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"As Mentor, I will do everything in my power to bring the British Brotherhood of Assassins back to the days of glory. Even if I die over the course of time, our power will not wean."
―Alana Rose Dorian's first speech as Mentor of the British Assassins, July 1876.
Dame Alana Rose Dorian
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Dame Alana Rose Dorian, November 1888.
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Biographical information

November 8th, 1840
Crawley, Sussex, England


December 19th, 1935
Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Political information


  • British Brotherhood
    (1861-1870, 1875-1901, 1903)
  • Brotherhood of the German Empire

Rooks (1868)

Real-world information
Appears in

The Birth of Alana Rose (as an infant)
Expedition to Greece (mentioned only)
Prelude to Liberation (as a child)
Return to London (as a child)
A Visit to Egypt (as a child)
The Fallen Mentor (as a child)
Crawley Underground
Revisiting Egypt
A Thorne in the Side
The Liberation of Devil's Acre
The Aftermath
War in the Fight Club
One Final Fight
Avenging the Fallen Husband
Hunt for the Hangman (mentioned only)
Return to Lambeth
Jeseits des Sturms
Glaube und Verrat


Victoria Atkin

Voice actor

Victoria Atkin

Dame Alana Rose Dorian MBE (1840-1935) was a Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood from 1861 to 1870, and again from 1875 to 1901. She was also known by her married name of Alana Rose Richardson from 1865 to 1868, before reverting back to her maiden name. Known as The Iron Rose of England as well as The Lioness, Alana also played a role in the formation of the Brotherhood of the German Empire, serving as its first Mentor from 1871 to 1875 while living in Munich. Alana would assume leadership of the British Brotherhood upon her mother's retirement in July of 1876 and led the British Assassins into the next century until 1901, eventually retiring permanently in 1903. Alana was also known for her work as an Assassin theorist, ranging from coming up with new ways to assassinate Templars to how she would right the wrongs of former Assassins. She was the only child born to Master Assassins Juliette Marie Dorian and Samuel Marshall, the niece of French Master Assassin Francois Charles Dorian, and the granddaughter of French Master Assassins Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre. She is of French, British, Austrian, Welsh, and German descent.

Alana is the only member of the legendary Dorian Family of Assassins to be knighted, becoming a member of the Order of the Sacred Garter in 1868, and later the Order of the British Empire in 1917.

She is regarded by many Assassins to be the greatest Master Assassin the United Kingdom has ever seen, even surpassing that of her mother, Juliette.

Early Years[]

Alana, aged 6 on her mother Juliette's shoulders in Egypt, May 1847.

Alana Rose Dorian was born in the early hours of November 8th, 1840 in her Mother's room within the Goff House in Crawley, to her mother Juliette Marie Dorian and Samuel Marshall. An adventurous child in her youth, her mother would always set up mini treasure hunts within the Goff Mansion and the surrounding area to satisfy her daughter's needs. She would always accompany her parents on trips to Crawley, and watch her parents free-run across the rooftops. When Alana was six years old, Juliette took her daughter to Egypt, showing Alana the hotel and cafe her grandmother had stayed forty-seven years prior. Alana remembered the trip fondly, remembering the time where her and her mother drank tea inside the Eagle Talon Hotel and Cafe, burning her tongue on her green tea. Afterwards, Juliette took Alana out to the Great Pyramids with her daughter on her shoulders, letting her sit on one of the blocks.

Juliette told her the story of how Elise had to stay inside the pyramid to wait out a severe dust storm. After this, Juliette showed Alana the ruined former tomb of Bayek, the Medjay who would ultimately go on to form the precursor to the Assassins. After explaining who's tomb it was, Alana was eager to find out who Bayek is. Juliette calmed Alana down, and they returned to their hotel room, where Juliette informed Alana that they will be visiting Bayek's real tomb bright and early the next morning.

After a seven hour carriage ride, Juliette, Alana, and Bernie Willows arrived at Hotep Cavern, and let the two ladies walk inside, where Juliette showed Alana Bayek's coffin, as well as Amunet's, which had fallen down into a crevasse. Alana again asked her mother who Bayek was, only for her mother to tell her that they will be visiting Bayek's home of Siwa, and she will tell her who he was there.

After another two hour carriage ride, the trio arrived at Siwa, and pitched a tent. After her mother started a fire, Alana asked her mother again who Bayek was. Juliette informed her daughter of who Bayek was and what he did over his lifetime, as well as the tragedy that happened underneath the Temple of Amun, and that she would show her the temple itself the next day.

The next morning, with Alana on her shoulders, Juliette took her to the Temple and informed her that Alexander the Great visited the Temple and was proclaimed the Son of Amun by the Oracle, and that he used a powerful staff to open the vault beneath the temple, which was blocked by rubble and debris. After their visit to the temple, Alana and Juliette returned to Bernie, who got them back to Cairo safely.

Alana Rose Dorian, age 18.

Early in the morning, Alana woke up to see her father standing in their hotel room. She got up from her bed and hugged her father, who came from India to meet up with them and take them home. After showing her father her outfit, Sam escorted Juliette and her daughter to the docks to meet up with the captain who would be getting them back home safely, Steven Blair. The trio boarded his ship, and set sail for England. On the journey back to England, Juliette informed Alana that she will be taking her as her apprentice. Upon their return to Crawley, Alana began training under her mother, in the ways of combat and lore of the Creed. Alana would train under her mother for fourteen years. She received her first Hidden Blade at the age of eighteen.

Master Assassin[]

On November 12th, 1861 Alana and Juliette made a trip to London to pick up some morphine for an ailing Elise, where they were set upon by the Blighters, the street gang associated with the Templar Order. Alana and Juliette were forced into combat, with their Hidden Blades and kukris against their rusted knives and flaming boards. Alana and Juliette succeeded in defending themselves against their adversaries, with Alana fighting remarkably well for a woman of her age. Alana didn't escape the fight unscathed however, as she sustained minor burns on her arms. Juliette promised Alana that she would tell Leonard Frye of how well Alana handled herself in London.

Alana Rose Dorian wearing her Master Assassin Robes c. November 1861

Returning to Crawley three days after the attack, with Juliette and Alana being praised for their bravery. Leonard was so impressed with the way Alana handled herself in combat, and awarded Alana the rank of Master Assassin at the age of twenty one, a few short days before her grandmother passed away.

Legal Issue[]

In June of 1864, Alana attended a protest outside of Buckingham Palace in London, calling for an end to Britain’s acts of colonialism and imperialism around the world. The protest began to get violent, leading to fights and eventually objects being thrown at members of the Metropolitan Police Service and the Queen's Guard. A rock was thrown by a protestor beside her, striking a police officer. The police, which saw Alana’s arm in an upright position, thought that she threw the rock. The officers tore through the crowd and forcibly tackled Alana to the ground. An officer held his arm on the left side of Alana’s head, pushing her right side into the ground, cutting her above her right eye as they placed her in cuffs.

Being represented by Kevin Eckhart, an Assassin allied lawyer picked by her mother with haste, Alana made her case. As her cut was still bleeding, Alana claimed that it was a protestor beside her threw the rock and that the police forcibly arrested her just because she was a woman. The next person to take the stand was Crawford Starrick, Grand Master of the Templar Order and owner of Starrick Industries. He claimed that he saw Alana throw the rock directly at the officer as he walked by the protest. After the evidence was collected, the jury convened and returned within an hour, where the judge convicted Alana to a six month prison sentence at Newgate Prison for assaulting a police officer and attending an illegal protest. Eckhart called for a mistrial, but was swiftly denied. As she was escorted out, Starrick winked at her sarcastically. She began serving her sentence the next day, and was forced to cut off her long brown hair and undo her trademark braid. Alana was unrecognizable. After her hair was lobbed off, and on her first visit Maria though she had the wrong cell because she didn’t know that Alana got her hair cut off, even asking a guard if it was Alana in the cell.

Alana was placed into a cell on the third floor in the women's quarter. The conditions of the cell were minute, with Alana only having a bed, sink, and toilet in her cell to go with a barred window. For her tenure in the prison, Alana would wear a tattered white shirt and tight brown pants. All she was able to look at was the grey stone wall of her cell, as the floor was dusty and crawling with bugs. The women's chamber, according to Alana, was chaos. Not only was it littered with vermin, the inmates were drunk and full of debauchery, and frequently topless. Some women even had their children in the prison, which disgusted Alana. Alana herself would go topless several times, saying that she felt liberated whenever she did so. Over the course of her six month stay in the prison, Alana would follow protocol and do her assigned duties. When she wasn’t, she would be in her cell, writing about her thoughts and experiences in the prison, along with her thoughts on the corrupt justice system, tucking it under her bed when guards walked by. She would also be visited by Albert, Juliette, and Maria over the course of her term. On December 19th, 1864, just before she was set to be released, Alana would get into a prison fight in the courtyard with another woman, earning herself a bloodied mouth and nose. She was forcibly restrained by the guards and earned another two months on her sentence. Alana was released from prison on March 3rd, 1865 and was transported back to the Assassin Headquarters in Crawley, where she explained everything and resumed her duties as a Master Assassin.

