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"I killed those Assassins for protecting the remaining members of the family. They are targeted of the Assassins, and for what? For rationing the food that came into Paris? "
―Adlinck to his killers, 1796

Adlinck Kessel (1752-1796) was a Austrian member of the Templar Order active during the French Revolution. Due to his deep ties in the French and Austrian armies, Adlinck became a great informant for the Templars.

Adlinck Kessel
Biographical information

13 August, 1752


14 April, 1796 (44)

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Austrian Army

French Army

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

Voice actor

Robert Stadlober


Early Life[]

Adlinck was born on August 13, 1752 in Vienna Austria. Born to a family of wealthy nobles, Adlinck was placed in only the highest schools that his family could afford. Eventually when he was 17, Adlinck's father placed him the Theresian Military Academy and due to his high intelligence, Adlinck rose through the ranks quickly. Adlinck graduated from the academy as a Sergeant and would begin his life as a soldier.


One of Adlinck's biggest assignments as a soldier was being sent to France as a spy. The French people had begun a bloody revolt against their king years prior and the Austrians wanted a monarchy to be reestablished in France, so they began to plant in spies to get information on France's doings. Adlinck was one of those spies sent, his job was to act as the personal guard of Georges Danton, a revolutionary man who had much power. Adlinck did his job well, always accompanying Danton on whatever errands or missions he had to go to. All the while writing letters back to his Austrian commanders giving details on the city's defenses. On September 2, 1792, Adlinck was sent on a mission to take certain documents with other spies and give them to a courier who was waiting for them near the outskirts of Paris. While walking to the objective, Adlinck and the other soldiers couldn't help but feel as though they were all being watched, constantly looking behind them to find nothing following them. Adlinck said to the others that it was just the paranoia that spies feel sometimes and that they all had nothing to worry about. A few minutes passed and nothing happened until a scream broke the silence. Adlinck turned around and four people began to kill his men. Adlinck took cover and aimed his rifle at one of them, it was a woman who wore brown robes with a hood and fired at her. The bullet hit her shoulder and she staggered back in pain. Adlinck reloaded and aimed his rifle at her head, but before he fired, another person grabbed his rifle and raised it in the air. Adlinck released the rifle and drew his sword, the man in front of him wore a hat and small blades extended from his wrist as he charged at Adlinck. Adlinck dropped back and parried all attacks that were swung at him, eventually returning the attack with a series of hacks at the mysterious man. All attacks made by both men were unsuccessful with no one getting close to killing the other. Eventually as Adlinck was about to swing his sword at the man once again, a woman came up from behind and sweeped him off his feet, then got on top of him and extended her own wrist blades at his throat. Adlinck didn't offer any resistance and didn't beg for mercy, he was prepared to die. But for whatever reason, the woman only punched him in the face until he was unconscious. Adlinck woke up a few hours later with a great headache that tampered with his vision at first, but when his vision returned, Adlinck saw every last one of the spies had been slaughtered. Adlinck made his way back to his quarters, swearing revenge on the people who had done this.

Joining The Templars[]

