Dya'mi Kenway
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8 May 1785 Davenport Homestead, Massachussets, United States

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U.S. Navy(1812-1815)

Crew of the Altair

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Dya'mi Achilles Kenway, shortened to Achilles, was the eldest son of the legendary American Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, more commonly known as Connor Kenway. Despite his heritage, Achilles initially had no knowledge of the Brotherhood, until his father told him the truth of his life as an Assassin. Being a curious man, he searched for years to find the truth of his heritage, only to find his mother and sister dead when he returned. Fueled with rage, him and his father searched their entire lives for the ones responsible for their death.


Early LifeEdit

Achilles was born in the Davenport Homestead, where he spent the first four years of his childhood. His mother believed his proximity to Connor, a primary target of the Templars, put him in danger. She moved Achilles and his siblings to New York with no guardian, thin clothes and a day's worth of food, much to the anger of Connor. In order to support and protect his two younger siblings, Elisa and Jackal, he had to learn to defend himself and scavenge for resources, skills that would prove very useful later on in his life as an Assassin.

The TemplarsEdit

In the year 1804, the Kenway children were held hostage by strange men wearing cross pendants on their coats. Achilles took note of this before breaking out of his restraints and killing one of the men. Achilles very confused asked his mother more. His mother told him every thing about his father the American assassins and the forever long war with the Assassins and Templars. Achilles was still confused because he didn't know why they were threatening the Kenways since they cut all ties to their father years ago. His mother told him it was because of the Templar grandmaster Shay Cormack wanting to hurt Achilles father Connor. So he find out about the assassin family wanting to kill them id they don't tell them any information regarding the Mentor. Achilles overwhelmed about this information went off in town to find the men who had threatened his family. But not finding trace of them went back home only to find his whole family killed. Achilles wanted revenge and to bring justice against the Templars, but he must seek his father Connor Kenway to train him.

Finding his FatherEdit

Achilles search for his father in the frontier and found an assassin named Hunter who said that he would find Connor at the Homestead near Rockport Massachusetts. As Achilles arrived there he thought this place would bring back memories of his father and childhood. But he was shocked when he went and saw the once proud community of the Homestead. Most of the houses that were there were reduced to ashes and the ones that remained where empty with the only house who someone lived it was the Davenport manor his old home on the hill over looking the sea. When the knocked on the door a middle aged man walked out wearing an assassin robes said "what do you want boy". Achilles standing there realized he was face to face with his assassin father Connor Kenway.

The Stories of the struggling Assassin warEdit

Achilles, filled with questions, asked his father what had happen to the Davenport Homestead residents. His Father Connor asked him to come in. With both of them siting down Connor explain to him what happen to the residents and homes in the Homestead. Connor told a long story about the ever lasting the war between the Templars and Assassins, eventually telling him about the Templar attacks occurring at the Homestead over the years after his son's absence. Explaining that the former assassin and now Grandmaster Templar Shay Cormac was behind these attacks and behind Achilles mother and siblings murders. Connor also said that the balance between power between the Assassins and Templars has shifted to the Templars side. With Shay and fellow Templars hunting down and killing assassins over the years the brotherhood became crippled with fewer assassins remaining such as Achilles father Connor and Hunter. But his father said with Achilles's help they can rebuild the brotherhood together.

Joining the Brotherhood and its CauseEdit

Months of training such as free running across the buildings of New York or training Achilles with many weapons his father had used during his early days as an Assassin. Such as his fathers old tomahawk, swords, pistols, and equipment. One of the weapons in particular was the hidden blades. Achilles's father taught him many techniques witch can be used with the hidden blades like stealth and air assassinations. Also being taught how to use the blades in combat as well.

With Achilles training final complete he was final given the title Assassin as well as receiving Assassin Robes. Being an Assassin Achilles can now bring justice to the Templars especially their Grandmaster Shay Patrick Cormac.

