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Abrienna Montréuil(1850-1906)was a French-Canadian assassin and member of the Canadian brotherhood from 1865 to 1905, becoming mentor at the age of 36 in 1886 and holding the position until 1905. She is an ancestor of Sam Jacques.


Early Life[]

Abrienna was born to Michael and Juliette Montréuil on October 3rd, 1850 in Montréal, Canada. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving Michael to raise Abrienna on his own. Eventually, Michael got tired of taking care of her and when she was 5, he sold her to a slave master named Louis DeParis, where she grew up. Louis abused Abrienna throughout her childhood, to the point where she tried to take her life twice, once in 1859 by hanging then in 1861 by strangulation. Both attempts failed and Abrienna continued a childhood filled with abuse.

Rescue and induction into the Brotherhood[]

In 1865, shortly before Abrienna's 15th birthday, she was liberated from DeParis' house in the dead of night by a member of the Canadian Assassin brotherhood. She was glad to be free after so many years of enslavement, especially after slavery was abolished. She was taken to their hideout, where she slept through the night. After her 15th birthday and a week of training, Abrienna was officially inducted into the Assassin Brotherhood, receiving a hidden blade and a dagger. She felt ready to step out on her own.

First kill[]

In July of 1866, Abrienna was informed that her old slave master was still on the loose, somehow not imprisoned after years of illegal enslavement. After receiving his whereabouts, Abrienna headed out to find him. While it was hard to find him among all the other rich men of Montréal, Abrienna eventually located him by the sound of his voice. She found him relaxing at a bar with some other men. After eavesdropping on their conversation for a while, Abrienna began tailing DeParis who seemed to be heading towards his estate. On the way, he met up with two other men who left soon after. Eventually, he arrived at his estate and entered, Abrienna silently entering after him. She continued to tail him as he headed around the estate. Once he entered her old room, Abrienna saw him walk over to the balcony and she charged after him, grabbing him by the collar and plunging her hidden blade into his chest, then hanging him over the edge.

DeParis' last words[]

DeParis: So, it's you. The one who escaped from here a year ago.

Abrienna: Indeed. It's me, Abrienna Montréuil, the child you illegally enslaved

DeParis: Who cares about things being legal, chienne? At least you had someone to raise you after your fool of a father abandoned you?

Abrienna: What do you mean, abandoned me, tu pique? TELL ME!

DeParis succumbs to his wounds

Abrienna: Vous avez bien essayé de me relever, mais vos abus ne seront pas oubliés. Repose en paix(You tried to raise me well, but your abuse will not be forgotten. Rest in peace)

Abrienna lowers DeParis' body to the ground

After killing DeParis, Abrienna headed back to the Assassin hideout, where she cleaned off her blade and reported a successful kill.

Assault on the hideout[]

In September 1886, under cover of darkness, a group of Templars snuck into the Assassin hideout and proceeded to attack the Assassins. Abrienna heard the commotion and woke up, discovering the Templars had slayed most of the recruits. Unable to stand it, Abrienna grabbed her hidden blade and struck down two of the Templars, before chasing out the rest. The Assassins who survived the assault congratulated her and she got a promotion, advancing to the rank of Initiate.