Return to Egypt[]

In August of 1865, Alana sat in her quarters reading about the adventures of her grandmother Elise, which were logged in her diary, which was handed down to Alana once Elise passed away. Alana read about the adventures of her grandmother in Britain, France, the United States and the Ottoman Empire. Alana was about to put the diary away until two pages that were stuck together caught her attention. Using an envelope opener, Alana pried the two pages open to discover that her grandmother had gone to Egypt in the year 1800 and discovered three keys that were used to seal away the tomb of Bayek, the founder of the organized Assassin Order. Alana desired to go to Egypt, but needed the help of a fellow Assassin. Alana packed up Elise's diary and went over to the Eagle Head Pub in the heart of Crawley to meet up with her friend Maria Williams, who was finishing up her shift at the pub. Over a beer, Alana expressed to Maria that she desired to to go to Egypt and retrieve the keys to study them back in Crawley, and that she wanted Maria to come with her to Egypt. Maria agreed, and the pair walked back to the Goff Mansion.

When they arrived, they were greeted by Jacob, who let them in. Upon arriving downstairs, Juliette and Cordelia had a discussion about Alana's desire to visit Egypt. Alana informed her mother that she wanted to retrieve the keys and bring them back to Crawley to study them and their origins. Juliette asked Alana what she would do with the keys if Templars caught wind of their presence. Alana had no answer until Maria suggested Bayek's new tomb at Hotep Cavern. Juliette allowed Alana and Maria to return to Egypt and retrieve the keys. After thanking her mother, Alana returned to her room and was greeted by her husband Albert, whom she spent the rest of the night with before preparing her trip to Egypt.

The next morning, Alana and Maria got themselves prepared for their trip and were greeted by Juliette, who informed them that their carriage had arrived. After bidding their final farewells, Alana and Maria made their way out to their carriage that carried them to the port city of Portsmouth.

Upon arriving in Portsmouth, Alana and Maria searched for a ship to get them to Egypt, which led them to a British tea freighter named the Manticore, captained by David Clyde Walters. He allowed the two women to board the ship and help themselves to the tea he had below deck in their quarters. Alana and Maria boarded, and stood up on top on the deck for the first few hours of the trip before retreating to their quarters to taste some of David's tea.

Arriving in Egypt, Alana and Maria took in the sights of the City of Cairo and the Bazaar as they made their way over to the Eagle Talon Hotel and Cafe. As they arrived, Alana noticed that the Cafe was gone, and a pub was in its place, much to her confusion. The pair entered and checked in with the help of Henry Willows, and walked through the pub. The mood changed when a drunken man grabbed Alana's right buttock. Alana confronted the men, before knocking the one responsible out cold with her right fist. After the confrontation ended, Alana and Maria made their way up to their hotel room, where they were visited by the owner of the hotel. He asked Alana what had happened. Alana informed him that she knocked out a man who grabbed her right buttock. Upon hearing this, he asked for her name. She informed him, and hearing that her name was Alana, he asked if her mother was Juliette. When Alana said yes, he handed her a letter from 1813, which was written by someone with the initial K, and had information about the keys they were after. Examining the letter, there were three locations: Pyramid, Philae, and an unknown location Alana couldn't make out. After Henry left, the pair began to unwind and prepare for their adventure tomorrow.

Alana and Maria arrived at the Great Pyramid to begin the search for the first key. After reminiscing about the first time she visited the Pyramid, the pair navigated all the faces of Khufu's pyramid from top to bottom, until Maria called Alana over to the southern face of the pyramid where Maria had discovered an entrance into an unknown vault within the pyramid. Alana and Maria explored the vault, and discovered a puzzle at the end of it. Alana let Maria try and solve it before she intervened using her gift, which gave Alana the correct answer to the puzzle. Maria pushed the buttons in the correct order, which allowed the Assassins to recover the first of Bayek's keys. Alana and Maria exited the vault and sealed it again, and returned to their hotel, looking for a way to get to Philae.

Alana and Maria found a way down to Philae, which was through a sailor named Alborz. After paying a fee of thirty pounds, Alborz sailed the pair down to Philae. When they arrived in the evening, Alana and Maria blended in with tourists to scour the temple for a hidden entrance to the key. Veering away from them, Maria discovered etchings of the key's appearance carved on to pillars. Maria stepped onto a mechanism that activated a trap door, sending Maria plummeting down into the abyss. Alana approached the hole and could hear Maria inform her that she may have found another key. Alana slid down hole and leaped over a spike pit to meet up with Maria, where they observed an etching of the temple of Isis above them. Maria placed her hand on the altar, which ultimately revealed another key. Alana clipped the key onto her belt and the pair made their way out of the vault under the Temple. Upon their exit, Alana discovered the location of the third and final key: Abu Simbel, which was across the river.

Alana and Maria Williams conversing atop the Great Pyramid, c. August 1865

Alana and Maria found a felucca that wasn't in use and used it to get their way across the choppy waters of the Nile. Once they made their way over, Alana and Maria rushed over to the magnificent temple. After marvelling at the temple, Alana and Maria entered the sandy temple to search for the final key. At the back of the temple, Alana and Maria scoured the area until Alana ran her hand over an etching, which revealed the final key. As soon as the final key was in their possession, the pair were ambushed by Italian Templar Enrico Do'relli and his thugs. Alana and Maria fended off the thugs until a smoke screen engulfed them, with Enrico capturing Alana. He stated that in order to get Alana back, she had to hand the keys over to him. Maria refused. As Alana was about to be killed, she stabbed Enrico in the gut with her Hidden Blade, causing him to drop his weapon. After he attempted to plead with them, they stabbed him in the heart. His final words to Alana were that his wife would make her pay. Alana dismissed this and assisted Maria in burying their bodies. Once they finished, they left the area and sought out Alborz, who got them back to Cairo safely.

Upon their arrival in Cairo, Alana thanked Alborz for everything. She looked up to see Maria talking with Henry Willows, the owner of the Eagle Talon Hotel and Pub. Approaching them, Maria informed them that he could take them out to Hotep Cavern so they could bury the keys. After checking out of their hotel, Henry got them into his carriage and got them to Hotep Cavern.

Alana Rose Richardson, c. September 1866.

Alana and Maria entered the cave and eventually entered the tomb. Alana looked for a place to hide the keys while Maria took in al the history inside the tomb. Alana buried the keys beside the sarcophagus of Bayek, and heard Maria yell from the other side of the cavern. She looked up to see Amunet's sarcophagus plummet into the ground, and Maria grasping onto a stalagmite. Alana helped Maria up and the pair exited the tomb to catch a carriage ride back to the Great Pyramid, where they sat atop it and began to talk about a multitude of topics such as how each of them became Assassins, how they met their lovers, and what made them want to become Assassins while they waited for the Manticore to take them back to Crawley.

Investigating the Death of Thomas D'Arcy McGee[]

In late March of 1868, Juliette sent Alana to Ottawa, the capital city of the young country of Canada, with the hopes of setting up a Brotherhood in the country. Upon arriving at the docks, Alana spied a woman with red hair wearing French Assassin robes. That woman was Alana's cousin Gabrielle, who had earned the rank of Master Assassin as well. She informed Alana that her father sent her to Canada as well, with the hopes of starting a Brotherhood. On April 7th, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, the man who was chosen to be the Mentor of the Canadian Assassins, was assassinated outside his home. Close friends of the fallen politician begged Alana and Gabrielle to find the man behind the assassination. After investigating for several hours, Alana and Gabrielle had no luck in finding the killer. The next day, Alana and Gabrielle were informed of all the suspects who were arrested. The two of them were directed to a suspect named Patrick Buckley, who was the stable hand of John A. MacDonald, the Prime Minister. He informed them of a scruffy looking Irishman with the last name of Whelan. Later on in the evening, Alana and Gabrielle went to a pub owned by a man named Michael Starr, where they each ordered a pint of Alexander Keith's. Sitting beside them was a man mumbling about a Fenian takeover. Alana asked the man what he was talking about, before the bartender called him by his last name. Alana realized that they had their man. Whelan aggresively shoved Alana into Gabrielle in an attempt to escape, spilling Alana's beer in the process. Alana quickly grabbed Whelan and applied a rear naked choke, dropping to the ground and wrapping her legs around him, preventing him from escaping while Gabrielle went to call for the police outside. Once they arrived, Alana let go of the hold, and watched as the police began to search Whelan. On him, they found several items that linked him to the assassination of McGee, and arrested him on the spot. The next day, Alana and Gabrielle hand picked Isaiah Summers to become the first Mentor of the Canadian Assassins, helping him set up bureaus in Ottawa and Toronto. Shortly after, Alana parted ways with Gabrielle, who returned to France. Alana was greeted by a courier who handed her a letter. The letter was from her mother, stating that the Frye twins had disobeyed her orders and went to London with the intent to liberate it from Templar influence, and that Jacob had nearly crashed the British economy with the death of Templar Phillip Twopenny. Juliette requested that Alana go from Ottawa to London to assist the twins in bringing Starrick down. Alana complied, and boarded the next ship to London.

