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Abstergo Medical
Abstergo Medical
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Angelica Concord

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Mexico and Caribbean

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Abstergo Medical (commonly known as the Medical) is the name of a organization formed by the Templars' modern day mother company: Abstergo Industries. The Medical was formed by Angelica Concord – though it was her brother who lead the company – on the reason that the Order wanted to let the public know that Abstergo was helping the society in many different ways. They would cure illness and sickness, and even underdeveloped individuals. The Medical was aided by Angelica's husband: Jaye Verdict.

Unofficially, the Medical served as the base of operations for Abstergo's Project Omega. The Templars arranged with accidents in the public – by using Kendrick Godwine and his team of skilled Templars – declared the people dead and brought them to the Medical – in secret. At the Medical, the templar co-director Ali Thespian and doctor Mark Danes was welcoming the new individuals. Director Concord was never to be seen – only by the high-ranked members of the company. His secretary, Isobel Fauna, served as his eyes and ears.

In 2014, the Medical was attacked by the Assassins. During the attack, Howard and his staff was killed – except Godwine. The purpose was to stop the Medical's Project Omega. During the incident, the Assassin Mentor, Dipper Franz, and his followers recruited several of the people that was captives of the branch: this included Ethan Homecome, Yusuf Acre, Meryl Toast-Rock, Beatrice Streisand and Zachariah Oneco. After the attack, the Medical was lead by Jaye Verdict, now focusing on the Project Omega entirely.

In 2016 the company was framed as a terrible place due to a former patient told the public that he had been worse after being on their rehab. The Governement in Mexico shut it down, selling the technology to other countries.


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Abstergo Medical - people[]


The staff at Abstergo Medical was working for Howard Concord, trying to complete the Project Omega.


The people at Abstergo Medical that was used to study geneteic memories or being trained in the Omega training program.