"Remember, Nothing is true & everything is permitted" -Agila telling his newly recruited assassins the maxim. Agila Dela Cruz is a Filipino assassin who lived from 1863-1920


Early lifeEdit

Agila, Son of Juan & Maria Dela Cruz, was born in Batangas, there he learned fist fighting & free running for safety purposes, in 1870, the Spanish raided their 'barrio' or village & they killed his mother, Agila & Juan was forced to flee to another country due to Spain being influenced by Templar, they found a ship that would them to a Spanish mexico, they plan to escape to America.


" I am honored to meet the son of Connor Kenway "

-Agila upon meeting Michael Kenway

a few months later his father told what he really is, a retired assassin. then, his father showed him a hidden blade, his father trained about how it works, then they went to the master assassin in America, Michael Kenway, A Mohawk assassin which is the son of Connor Kenway , there, Michael teached the Assassin ways & the creed. In 1876, Templar Burned the village in which Agila & Juan is staying, during the midst of raid, his father was shot by Alex Jones, angered, Agila Openly fighted the Templars,After impressively killing 10 Templars, He Directly battled Alex Jones, Being only armed with fists, he barely escaped, he took his father's dying body & escaped to the davenport Homestead, there, Juan told Agila to take his Hidden blade & find the Apple in the Philippines.

Returning HomeEdit

In 1890, Agila went to the Philippines, there he found out that Philippines was being liberated from spanish rule by the group called KKK, there he met Andres Bonifacio , Agila Helped Recruit Katipuneros, then he went to Batangas to find the apple , unfortunately, it was stolen & was given to the Spanish king. In 1898, Agila went to Cavite to help Emilio Aguinaldo to make the Philippines a Liberated Country, with the help of Agila, Emilio Aguinaldo Raised the first Philippine Flag. In 1899 Agila Established The Philippine branch of the assassin brotherhood in the age of 36

The Fight for the AppleEdit

"How are you Mentore?"

-Agila greeting his Mentor in 1900

In 1902, Agila Went to America to visit his Mentor, Michael. After visiting his Mentor, He Boarded his newly bought ship "Florence " to sail for Spain, upon landing foot in spain, he was Already Battled by Spanish soldiers. He was stabbed in his ring finger & was cut, After Defeating the soldiers, he went to hide in the forest, healing & strengthening himself for the fight with the king, in 1903, he decided to take the apple back, remembering his mentor advice, he used the Crossbow in Assassinating The King, he went to the castle, he assassinated guards to have a perfect spot for killing the king, when he shot the arrow, it missed & the king himself spotted him, he said "Come down here & fight like a man!" having no other option to take the apple back, he came down & fighted with swords, Agila got a scar in his Lip but countered by stabbing the king in the stomach, he killed the king and said "Mamatay ka ng Payapa"(Rest in peace) then he took the apple & went to hide with no trace besides the king's corpse.

Visit to the brotherhood in ItaliaEdit

In 1905, he went to the villa auditore to find a auditore, he did not found a auditore but a Headquarter to the Italian Brotherhood , When he entered the headquarters, he was almost assassinated by an Italian assassin, he asked who are & where are you from? Agila, not knowing how to speak italian, only said the creed in Italian "Nulla è reale, tutto è lecito" after hearing the words, the Italian assassin got off of him, he then leaded Agila to the Mentor Assassin, He presented Himself as Agila Dela Cruz, Founder of the Filipino Brotherhood, The Italian Master Assassin introduced Himself "I am Giovanni Rosetti, Pleased to meet you" Agila Came there for a purpose, to train his newly recruited Assassin & to learn more About Ezio Auditore , After 4 years, Agila Entrusted His Assassins Temporarily to the Mentor Assassin, Giovanni Asked " Where are you going?" Agila said "To Masyaf, to hope to answer all my questions."

Pilgrimage to Masyaf Edit

"I have never seen such Beauty"

-Agila Complimenting Iris' Beauty

in 1908, Agila went to masyaf, & found someone, an Auditore, Iris Auditore, they quickly fell in love with each other, When Agila Was about to tell that he is an assassin but Iris said "I already know, in fact, i want to be assassin!" Agila she does not need to prove that she is an assassin because it is in her blood. Then Agila & Iris Found Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's library, Upon Entering, They found a disk under Altaïr's hand, upon touching it, he was filled with knowledge, but decided not to, upon looking further, he encountered Juno, Talking to Agila About the First Civilization, in the end of the library he saw Ezio's equipment, he didn't take it because "He wants to preserve the Legacy of Master assassins". After A few months, Agila & Iris got married & had a Son Named Michael, after his Mentor.

Helping Nikolai OrelovEdit

Nikolai:"спасибо(Thank you)"

Agila: "Your Welcome"

Nikolai: "прощание(Farewell)

-Nikolai Saying Farewell to Agila

In 1910, Agila Helped Capture the templar Dolinsky, in Which they bringed him to Nikolai Orelov, Nikolai Tortured Dolinsky Brutally, Agila Said to the assassin next to him "Are Orelov's methods always so... savage?"

