"When I was young I was deceived to kill innocent lives and bring chaos into the hearts and minds of men. But now I'm following a new truth. My old enemies are now my companions and my old friends are now my prey."
―Adler Klieger
Adler Klieger
Egypt Assassin
Adler Klieger in his Templar killer-outfit
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January 10, 1730


March 20, 1801 (71 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

Caribbean Templars

Luxembourg fighters

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Danny Blanco-Hall

Adler Klieger was a German-born Caribbean Assassin-turned-Templar operating during the Caribbean Purge in Bahamas.

Adler had been trained as an Assassin from Delaware Dinsmore, but at the Mentor Lady Concord death, Adler preferred to betray the Brotherhood and take the side of Caribbean Templars served the Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion. He served during the Orpheus-conspiracy to kill the faithful followers to Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus and his wife Jeanne de Orpheus with the supporting the Raoul Basque and Augustin Rouen.

After the Purge, he traveled to France making themselves active in the Luxembourg fighters during the French Revolution. He was killed by the Master Assassin, Marie Anne Étienne d’Le Louroux in 1801. In 2017, the Adler genetic memories were used by Abstergo Industries to have a new experience of an Assassin-turncoat.

He is an ancestor of Joseph.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Adler Klieger was born in a village in Siberia in Russia in 1730 from a family of farmers. Him since childhood helped his family to sustain it and send it forward by helping his father and his brothers, but since puberty he realized that there would not have received anything from life, and in 1741 they moved to Manheim in Germany the original homeland of his father and his grandfather.

There they bought a piece of land that were able to grow and with which they managed to send forward for the next four years. Adler was fascinated by the life of the sea and how he could become a sailor potential and travel around the world. In 1746, Adler embarked secretly on a merchant ship. Soon it was discovered and doing a contract with the captain would have started working under him. The next 10 passed with Adler, who traveled to many countries: Africa, India, Norway, Finland, Australia and the Atlantic Ocean also made trips to the Arctic. Adler also traveled across America from South to North.

Joining at the Assassins Edit

D Dinsmore

Delaware Dinsmore

In 1753, Adler left the ship to which he had spent his 10 years and went in search of its way to the Caribbean. He landed in a Spanish Colonial city called Havana. Adler was amazed and fascinated by the beauty of the city and how it fitted the Caribbean charm. In the city also he saw the criminal gangs that you could say that protected people from the strange soldiers. Adler found work as a bartender in a bar in the suburbs and worked for the following months. One day a man entered the inn with the cap and was dressed as a British officer in the company of a Spanish woman dressed as a pirate with a cocked hat and two guns. The two people looked near as if seeking someone. Adler I knew immediately.

The woman sat down at the counter and asked Adler two beers. Adler gave her and the two drank. The officer asked if Adler had information for some Alejandro Torres. Adler knew of Torres. He was the son of the late governor Laureano Torres y Ayala who had disappeared mysteriously during an expedition in Long Bay as her son would go to Castillo Morro. Adler gave him this information and the officer thanked him. Adler asked him what he would do, and the officer replied that he had to have a discussion with him to close the old business. Adler was not at all convinced of those words. In fact, the day after he learned from the official version that the two men had gone to the Morro and Castillo had killed Alejandro Torres and his bodyguard Juan Antonelli. Adler wanted to know at all costs because they had done that way the two people he had seen at the bar. So he gave him the search if you do not hunt. Adler tried in all corners of the city and looked everywhere but found nothing. Adler was one day on a road when he saw movement on the roofs, Adler pulled himself up on the roof and saw the woman who accompanied the British officer who had killed Torres and Antonelli.