Assisting the Fryes in London[]

Alana arrived in London shortly after the assassination of John Elliotson in late April. Upon arrival, Alana immediately sought out the train that was conducted by Agnes MacBean, an ally of the twins. Boarding it hoping to find the twins, she was greeted by Henry Green instead. Alana and Henry talked about several topics, such as the arrival of the Fryes, Crawford Starrick, and the state of London. Alana was shocked when Henry told her about the Fryes arriving in London. Henry told her he was the same, not knowing that they had disobeyed Juliette's orders. Alana asked Henry where she could find Evie, to which Henry replied that she could be found on the London Bridge. Alana thanked Henry and set off to find her. Alana found Evie right where Henry said she was. Alana approached Evie, who was surprised to see her. After talking for a few moments about how the twins came to London and the twins disobeying Juliette's orders, Evie informed Alana that the Blighters were messing around with trade upon the River Thames. Alana informed Evie that she would assist her in combating the Blighters interfering with trade on the Thames. Evie and Alana would pair up together frequently to disrupt the Blighter trade and quietly liberated the seven districts of London from Blighter influence while Jacob continued his crusade against the Templar Order. Alana assisted in Evie's assassination of Lucy Thorne, the daughter of Alfred Thorne, who was assassinated by Alana's mother Juliette back in 1847. She also assisted in helping Evie cleaning up Jacob's messes. She helped Evie fix the distributions of medicines in Lambeth, resolve crises in the Omnibus business, and restore the British economy after Jacob's hasty assassinations.

Working closely with Jacob, Alana informed him of a man who goes by the pseudonym of 'B' who frequents the Sinopean Club that could be Starrick's pawn in British politics. Jacob returned to Alana to inform her that he found a spy hired by 'B' to spy on Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, and that the spy ended up getting killed by a sniper. He said that he interrogated the Sniper, who told him under duress that their target was affiliated with the Hussars, and that the Blighters were going to attack Disraeli's carriage. Alana tasked him with protecting the Prime Minister and his wife the next morning. Early in the afternoon, Jacob returned to Alana, informing her that he did rescue Disraeli and his wife, but did not learn of who 'B' was. Mary Anne Disraeli said she would inform Jacob of who 'B' was the next night if he took her through Devil's Acre. Alana wasn't too keen on the idea, but let Jacob escort Mrs. Disraeli through Devil's Acre the next night if it meant they would geta name as to who 'B' was. Alana began to think that it was James Brudenell, who was protesting the Corrupt Practices Bill in Parliament. Later on that night, Jacob returned to Alana with name of 'B', who was James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, proving Alana's suspicions right. Alana tasked Jacob with eliminating him silently, as to not draw any suspicion. Jacob succeeded in his mission much to Alana's delight, but Evie came back, angry after cleaning up Jacob's mess with Twopenny with her preventing severe inflation and restoring the Bank's printing plates to the bank itself. Alana broke up the fight, and reminded them that they still had to liberate Devil's Acre.

Arriving at Devil's Acre, Alana was going to inform the twins of the plan to liberate Devil's Acre, which would be the only stronghold Jacob would help them with. Just as they were about to carry out their plan, Jacob darted off into the slum ignoring Alana's plan. Upset with Jacob, Alana and Evie carried on with the plan, where Alana infiltrated the tallest building in the slum to burn Blighter plans, and go on to assist the Fryes in picking off the Blighters. Alana succeeded in burning the plans, but got knocked down by Lilla Graves, the gang leader of Westminster. Alana squared up with Graves in hand to hand combat, sustaining several shots to her belly, cracking three of Alana's ribs. Graves was about to finish Alana off, but Evie intervened, and engaged Graves in combat. Alana landed a kick that landed flush with Graves' chin, allowing both Evie and Alana to end Graves with thrusts by their Hidden Blades. After dusting themselves off, they heard Jacob taunting five Blighters. Alana and Evie leaped out the window and helped Jacob fend off the last of the Blighters. After liberating Devil's Acre, Jacob began to recruit Rooks out of former Blighters, while Alana went into Lilla Graves' office, and compared documents she had received from her mother about Devil's Acre to a map of the area on the desk of Graves. As she was comparing the documents, Alana could hear Jacob and Evie arguing. Alana called the twins into the office, where Evie called Jacob out on his strategy. Jacob tried to explain himself by saying that his strategy whittled the Templars down to nothing. Alana retorted that his strategy also led to the near downfall of the British economy. Jacob stormed off, not wanting to do anything with Alana or his sister. After Jacob's abrupt departure, Alana and Evie returned to the train, where they sat down and began to plot the downfall of Starrick.

Alana Rose Richardson talking to Evie and Jacob Frye, c. August 1868.

Later on in the evening, Alana and Henry Green witnessed the Alhambra Music Hall was on fire. After watching it burn for a little longer, Alana informed Henry that she would investigate to see if Jacob played any role in the fire. Alana arrived to see the firemen attempting to put out the burning music hall. Weaving her way through the crowd, she spied Jacob sitting in the tree, drifting off to sleep. Alana called out to him, to which he didn't reply. Alana used her rope launcher to pull Jacob down, with the latter landing in a haystack. She led him to a back alley, where Jacob confessed to Alana that he had assassinated Maxwell Roth. Alana was furious with Jacob. When Alana asked him why, Jacob quoted Roth, and slapped Alana openly on the buttocks. In response, Alana backhanded Jacob so hard that a couple of his teeth flew out. After the altercation, Alana escorted Jacob back to the train. Upon returning to the train, Alana ordered Jacob to go to sleep, and returned to the second car, informing Henry of what had happened. Alana then returned to the first car and went to sleep, bring her chaotic day to an end.

Defeating Crawford Starrick[]

The next day, Alana awoke to hear Jacob and Evie arguing. As she got out of bed, she watched as Henry stormed by her with intent to break up the argument. Alana showed up to assist Henry with doing so as well. Henry informed the twins that Starrick's plan was to acquire the Piece of Eden at the Ball at Buckingham Palace tonight and use it to eliminate all heads of church and state. Evie and Jacob promised to work together one last time. Alana agreed to help assist the twins, unless the scenario was dire. After meeting with the Disraelis, Jacob managed to snag the Gladstone's invitations to the ball, while Evie procured the plans to Buckingham Palace from Duleep Singh.

While the Fryes infiltrated the Ball, Alana and Henry infiltrated the sewers after Evie had sent Jacob after Starrick. Once both of the twins were down in the Tomb of Prince Albert fighting Starrick, Alana used her Eagle Vision to see that Starrick had both of them in a chokehold, slowly draining the life out of them. Alana's intervention caught Starrick's attention, and the two engaged in in combat, where Alana succeeded in landing a devastating blow to his jugular with her Hidden Blade. Alana was shocked to see the wound heal right before her eyes. Seemingly unfazed, Starrick hoisted Alana up by her neck with the shroud draining her life force slowly. Starrick fatally stabbed her in the abdomen before throwing her aside. Alana's wound began to bleed profusely. Alana would ultimately black out in a pool of her own blood.

After the defeat of Starrick, Evie darted over towards Alana to discover that she was still breathing. Evie asked Jacob to bring the Shroud over and place it on Alana. Jacob heeded his sister's wish and placed the Shroud on their fallen comrade. The trio watched as the Shroud healed Alana's wound and slowly brought her back to consciousness. Alana apologized for getting in the way during the fight, which was swiftly denied by the Fryes, who said that Alana created an opening which led to his downfall. Henry and Jacob draped Alana's arms over their shoulders as the four Assassins made their way out of the vault and back to the train, where Alana laid to rest on the couch.

The next morning, Alana, Henry, Evie, and Jacob got knighted. After getting knighted, Henry and Alana watched as the twins ran off towards the train. A courier showed up and handed Alana a letter after Henry left. Alana read the letter, fell to her knees and broke down into tears after learning about her husband's passing from typhoid fever. While she was grieving, Queen Victoria allowed Alana to stay at Buckingham Palace for a few weeks to help with her mourning.

While staying at the Palace to look after her children, Alana informed Queen Victoria of a group of Templars wanting to retake the city under the name of the Templars once again, and told her to relay the information of the Templar plot to Jacob and Evie, due to Alana wanting to stay in isolation and look after her kids.

