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Adélaïde Dorian
Biographical information

January 12, 1793
Paris, French Empire


December 1, 1877
London, United Kingdom

Political information
  • French Brotherhood
    (1802 - 1834)
  • British Brotherhood
    (1834 - 1873)
Real-world information
"When you choose to spend your life trying to help people, there are going to be things that you lose."
―Adélaïde's speech to Ethan Frye about the loss of his wife, 1847

Adélaïde Dorian (1793-1877) was a Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood from 1802 to 1834 and also the French Brotherhood from 1834 to 1877. She operated out of Paris from 1812 to 1818, and London from 1858 to 1873. She is the daughter of Arno Dorian and the late Élise de la Serre, and the older half sister of Master Assassins, James and Joseph Dorian. She is also the mother of Antoinette Dorian and the wife of Altaïr's descendant, Richard Pierce and also the grandmother of Ethan Arno Frye. She is also the aunt of Caroline Dorian and the adopted aunt of Gideon Borgia. She is the ancestor of Amelia Hale and Callum Lynch.

Early Life[]

Adélaïde Dorian was conceived in the French Brotherhood in January 1793, a year before her mother Élise de la Serre died. Adélaïde was born on a very stormy night of January 12, 1793 at the French Assassin Brotherhood headquarters in Paris, France. Nothing known about Adélaïde early life except Dorian Family records indicate that Adélaïde began her training in the year 1802 at the age of 9 under the Master Assassin, Hubert Besy.