully punish for disobeying him, the girl started chasing her brother. Pairs of darkening black eyes watched the scene.

One of the guards standing by the entrance suddenly felt a shift in air, he felt a sharp sting by his waist and another at his neck, it went away quickly, he felt his neck, it was wet. He looked at his hand and it was red. He stood still, he wanted to shout, nothing came out but gurgles. He can't feel his legs, it was paralyze, the pain was infinite as he feel his muscle frozen in place, the banned poison of the Assassin, was the last thing that went through his mind before he passed out of from the pain, followed by death.


Fang Feng came back from the the negotiations. A smile on his face, he wasn't the Templar's strategist for nothing. It was an unfair treaty that the Assassin had to sign, it was an age of wit and reason, the Assassin was short on supply. He had used nearly everything at his disposal to make sure the Assassin had no other choice. It was a rather tiring day, but he had to tuck his son and daughter in before he sleep. As he walked by the corridor of his estate, he bask in his own accomplishment with a permanent smile on his face. Finally he approached their rooms. Their candle lights were still lit. He suddenly felt a sense of urgency, he barge through the door. He was utterly surprise at what stood in front of him.

There the black figure stood, with a hood and a mask. The hidden needle by his daughter's throat. Tears were flowing out of her eye, however she kept silent. His son, his son was suffocating on the floor, his face was pure red. His body writhed on the floor, quite the sight for Fang Feng, there was nothing in the world other than the Templar belief can match his love for his son and daughter.

"If you want the antidote, the scroll. Burn it."

Fang Feng cannot believe this, it was neutral territory, this Assassin was infiltrating neutral territory, does he want to die? No, no, that 's not right. This was definitely not an Assassin, he had already broken one of their tenant. If he is caught, he is dead.

This is a mercenary. Two count of broken law. Fang Feng had already thought of a new condition in a future the Assassin will have sign. This was too much, the loophole, how they had fallen, the Assassins taking advantage of loopholes. The battle of wits and has turned into brawn with the appearance of this particular Mercenary.

"Let her go. You are not seriously going to do this." He said as he took out the scroll from his coat, and hold it by the candle with his eyes still intensely focused on his children, his heart was going rampant, he is actually doing this.

The figure's black eyes, watched as the scroll was turn into nothing but a black decomposed pile of dust. It was done, but she had to make sure Fang Feng has burned everything. The figure shifted the needle by his daughter's neck, looking for a precise position, it stopped, the needle went in. Sank all the way in. The figure slowly pulled it out, Fang Feng was motionless for a while, then she let go of the corpse.

Fang Feng's eye maddened, he dashed forward, hands out, managing to grab hold of the figure's neck. He wasn't specialized in martial art, he should have called the guards by now, but, they actually bloody did it. The dagger that went inside the left side of his throat put a stop to any further action. As Fang bled, he saw both of their bodies lying there. His son has stopped moving, blood was still flowing out of her daughter's neck.

Seconds before he blacked out, he cursed the Assassin, no. This wasn't a mercenary, he killed him, Fang, Fang the Untouchable. Fang was the one that responsible for the Assassin's well-being and the countless Guilds* well-being, the Assassin was always the thick one, it must be them.

Any mercenaries that touch him will be hunted down by the Guilds, there was a lot of complex unspoken rules between these men. Despite being a Templar, he send supplies to the town and fed the poor, he was responsible for numerous skillfully planned attacks on their organization without hurting anyone, using wit instead of brawn. Taking mercy on them every time, And now, he is receiving the cruelest death imaginable, he saw the Assassin crest on her needle as the black figure kneel next to him, he needs to see this scumbag's face. He use his last remaining strength and shifted his body. She pulled down her mask, Fang cannot imagine this was the face that put an end to his family in such a horrible way.

Lu Shui* took off Fang's coat, rifled through his clothes, one bag of silvers, there wasn't anything else.

"To make sure." She mutter as she stood up.

She blew the whistle. She didn't even bother to closed their opened eyes. No rest in peace, no mercy. She even killed the children. The young Assassin watched by the trees, he saw it all......They had nothing to do with this. Now she was going to burn this place down. Not to mention she is an Assassin, stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent?


"YOU KILLED US ALL!" The man in the prestigious robes shouted. The room

The dark figure said nothing, the man turn from the window and advance in an angry pace until he was face to face with the masked and hooded figure. Luo Xiao Meng, the Grandmaster of Guangzhou was beyond enraged, his face was red as he clenched his fist and swing it down as he kept on with his spew.