Caribbean Assassins Brotherhood

Caribbean Assassins

Adler although hardly managed to secretly follow the Spanish woman who was so much better for her to run on the roofs. At one point Adler lost the woman view. He came down in an alley where he had not seen the woman. Without notice, Adler found himself against the wall with a knife at his throat, and to keep the dagger was the woman. The woman recognized for Adler man who had given him the information and let go. Adler asked her why they had killed Antonelli and Torres. The woman replied that it was too complicated to explain. Adler, however, wanted to know but before you showed up. Her name Delaware Dinsmore. He was very nice and immediately struck Adler. Delaware explained that Torres and Antonelli were two members of a group devoted to control of the world called the Templars. As she and her friend Victor Jensen were part of the men and women who fought the Templars: the Assassins. This was why they killed Torres and Antonelli. Adler agreed with many of the principles of assassins and decided to join them. Adler was transformed by Delaware and then Victor was an assassin in all respects. He served the Brotherhood from 1754 to 1770 as best he could while protecting the city along with his brothers, sisters and Mentor Claude Dimanche. The Caribbean Assassins were: Cozumel Providencia, Condor Apito, Songui, Jackie Charlotte, Edward Read, Aiden Gorm, Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye, Mr. Thomas, Philippe François de Bullion, Carlos Blanc, Jacques de la Noire, Ruby Travers from 1771, Samuel, Josiah Advisor, Edward Stoddard, Louis Auverlot, William du Môtiers and his lover Louis-Robert.

Caribbean Purge Edit

Concord - Assassin

Lady Concord in her Assassin ouftis

But something was not right in the 1770. Philippe de Bullion, Jackie Charlotte, Jensen and turncoat Mr. Prudence had died by the hand of the two assassins of the Templar Order as Edward Read, Aiden Gorm and Claude Gaultier. The killers were unknown. In 1771 they died allies and other members of the Brotherhood and weakened further losing Tulum with the Cuzumel Providencia killing in 1770, and with the death of lady Sussex both of them at the hands of the Master Templar Quentin Blaise. Adler tried to hunt down Templar care without success, however, he discovered that it had been organized as a purge for Assassins orchestrated by the Caribbean Templars. In 1772, the Templars took Great Inagua and killed Dimanche. The two Templar-killers were Lady Concord and Eric Rackham. With the death of Claude Dimanche that same year, the remains of the Brotherhood was stunned. No one has managed to find out who the murderess was, but he had a strong feeling it was Madam Concord. Although he had never seen, Adler imagined Concord be crazy dressed in black - something like turncoats Assassin Shay Cormac. In 1773, Adler and his confreres had been known by the fact that Ms. Concord was a turncoat Templars. Songui, a high-ranking Assassin, Concord wanted to test his fidelity. He could say during a meeting between the two and Taínos, that Concord was truly transformed by the Assassins. Adler did not believe much in Concord but after Songui and other assassins had tested her faithfulness he was the least convinced. In 1773 there was an attack on a Templar stronghold in which the Assassins had a great victory by killing two high-ranked Templars among them was the Assassin-turncoat El Cazador.


Captain Templar

In 1774, Adler was charged along with Louis Auverlot to attack a French ship commanded by a Templar Captain and kill him. On Lady Jay, the Louis ship as well, Adler and Louis tried and attacked the Templar Captain ship. After boarding the ship, Adler jumped on it bridge. a brute immediately saw him and attacked him with his ax. Adler dodged the blow, extended his hidden blade and stabbed the shoulder of the brute. The brute sank down the ax and then stabbed him to chest. Adler went to the door of the Templar Captain cabin, killing three guards. Adler came through the door and walked through a corridor feeling at the bottom of it two guards who spoke with the Templar Captain. Adler extended his hidden blades and murdered the two guards. The Templar Captain saw Adler and took his sword, throwing himself against the Assassin. Adler took his machete and clashed for a few moments his weapon with that of the Templar Captain. At one point Adler kicked in the stomach, sending him Captain Templar against the table and then inflicted machete in his right shoulder. The Templar Captain lost his sword and screamed in acute pain. Adler took the machete, the Templar turned to the table and grabbed a gun and then shoot at Adler. Adler stopped the Templar Templar wrist and shot him in the hallway. Adler quickly took advantage and pierced the Templar with a machete and then let it fall to the ground. "Your life will go away," Adler said. Adler left the cabin and saw that Louis had taken the ship. Seeing in the distance of other vessels and then they went away from the area returning to Great Inagua. The same year the Assassins lost control on Havana as well as Condor Apito lost the Apple of Eden stolen by the Templar Jeanne de Orpheus.

