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The USS Abstergo or simply the Abstergo was a U.S Navy Man O' War Captained under Admiral Samuel Wilson of the U.S Navy and Templar Order. This served as Flagship for the American Knights Fleet in the early 19th Century.

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The USS Abstergo was the second Ship Captained under Samuel Wilson and his first Ship as a Admiral. This ship was given to Samuel as a gift for a earning the rank Admiral in 1799. After acquiring the Abstergo and becoming a Admiral the Abstergo became the new Flag Ship for the American Knights Fleet.

War of 1812[]


  • Samuel Wilson(Captain; 1799-1815)
  • Liam "Monro" Cormac(1806-1809)
  • Unnamed U.S Navy Templar Officer(First Mate; 1799-1815)
  • Unnamed U.S Navy Templar sailors(1799-1815)


  • The Templars would use the name Abstergo for a company founded in 1937 witch would be called Abstergo Industries advancing in the Modern Day.