A few days after the Templar plot was foiled by Jacob and Evie, Alana was surprised to see that her best friend Maria Williams had made the travel to London with urgent news. Over their discussion, Maria informed Alana that she had stolen Albert's autopsy report to find that it had been covered up by the Templars. Albert didn't pass away from typhoid fever, he was poisoned with cyanide. Sadness overwhelmed Alana until Maria showed her a note that was found on Albert's body, which read:

"Dear Mrs. Richardson, Now we are even. Erica D'Orelli"
―Letter from Erica D'Orelli, 1868.

Alana recognized the last name as the last name of the Master Templar Alana and Maria had killed back in 1865 when they were in Egypt. She remembered Enrico's dying words that his wife would make her pay. She had exacted revenge. Filling with rage, Alana asked where Erica was, to which Maria informed Alana that she is a high-ranking Templar in Prussia. Alana informed Maria that she intended to travel to Munich and investigate the location of Erica D'Orreli. Maria said that she would join her in her quest, for she has an ally that would help her in their quest. Alana agreed, and the pair made their way back to Crawley.

Life in the German Empire[]

After returning to Crawley with Maria, Alana informed her mother that she was traveling to the Kingdom of Prussia with her children to clear her mind, but also said that she would not retire as an Assassin. In 1870 before she left her and Maria traveled to St. Magnus Cathedral, to recover the Gauntlet of Eden hidden underneath. On their way back to England, Alana used the Gauntlet, much to Maria's shock. When she used it, Alana described that she was in a trance-like state, and that she was to go to Germany in order to 'find herself'. She was also shown a vision of her stabbing a man several times with an elegant rapier. In early 1871, Alana traveled to Paris, where she stayed for a couple years to stay with Francois and catch up with her cousin Gabrielle, where the two women assisted with bringing the Paris Commune to power in 1871. Upon hearing that an arrest warrant was out for her in late May, Alana continued on to her desired location, making it to Munich, and settled down in the city to raise her children. Living in the city, she would go fishing on the River Isar with her children, and take in the sights of their new home. The German Empire flourished under Wilhelm I, and known Templar Otto von Bismarck pulling the strings behind the scenes. Seeing that Bismarck has made himself acquainted in German politics, Alana knew that he had to be eliminated. For a vast majority of the year, Alana would travel to German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, and Hanover to recruit several fighting men and women into the newly formed Assassin Brotherhood of the German Empire, with her fellow Assassins naming her its first Mentor. From 1871 to 1873, Alana and her fellow Assassins devised a plan to eliminate Bismarck, but never got to execute it, due to Juliette summoning Alana and her family back to London before they could take action in the early months of 1875. Before returning to London, Alana named Henri Landers the second Mentor of the Brotherhood of the German Empire, with Caelan Williams serving as his advisor.

In the March of 1871, Alana left her children under her uncle Francois' care to assist her cousin Gabrielle in assassinating key targets that opposed the Paris Commune. Once the Commune fell in May, Gabrielle would travel with Alana in Munich due to the pair being wanted by the French Regulars to execute her for assisting the Paris Commune. Gabrielle would stay in Munich for four and a half years. Gabrielle assisted in the plot to kill Bismarck for four months in 1874-75 before returning to Paris.

Visit to India[]

Alana Rose Dorian in Amritsar, India, c. June 1873.

In June of 1873, Alana and her cousin Gabrielle traveled to Amritsar in India to meet with Indian Assassin Mentor Hamid, who was not listening to the pleas of the British, French, and German Brotherhoods as well as Henry Green and Evie Frye, continuing to execute individuals who weren't cut out to be Assassins. Alana and Gabrielle had an audience with Hamid on behalf of Britain, Germany, and France, stating that Hamid should introduce new reforms to allow initiates to help the Assassin cause instead of killing them. Hamid replied that they signed up for his rigorous training and that he either expected perfection from them or pay with their lives. Alana, outraged with his reply, unsheathed her hidden blade and stated that his ways were old and archaic and that his ways were hindering the Assassin cause, as well as violating the first tenant of the Creed. Hamid told Alana that he would not take threats from a little girl, to which Alana replied that she experienced it daily and that she informed Hamid to look into the reforms, for if he doesn't, their next meeting won't be a pleasant one. Hamid said he would consider them. The audience did cause a temporary tension between the Brotherhoods of Europe and India, which led to an uprising led by Evie and Henry against Hamid, forcing him to go into exile, where Henry took over as Mentor, and ushered in Alana's suggested reforms.

Assassination of Erica D'Orreli[]

After spending three years searching for Erica D'Orreli, they finally received a lead thanks to a friend and Maria's brother Caelan in February of 1874. The duo found out that Erica had stationed herself inside the Dankwarderode Castle in Brunswick. The two Assassins traveled to Brunswick and planned their assassination, which involved a fake kidnapping to infiltrate the tightly guarded building. Maria grabbed Alana by her arms and escorted them through the courtyard. The Templars spat on and heckled the two women as Maria escorted them to the doors of the castle. Maria announced to the Templars that he had captured the Mentor of the German Assassins. The doors swung open, and before Maria could say anything, she was harshly grabbed by a Templar soldier and escorted to the prison underneath the castle while Alana was escorted by guardsmen to where Erica was on the third floor. The Termplars guarding her threatened to kill Alana, but she held them off, wanting to talk to Alana. Erica called out Alana for being foolish to chase her before applauding Alana for actually finding her. Alana informed Erica that her husband was a target of the Assassins for a long time and that he was threatening to erase the history of the Hidden Ones. Erica grabbed a knife and with ease held it between Alana's legs and up to her crotch. She got up in Alana's face and stated that her husband was right, calling the Assassins a group of cowardly killers with no purpose. Just as she was about to slice upwards and let Alana bleed out, she was distracted by a Templar calling out that there was an escaped prisoner. She sent the Templars down to investigate. The Templar left the room on her command. Erica turned around to see Alana free of the restraints. Alana flicked out her blade, and swiftly thrust it into Erica's jugular, ending her life in a spray of blood. Alana fled the castle and regrouped with a heavily wounded Maria, before returning to Bremen by way of carriage under the cover of darkness.

Portrait of Dame Alana Rose Dorian, c. February 1874

Under Alana, The Brotherhood of the German Empire flourished with all of its members coming from the oppressed classes in the cities of the Empire. In order to hone their skills as Assassins, Alana would assign them contracts, ranging from gathering items in such a stealthy manner all the way up to assassinating Templar agents throughout Germany itself and its colonies. Henri Landers, Master Assassin and Mentor of the German Brotherhood, stated that Alana's actions within the Empire gave the German people 'a sense of purpose and rebirth', and that Alana was 'the greatest Mentor they've had since the days of the Holy Roman Empire'.

Leader of the British Assassin Council[]

Alana returned to London with her children in April of 1875, much to the delight of her mother. Alana informed her mother of her life in Prussia and the German Empire, where she served as the first Mentor of the Brotherhood of the German Empire, and their plan to combat the rising Templar threat under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Juliette strongly approved of Alana's actions, but was sorry that she had to be called back so soon. Alana was informed of Henry and Evie marrying and traveling to India, which led to Juliette calling Alana back to London to train new initiates in the ways of the Creed due to a shortage of Master Assassins.

In May of 1876, Alana would travel to the home of Maria Williams, which was situated outside of Bremen, to visit. The first person who greeted her was her two and a half year old godson Xavier, who was in a rather downcast mood. Sitting under a tree, Alana asked him why he looked so glum, to which the young boy replied by saying that he thought that his mother hated him and that she was angry, along with saying that she didn't talk to him. In order to take the young boy's mind off of what was troubling him, Alana told him the tale of how her and his mother went on an adventure to Kirkwall in Scotland to visit the cathedral there to claim the Gauntlet of Eden, an Isu artifact, for the British Assassins. Xavier loved listening to the story. As Alana was about to tell another story, an angry Maria interrupted them, asking if she could speak to Alana in private. After hastily making Alana a cup of coffee, she led Alana to her study, where they shut the door. Maria lambasted Alana for telling Xavier about the Gauntlet. Alana replied with saying that it was necessary for Assassin parents to bestow knowledge of the Order and their stories down to their children. Angrily, Maria informed Alana that all she did was live by the Creed, theories, and philosophies, which had in turn blindsided her and made her fail to understand what laid beyond them. She would continue on by saying that she passed them down to others, and that she should not be telling them to Xavier, who was not her son.

Maria would continue on, telling Alana that she wanted Xavier to have the liberty to choose on whether or not he should join the Brotherhood, unlike them, who were both born into it. She told Alana about how she never wanted to be a part of the Brotherhood, only earning her Master Assassin rank due to her finding a Piece of Eden years prior, and how every time she went on a mission with Alana, it reminded her on how easy it was to take the life of a person. Alana's only reply was to tell her that was how the Brotherhood worked and that she should know that, to which Maria told Alana while holding her at gunpoint that she should have known better in befriending someone as rigid as her. She ultimately kicked Alana out of her office and ordered Alana to never return. Leaving her office, Alana stumbled upon Xavier, who had heard the entire conversation. He gave Alana a finger painting before asking his Aunt if she meant what she had said in the office. Alana said she didn't, and that she hoped that his mother would come around to her reasoning at some point, before hugging the boy and parting ways, reassuring that she would see him sometime soon. She would not see him until 1903 in London.

