Ah-Ju-Tao Hai

Ah-Ju-Tao Hai was a Chinese Templar operating as the fort commander in Fuyang during the era of the Han dynasty.

Little is known of Hai's origin other than he was raised by strict, wealthy parents – whom both expected great things from him. Unknowingly, his mother was a member of the Templar Order. After watching his life crumble in scandals and drowning in debt, his mother sent him to serve for the Grand Master.

After discovering a plot the Grand Master had set in motion in order to eliminate the Emperor and take his place, Hai aided a skilled warrior named Na. During the following election, Hai and his fellow Templars – Gang Yu, Gao Piu, Zedong Zan and Lei Kwan – elected Na for the new Grand Master.

Being outranked by Zedong in fighting skills Hai served as the captain of the Templars' hideout in Fuyang.

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