Acquiring The AltairEdit

In 1805 Achilles eager to begin his hunt for Templars asked his father where to begin. His father said first we need a ship. At first Achilles was puzzled in why he needed a ship then he realized that the ship was to comeback Cormac's Templar affiliated fleet. His father said they needed to find a new ship since the Aquila was sunk by his fleet during the Templars sieges of the Homestead. They set out to find Rogers an fellow Assassin with a ship. When they found him Rogers takes Achilles and his father across the Atlantic to find a ship to take. After a week of searching they find an old abandoned Fort that the Templars use as a base of operations. They find a frigate docked there so they fired upon the Fort and being careful not to damage the frigate or to let the Templars flee in it. The Fort was no match for Rogers Man 'O War it didn't last long to bring down the ships defenses. Soon after Achilles and Rogers's crew stormed the Fort and defeated the Templars within. After they take control of the Fort the frigate is theirs. Achilles father asked what would like to name her. Achilles without hesitation said he would like to name it after the legendary and greatest Assassin Altaïr.

Learning how to Sail and being a CaptainEdit

After acquiring the Altair Achilles father Connor wanted to teach him how to be a Captain and how to steer a ship. It didn't take Achilles long to learn how to steer the ship properly but it would take time for him to become a great Captain.

Assassinating CormacEdit

Months of further training Achilles was finally ready to track down and kill the Templar Grandmaster Shay Patrick Cormac. Connor told him about a lead he had in New York. He found the associate that his father said had a lead at Cormac. He said that Shay and the other Templars will be meeting in a old fort called Fort Arsenal also known as Cormac Manor.

Achilles had manger to seek in the Fort unnoticed and spied on the meeting though the widow. He saw Cormac and 6 other Templars two in particular he noticed was a Templar wearing a military uniform and a younger Templar siting next to Cormac. During the meeting he caught all Templar names as it turns the younger one of them is Cormac's son Liam Monro Cormac the rest were Francis Chevalier, William Jackson, a Captain of U.S navy named Samuel Wilson, Louis Richards, and finally Cormac's second in Command John Starrick the older brother of Robert Starrick the Grandmaster in the British Rite of the Templars.

After the meeting had ended he infiltrated the Manor where he encounters Cormac himself. The two engaged in a sword fight. While fighting Achilles said "You'll pay for the murder of my family". Cormac said he had no idea what he was talking about then after a long duel Achilles finally defeated him and impaled him in the heart with his hidden blade. During Cormac's confession he admits to hunting and killing the assassins and to leading attacks on the Homestead but he said he did not kill his family. Achilles shocked ask who ordered it then. Shay said in his last words "Joh John Starrick". After Shay died Achilles was ready to hunt and kill the other Templars especially their new Grandmaster John Starrick.

The Hunt for Templars Begins Edit

After assassinating the Grandmaster Templar Shay Cormac, Achilles had found out that Shay had in fact have no part in murder of his family in fact it was actually Shays lieutenant now Grandmaster John Starrick who had ordered his mothers and siblings death. Achilles had told his father about this. His father Connor said that this is very similar to his mothers murder. His father said that at first he thought that his own father, Achilles's grandfather the Templar "Haytham Kenway" the Grandmaster of the Templar Order at the time had ordered the attack on his village only to find out years later that it was in fact George Washington and his men who had started the fire in his village killing his mother and fellow villagers.

Later in 1806 Achilles starting his hunt for Templars begins with the Templar Francis Chevalier who Achilles had tracked down in New York. Achilles was able to find and kill the Templar in a General Store. On his body was the locations of Templar operations across New York.

Destroying the Templar Influence in New York Edit

After acquiring the locations of the Templar operations Achilles find out that the Templars had a gangs running the operations in New York. He found out that the men leading the this gangs was John Starrick and Louis Richards. He seek to find Starrick when destroying and taking over the gang operations. But he had no luck finding him. But luckily in 1807 he had found a lead on Louis Richards stating that he would move the gang operations in Boston.

Liberating Boston from the Templars Edit

Once Achilles had arrived in Boston he was informed by fellow Assassin Joe that the Templars influence flows heavily in Boston. Hunter said "When your Grandfather Haytham arrived in Boston it served as a base of operations for the first official Templar Rite in America. So Achilles had made a plan. The plan was to destroy the Templar influence over the gangs as he did in New York. But Hunter said this wouldn't be easy as some of the gangs lieutenants were trained by Cormac himself before his death and that some of the guards were being paid off by Templar Richards.

Achilles knew he had to first eliminating the relationship between the Cities guards and gangs. So first he and Hunter stole some of the gangs uniforms and attacked the guards being paid off by Richards leaving the guards no choice but to do something with the gangs. So the guards arrested and shutdown some of the gang operations in the city.

Richards angry at the traitorous guards ordered the gang to kill the traitors. But with the death of those guards would lead to a end of the gangs grip in Boston which was Achilles's plan.