Betrayal Edit


Raoul Basque

In August 1776 Caribbean Brotherhood had been swept by a Colonial Templar named Callum Kerr street except Adler, Concord, Eric Rackham and Samuel but was now alone work. But in late August Adler was not in Great Inagua but in Portobelo for reconnaissance and knew that Great Inagua had been taken, Concord died and Eric Rackham disappeared and hidden. Samuel continued the work all by himself while Adler remained loyal to the Brotherhood. In September 1776, at a meeting in Saint Lucia, Adler was along with other very few Assassins-highest-classified the only ones left, belonging to Samuel that he had been killed while Eric Rackham had disappeared from circulation most likely had preferred to hide and wait for the right moment to rebuild the Brotherhood but Adler would not have done so. Adler was talking the other 6 assassins when a group of soldiers arrived. An assassin threw a smoke bomb and managed to kill a few soldiers, the soldiers were camping by none other than Jeanne de Orpheus. Adler hated that woman, he took his machete and threw himself on her, Jeanne had his dagger and parried the blows. Adler pushed her to the ground and would have killed her, a soldier stepped between Adler and killed him. Adler looked near. His companions were all dead. The soldiers aimed their weapons at. "What expect kill it" cried Jeanne. "No firm." He said a voice, Adler did not understand what was happening. A black man came and told him not to kill with Adler. You was Raoul Basque. He was a Assassin-turncoat-Templar, during the period of his stay in the Brotherhood, Adler felt toward him respect and admiration. "Old friend Adler" said Raoul, "I can make you an offer because it once were and are still a great warrior but you served the wrong cause," he went on, "Join me and the Templars and you will be a participant of a bright future and enlightened" said the end. Raoul was right, what had led the Assassins to the Caribbean only oppression, the Templars would have made them flourish. "Aye," he said Adler putting the machete on his belt. Adler was brought to the base of the Templars, and there was introduced into the Order under RECOMMENDATION by Raoul from Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion. Adler saw immediately that it was not well seen by the radical members of the Order in a particular way by Jeanne and her husband Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus.

The Conspiracy Edit

Madeleine de Bullion-0

Madeleine François de Bullion

In 1776, Madeleine had given herself the rank of Grand Master of the Caribbean Rite. In 1778 her network of Templars had their fingers in all of the industrial work in the Central America that was in the elementary stage. She and her associates had pointed out a man named Augustin Rouen to be her successor and second-in-command. Now as the Templars now ruled Caribbean in the shadows, everything was in its place: Nothing like if the Assassins had ruled – they would have made everything be to the people, while some decisions had to be done by those who had a greater education. To enlighten more people, Madeleine had – on the guidance of Charlotte LeFay – built academies and schools to the people: the money had come from her own pocket – this would never happen if the Assassins had the control. Adler from 1776 to 1778, he served up to it very well Madeleine giving him the position of the last remnants of the Brotherhood, and through him there was nothing left except Eric Rackham. Although everything was in its place for the Templars, Augustin soon located a snake in their midst: a man named Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus. Orpheus was a man that had been a great supporter of the Rite of New Orleans.

Augustin Rouen

Augustin Rouen

He had betrayed them when Aveline de Grandpré had murdered Madeleine de L'Isle and the rest of the members of the Rite. Now he lived at a plantation, where he recruited men and women that would like to get rid of people like Madeleine de Bullion and her associates – and worked as the Tax Collector for the Templar Order. He did also had another motive: he hated that Madeleine had chosen Rouen instead of him as her successor. He wanted to kill Rouen, Charlotte, Grand Master Madeleine and her son. As soon as Madeleine was acquainted with the situation, she wanted Augustin to find him and kill him. In the time being, she would use Charlotte and their influence to take down all transactions of Orpheus. Moreover, while Rouen collaborators of Orpheus as the brothers Marcus and Edward Rockmail, Madeleine would handle the missions entrusted both Roul that Adler. Roul would have to kill the Marquis de Pimodan, Judge Dorothy and CaptainBonviert while Adler would have to kill Agnes Lootbox and one of the brothers Salviati: Orlando Salviati.

Agnes Lootbox Edit

Black Corss - portrait

Agnes Lootbox

The first target was Agnes Lootbox was scheduled for July 1778. She was the daughter of mere farmers in the outskirts of Garnkirk, Scotland. During the Purge, Agnes operated as a robber and Templar-butcher. Agnes was stationed in Portobelo, Panama During the whole purge. Although, the Order needed her in certain cases, and then she left her hideout with her ship the Black Heart. Adler wanted her out of his hole and let it run away with the Black Heart of Portobelo, on the high seas he would attack his ship and would kill her without mercy. Adler took a brig from the Madeleine fleet would use during the mission and headed to Portobelo. Adler took to the city and immediately started the search for Agnes, after a few hours of research Adler saw a man who had been caught stealing at the market and had run away. Adler quickly followed him but without being see Agnes also ran a guild of thieves there and therefore Adler thought well maybe that was one of his men. In fact it was not. The man led him straight into the shelter of Agnes. Once at Adler extended his blades hidden and murdered the two guards, others noticed thieves-guards as Adler took his machete and faced them one by one.