Adlinck spent the next few weeks searching for clues on the individuals who had attacked him and his fellow Austrians, but found little. The only thing he could really look for was people wearing hoods and that wasn't common, not in France anyway. One day on an October afternoon, Adlinck was patrolling Paris' noble area when he suddenly spotted someone wearing green robes with a hood on a nearby building. Adlinck tailed the person, a task not easily done due to the person being on rooftops, but he was able to keep pace. Out of nowhere, a shot rang out and Adlinck saw the person fall down to the ground. Adlinck sprinted toward the body, but found that the person got up and was trying to run away with a broken foot. Adlinck tackled the man to the ground, lifted his hood and put his knife to the man's throat. Adlinck then demanded to know who the man worked for, but only got a spit in the eye in response. Adlinck stabbed the man in the kneecap and repeated his questions to the man, but he wouldn't budge. A voice broke the confusion, the voice of a foreigner that sounded English. Adlinck turned around and saw a man wearing a red coat with a military hat walk up to him. The Englishman walked up to Adlinck and explained that he was a friend, as anyone who hated the Assassins was a friend of the Englishman. Adlinck looked at the man with confusion of the name, to which the Englishman told Adlinck that all his questions would be answered, he just needed to kill the Assassin. Adlinck turned back to the Assassin and drove his knife in the man's forehead, killing him instantly. Adlinck walked up the the Englishman and asked who these Assassins were and why they killed all his friends. The Englishman told Adlinck to calm down and introduced himself as Frederick Downcastle, a Templar. Frederick explained who the Assassins were and what they stood for, filling Adlinck with disgust, total freedom would simply lead to chaos. Frederick explained that the Templars fought against the Assassins and stood for uniting the world in a time of peace through order. Adlinck found himself believing in the Templar's idea for peace, it was much better than the Assassin's idea of complete freedom. Adlinck then asked Frederick what he had to do to become a Templar, to which Frederick told Adlinck to follow him. Frederick led Adlinck back to a warehouse where two others were waiting for them. One of them was a woman who looked as though she worked at a brothel, and a man wearing red robes with a gleaming cross around his neck. Frederick introduced Adlinck to the woman named Josèphine Chevrier and the man as Ivan Bogodan. All of them were selected by Frederick to help him in his mission sent by his superiors: To kill counter-revolutionaries for the Templar Order. Adlinck, Josèphine, and Ivan all accepted this mission and swore their vows to the Father Of Understanding and got their fingures branded and began their lives as Templars.

Life as a Templar[]

Adlinck spent the next four years keeping the streets of Paris in control, killing anyone who got out of line. While serving the Templars, Adlinck developed a deep loyalty to Frederick Downcastle and would obey his every command without question. One of Adlinck's mission happened on the evening of May 12, 1794. It was a Monday evening and the whole day was quiet, nothing was out of the ordinary when suddenly, a huge crowd gathered in front of a house of noble. Adlinck gathered his troops in front of the building, rifles drawn. Adlinck and his men ordered all the revolting citizens to stay back or they would be fired upon. As Adlinck and his men protected the noble house, Adlinck spotted three people in hooded robes climb the rooftops and his heart sunk as he realized that the house they were protecting was the Estate of Louis-Dominique François, marquis de Bullion. The Bullion family were powerful Templars who the Assassins definitely wanted dead, so Adlinck took matters into his own hands. Adlinck climbed up to the rooftops and readied his rifle. Eventually, the Assassins emerged and Adlinck fired his rifle at them immediately. One of the Assassins fell down dead and the two others ducked for cover. Adlinck fired a few more shots at the Assassins as they were in cover to make sure they stayed in place. After a few minutes, Adlinck snuck around the rooftops to get closer to the Assassins. When he got close enough, Adlinck got up to fire more shots at the Assassins. Eventually, Adlinck got to where he thought they were hiding, but no one was there. Adlinck looked around for a little bit but he couldn't find anyone. Suddenly, someone grabbed Adlinck's rifle and pulled it out of his hands. Adlinck looked where it had come from, then saw one Assassin emerge from hanging from a railing and charged at Adlinck with a mace in hand. Adlinck drew his sword and got out of the way of the Assassin's incoming attack and kicked him over. Adlinck walked up to the Assassin, preparing to end his life, when another Assassin grabbed Adlinck from behind and put him in a headlock. The first Assassin got up and extended his hidden blades and approached Adlinck. Adlinck struggled with all his might, trying to get free. Before the first Assassin could get to Adlinck, Adlinck was able to pull down the other Assassin's arm and bit it hard. The man screamed in pain and Adlinck took the opportunity to elbow the man in ribs and got out of the way. The second Assassin had no chance to stop and drove his hidden blade in his fellow Assassin's stomach. Adlinck walked up behind the two and drove his sword through both men. Adlinck declared that the Templars would always prevail and left the Assassins to die. Adlinck rejoined his men and spent the next four hours keeping them at bay, before they finally went home. Adlinck spent the next two years serving the Templars loyally and looked ahead.