Killing the Gang LeaderEdit

In early 1808 the guards finding out the gangs primary base of operations though the help surviving crooked guards did a full on assault on the Gang stronghold. Achilles would use this to his advantage to get to Richards. After the guards drawled out the Templar Louis Richards out of the headquarters Achilles air assassinated him from the roof of the stronghold weakening the Templars control over Boston.

A War a BruinEdit

After 3 years Achilles has been weakening the Templars control in America he still had no lead on Starrick or the other Templars.

But on one day to be remembered Achilles was playing a game of chest with his father until he heard the sound of motors being fired near by. Once Achilles had investigation around the coast of the Homestead he saw the Templar controlled ship the Morrigan II attacking his ship the Altair. Achilles raced to his ship along side his crew once abroad they ready for battle. After a long intense battle with the Morrigan the Altair was able to defeat her. But before the ship sunk the Captain Liam "Monro" Cormac beaches the ship in the shallows saving himself and what was left of his crew. Achilles soon docked the Altair to join his father in combat. But once he arrived his father had ran after Liam though the woods of the Homestead eventually having a dual. But at the last second Achilles saved his father and wounded Liam. Achilles about to strike the final blow to Cormac was ultimately stopped by Cormac's crew creating a diversion for Liam to escape. After taking care of the rest of his crew Achilles was about to track Cormac down but his father said that Liam had already steeled his own fate by deserting the Navy. Achilles's Father Connor said that the military will take care of him soon enough.

The Second War with Britain Edit

In 1812 the United States declared war with Great Britain do to British Ships witch were secretly apart of the secret Templar Knights Fleet attacking American merchant ships and with also Cormac's desertion the U.S was forced to declare war with Britain. Achilles would help the U.S Military and Navy with this War in both land and sea.

Battle of BrownstownEdit

In August 5 1812 Achilles and fellow Assassin Hunter helped escorted Major Thomas Van Horne and his Militia of 200. On their way back to Fort Detroit the Militia were ambushed by two dozen Natives who were influenced by the Templars in the British Empire. After the attack Major Horne ordered a retreat but Achilles stayed and assassinated Templar Native Chief Blue Jacket to stop the Templar influence over the Native tribes. After Achilles killed the Templar he and Hunter helped Major Horne and his men escape. But unfortunately with the retreat only half of the 200 untrained U.S Militia were unscathed while 18 were killed, 12 injured and 70 gone missing while in panic, making this not only a victory for the British but the Templars as well.

USS Constitution vs HMS GuerriereEdit

In August 19 1812 Achilles and his ship the Altair sent out to help the USS Constitution under the command of Commodore Isaac Hull in capturing the HMS Guerriere. USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere were at a sort of stalemate that was until the Altair shift the Scales. After a long and intense battle the Guerriere eventually became severely damaged. After the
783px-USS Constitution v HMS Guerriere (2)

The USS Constitution firing upon a damaged HMS Guerriere

defeat of the Guerriere Achilles and the crew from both the Altair and Constitution boarded the Ship. After the battle abroad the Guerriere the captain of the HMS Guerriere James Dacres came abroad the Constitution and surrendered giving his sword to Hull as a sign of his surrender. But Hull did not expect Dacres sword, saying he could not accept the sword from a man who had fought so gallantly. After his surrender Dacres was taken prisoner and the Guerriere blown up do to its damage done by the Altair and Constitution.

Capture of HMS FrolicEdit

Months later in October 1812 Achilles with his frigate the Altair help in capturing the HMS Frolic. But before that the Altair helped the sloop-of-war USS Wasp, under the command of Master Commandant Jacob Jones, and fought against brig the HMS Frolic, under the command of Commander Thomas Whinyates. After the battle the Altair and Wasp captured the British vessel, but both the Wasps and Frolic would be captured shortly thereafter by the Knights Fleet which happened upon the scene. The Altair out numbered fled the screen with Achilles vowing to put a end to the Fleet someday.

Battle of Craney IslandEdit

In June 21, 1813 Achilles was sent to help the U.S in defensive in Ports. A ship of a British landing party of 700 Royal Marines and soldiers landed in the morning of June 22. Achilles help the defenders by raising a American Flag, then ordered the Americans to fire upon the British invaders. The British realizing they could not ford the water between the mainland and the island under such fire had barges manned by sailors, Royal Marines and the other company of Independent Foreigners then attempted to attack the eastern side of the island. But luckily Achilles had helped the Americans fire at the attackers. Achilles also did board a barge and killed some high ranking Royal Marines driving the rest of the British into retreat. Making this a loss for the British.