The Assassin next to him said "He was a gentler man when I met him, years ago. Before they lost the child." After Revealing the location of the Staff of Eden, Nikolai told them to Follow him to Tunguska. When they came to Tunguska, Orelov Explained that there was a Tesla Coil in the facility, so they need to be quick, After that, they stormed the Facility. Killing all Templar Guards, when they got to the top, the Staff of Eden had been activated by the electrical current. They heard the apple say things like "Always the fighter," "Adam, your father,and "Eve." After that, Tesla activated with the words "Rot in hell, Thomas," the tesla coil and the facility was destroyed while the Staff and the Assassins were still within it. Agila Barely Survived. After seeing Agila, Nikolai helped him & they rode to Nikolai's House. After that, Agila told Nikolai that he will be leaving. Nikolai said his farewell.


Later Life of Agila Dela CruzEdit

In 1911, Agila went to search for Alex Jones, the one who killed his father & burned his mentor's village, with the help of his mentor, they found out that Alex is the Grand Templar & is located at Fort Benedict, Agila & Michael succesfully infiltrated fort Benedict, they found Alex Jones but Michael killed him, before dying, Alex Succesfully Shot Michael in the heart, dying, Michael said "Entrust the brotherhood to my Friend". Agila Hurriedly Carried the dying Master to their village, Michael Died before entering the village, after 2 days, Michael was buried. In 1918, he started writing the history of the Philippine Assassins & his Autobiography called Ang Buhay Ko (My Life). In 1920, Agila finished the book, after a few hours, Agila died.

European YearsEdit

in 1882, Agila Left the Philippines for Madrid , upon arriving he met Dr. Jose Rizal they became very good friends. Agila stayed with Rizal in his College. In 1887, he was living in Ludwigsplatz, after a few months, Agila & Dr. Jose Rizal met again, there they met Reverend Karl Ullmer. In 1896, when Agila Heard About Rizal's Execution, He hurriedly Went to Bagumbayan from Batangas, Killing Every Guard who dared to stop him. When he reached bagumbayan, he was already too late. Rizal was already shot, and evey Guard knew that he was in bagumbayan, so he left bagumbayan for tondo...

The Big DecisionEdit

in March 22,1897, election was starting for the new leader of the KKK, Agila, Who was a supporter for Bonifacio Voted for him. After Knowing that Bonifacio had the second most vote for presidency, Agila suggested that Andres Be the Vice president but no one second the motion. After Bonifacio being Director of the interior, Daniel Tirona protested that someone with a lawyer's degree should be in Bonifacio's Place. Angered, Andres pointed his Gun at Daniel but was stopped by Artemio Ricarte & Agila. The next day, Emilio Aguinaldo took his oath as president, Agila was very suspicious of Him, Remarking him 'Shady & Suspicious'. When he heard news about Bonficio's Execution in May 10, He Hastily headed for maragondon, & when he reached there, he runned for bonifacio & his Brother, attempting to save them. But he was a second late. After the Execution, he refused to follow orders from Aguinaldo.

Important Events throughout his lifeEdit

  • April 2 1863, He was born
  • September 1870, His Mother was killed
  • October 1870, They Boarded a ship to America
  • January 1871, they landed to America
  • February 1871, Agila Met Michael Kenway
  • May 1876, The Village of Michael Kenway is Burned & His Father was Killed
  • March 1903, Agila killed the templar king.
  • April 2 1905, Agila Visited the Italian Headquarters of Assassins
  • December 1909, Agila went to Masyaf
  • March 1910, Agila left masyaf
  • June 1910, Agila & Iris Got Married
  • June 1911, Agila Killed Alex Jones
  • September 1918, Agila Started writing the book
  • April 1 1920, Agila Finished the book & Died

Characteristics & PersonalityEdit

Agila in his childhood is a Carefree & wild boy due to him living in the province, after the attack on his village, his mind jumpstarted to becoming mature, he is very focused with the task at hand, he also manages to give speeches fearlessly & bring up Morale. He is also Considered intelligent.


Agila always had interest in wolves. He has Sword with the design of a wolf on it's handle. He also has interest in poetry since he was a child. While travelling with Jose Rizal, he wrote many poems, including Bansang Maganda (Beatiful Country) in 1869 & Finalmente, la justicia '(Finally,Justice) in 1898.

Weapons & EquipmentsEdit

Agila In his training only had A hidden blade & a Kris

In him becoming a full Assassin, He also now has Lapulapu's sword, A bow, flintlock pistol, rope Darts, A secondary hidden blade & an Axe. He retains the Kris, He eventually changed the bow into a Crossbow, He eventually had smoke bombs & He changed his Flintlock for a revolver. His Clothes are Similar to Connor's Clothes but the colors are Black & red & has armor outside the robes, His Master Assassin Robes are Color White with black sleeves


Michael Kenway-Mentor

Juan Dela Cruz-Father

Maria Dela Cruz-Mother

Andres Bonifacio-Friend

Jose Rizal-Close Friend


Michael Dela Cruz-Son

Nikolai Orelov-Friend


  • "Agila "in English Means "Eagle"
  • The Writer originally planned to name the assassin "Juan" but it is a common name so he gave it to his father
  • "Dela Cruz" Means "Of the cross"
  • Agila has a master's degree in opthalmology & Surgery.
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