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"I kill in order to live."
Adriano Avvoltoio, "the Hawk"
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Adriano donning his Assassin robes, circa 1503.
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c. 1477
Monteriggioni, Italy


c. 1570
Florence, Italy

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Adriano Avvoltoio (c. 1477 - c. 1570) was a member of the Italian branch of the Assassin Order during the Renaissance.

Born into the Assassins, Adriano obtained the rank of Master Assassin by his twenty-fifth year. In 1500, Adriano was tasked with taking out Cesare Borgia's Templar agents, a task lasted for seven years until 1507. Following the completion of his assassination missions, Adriano was sent once again to strike down Templar agents, in Constantinople, circa 1511-1512.

In 1518, Adriano became the Mentor of the Italian Assassin, succeeding Ludovico Ariosto. He held the title until his retirement in 1558. He died in 1570 at the age of 93.

Known for his unusual agility and quick strikes, Adriano was nicknamed "the hawk" by both his allies and enemies.


Early life (1477 - 1500)[]

Mario Auditore, Adriano's adoptive father.

"Poor child. His parents were killed by Rodrigo Borgia's men. I will raise him as my own son and train him into a great Assassin. "Adriano", such an uncommon name."
―Mario Auditore, 1477.

Adriano Avvoltoio was born in the Tuscan town of Monteriggioni circa 1477, a child of Assassins. Adriano's parents were killed by Borgia men shortly after their child's birth. Having no known relatives, Adriano was taken care by Mario Auditore, leader of Monteriggioni.

Mario began to train Adriano when the boy reached the age of 10; Mario teached Adriano to fight, climb, jump and use various weapons ranging from knives to axes. By the age of 15, Adriano was capable freerunner whose skills outmatched even Mario's.

During his time in Monteriggioni, Adriano rarely left the town. Adriano maintained a strong bound with Ezio and Claudia, Mario's nephews , and Maria, Mario's sister-in-law; Over his time with Ezio, Adriano gradually started to admire Mario's nephew.

Adriano was officially inaugurated into the Assassin Order in 1494, at the age of 17. By this time he also became a lieutenant in Mario's Mercenaries guild; due to his young age, however, Adriano rarely participated in Mercenary activities.

Hunt in Rome (1500 - 1507)[]

Siege of Monteriggioni[]

Cesare Borgia, initiator of the Siege of Monteriggioni and the murderer of Mario.

"Cesare Borgia, the man who killed Mario. He's dead - he and each of his bastardi dogs!"
―Adriano, 1500.

On January 2nd 1500, Cesare Borgia – Captain-General of the Papal Army – led a siege on Monteriggioni in order to recover the Apple of Eden that had been taken by Ezio from the Templars. Cesare's forces destroyed the town and Mario was personally executed by Cesare himself, who recovered the piece of Eden from Mario.

Around the same time of the seige, Adriano himself was away from the town; he was sent by Mario to gather more information on Templar plans. Arriving to Roma, Adriano was the furst one to find out on Cesare's intentions on attacking Monteriggioni. After eavesdropping a conversation between Cesare and his Generals, Adriano prepared to flee from the city and warn Mario.

Unfortunely, Adriano was noticed by Cesare, who ordered his gurads to eliminate the young Assassin. Adriano was left to fight a dozen guards whilst Cesare and his forces left to Monteriggioni. Eventually, after hours of fighting and running, Adriano escaped the gurads, took a horse, and rode back to Monteriggioni, hoping that he is not too late.

Adriano, lightly wounded from his confrontation with the Papal guards, made his way to Monteriggioni, and, to his horror, saw the town in ruins. Knowing he can do nothing for the town, Adriano eventually decided he must return to Rome - to finish off the Borgia.

Arrival to Rome[]

Ezio Auditore.

Rome, circa 1500.

"Finally! I made it to Roma! I did not miss it at all!"
―Adriano entering the city.

A week after the seige, Adriano made it to Rome, keeping himself hidden from Templars who were sent after him.

Upon arriving, Adriano began to track down Ezio using his gift. Locating both Ezio and Niccolò Machiavelli, Adriano met the duo at an old storehouse which would be later used as the headquarters of the Assassins in Rome.

Adriano was advised by Ezio and Machiavelli to keep a low profile for the time being; Adriano listened to the advice and kept himself away from Borgia's Templar agents for the next two years, taking action only when he was told to by Ezio.

However, over the time Adriano grew impatient, especially after hearing that Ezio slew one of Cesare Borgia's Templar agents, Il Carnefice, when he first arrived to Rome.

Over the next year, Ezio began to recruit citizens into the Assassins Brotherhood. Ezio left the training of the new Apprentices to Adriano, whose abilities caught Ezio's eye.

The Doctor & the Nobleman; Master Assassin[]

Ezio: "Well done - you did well. Mario spoke highly of you, Adriano, and I can see why. Welcome to the next level, boy."
Adriano: "Thank you, Ezio. It would be an honor."
―Adriano being elevated to rank of Master Assassin.

In 1502, Adriano participated in the assassinations of two Templar agents working for Cesare: Malfatto and Silvestro Sabbatini.

Adriano assassinating Malfatto.

Ezio came across a trail of blood, which lead him to the body of a deceased girl propped against a wall. He was then told by the girl's friend that the girl was murdered by Malfatto.

With the help of the local courtesans, Ezio tracked down the Doctor and ordered Adriano, who was near-by, to assassinate Malfatto. Adriano succeed with the task and quickly fled the scene as Ezio gave Malfatto his last rites.

Adriano about to assassinate Silvestro.

Ezio later came across a crying boy who told him his mother had been kidnapped by Silvestro Sabbatini. Ezio found and tailed the Nobleman to the location of the slaves.

Once there, Ezio sent Adriano once again to assassinate his target; Adriano succeed again with his task and fought the Borgia guards that were accompanying Silvestro as Ezio gave final rites to the Nobleman. After defeating the guards, Adriano fled the area.

As he successfully assassinated two Templar agents, Ezio and Machiavelli elevated to rank of Master Assassin.

Post-Rome (1507 - 1511)[]

Hunt in Constantinople (1511 - 1512)[]

Il Mentore (1518 - 1558)[]

Later life (1558 - 1570)[]

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  • Adriano is the Italian counterpart of the English name Adrian, meaning "from Hadria". The name was unpopular during the character's time period.
  • Avvoltoio is Italian for "vulture" or "hawk".