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Aaron Bentley
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27 September 1986
Fulton, New York

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Assassins (1986 - present)

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Early life[]

Born on 27 September, 1986 Aaron is an Assassin from birth. His Father and mother were both Assassins. Richard and Bethany Bentley sent Aaron to "The Farm" to train to become a proper Assassin. He would train for many years until he was selected to use the Animus.

Training to become an Assassin[]

For fifteen years Aaron trained with other Assassins until he was ready for his first job, which involved an Animus. He trained to climb and other important skills that he needed to be an Assassin. He trained to free run and to assassinate his targets with out being detected. Once he completed his training, Aaron was selected to use the Animus to locate a Piece of Eden.

Time as an Assassin[]

Using the Animus[]

On December 30th, Aaron began using the Animus to view his ancestor's, John lilcoin's, memories. He would then do this for the next few months until he located where the Piece of Eden that his ancestor his was. The Piece of Eden was in Oneida Village, or the wood behind the village. Aaron and a team of Assassins would then go there and collect the Piece of Eden there.

Collecting the Piece of Eden[]

In 2013, Aaron and a team of Assassins arrived in Oneida Village to find the Piece of Eden hidden there. The traveled though the woods until they found the temple that it was hidden in. Once Aaron free ran though the obstacles he collected the Piece of Eden.

Being Comatose[]

Going into a coma[]

When he picked the Piece of Eden it began to pulse with light and the killed all of the assassins and put Aaron into a coma. He was then taken back to a hideout near by and put into the Animus. He would then be in the Animus until he found his way out of the coma that he was put into by the Piece of Eden. He would have to view the last memories of his ancestor until he found the Sync Nexus.