In July of 1876, Juliette announced that she was stepping down as the leader of the British Assassin Council, a post she had held since 1860, and informed everyone that Alana would be her successor. Under Alana, it was like Juliette had never stepped down. She made key alliances with important figures such as Benjamin Disraeli, Karl Marx, and Charles Darwin.

Dame Alana Rose Dorian as she appeared in May of 1876.

Maria's Death[]

Near the end of July 1876, Alana was visiting with Caelan in Hamburg, checking up with him on how the Empire's Brotherhood was running. As he was about to speak, Caelan's informant barged through the door, short on breath. He told the two Assassins that the Templars were about to lead an assault on Maria's Bremen household. Quickly grabbing their weaponry, they ignored the fact of taking Caelan's carriage, with the pair each grabbing a steed from his neighbor instead and stormed out of Hamburg towards Bremen.

Racing through the trees, Alana could see a faint glow. With panic setting in, Alana noticed that the small little acreage was on fire. Passing through the gate, Alana and Caelan noticed that there were bloody blades and rifles strewn about the front yard. A body was lying in front of the burning house. Much to Alana and Caelan's horror, it was Maria's. With her heart still beating faintly, she muttered the name of her son Xavier. In a hurry, Alana rushed into the burning screaming out for her nephew, only to hear no reply. Alana knew of only one place that Xavier could be: Maria's room. Alana lifted up a burning board that was blocking her way in, scalding her hands in the process. After breaking the door knob down with her foot, Alana scoured Maria's bedroom for the young boy. Nothing. Xavier was gone. Grief-stricken, Alana stormed out of the burning building, to see Caelan gripping his sister in a tearful state. She informed Caelan that Xavier was nowhere to be found. After bidding his last rites to his sister, Caelan allowed Alana to bid hers as well. Under the rainfall that night, Alana vowed that she would never let anyone die on her watch ever again.

After Maria's death, Alana returned to London and and went into mourning for several weeks. After her mourning period, Alana also made sure that Jacob kept tabs on the Rooks and their strongholds throughout London, while making sure what was left of the Blighters was being dealt with. Alana would also maintain correspondences with the American, Canadian, Russian, French, Ottoman, and German Empire Brotherhoods. She would also establish bureaus in the cities of Liverpool, Blackpool, Southampton, Manchester, Farnborough, Sheffield, and Leeds. Alana's Assassins would enjoy twelve years of peace and prosperity in London before the next major threat to the Brotherhood would arrive.

Hunting down Jack The Ripper[]

Sitting at her desk in her flat near Charing Cross Station in the Strand, Alana received a letter from fellow council member Jacob, that a new threat had usurped control of the Rooks from him and that he was fighting a malicious fiend named Jack the Ripper to get them back. Two days after the double murder of Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride happened, Alana made a trip to Jacob’s lodgings in the London borough of Whitechapel with her daughter Vienna to pay him a visit, but noticed the door was locked. Alana and Vienna returned to the Assassin Headquarters, feeling like they were being watched by a sinister presence as they made their way through Whitechapel while thinking that Jacob could have used some of his female recruits as bait to lure out the Ripper.

Alana wrote a letter to Evie, urging her to come back to London to help her locate Jacob and defeat Jack the Ripper. While Alana waited for Evie, Alana returned to London herself and appointed Frederick Abberline, an ally of the Assassins who had earned the rank of Inspector of the Metropolitan Police Service, on the case to hunt down the Ripper. She returned to her flat and waited for Evie's arrival in London.

Evie returned to London from India a month later, much to the delight of Abberline and Alana. Accompanying Alana was her daughter Vienna. From there, Abberline informed Evie of the Ripper and that her and Alana may be the only two Assassins left in London, much to her shock. Alana and Abberline escorted her to the site of the first victim, Polly Nichols. After investigating the area thoroughly, Evie located the trajectory of a ring thrown not too far away from the tree. Alana dug it up to discover that it was an Assassin’s ring. The two Assassins held onto the ring and went on their way, where Alana informed Evie that Jacob could have put the women up to it. Evie scoffed at the idea at first, but she wouldn't be surprised if he did. Evie promised that she would bring it up to Abberline the next time she saw him.

Alana and Evie returned to Abberline, who handed them the key to Jacob’s lodgings. After a brief discussion the two of them visited the lodgings, and were horrified with what they saw inside. Jacob’s normally clean lodgings was bloody and messy. Alana and Evie split up to look for clues. Alana located a bloody letter written by the Ripper himself, which was the letter that was published by the newspapers, while Evie discovered several bloodstains and weapons of fear that Jacob had brought back from India. Alana stumbled across a photo of Evie, Henry and Jacob, with an apprentice of Jacob’s in front of the Temple of Kali. Alana informed Evie that they used to call the apprentice ‘Jack the Lad’, and he acted a lot like her brother. Evie realized that she had given Jacob a statue of Kali the Destroyer. Approaching the statue, she found a letter from him, directing the pair to an unfortunate woman named Nellie. Alana and Evie exited the building, while scaring away Rooks in the process. Alana and Evie asked several prostitutes where Nellie was, until one informed Evie that Nellie was on her way to see Lady O. Alana looked over to see Nellie getting shoved into a carriage against her will. Alana and Evie immediately gave chase, and followed the trail to the Kenway Mansion. Evie informed Alana that she will sneak in and rescue Nellie. Alana agreed and climbed to the roof to watch from above. After waiting for about a half an hour, Alana saw Evie charging out, heading for a carriage. Alana rushed down to join her comrade. The pair chased after the carriage, with Alana leaping onto the roof to kill the driver and bring the carriage to a stop. The Assassins readied their blades, anticipating that Lady O was inside, but instead they found Nellie, who informed her that Lady O had used her as a decoy, and fled to her mansion. Alana informed Evie to bring Lady O to an end, while she tended to business in the city.

Alana waited for Evie inside the Police Headquarters alongside Abberline, where she came in rather angry. Evie told Alana that she was successful in assassinating Owers, but Jack framed her for a massacre that was publicized in the papers by Weaversbrook Publishings. Alana broke up a fight between Abberline and Evie, where Abberline couldn’t cover them forever, and that he would arrest the both of them in the Ripper’s stead. Alana and Abberline tasked Evie with locating Weaversbrook when Vienna rushed in and informed that she heard word on the streets that Rooks were heading for Juliette’s flat near St. Paul’s cathedral. Alana accompanied her daughter to Juliette’s flat. Upon entry, Alana saw four Rooks corner her mother. Alana and Vienna assassinated the four Rooks, and asked her mother why the Rooks beset her. Juliette informed them that they were there because Jack wanted her dead due to her ties with Jacob. Juliette also informed the Assassins that Arthur Weaversbrook was publishing the letters, and asked the pair to find him and get some answers out of him. Traveling from her mother’s residence, they came across Rooks cornering the man. Using fear tactics to scare the Rooks, they met up with Evie talked to Weaversbrook, who informed them that he was publishing the letters due to the Ripper threatening his family by kidnapping his son. Alana informed him to stop publishing the letters, while Evie went to go rescue his son. Alana and Vienna returned to Juliette's flat. Upon returning from saving Weaversbrook‘s son, Evie returned to Juliette's flat informed Alana that she was traveling to Deptford to the prison hulk ships, with the hope of saving Jacob.

Shortly after Evie returned, Inspector Abberline informed Alana that the Ripper has struck again, this time taking the life of Mary Jane Kelly. Evie met Alana and Abberline at the site, and were greeted by the Ripper’s most brutal work. Evie was so appalled that she flew into a rage, having to be restrained by both Abberline and Alana. Abberline informed Evie once again that he couldn’t cover Evie and Alana forever, and told her again he would arrest both women instead of the Ripper if they didn't deliver his head on a platter. Evie agreed to look into the murder further while Alana returned to her flat in the Strand.

Alana Rose Dorian overlooking Lambeth Asylum, November 8th, 1888.

On her way back, Alana received word from bystanders that they saw someone who looked like Jack the Ripper skulking around Lambeth Asylum. In a hurry, Alana made her way over to the Asylum. As she was infiltrating the asylum, Alana overheard policemen saying that the Ripper was looking forward to killing his former nurse, doctor, and the asylum director. Alana activated her Eagle Vision, and spied Doctor Archer out in the courtyard. Evading the eyes of the police, Alana made her way over to the doctor, informing him that the Ripper was after him and told him to leave the premises. Not knowing what was going on. Archer left the asylum on Alana's orders. Returning her focus to the asylum, Alana climbed up the asylum's walls and entered the open window where she located the nurse through her Eagle Vision. Alana rushed over to the nurse, and discovered that it was her childhood friend Tessa Whitney. After a brief reunion, Alana escorted Tessa out the back of the building to a carriage on standby, and informed the driver to get her to her home safely. Alana returned to the asylum's interior to rescue Director Bradford, only to find that the Ripper had gotten to him first. Alana searched for the documents covering Jack's stay at the asylum, but failed to find them. Just as Alana was about to escape, she was beset upon by rabid criminals. Alana did all she could to fend them off, but when she was overwhelmed, she leaped out the broken window next to her and landed in the haystack, and exited the asylum, returning to the rooftop to meet up with Evie.