Capture of HMS BoxerEdit

In September 5 Achilles using his ship the Altair helped the USS Enterprise capture a the British vessel the HMS Boxer witch Achilles known to be a ship the Templar Knights Fleet. The ship was lead by Templar British Captain Samuel Blyth. Before the Altair got there the two Brits had already starting to fire on one another. The Altair fired upon the Boxer joining the battle. The lasted an hour the Enterprise became badly damaged. But luckily Achilles used a shot the Altair's pickle gun to kill Templar Samuel Blyth. After killing the Captain the Altair was able to defeat the ship destroying her in the process, saving the Enterprise. Unfortunately the Captain of the Enterprise was killed as well during the battle. Achilles was little annoyed that the Altair wasn't credited with defeat of the Boxer in the Newspaper.

Battle of ThamesEdit

In October 5 1813 Achilles was sent by his father to assassinated the Shawnee leader Tecumseh who had a lined with the British and secretly the Templars. As it turns out the William
800px-Battle of the Thames

The Battle of Thames

Harrison and his men had already took in care of the British Militia by the time Achilles had arrived but not yet the Shawnee. Achilles helped the Americans fight off the Shawnee. During the Battle Achilles was able to kill the Shawnee Leader and Templar Tecumseh making the battle a victory for the Americans and the fall of the Tecumseh Confederacy.

Tracking StarrickEdit

In December 1813 Achilles has taken a break from War to find a new lead on the Templars and what their up to. Using his skills and connections he found out that someone else was hunting John Starrick too. At first Achilles thought it was one of the Brotherhood assigned by his father to help aid him in the hunt for Starrick. But Achilles knew that if his father had sent someone else to help he would of been a formed about it. Achilles came to the conclusion that not only the Assassins want him dead. Before tracking Starrick Achilles wanted to find out who wanted Starrick dead. He tracked this unknown hunter of Starrick in a tavern in Boston.

Not knowing who this person was he eavesdropped on conversations to see if he could find the contact. After listening to many conversations Achilles find a women asking the bartender were to find John Starrick. The woman asking this to the bartender angering him and started brawl the bar. Achilles assisted the woman. Achilles fought off the drunken thugs and beated the bartender. After the brawl was over the mysterious woman fled the scene. Achilles managed to track her in abandoned Inn. When Achilles entered the woman pulled a flintlock on him. The woman demanded to knew what does he wanted. Achilles said that he wanted Starrick dead. Once he said that the woman lowered her gun and asked who he was. Achilles replied " I'm Achilles, Achilles Kenway son of Connor Kenway." Then the woman interrupted saying "You are an Assassin, aren't you ? " Achilles was puzzled until that woman revealed her name is Lois Carter.

Daughter of Dobby Carter Edit

Achilles remembered his father mentioning a women by the name Deborah Carter. He asked Lois if she's related to her. She said that she was her daughter and that she raised her to become an Assassin in secret. Achilles also remembered that his father mentioned that she was one of the Assassin's that gone missing during the Assassin Purge. He asked her who she was, then Lois explained to Achilles that her mother died of old age in the frontier. Then Achilles said that he was sorry to hear that, but somewhat glad to know what really happen to his father's former pupil.



  1. Dya'mi is a Kersan Zia (/ˈziːə/) pluebo name that derives from the Keresan phrase for "bald eagle."
  2. Dya'mi's tribe, the Tsiya (/'zi:ə/), are of Siberian descent, and likely originally landed in either modern Canada or Iceland, but were majorly nomadic and thus travelled throughout North America. Tsiya tribesmen eventually settled in New Mexico where they still exist today. By 1892, however, the majority of the tribe had been wiped out by war and disease the Spaniards brought to North America.
  3. Achilles is a Greek name, derived either from the Greek word αχος (pron. Achos) meaning "pain," or the name of the Achelous River.
  4. Achilles's story is very similar to Ezio's story in Assassin's Creed 2, Both are a ancestor to Desmond Miles, both had no knowledge of the brotherhood at a young age despite their fathers being Assassins, both had members of their family murdered by Templars, and they both seeked revenge and joined the Assassins.


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