Black Heart

Black Heart

In the struggle Adler saw Agnes run away and then threw himself in pursuit. Adler threw himself behind a smoke bomb to stop her and then chased pursuers Agnes to the port. Adler was very close to Agnes and was about to kill your hidden blade extended, Agnes jumped from platform and jumped on his ship the Black Heart and rose helped by one of his followers. Adler quickly reached his ship and maneuvered to chase the Black Heart. The chase lasted a long time with the Adler brig was firing continuously on the back of the Black Heart. After a naval battle, Adler managed to dismast the Black Heart and She made her to board his men. Adler grabbed a rope and went on the Black Heart. Adler made out of several men of Agnes as she did the same, however, until they found themselves facing each other. Adler used the guns to shoot but losing Agnes. Agnes now see him though and ran toward him with a dagger. Agnes tried to stab the throat Adler, Adler dodged the blow and kicked the leg of Agnes. She gave a little putting on earth. Adler tried to hit her with a machete but Agnes parried the blow and stabbed him in the shoulder. Adler cried out in pain. Agnes tried to stab again Adler from the blow of grace but he turned on her and then stabbed her alongside your hidden blades. Agnes wound to his knees.

  • Agnes: Madeleine is not able to do the dirty work? And now he sends his dogs?
  • Adler: An honor he takes the life of a traitor.
  • Agnes: Said one who preferred to go to his sworn enemies in order not to die. Coward!
  • Adler: Then we are not so different.
  • Agnes: Does. I have not betrayed my order I want to free from pests such as your master!

Adler stabbed the Agnes's chest with the hidden blade, finish her. A traitor in more had been removed and now Portobelo was on the side of Madeleine.

Orlando Salviati Edit

Madame de la Mer

The Wolf

One of the Salviati-siblings that was capable of acting like an Assassin in stealth, her name was Caterina Salviati. Jeanne hired all of the Salviatis to work for her and her husband, and Caterina was hired for finding information about Madeleine and her associates that could bring Madeleine and her company to their knees. Jerome was hired to find the Observatory and a Sage. It was known to the Templars that the temple needed a Sage to open the gate, so it was up to Jerome to find both. Furthermore, Jerome was tasked to take service under Marcus Rockmail and plunder ships that belonged to the Fleet of Bullion. The head of the siblings, Orlando, was a skilled soldier. He was tasked to protect Jeanne as her personal guard, and to train the other soldiers in special martial arts. Jerome and Catherine had already been removed and now it was as destruction of only Salviatis Orlando. In September 1778, Adler went into action, he had discovered that Orlando would briefly disconnected from Jeanne for a delivery of weapons to Saint Pierre, Martinique.

Orlando Salviati

Orlando Salviati

So Adler immediately made sail for Saint Pierre where he murdered Orlando and we arrived September 8 the same day he arrived Orlando. Adler from his ship saw the ship of Orlando as it was loaded some goods, Adler realized that there were weapons in the crates and had to sink the load. Adler came down from the brig along with a Templar-brute and two other regular guards. The group pushed through the streets of the city and found that Orlando was at his office in a building at the port. The group arrived at the building and saw that it was completely under minimum supervision by 30 guards. Adler told him to wait there and if they saw Orlando escape would have had to kill without mercy. Adler climbed the outside wall and arrived on the roof. There Adler reached a sniper and stabbed him in the back with his Hidden Blade, a nimble behind him, however, he began to strangle him from behind. Adler clenching his teeth took the dagger and knife the stomach nimble, agile Adler fell to the ground and stabbed him to finishing it back. Adler then entered the building through a window, into the room where he had entered took cover behind a mobile. There was a brute he was guarding. Adler came out of his hiding the brute stabbed in the head and carried it behind the cabinet. Adler came out of his shelter and went into the hallway to the Orlando office. In the hallway there was always a guard Adler stabbed in the back and deposited him on the ground. Adler walked into Orlando and saw him sitting at the table reading a letter of intent. Orlando just saw Adler grabbed a gun and fired, Adler just in time dodged the bullet and saw Orlando get out the window. Adler threw a knife, who went to stick in the shoulder of Orlando. Adler rushed to the window always on the road in Orlando. Orlando had fallen to the ground but was not dead only damaged right leg. The guards go from right and left people of Adler. "KILL THEM!" He shouted Adler turned to his men referring to the soldiers of Orlando. Adler went to look where he was Orlando. There was no more! Damn he thought Adler, looking up he saw a silhouette in the street that ran and left a trail of blood. Adler ran to Orlando and had almost reached, Adler stabbed Orlando to depositing it back to earth.

