Abraham Walker
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13th,september 1979


Was killed by a poisonous potato - Died 2 weeks after consuming

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Appears in

Assassins Creed: Prison Life

Upon Birth, Abraham was an orphan, forced to live in an adoption center. Both his parents died from a disease known as Typhoid fever,Abraham was a very violent child from the age of 7 to his death in 2013, after being adopted by rich people who "Ironically" didn't listen to the maidens that Abraham was violent, Adopted him, 10 years after being adopted Abraham was senteanced to jail for 10 years because Abraham impaled the mayor of Ohio with a turning stick because the mayor restricted the amount of alcohol in the town. While being in the jail Abraham was trained by Vlede Ricosto to fight, he stole metal silverware, any weapons he could get his hands on, sooner or later his senteance was extended to 15 years for killing 17 guards with a metal fork and suffocating a guard, with a pillow case. Upon seeing a news story about a assassination attempt on the CEO of Abstergo Industries, Abraham wanted to learn more about the assassins, upon his release he searched his state for an "Assassin" in his state. He found none. 1 Month later he found someone who could train Abraham in the arts of the Assassin. 2 years later Abraham was trained as an asssasin, His quest was to avenge an old man he was trained by in jail, Vlede Ricosto, Vlede was executed for trying to escape a prison 5 times, Upon starting his quest to avenge Vlede he found himself in a much bigger conflict then he first expected. he was trapped in the middle of a giant conflict between the assassins and the templars. Upon attempting to assasinate the CEO of Abstergo Industries he missed and went straight back to jail, while in jail he ate a poisonous potato on accident and died 2 weeks after consuming. Warning: Not finished.

"Life as a child"Edit

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