It was April 14, 1796, Adlinck was walking to a meeting with Frederick Downcastle. Adlinck met with Frederick and the two talked about the Order's future, François Thomas Germain, the Templar Grand Master had been killed by the Assassins two years prior and the Templars were struggling to look for a leader. Frederick told Adlinck that he was most likely going to be the new Grand Master and asked Adlinck to be his second-in-command. Adlinck was stunned that Frederick thought of him and asked why. Frederick said that Adlinck was the smartest person he knew and would be a perfect advisor in military strategy and other matters. Adlinck then graciously accepted Frederick's offer to be his second in command once he became the Grand Master. The two Templars got up and shook hands before Adlinck walked out the door. Adlinck was walking back to his apartment full of happiness with thoughts of how he and Downcastle would unite the world under the Templar banner. Adlinck then noticed the man in the hat tailing him. Adlinck knew he had let his guard down as the man was close to him, too close. Adlinck realized that this man took part in the saughter of his fellow spies years ago. Adlinck took a sharp right into an alleyway after walking for a little bit and waited for the man. Eventually the man came and Adlinck fired his rifle at him. The Assassin dodged all of the bullets fired at him. Adlinck drew his sword and the two dueled each other for several grueling minutes. Adlinck at one point swung his sword at the Assassin's head, but he ducked and Adlinck knew he had made a mistake. The Assassin stabbed Adlinck in the stomach with his hidden blade. Adlinck reacted by swinging his sword to the Assassin's side, but he was too fast. Adlinck's swing missed the Assassin and the Assassin ran up to Adlinck and stabbed him in the chest. Adlinck and The Assassin exchanged a few words before Adlinck passed from this world, succumbing to his wounds.

Last words[]

Adlinck: Well, well, well. If it isn’t my friends from 1792.

Marie Anne: I’m surprised you remember our last encounter, Kessel.

Adlinck: Why shouldn’t I? Both of you killed my associates! Why did you killed them, and why attacking me – and letting me live?

Marie Anne: Your investigation led to an Austrian invasion of spies. Your information told The Austrians about Paris' defences. If The Austrians would infiltrate the city, we would be doomed.

Adlinck: But why should I live; that was my other question.

Louis la Mort: Back then you were nothing but a leader of a group of spies – your masters would deal with you, we thought.

Adlinck: Well, that was a miscalculation. I wanted revenge over my dead Kameraden, so I tried to find you – but it seems it was futile, because my master found me later when I patrolled the streets of Paris. That was the day I killed my first Assassin.

Louis la Mort: The day you killed Claude Lejeune

Adlinck: So that was his name; I’m sorry, but I’ve never cared of my victims.

Marie Anne: We’ve noticed that, monsieur. In 1792, you killed three of our brothers. For what reason? One of our allies were in the crowd when it happened; it was nothing else but protest against la famille de François.

Adlinck: I killed those Assassins for protecting the remaining members of the family. They are targeted of the Assassins, and for what? For rationing the food that came into Paris?

Louis la Mort: Don’t try writhing yourself from the truth: you only sought revenge – and so does all Templars.

Adlinck: You speak like an Assassin, herr Meuchelmörder. But all Templars seek one goal: eine Neue Weltordnung.

Louis la Mort: A dream that never will come true. I can tell.

Adlinck: How Do you know that?

Louis la Mort: Let me show you.

Louis la Mort stabs Adlinck in the throat

Marie Anne: That Was brutal

Louis la Mort: A Good Templar is a dead Templar


Memory corridor - Adlinck Kessel


  • Adlinck was killed by Louis la Mort.
  • Kessel is a Habitational name for someone from any of several places named "Kessel" in the Belgian provinces of Antwerp and Limburg or North Brabant in The Netherlands.
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