  • Adler: The last of Salviatis brothers rest in peace with your family.
  • Orlando: Why servants Madeleine, she did not deserve to be the Grand Master.
  • Adler: She gave me protection, a new Order right to serve.
  • Orlando: Has! Futile reason traitor.

Orlando dead. A moment later Adler saw that his men were dead, giving him time to kill Orlando. Adler returned to his ship-brig The Wolf. Adler saw that his men and then killed the soldiers of Orlando ship and stole the guns, immediately set out from the city.

Conspiracy's end Edit

J-B Orpheus

Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus

In October 1778, Madeleine and Charlotte made their way to the plantation where Orpheus was to be located: Montez. The plantation had fallen to the French when Orpheus bought it in 1775, but soon to be released by its owner. Madeleine had asked Augustin and Adler to stay back in case she fell. Charlotte wanted to be killed along with Madeleine if she fell in Orpheus' blade. Madeleine and Charlotte used a brig to enter Plantation Bay, Adler disobeying orders went as escort of Madeleine but incognito agree with Augustin. The Grand Master and Charlotte could simply walk in the plantation: as Orpheus knew, Madeleine had no idea of ​​him trying to get rid of her. Approaching the building, Madeleine and Charlotte have seen Orpheus held a Templar-ball, Adler had been closely following and Madeleine Charlotte. Orpheus danced with his wife, Jeanne de Orpheus. When the leaders of the plantation saw Madeleine come to him, immediately he approached her. His wife, Ms. Orpheus, approached a man who was to be some fireworks. Charlotte had taken a knife to kill Madeleine Jeanne Orpheus. The brig had been ordered to fire mortars at the palace, as soon as the crew saw someone who falls from the cliff and that Adler knew. Charlotte would have to kill Jeanne soon as he got the chance. Madeleine went to the palace lay the cliff and Adler went near them hidden in a bush to kill Orpheus before he could kill Madeleine. They talked about the Templars-business. In his peripheral vision, Madeleine saw some men starting to create fireworks. To save time, Madeleine said she had heard of Orpheus to be irritated that she chose Augustine Rouen, instead of him as his successor, but that she had changed her mind. Orpheus turned to Madeleine to tell him how happy she was. A fireworks shot into the air, and Madeleine used all his power to push the man over the edge of the cliff. His scream could not be heard the roar of fireworks. Madeleine went away, and saw that Charlotte just killed Jeanne, Adler went out and helped Madeleine to put Jeanne in the bushes: he used the distraction of the fireworks, as well - people were too busy watching the fireworks in self. Mademoiselle Martinique, Madeleine and Charlotte Knights Templar-Brig, shot her and mortars hit the palace. Madeleine and Charlotte and Adler ran with all their powers. They reached the brig, watching the traitor's mansion to be set on fire. After the Order was purified under the guidance of Madeleine and his followers the Caribbean prospered in the years to come.