Alana joined up with Evie, and the pair carefully averted the eyes of the police as they carried out their infiltration. Upon entering the asylum, Evie and Alana were confronted by several patients, whom Alana and Evie had to knock out as they made their way through the asylum. Entering a room of slaughtered people, Alana and Evie found out that their prize was in the basement of the asylum. The pair rushed down to the dark and decrepit basement, where the two women were jumped by the Ripper. Evie was immediately thrown aside as the Ripper turned his focus to Alana, propping her up by her collar and pulling out his knife, holding it to her forehead. Jack asked Alana where her and Juliette were to rescue his mother from the Templars, an act that Jacob failed to do. Alana tried to explain to him before the Ripper ran his jagged blade across her forehead, causing a laceration on Alana to bleed. Wishing Alana a happy birthday, the Ripper threw Alana aside before he was blindsided by Evie, using her fear tactics on the Ripper before retreating into the shadows. The pain from Alana's forehead was so immense, but she continued to fight, distracting the Ripper while Evie landed the second strike. Evie handed Alana some Fear tools in order to combat the Ripper from the shadows. Alana landed the second strike on Jack, who used a Fear bomb of his own to vanish, letting more patients into the basement. Alana fended off the patients, killing some of them even though she didn't want to. Just as she finished them off, Evie landed the final strikes on Jack the Ripper. Alana helped Evie drag Jack's body into the room, looking back to see Jacob slouched in the corner. Alana set the body down while Evie tended to Jacob, just as Abberline entered the room, asking what happened in here. Evie said nothing happened, but Alana added that Jack the Ripper was dead and that nobody must know that Jack the Ripper was an Assassin. Abberline hesitated for a few moments, before hearing a fellow officer shout that journalists were arriving. Looking back at Alana and Evie, Abberline ordered the officer to get the journalists out. After the journalists left, Alana, Evie, and Abberline escorted Jacob under the cover of darkness back to Juliette's flat, where she took care of both Jacob and Alana's wounds.

Shortly after the fall of Jack the Ripper, Alana made personal visits to Doctor Archer and Tessa Whitney about the fact that Jack the Ripper's identity should never be revealed. Both Archer and Whitney promised to Alana that they will not disclose the identity of the Ripper for as long as they were alive.

Assassination Attempt in 1898[]

Alana, alongside her daughter, made a visit to the city of Berlin to receive an important letter from her friend and German Mentor Caelan Williams at his place. The carriage escorting her to the mighty Brandenburg Gate to meet up with an informant, who would escort Alana and Vienna to Caelan's residence. Arriving at the gate, Alana firmly shook the informant's hand and began to make their way to Caelan's residence. Before they were able to, Alana was beset upon by an assassin who was wielding an iron dagger. Alana was unharmed, as the police were able to restrain the suspect. Alana approached the officer who was pinning the assassin while Vienna dispersed the crowd with the police. She informed the officer to be careful with the assailant, who was an escapee of the nearby mental hospital. Alana told him to be careful with the man, who quickly told her he knew how to do his job. Content with his reply, Alana carried on with Vienna and her informant, with the thought in her mind that her assailant looked familiar, like her long lost godson Xavier.

The July Incident of 1903[]

Alana was awoken at 2am to hear a knock on her Crawley flat door. Still in her pyjamas, Alana answered the door to see Noah, an Assassin apprentice, standing at her door with a look of shock and panic on his face. Alana asked him what was wrong, to which he had replied that the Assassin Sanctuary had been breached. This caught her immediate attention. She quickly slipped into a pair of pants to wear under her night dress and put on her black outdoor boots. Alana was quickly out the door, with Noah in pursuit of the former Mentor.

Arriving inside the Sanctuary, Alana was surprised to see her daughter and current Mentor Vienna inside, along with Marshall inside as well. Other Master Assassins bore frazzled looks on their faces. Vienna was surprised to see her mother in the Sanctuary, Marshall as well. Marshall was the one who had spilled the beans about the Gauntlet being stolen. Before Alana could interject, Vienna asked if Alana could go home and rest. Alana brushed by her daughter and investigated herself to see where the Gauntlet went, even using her eagle vision as well. Nothing. Vienna was wondering what or who could have stolen the Gauntlet. Alana chimed in 'Ghosts', which was roughly received by Marshall. Speculations were being made, ranging from Rogue Assassins to Templars. When the possibility of a rogue Assassin was brought up, Marshall questioned Alana's training of Assassins. Alana made it her goal to look for the Piece of Eden, to which Vienna abruptly cut her off, saying that her and Marshall will handle it and that Alana was to be at home and rest. After a brief conversation about family, Noah escorted Alana back to her flat.

Two months later, on the 27th of July, Alana lit candles in memory of her best friend and nephew. She has done it for the past thirty years in order to mourn the lives lost on that fateful night in 1876. Her time of mourning came to an end when she heard a carriage pull up in front of the place, followed by a knock on her door. At the door was Marshall. After a brief exchange of greetings, Marshall pulled out a letter he received from Caelan. In it was a message, a rather disturbing one.

You seek what you do not deserve and cannot protect. She gave her life for it and yet the glory was misplaced. Therefore I swept it away, far from you. It's now where it belongs. A chance is all you get, a chance for redemption. The answers are where her heart beat fastest.

After reading the letter, Marshall and Alana immediately got down to figuring out who sent the letter. Alana and Marshall let out their theories as to who sent the letter, ranging from former Templar-turned Assassin Lance Mulligan to the Templars of Alphonse Mulligan, all of which were shut down by each other. The two Assassins came to the conclusion that they had to go to places that Maria loved, that made her heart race. Alana had two places on her mind in London that she wanted to go, whereas Marshall decided that he would go investigate two places in Horsham and Berkshire. After the two Assassins parted on good terms, Alana went back upstairs to change into her formal Assassin gear, all while questioning whether or not she should go against her daughter's orders and go to London. Shrugging off her conscience, Alana continued to get dressed. She then walked into the heart of Crawley to get a carriage to London.

Arriving in the heart of London the next day, Alana knew the first place she was going to go: The Ye Olde Cock Tavern. It was the place where Alana and Maria would frequent with the Fryes after all the fighting and drinking Alana had done during the Liberation of London. Approaching the building, she noticed a crowd of people with policemen in front of the entrance. Weaving her way through, Alana was shocked to see that a woman had been murdered. Alana wanted to pass through the line, though initially denied, she was allowed to pass upon approval from the police chief. The chief asked Alana if it was the doing of the Ripper, to which Alana informed him that the Ripper only targeted prostitutes and that the victim was of high society. Alana gently turned the body over and was shocked to see that the woman was a splitting image of her long deceased friend, Maria. Alana asked the officer if she could investigate inside the pub, to which she was granted. She entered the pub and looked around. No blood. No sign of a struggle. Alana asked what time the death was at. The officer replied that it was around nine in the morning, to which Alana asked if it was in broad daylight. The officer said yes, and that a hooded figure dragged her out of the pub and killed her. The word hooded caught her attention. She vacated the scene and made her way to Jacob's apartment.

Alana arrived at Jacob's lodgings by way of the rooftops, surprising Jacob's granddaughter Lydia and catching Jacob off guard. Jacob let Alana into his lodgings, and after a brief discussion about the state of the Assassins in London, Alana asked him about the Gauntlet and the murder at the Ye Olde Cock Tavern, and asked if there were any possible rogue Assassins roaming around London. Jacob said no, but he was informed that there was activity near the old fight club in Westminster. Alana thanked Jacob for the information, and bid Jacob and Lydia farewell before finding herself a carriage to get her to Westminster.

Arriving at the old fight club, Alana pried open the rusted door, closing it behind her. Descending down the stairs, Alana noticed that the building had been abandoned for quite some time. She stood in the middle of the ring, and reflected on her past years as a club fighter, both in Crawley and during her time in London during the Liberation, where she won a fight against two rough opponents to become the Champion of Westminster in the very fight club she was standing in. Her time of reflection was interrupted by the gasps and moans of pain from the corner of the room. She saw a woman in white in the corner of the room. Alana darted out of the ring to the corner of the room. Alana was shocked again to see that the woman bore a similar look to Maria as well. She propped the injured woman up on her rear end, noticing the stab wounds in her back. Alana asked the young woman who did this to her and how she could help her. Coughing once more, the woman patted on Alana's Gauntlet twice before succumbing to her wounds. There was one more place that Alana had to visit: The Williams Estate down the street. Alana promptly bid the young women her last rites before setting off.

