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Abraham Addison was an English Assassin born in 1740 and died in 1820 aged 75

Early life[]

Abraham was born in prison, and his mother died in childbirth. When Abraham was 15 he decided that he would leave to join the army a decision influenced by the abuse he endured while in there, but was denied entrance, with nowhere to go Abraham soon resorted to petty robbery. A crime he was not proud of. This is where he learned his skills as a pickpocket and free runner. His trick was to wait, sometimes for hours on end for a rich man to walk by, he would jump from the rooftops and stab him in the leg, which he considered what they deserved. One day a man in a hood was walking by, he didn't look particularly rich But Abraham was desperate and starving. He attempted to stab him but failed, Abraham desperately separated what he considered an oversized piece of jewelry that he could pawn. The man in the hood gave chase, he was shocked to discover the man had similar skills. The man caught him eventually. Abraham was prepared to die, stating 'I didn't have that much in life anyway.' The man claimed to be an Assassin. A member of a dwindling ancient order, and said that he could educate Abraham in the ways of killing and give him a proper education. Abraham jumped at the chance and handed back his gauntlet. The man said his name was Cunningham.

First time lucky.[]

Abraham was educated and proved to be an excellent student. Cunningham Addison raised him as his own and gave him a name. Cunningham spoke of his time in the colonies, Abraham always was fascinated by an unspoiled land. Soon it was time to make an effort to eradicate Templar presence in England. Cunningham slipped him a small bag, it contained an Assassins robe and a name. He understood that was all he needed but was still inquisitive for more information. 'He's a templar, an important one... don't piss it up.' Sebastian Peterson. Many believed him to be a high standing member of English society. A Templar. Abraham didn't see the point in killing a playwright. But apparently, he had the Government in the palm of his hand. It was the opening night of his new Opera/Play The gruesome tragedy of Bartholomew Wilson There was going to be more than one gruesome tragedy tonight if he played it right. Swinging through the props toward Sebastian. Too distracted shouting at soldiers, he failed to notice the assassin sifting through prop after prop. The soldiers turned and left. Now was his chance, before Sebastian had no chance to react, a knife was on his back. He was spotted by an actress who screamed at him. He tried to calm her down to no avail, so he quickly punched her in the face. As the Soldiers arrived he left. It was a massacre. there was a riot. People were getting trampled to death. A soldier who gave chase accidentally set fire to a curtain, the curtain fell down, and soon the whole theater was ablaze.

'What do you think that was?' Cunningham questioned

'A successful Assassination?' Abraham snapped back

'It was a bungle, that's what it was.'


'One false move, and you would've been dead. First time lucky...'

Campaigning against the templars in England.[]

As he reached the end of his education, he became a strong Assassin, skilled in the mind and knives, he was a useful ally to the Assassins. However, these were grim times for the English Assassins, and the Templar presence was rife. Abraham out of arrogance and inexperience set after Templars, Cunningham supported this, he managed to kill very few and let one out of mercy...Cunningham decided to step in and help destroy the Templars.