Travel in France Edit

Charlotte LeFay

Charlotte LeFay

With the death of the Orpheus's, Madeleine got a letter from her brother Bullion in 1781. It said that he was an officer of a small city called Le Louroux. He wanted his sister to meet him again. He had not seen her since she moved to Caribbean. Many things had happened, but he was afraid on her behalf. He was afraid that the American Revolution would make the Templars fall to their knees – in France people also began to think in rebellious ways. He needed someone of family to support him: their sister, Élise, lived in Canada – and their mother refused to see him because of the rumors that said he was attracted to men. Madeleine understood his reason, and she left Caribbean for some months with Charlotte and their son, Marie-Jean – now at the age of 18. The Order in Caribbean did now had to obey Augustin Rouen as Adler Klieger. Adler thought well, however, that if France had exploded a civil war he would have traveled the country to support the French Templars. In August 1781, he returned only Charlotte LeFay with a letter. The letter was that Madeleine would not return, but his son could be - if he wanted to. Charlotte was given the rank of Grand Master of the Caribbean for his death. After the death of Charlotte, Augustin would be the new Grand Master. Madeleine had chosen to stay because of his brother. Bullions I had a lot of money, and then Charlotte would be the heir to the fortune of Caribbean society. Although this was to be met, Charlotte sent a monthly sum of money for Madeleine and Marie-Jean. So for the following four years, Adler continued his work at Charlotte, as in 1783 had ended the American Revolution: Connor Kenway had killed all the Templars, the Grand Master Haytham Kenway in 1781 and Charles Lee in 1782. There remained only Callum Kerr and he would be the task of rebuilding the Templar Order. In 1785 was the year of the turning point, however. Adler was 55 years old but it was always an active member of the Order Templar Charlotte. He received a letter from Madeleine in which she invited him to come to France for a possible revolution that she was convinced broke very shortly. Adler packed his bags, said goodbye Augustin and Charlotte and immediately departed for France. Adler arrived in Paris and took the oath to the Grand Master François de la Serre. But Madeleine was used for a renegade Templar named François Thomas Germain who was secretly conspiring to kill de la Serre and become Grand Master. Adler swore allegiance to Germain along with other Templars as the same Madeleine, the Duke of Orléans, Joséph Iscariotte, Marguerite Murat, Marguerite LaVenduz, Edward Walmart, Frederick Downcastle, Marie Lévesque, Jean-Jacques Montrez de Gambais, Maximilien de Robespierre and others.

French Revolution Edit

Parisian Templars

Parisian Templars

May 5, 1789, during the dance to follow the States General, he killed Germain de la Serre by two of its agents: the Roi des Thunes and Charles-Gabriel Sivert. So Germain became the new Grand Master, but this made a crack in the Order, as a part of Germain and his acolytes and the other faithful members to de la Serre as the daughter Elise de la Serre and Lafrenière. In October 1789, when the Women's March on Versailles organized by Theroigne de Mericourt, Adler would have had to place his soldiers along the way to stop the march. Unfortunately his men were all killed while driving by a team including Assassins was Arno Victor Dorian. Adler also became part of Luxembourg fighters, through which they could control the poor of Paris, also in 1789 he learned that Iscariotte and Murat had been killed by two assassins brothers to Calais. So the Templars lost control of Calais as well as in summer 1790, Adler knew that Madeleine had been killed by a group of rioters with his brother who had broken into the house. In 1791, the Templar Order well lost two members to the Arno Dorian blade, Sivert had been murdered in the Notre-Dame while Roi des Thunes the Court of Miracles. Lafrenière also had been assassinated, Adler wondered if a single Assassin could destroy the Order as it did Connor Kenway in America. Germain's words, however, reassured him by telling him that plans were in place and that if they would ever stopped them they would have made other. For the rest of 1791, Adler continued his work as Templar as best he could. In November 1791, Adler was already known to the French Brotherhood and they had sent a team of Louis la Mort, Pierre Étienne d'Le Louroux, Arno Dorian and Angélique Ingur.
ACU Germain Render