Alana arrived at the the Estate, prying open the door. Inside, there were pieces of furniture sitting in place covered in white cloth, a thick layer of dust laying on the floor and walls. Still hanging on the wall was a family painting, depicting the three Williams children and their parents, Count Frederick and Countess Cordelia. For some odd reason, Alana would always get nervous whenever she saw the Count in real life or in a painting. Making her way up the stairs, Alana found the door to Maria's bedroom, the former headquarters of their group dubbed the 'Ravens of London' when they were active in the city. On her bed and nightstand were several photos. Some of them were of her family, and some were of their adventures in Egypt and London. Two photos that stuck out to her was the photo of her and Maria enjoying some tea in a cafe in Cairo, and another was shortly after Alana, Maria, Jacob, Evie, and Jayadeep got knighted. After reminiscing for a few moments, Alana returned her focus to Maria's closet. Opening the door, Alana discovered that Maria's weapons and Hidden Blade was missing, and her outfit torn up. Hanging up in the closet was Maria's wedding gown. Alana pondered for a few moments before it hit her. The person who stole the Gauntlet of Eden was at the St. Paul's Cathedral, where Maria's heart beat fastest: On her wedding day.

Alana arrived at the cathedral, entering through an open window on the side of the building. Walking through the main hall brought Alana back to the day of Maria's wedding to Erwin. Alana remembered the day of her wedding only a few days before, thanks to an informant reminding her of the day. She hurriedly packed for herself and her two children and posed as stowaways to get to London. She was Maria's maid of honor, due to the bet her and Maria had. The wedding ceremony flew by, grinding to a halt when Maria had announced to her husband that she was pregnant. The flashback abruptly ended when Alana caught wind of a figure on the upper level. Alana immediately gave chase, climbing up the large organ. Alana slipped a bit, causing a loud clang that echoed throughout the cathedral. Despite the hiccup, Alana made it to the second level, but noticed that the way up to the dome was locked, so her only way up was to scale the side of the building. On her way out, she planted her left ankle awkwardly, twisting it. She made it to the rooftop and eventually made it to the top of the dome, where she encountered a mysterious person. Alana ordered that he return the Gauntlet. He taunted her with a story she knew all too well: The death of her best friend, and about the upbringing of Xavier, her godson and the young boy she swore to protect. She called out to him, demanding he reveal himself. He complied, and Alana was shocked to see who it was. It was the insane man who had plotted to kill her in Berlin five years ago. Although he did look a little familiar. Then it hit her.

Alana Rose Dorian confronting her godson Xavier in London, July 1903.

Alana was standing before Xavier, Maria's son. He was alive after all these years. He was the one who attempted to kill her in 1898. Alana noticed that he bore the Mark of Cain, indicating that he was a Templar. He verbally chastised Alana for him not joining the Assassins after all the years that had passed. Alana pulled her kukri from out of her scabbard. She launched an attack at Xavier, who knocked her away with a heavy blow from his fist. Alana was shocked to see that Xavier was wearing his mother's gauntlet. Infuriating her, she clashed with him again, with Xavier swinging at her, with her ankle buckling, sending her to the ground. As he was taunting her, Alana dropped a smoke bomb, temporarily escaping him. Hiding on the lower part of the bowl, Alana was greeted by a throwing knife embedded into her shoulder. She pulled it out of her shoulder. With it bleeding, Alana leaped down onto the rooftop, throwing her knives at Xavier as he slowly followed. Alana quickly hid behind a statue to protect herself. She peered around to see that he wasn't there. She called out to him to stop with the fighting and explain why he used the Templars for his own gain. Suddenly, he grabbed her by her hair and threw her to the ground. He crouched beside her and informed her that the Templars were there when she wasn't. Xavier slammed his rapier into Alana's right kneecap, causing Alana a considerable amount of pain. Alana screamed her throat raw as he tore open the flesh around her knee. She laid on her side, grabbing her bloody knee. Alana placed her hand on Xavier's cheek, informing him that Maria was like another sister to her, to which Xavier replied that she cared more about defeating the Ripper than caring about him and his family. He then retorted about killing Vienna and Cavan, to which Alana replied by slashing him across the chest and fleeing into the church by breaking a window. Leaving behind a trail of blood, Alana made it to the bottom level of the church, with Xavier in hot pursuit. Alana tried to fight back, but her efforts were thwarted by the young Templar.

Alana Rose Dorian fleeing from her nephew Xavier. July 28th, 1903

Crawling onto the altar, Alana pleaded with her godson, telling him that things can't continue this way, to which he replied that the only way for it to be was to have Alana die. He lunged in for an attack which Alana dodged swiftly, stabbing Xavier in the back with her kukri. The attack by Alana didn't phase the Templar as he slammed the butt of his rapier into her face. In a bit of a daze, Alana retaliated with punches to his gut and face. Xavier taunted his godmother some more, to which Alana thought of disarming him. Her plan succeeded as he lunged at her, quickly bending his wrist, which released his rapier into her hand. She knocked Xavier down and stabbed him several times in the abdomen, successfully killing him. With his dying words, he informed Alana about his feelings on what happened back in 1876, and how Vienna frequently turns to Alana to get her through tough scenarios. He made the comment about how his death was imminent. Alana immediately refused before Xavier cut her off, saying that the Gauntlet was responsible for showing its user glimpses into the future and possible alternate realities. Xavier continued, admitting that he did not regret his actions, and that Alana should understand his motives. A look of shock came across Alana's face as Xavier handed her the Gauntlet, forcefully placing it in her hand. Alana caressed her godson one final time before giving him his last rites. Alana let out all of her emotions as she continued to grip Xavier's body. She picked up his body and placed it into a carriage after her exit, and made her way over to the former Williams residence.

Arriving at the residence, Alana noticed the doors were open. She cradled Xavier's body as she entered, limping her way up the stairs, with each step causing a significant amount of pain. Arriving at the top of the stairs, Alana collapsed through the door with Xavier's body, startling everyone in the room. Marshall was the first to question Alana on who it was, and when Alana informed him that it was Xavier, he was in a state of disbelief. Vienna and Valerie took Alana's side, sayin that there were distinct features that were common in the Williams family and that some photos that were found resembled the man in Alana's arms. Marshall opened one of Xavier's eyes rather wide, an act which displeased Alana so much that she shoved Marshall to the ground, ignoring a jest and throwing the Gauntlet at Marshall, berating him for his jest. Vienna came over to her mother's side, expressing her concern over her mother's grave injuries. Alana told Vienna that she was wrong, and should have listened to Vienna. Vienna forgave her mother for her faults, and the she needed her to calm down. Vienna hoisted Alana to her feet as the four Assassins left the William's residence, with Alana wondering if there was a reality where Xavier was still alive.

Alana would live with the injuries to her shoulder and knee for the rest of her life. She would be forced to walk with a cane for two years after the incident and wear a knee brace to help stabilize it and help ease the pain. Alana would document her experiences that day in a lengthy journal entry that was taken out of her journal in 1911, and wouldn't see the light of day until November 2020, when Megan and Anastasia Andreu, great-granddaughters of legendary French Assassin Isabelle Allard, received them from their mother.

Alternate Reality[]

In October, at her flat in Crawley, Alana was sitting at the table in the kitchen with Vienna. On the table was the Gauntlet of Eden. Alana and Vienna were having a discussion about the Gauntlet and its power. In her head, Alana pondered if there was another life. A life where she would be happy. After weighing the odds, Alana decided that she wanted to see. She slid the Gauntlet on her hand, and a white light enveloped her, putting her into a trance-like state.