"You killed us all!" It was hoarse shout, much weaker than the first one he produced, it still had it's intended effect. All the other men in the room stared at the figures in silence, there was 3 more with her. "Just the scroll, just. THE. SCROLL." He tried to catch his breath as he continued, "You enter neutral territory, YOU KILLED FANG FENG, YOU KILLED FANG FENG, HE SUPPLIED OUR VILLAGES AND HE PROVIDES FOR ALL THE GUILDS, YOU BURNED THE WHOLE PLACE DOWN..Y-YOU.." it was desperate and vicious.

Through the short pause, the figure finally spoke with an unexpectedly soft and gentle voice.

"They were the best course of action, the cycle will never end, you will rely on them forever, find yourself another partner for your trades-"


"Correct. The decision is difficult but it seems inevitable."


"She killed two civilian....." A young man standing by the side said as he slowly took his red hood down showing a terrified expression.

"I saw...Two children...I was by the window side, she poisoned the boy and slit the girl."

Luo regain his composure and took another deep breath.

"Is that true? Shui?" He asked.

"No." Lu Shui said casually.

The young man was beyond shock, "Y-you, what you have done, you could at least admit it, you could have at least admit it. Y-you..killed two children. They are not only civilian, they are children!" It was indignant , but there was fear as well, his voice trembled as he spoke.

After that, the council were silent. This figure that stand before them was intimidating. It will do anything necessary to achieve it's goal. It's not human. They all feel unsafe even in their own fort, this was not a fellow Assassin.

One man stood up, "We are already sending Assassins to the estate, if we find anything. You are dead. You are dismissed for now."


She kept walking, until there wasn't anyone in sight. She looked around, still trying to hold the water of her eyes. Finally making sure there wasn't anyone, she let go. She wept, the water made their way down her cheeks as she lowered her head and fell onto her knee. It was a silent cry. She made no sound, it was her guise that revealed her feelings. She wept for the loss of life, she wept for all. The children and the Templar alike. The young Assassin watched on, baffled.


Lu Shui, was only 10. She had completed all of her tasks that she was assigned with. It was after school, she had played by the river as usual, her friends was with her too, the old Assassin had taught them a lot, she told her parent all the Assassin had told them, they had gone onto a few hunting trips too. She enjoyed hunting, but always avoid to kill the animal she was hunting. It was always an arrow by the side. (lawl)

"Come on, let's go and steal a little more scrolls from the old one's house, your mother is still trading candy for that right?"

"Yeah...But let's not do that already. It's mean."

"Don't join us then, haha."

"Hmmm, I won't." She smiled.

She got up and walk back to her home. Her mother was sewing something, it was new clothes meant for her, her mother said. She sat by her side, cheerfully talk about the day.

"The gang wanted to help you again."

"Do they now?"

"They will probably be back later with the scrolls you wanted."


"Isn't it a little mean to steal from him?"

"Don't worry, it's nothing. Just little things that he don't need."


Little Lu Shui nimbly got off her chair, she went back to the door and continue watching the little ant crawled around carrying around whatever they have. It was always strange to her, how the little ants can carry objects seemly bigger than they are.

She watched for a long while. She did not moved even an inch until her mother called her for dinner, she stretched as she stood up. She ran to the table, got up the table and started gobbling down the dumplings.

Someone knocked onto their door, a period of time. It was strange numbers of taps. Her mother sat still.

"Sit down now. Eat your food. Don't move until I come back."

Lu Shui did as she was told, ate. Happily, she picked the food up and stuff it into her mouth. It was a loud split she heard, like the thunder. She quickly covered her ear. Was it raining already?

Her mother came back and held her hand,

"Now, put this over you."

It was a blindfold, she did as she was told. She felt her hand lead by her mother's hand. She felt herself getting on a horse. Followed by her mother, there was a man's voice whispering something. She can't hear.

Then the horse sped, she felt wind on her face, she can see nothing. Her ears were covered by her mother, for a long time, she saw and heard nothing. Suddenly she felt herself fell, the horse was shot by an arrow. The hands came off her ears. The clashing of metals, and inhuman screams. She cannot help herself, she took out her blindfold, all she can see, was flame. The village was up in flame. In front of her was her mother, she had a blade on her hand, she saw her little friends, also with little daggers in their hand.

"YOU TRICKED US!" A loud and savage roar that her best friend produced, it frightened even her.