François-Thomas Germain

Adler was a 61 year old but it was still very able to fight like Adéwalé at his age. Adler was walking with his escort when a smoke bomb came between them emitting a gas chenon allowed him to see. Adler drew his sword and hurried out of the cloud and hear the noise of the blades sunk in the flesh. The cloud thinned as they were immediately attacked by four assassins. The men fought escort as they could and managed to hold his own despite the assassins were several disabled. La Mort took a gun and shot him in Adler, Adler dodged the blow and then collided his sword on that of La Mort. The two dueled a little as he joined Pierre to duel. Outnumbered, wounded Adler La Mort shoulder and then Adler gave a shot in the head in Pierre with the sword handle. Pierre stepped back stunned. The Nag with his dagger stabbed in the shoulder Adler, Adler cried out in pain but managed to push away the Nag. Pierre fought with three bodyguards as La Mort against one, Tha Nag was fighting against the other two. Dorian made his gun and pointed it at Adler firing. The Adler deflected the bullet by moving the gun barrel. Adler punched him in the face to the Arno and then stabbed him in the side. The Assassins opted for retreat. Adler went back to his home where he bandaged his wounds and was still understood that it had to be more careful. In August 1792, Adler accompanied his partner Frédéric Rouille at Palais de Tuileries to put him under siege by the extremist forces. Adler entered the courtyard of the palace along with other soldiers bloody extremists after a fight with the soldiers of the National Guard. Adler saw a figure in blue robes with hoods and climb a wall and into a room. Arno! Adler told Rouille to follow him for the office of the king. Although during the journey fought soldiers of the National Guard, the two Templars arrived at the office of the king but did not find anyone. September 2, Rouille was marching on the Grand Châtelet with its garrison, the reformists were massacring prisoners. The same evening he learned that Adler Rouille had been killed by none Arno Dorian and Arne Otsberg. In October 1792 he was also killed Marie Lévesque at Palais du Luxembourg always Arno Dorian. Another plan in smoke. In the initial months of 1793, he was also killed Louis le Peletier but also the Templars managed to make guillotined Louis XVI, January 21. The day of the execution, there would be even Germain and Adler went there to protect it. The tribune of Germain and Adler came Ano Dorian who was there to kill him. François felt no remorse in confessing to be the Grand Master usurper, revealing to act in the name of Jacques de Molay. Guillotined Louis XVI, he ordered his men to kill Arno and disappeared along with Adler. The two Templars boarded a carriage and went away from the area, then know that Arno was still alive. Germain began the period known as the Terror with Aloys la Touche and Robespierre, Adler. Between 1793 and 1794, the Touche was always murdered by Arno. On the night of July 28, 1794, after the capture of Robespierre, Arno and Élise de la Serre they reached the Tower of the Temple to kill definitively Germain. Germain was in the company Adler, Adler did not want to leave Germain but he told him to go away and that he would view alone against Arno. Germain told Adler that he would have to continue the fight without him and that there were always other Templars. Adler left Paris the same night and went to Saint Denis to rest since the fall of the Templar Order.

Death Edit

Marie Anne 12F

Marie Anne Étienne d’Le Louroux

For the next seven years, Adler continued to serve the Templar Order, first under Edward Walmart and then more individually. The Templars had in mind to control Europe through their puppet Napoleon Bonaparte which had given an Apple of Eden. Napoleon became Emperor of France and would have started wars for around 1804, also he was still alive after an assassination attempt in 1800 as Adler had supported for so long. The March 20, 1801, Adler was in his palace in Paris quietly before the fire reading a book. At one point she heard the door open and then close immediately, Adler turned slowly and saw a female hooded figure standing in the doorway. It was an Assassin that was certain. She had come there for him to kill turncoat. Adler took the mace put to the wall. Although it was old he would give to sell his skin and would not have had assassinated like his brothers killed during the Revolution. "Marie Anne Étienne d’Le Louroux right?" said Adler. "I've heard very much about you among the Templars" Adler continued, "The assassin who, together with Arno Dorian has devastated the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order stuff you would not believe," he said. Marie was listening Adler and when she finished her speech extended his hidden blade. "The guards have passed avoiding them or killing them, but it is useless to die now," said Adler, and lashed out with raised mace to hit. Marie ducked and swerved aside to avoid the hit and then hit in turn with the blade, Adler made a sweep with his weapon combating Marie blade. The blow sent her behind Marie which Adler parried the continuous attacks with his hidden blade. Marie got up and injured the Adler hand causing him to lose the mace. Adler wounded had nothing with which to keep in Marie's head, was a goner. Marie approached him with his sword but Adler kicked him. Marie Adler stepped back and tried to strike again, unleashing a fist. Marie avoided the blow, grabbed a Adler shoulder and thrust his sword into the chest box making him pass his sword entirely in his torso from side to side. Marie took off his sword and Adler fell to the ground lifeless.

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  1. Adler meaning Eagle.
  2. Adler means eagle even though he was a Templar.
  3. Klieger meaning warrior what is the combative nature of Adler.
  4. Adler was initially not really convinced of the methods of the Templars but his stay in the Caribbean convinced him.
  5. Adler as Shay Cormac uses hidden blades being an Assassin-Turncoat.
  6. Adler during his stay in the Brotherhood had an affair with a young woman of Nassau with whom he had a daughter in 1764.
  7. Adler had several visions of Jupiter which he describes as a god in his diaries and says he does not understand the meaning of these visions.
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