Aiden Gorm
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December 1727


June 1770 (42 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Aiden Gorm was a British criminal and an Assassin during the Caribbean Purge. He like his early years he was imprisoned and put in prison pregnant ex-prostitute Sophia Sussex, the following being pregnant was transferred to America. Aiden served under crew of the Master Assassin Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye and he was killed by Eric Rackham in 1770.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Aiden Gorm was born in Edinburgh in the suburban area from a reputable merchant family. He received a good education from his uncle that he preferred much more to his father, who spent only the time to drink. Aiden's mother thought her to manage the trade of their small ships ranging from Scotland to the Caribbean helped by his brother Aiden. Aiden's father was a drunkard and Aiden hated him as his uncle helped her family instead of Aiden's father, also his uncle was just the brother of the father of Aiden. Often the father of Aiden came home drunk and raped his mother with great anger Aiden Aiden and his brother.

When he was 18, he met the existence of a group of men known as the assassins defending mankind from the Templars that they wanted to take control. Aiden came to join it at the leader who was Miko Little. Aiden was trained only formal and in 1750 his 23rd birthday was officially introduced in the Brotherhood. When Aiden was 22 years old she was at home with his family, except his father's uncle was a pub. At about 23:00 PM, his father returned drunk and started arguing with the mother of Aiden.

During the quarrel began in the middle of the uncle of Aiden. Aiden's father pushed his brother to the ground with his head, killing him by mistake. Aiden felt the anger andargli brain. His uncle was the only one who was carrying on the family! And that his father's bastard had killed him because he was drunk. Aiden took a knife and held it up on the frightened face of his father. Aiden stabbed his father in the shoulder, then the shoulder blade, three times in the chest. Aiden's father fell to the ground dead. Aiden was full of blood. He puked. Aiden for this murder was placed under arrest and put in prison. He had lost everything. The family. A future. All.

Imprisonment Edit

Lady Sussex

Sophia Sussex

Life in prison for four years, Aiden knew a woman older than him to seven years in name Sophia Sussex. It was a few years younger than she, but Sussex found him attractive and intelligent - it seemed a bit 'strange for him to be so mature for her age. Aiden said Sussex who was a murderess and said what he thought to be one too. Sussex did not understand, and Aiden said the purpose of Assassin and the Templars. Sussex found both attractive factions. But he thought that the Assassins were not entirely wrong. So, he said he would not join their ranks - but she would have taken the man's words with her.

Over the next weeks, Sussex has found a friend in Aiden. One night, when Aiden was sleeping, Sussex went into his cell. There are prisoners used clothes when they slept. Sussex awoke the prisoner Aiden, and the two shared a night of passion. This was not just one night, was under way for several weeks. Then they discovered that Sussex was pregnant, she was set to a ship that would take him to the Caribbean: the prisons in England have had enough of prisoners already. So in 1754 he left England around Sussex. Then Aiden knew everything that he had only been used by that miserable bitch. To the devil! America would be fucked up for her escape while he would stay there until the end of his days.

Aiden remained not for long prison. He was made to transfer to America in 1756 who had recently begun the Seven Years War. He would have to go to work at a Virginia plantation to a slave. So Aiden was brought to Virginia and moved to the planting of a rich man thanks to slavery. Aiden spent the following days of May 1756 to work as a slave blacks along with other men. Aiden secretly programmed a rebellion to be implemented for the next month. Aiden had already managed to get the trust of slaves only needed to put the plan into action: when would come at night and would be subsumed under the cabins. Aiden would stay out and slaves would have told guardini who had entered. Then Aiden would open the cabins and then they would take up arms and made off all slaveholders.

The day was June 2. When the day came he put in place. At about 20:00 PM, the slavers did back slaves and Aiden hid in a bush. He waited a bit 'and then went out. He saw a guard who ran over there and went behind. Aiden hit him in the back and then punched him. Aiden robbed him and took the key and then go to open the cabins of the slaves. The group freed all the others who were about a hundred and then took up arms. The slaves stormed the building, killing their master fiercely slavers. Aiden wanted attend but had to leave. So under cover of night and escaped the hustle and bustle on.

Caribbean Brotherhood Edit

Ruby Travers

Ruby Travers

Throughout the month Aiden tried the assassin business in Nassau and in the end after a long search he managed to make contact with a female-assassin who ran a brothel-office in Nassau named Jackie Charlotte. The woman ushered Aiden in the Caribbean Assassins and was trained by Victor Jensen and mentor Claude Dimanche at Great Inagua. Aiden learned the creed and philosophy of assassins also discovering that Sussex had become an ally of the Order. Aiden hated her and wanted nothing more to do with her. However in subsequent years he collaborated with other assassins: Delaware Dinsmore, Songui, Condor Apito, Josiah Advisor, Samuel, Louis Auverlot and a young Edward Stoddard. Aiden became a sailor sailing in the French Navy for the duration of the Seven Years War against the British Army. In the French Navy knew the son of Master Assassin Louis Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de La Vérendrye: Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérendrye. With Claude, Aiden became friends up to sail with him to the Caribbean. Aiden became his second in command and occasionally raided the British merchant ships and the Templars. In 1768, Aiden went into partnership with Jackie's daughter Charlotte: Ruby Travers for a matter of smuggling. The first time they met Aiden attractive judged except that beautiful and fell in love. Following the two continued to dating until one night they made love. Aiden would have liked to do more with Ruby, but she did not do. Ruby in a meeting said to Aiden that she no longer wanted to have any link with the Assassins and so left their shattered relationship. Aiden was sorry very much for that, over time, however, thanks to his brother managed to go back and to look forward to being the second-in-command of Claude Gaultier.

Death Edit


Eric Rackham

In June 1770 Aiden took a day off and went to Nassau to enjoy yourself a little before a fight against the Templars as Claude had already gone to New Orleans to recruit slaves. Aiden went for a tevern and there began to drink and sat on the legs a prostitute that after a while 'walked away with great discontent of Aiden. At one point, two men dressed in black entered the room and sat down at the table Aiden. Aiden realized they were Templars and prepared his hidden blade, but the younger man pointed his gun from under the table. Aiden knew that those two were two killers-Templars, the oldest Shay Cormac and the other Eric Rackham. Eric asked where Claude it was Gorm, Gorm he said. Eric thanked Gorm. Gorm said they would bring their discovery the tomb. Gorm toppled the table he sent ashore the Templars, Eric turned right, getting up. Gorm cut the air with his sword to kill or injure Eric but he dodged all the shots. Nth attack, Eric rolled to the side and then punched him in the side of Gorm. Eric took the knife and thrust it into the Gorm chest killing him.

  • Aiden: Even if you find Claude hope you junk.
  • Eric: From him I will do your own purpose at least you will not do more damage to the Sea.
  • Aiden: In my life I have done what I could, and even though I still will not stop the Brotherhood.

Aiden succumbs to his injuries and breathed his last. "Rest in peace with honor Assassin" said Eric by closing your eyes.

Trivia Edit

  1. Aiden never met the son she had with Sussex, Quill.
  2. Aiden has the same name of the protagonist of Watch Dogs: Aiden Pearce.
  3. Aiden was a wall aswell Assassin Eddie Gorm active during the Second World War that appears in the comic Assassin's Creed: Conspiracy.
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