One of them rush forward, her mother swiftly counter, sending him away. Lu Shui was still trying to comprehend what she was seeing. Her friends was trying to kill her mother, the village is burning, being tricked?

The little one did not gave up, he regain composure quickly and clumsily tried to throw a Hidden Needle at her. It was a simple side-step to the left to dodge it.

"I don't have time for this."

Her mother pulled out another blade, grasp the fabric of his clothes and with a violently pulled him down to her feet. It was a vicious scene as the blade went down. Lu Shui felt her world spin. The children upon hearing their friend's scream and bloodied body, they slowly dropped their daggers, backed away.

Lu Shui caught one their eyes. It was the eyes that she will see for the rest of her life.

Her mother pulled her hand as she sped toward another horse. Tears were flowing down both of their cheeks.

Finally they had arrived at an isolated part of the forest. Her mother dropped the blood-stained dagger. Lu Shui got off from the horse. For a long time, stare at the metal object. She kneel next to it. Caress the edge of the blade. There was an instinctual, impulsive urge inside her, it was growing as her stare intensified. Finally she grasp it tightly in her hand as the old one had taught.

If you meet one of those nasty men in black when you play in the mountains, use these, hold these tightly, it's the root of your life. Look at their neck. You have to be a surprise, well, you will be a surprise. To them you are but a harmless child for ransom. I want someone to jump onto my back, I have a little demonstration to do.

"Mommy may have a lot of explaining to do but I will tell you. But for now we have to head east."

"Why did you have to burn it all down?"

"Don't worry, you will make new friends."

"I am proud of you."

"You know it's us? You are clever, you will make a great Templar."

Lu Shui grasp the blade even tightly.

Glossary for ACT I[]

Meaning of some stuff, also, me's first language is not English. Really need to emphasis this because I bet you must have experience a lot of cringe as you read this. So if you have read this far, thanks for tolerating my horrible Engrish, if you have some constructive criticism, do make them. Thanks for reading.

*There is a lot of Guilds in ancient China, other secret society to be precise, I am going to include some of them in some of the future stories.

*Lu Shui means 如水, like water. Or gentle as water.

*Si Hei Gui, the title, it literal translation is Dead Black Ghost, it means......uh, I am not sure either.



Lu Shui stared at the fire. It crackled, her eyes remain unblinking. A hand landed on her shoulder, she flinched instantly.

"," Her voice quivered. The man who taped her had a grey beard and hair, face carved out of old wood. He gave a sympathizing look at the frightened girl she still had a trouble expression her face. The man sat down with her by the fire, it kept crackling as he sighed.

“Shui, you need to put things in perspective for yourself. If you are an Assassin, you must kill, if you do not, we can’t afford to keep you in the Brotherhood….Considering your original lineage as well.”

“You people kill, like the Templar as well; the only difference is in your ideology.”

“Our ideal is the very reason why we fight, for liberty and the good of men.”

“Isn't the exact definition of Assassin, someone who kills someone in a conceal manner? Public executions and starting fights in the middle of the street shouldn't be called an Assassin.”

“Yes, we are trying to make a point but we are talking about you. When are you going to kill?”

She lowered her head even more.


“You did.”

Her heart thumped. In that inexplicable second, she can feel all her emotion pouring out; she can feel her body tearing itself apart. She wants out of this world.

“Listen, a kill isn’t easy. We know, it will haunt you regardless of your targets. The one we had to kill today was a man that killed one of our Brothers. It should be a easy kill.” 

"Ideals.....To kill for your idea....." She put her clenched fist near her mouth, her nose red.

"Yes, the Creed we obey, the principle in our hearts we follow. Templar are born good as well, we all have good intentions. It is just how we do it."

"Just what is the difference between you and the Templar?" Her sadness slowly turning into something else.

"Absolute control. And the teaching men so they can use freedom correctly, the Templar are a little bit more desperate."

"Kill them to prove them wrong? And likewise?"

The bearded man looked at her, she had two misaligned fringes of hair sticking out in the respective side of her forehead and still had a girlish face. He knows the reason for her persistence to stay in the Brotherhood. The guilt, but if she is going to do nothing, then what is the use for her?

"Join the scholars if you insists."

"You haven't answer my question. Why?"

"Killed or be killed. The cycle starts from somewhere, it has to end somewhere."

"It will never end if you never stop! It's a cycle!" She suddenly shouted with anger.

The bearded man sighed. Drank a little water from his flask, tossed some firewood into the blaze, it burned and the flame danced.

To Be Continued at my WordPress

The Serial Killer[]

Second Member of the classified squad of the Chinese Assassin[]


The man shifted by the hay in his cell. He turned his head, the vivid images of blood was still in his head. He wants to see it again, but the execution was tomorrow, the only thing he will be seeing will probably be his own dead body as his head rolls, the moonlight shines into his small cell. All those men he had murder, he had questioned it. Wondering why he did it. It was just the simple fascination with the taking of a human life, he had wonder if he was the center of the universe. This miraculous of a thing that is a life disappearing, it seem as if it's something only he can accomplished, him and him alone. The illusion he has cast for himself was seemly gone as he recalled the fact he will be killed tomorrow.

He started getting angry, he was an idiot. He hasn't covered his track well enough, he was caught. He was bloody caught. All those feeling of passion as he basked over his accomplishment will be gone. He stood up, looked at the cell door. A tired guard standing there, eyes half closed, he wonder if he can break through the door. It would be futile, he thought, it would be still worth a try. He slowly stood up from the hay, and crept towards it silently, he glanced at the man. His eyes was fully close, he darted and examine the door, the locks was at the front of the door. He sighed. Sat down again. Closed his eyes.

He felt a shift in air.

He opened his eye and turned back. There was a dark figure with it's hand around by the guard's throat, his arm waving frantically as the figure kept him the arm hold. Finally he stopped moving, the figure kneel by his side and put it's fingers by the guard's neck. It stood up and breath a sigh of seemly relief. It approached with they keys. The man was beyond joy, he can feel the compassion of murder coming back. The sight of the corpse. Everything was again vivid in his mind. He was practically smiling as the figure approached, dangling the key in it's hand. The key went into the lock, he try to greet the figure as the door opened, he was immediately grabbed and thrown to the ground, a silver dagger by the moonlight to his throat.

"Listen very carefully." The voice was that of a female, it was unexpected.

"You are a murderer. Either for selfish desires or other things."

"I want you to do something for me."

"You will follow my command, and you will get what you want. But, everything I say, you will heed. Or else."

The man was curious, he had no idea what was going on. This person, who saved him from certain death, is requesting him to be......A what exactly?

"How many people have you killed?"

He grinned. Someone asking about his achievement.


The figure gripped his clothes even tighter.

"And you got away with it."

"Yes. All 43 of them, I was wondering if I cut someone down in broad daylight, if reality will break. Whether if I am a butterfly living a man's dream." He tried to disguise his incompetence with some sort of glorified sophistry.

"If you follow me, you can kill more. Only under my command."

The man was a little bit reluctant.

"I want to kill as I see fit."

The dagger went in a little. He quickly stood up,the figure backed away swiftly, hands reaching back for her weapon. The man picked up the polearm that the guard had and dashed forward. He felt his pulse weaken as he attempts to stab the woman, poison, he thought. He still struggle to keep up, then it was a fatal opening. He was knee in the stomach, the polearm dropped. He sank to her feet, his head spinning and a nauseous feeling.

"Antidote. You take it after we leave."

The man looked at her. She looked oddly attractive. He have yet seen her face, but the way she had attempt to break him out and deciding to kill him immediately afterwards amuses him.

"Lead the way."

He stood up, leaning against the wall as he followed the woman by the prison cells.


He had threw up a lot, that was the poison's side effect even after taking the cure. He just had the antidote, drank it straight down. The masked and hooded woman watched him. Still with a waiting dagger in her hand, he finished, wiped the mess off his mouth with his former prison clothes, he was wearing his own robes by now.

He turned and glance at her, she still had a murderous intent in her it? It was a rather strange looking pair of black eyes. He use to be able to guess people's feeling through their eyes, not always accurate, but he can't see hers at all. His gold ring, starts to glow brighter as did his fascinations.

"I agree to your condition." He said as he adjusted his braid. The woman still held up the knife.

"What changed your mind?"

"No, what changed yours?"

"Why do you want to break me out if you want to kill me? What makes you think I will do as you say?"

"You are a killer. Rather than to kill pointlessly I want you to kill for my cause. If you want that, I can make sure that the officials in this province will stay off you."

"Why tell me now? Shouldn't you have given me that offer the moment you broke me out?"

"You are a killer. You kill people for nothing. I would have you died by my own hand."

He noticed the indecisive tone in her voice.

"You have no idea what you want to do, do you?"

"I need you. I want you to feel death's hand."

"So you poisoned me for that?"

She said nothing. She sheathed her knife. And walked on, the man followed. He smiled, this will be an interesting relationship.