Alana awoke in a bed, which was situated inside of a cottage. She looked down to see that she wasn't in her robes, but in her favorite black lace nightgown. Alana walked over to the mirror, and noticed that she was the same age, but instead of looking tired and stressed, she looked vibrant and youthful. Distracting her from the mirror was the door opening up, revealing a mop of brownish-gray hair. The figure revealed himself to be Albert, Alana's long-dead husband. Alana couldn't believe her eyes. Her husband was before her. Tears of joy rolled down her cheek as the couple shared themselves a passionate moment with each other before changing into their everyday clothes and adventuring out into the living area, where she saw Vienna and Cavan playing chess, with two blonde women, named Ingrid and Ilse, watching them. To their right were two younger children, named Ophelia and Dayton, arguing among themselves. Breaking up their argument was Erwin Baudin, Maria's deceased husband. Alana was shocked to see that Erwin was alive and well, and he was surprised to see that Alana was awake. He told Alana that she looked horrible, to which she replied that she feels like it too. Erwin said he felt the same, due to looking after five children. Alana's eyes widened when she heard that Erwin and Maria had five children in this reality. Her rambling thoughts were interrupted when she was informed that Xavier was looking for her. Alana asked where he was, and was directed to the courtyard. Alana thanked Erwin and her husband and made her way outside, seeing Xavier practicing on a training dummy. Alana caught the young man off guard. The pair sat on a bench, Alana asked why Xavier had called her over. After a brief hesitation, Xavier asked if he could take Vienna's hand in marriage. Alana paused for a few moments and reflected on what it would be like for her to have grandchildren. Alana approved of his choice as long as Alana got to name his first born child. Xavier smiled and made his way back into the house. Alana chimed to herself that he got that smile from Maria. She heard a voice coming from behind her saying that she says it all the time. Alana whirled around to see Maria, bespectacled as always, and wearing an outfit similar to Alana's. The pair had a rekindling conversation, which consisted of family life, their work as Assassins, and how Vienna was faring as the Mentor of the British Assassins. Alana would bring up how she would be a little controlling of her at times, even bringing herself down a bit in saying it. Maria replied by saying that Vienna was a smart and capable Mentor and that she must allow Vienna to adapt to Mentorhood herself. After a brief introduction to Maria's children, Alana brought up the fact that she had done Maria wrong and that she was sorry, unable to cope with the consequences. Maria consoled her friend and told her a pearl of her father's advice, and that was to live your life without regrets. She informed Alana that she abandoned her aristocratic lifestyle and dedicate her life to the Assassins, and fought against the Templars in London despite a vendetta, not regretting a moment of it. She continued by telling Alana that she must accept the consequences for better or for worse, and that she must not succumb to despair, but overcome it, because that is what Alana would do. It was the last thing Alana saw before being jolted back to her actual reality.

Fight Club Career[]

"I’ve seen a lot of my blood in the fight clubs, and to be honest, it feels pretty good. It shows off your resiliency in a way."
―Alana commenting on her resiliency over the course of her Fight Club career, November 1868.

With Alana's knowledge of grappling, submission holds and fighting, Alana was directed to the fight club in Crawley, which was located a few blocks down from the Eagle Head Pub. Alana was known for her high flying attacks and submissions, as well as fights that involved weapons such as garbage bins, wooden chairs, tables, and brass knuckles. In an intergender match in June 1863, Alana defeated Crawley Fight Club Champion Isaac Walsh in a rough, bloody and evenly contested match to win the Crawley Fight Club Championship. In another fight, Alana got cut open hard way on top of her forehead from a hard right hand, matting her hair and covering her face with blood. After the match, Alana returned home to receive stitches from her mother, who wasn't fond of Alana fighting these bloody matches, but let her continue fighting in order to hone her skills. Alana would drop the Crawley Fight Club Championship back to Walsh in May of 1864.

Alana during her fight against Isaac Walsh at the Crawley Fight Club c.June 1863.

Alana would not fight again until she went to London in 1868 to assist the Frye twins liberate London from Crawford Starrick. Alana would fight regularly on the side in the seven fight clubs throughout the city run by Robert Topping. Her most famous fight in London came in the Westminster Fight Club, where she challenged the co-champions of the Westminster Fight Club, Bonita Price and Jennifer Haskins after the pair beat up Evie Frye. Alana took on Haskins first. The fight was evenly fought at first, until Alana tried to take out Haskins with a dive to the outside, where she was sideswiped by Haskins, causing her to hurt her ribs. Fighting on the outside, Haskins threw a wooden chair at Alana's head, which wrapped around her neck and cut her open on her forehead. The fight carried back into the ring when Haskins threw her in the ring while she lit a table on fire on the outside of the ring. After Haskins taunted the fans, Alana tackled her through the burning table, giving Alana the win. Shortly after the match, Alana got jumped by Bonita Price, starting the second round. Bonita quickly got an armbar on Alana which she quickly powered out of. Alana backed into a corner to catch her breath. Before she could, Alana found herself in a sleeper hold. Slowly fading, Alana's arm was hoisted up for the third time. If it went limp, Alana would lose. She found the strength to hold her arm up, and slam Bonita down to the mat. Bonita rolled out of the ring to catch her breath. Alana found the strength to hit Bonita with the move she failed to hit Haskins with before. After succeeding, Alana climbed up to the second level, and took a sip out of a spectator's wine glass before performing a backflip onto Bonita from the balcony before placing her in a crossface chicken wing, knocking her out and winning the Westminster Fight Club Championship. After the fight, Alana celebrated in the ring with Evie and Robert Topping. Alana would vacate the Championship later on in the year before returning to Crawley with her children. In November of 1868, Alana would have her final fight against her friend Evie at the former Lambeth Fight Club, a fight she would end up losing by submission from a hold she had taught Evie. Alana would later say that it was ‘a rather fitting way to close out her fight club career.’

Alana after her final fight against Evie Frye, November 1868.

Fight Club Record[]

  • Alana Rose Dorian def. Isaac Walsh (Submission): 1-0
  • Alana Rose Dorian def. Jonathan Walsh (Knockout): 2-0
  • Isaac Walsh def. Alana Rose Dorian (Knockout): 2-1
  • Alana Rose Dorian def. Jennifer Haskins (TKO): 3-1
  • Alana Rose Dorian def. Bonita Price (Submission): 4-1
  • Alana Rose Dorian def. Joshua Redford (Submission): 5-1
  • Hannah Weller def. Alana Rose Dorian (Knockout): 5-2
  • Alana Rose Dorian def. Jacob Frye (Submission): 6-2
  • Evie Frye def. Alana Rose Dorian (Submission): 6-3

Later Years[]

"Ever since my retirement, I've done an abundance of things to keep myself occupied over the years. I've taken up crocheting, baking, and gardening. I also enjoy going on evening walks down by the river and the occasional stroll through Stanley Park. All these things I could never do as an Assassin, because I never had the time."
―An elderly Alana stating her post-Assassin activities, March 1924.

Portrait of an elderly Alana Rose Dorian, c. August 1924

Alana would continue to train new initiates in the ways of the Creed until she would retire from active duty within the Assassin Order in July 1901, passing on leadership to her daughter Vienna. Upon Juliette's passing in 1900, Alana and Gabrielle gave Juliette a proper burial next to her parents in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. In 1903, Alana would temporarily retire to the same flat her mother called home for the years up until her death in 1900 to recover from her injuries. She officially retired from the Assassin Order in August of 1903, and drastically changed her wardrobe and appearance. In her later years, Alana would let her hair go gray and wear her hair in a bun, leaving her iconic halo braid in the past. She wore beige pants and a white blouse, as well as a dark red shawl. She also wore a small locket which contained a photo of her husband Albert inside it. Alana lived her life in peace in the flat Vienna called home in Liverpool and keep watch over the choices of her daughter, who was leading the British Assassins to prosperity, much like her mother and grandmother before her. While in Liverpool, Assassins from several Brotherhoods around the world flocked to Alana for knowledge. Alana was moved to the countryside outside of Brighton upon the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, spending her time with the Frye Twins. Once the Great War ended, Alana continued to provide knowledge for Assassins within the Brotherhood, In 1917, Alana, Jacob, and Evie were recipients of the Order of the British Empire by King George V for their civil duty in London back in 1868. Alana and her granddaughter Lillian Petersson were present in Constantinople to witness the exile of Sultan Mehmed VI in 1922, marking the end of the Ottoman Empire. Alana assisted with keeping the flat in Liverpool clean upon her return, even starting a garden in the backyard. She would also take up crocheting, and crochet herself a red shawl. Cavan would return to Liverpool from Canada after the war in 1919 to be closer to his mother. In 1924, Alana assisted her children in the training of Xavier's daughter, Elizabeth Marie Baudin, in the ways of the Assassin Brotherhood after she was brought to them by Quin and Valerie Williams a year earlier. She would personally oversee the young woman's training as she rose through the ranks of the Brotherhood. The injuries to Alana’s knee and shoulder would catch up to her, as she would need to use a cane around the age of 88. Alana Rose Dorian would pass away quietly in her sleep on the morning of December 19th, 1935 of natural causes at the age of 95 in Vienna’s home in Liverpool. She was buried beside her mother in the Dorian Family Crypt in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. A statue of Alana was commissioned by British Mentor Lydia Frye in 1936 and interred in the Assassin Sanctuary beside her mother's statue in 1937.

On December 19th, 1966, thirty-one years after her passing, the Dorian Family Crypt was breached by Abstergo Agents. The agents desecrated Alana's remarkably preserved body in order to scrape a skin sample off of Alana's neck. Isabelle Andreu and Vivian Cadieux-Foden arrived at the crypt immediately arrived at the scene to prevent the theft of the DNA sample. The two Master Assassins failed to keep the agents from escaping with the sample, the agents severely injuring both Assassins and returning to the Abstergo facility in Rome. The sample of Alana's skin remained frozen until 1978, where the memories in her DNA were personally viewed by Dr. Warren Vidic in a prototype of the Animus. The memories that Vidic viewed were Alana's heated argument with Maria in May of 1876 and the moment where Xavier stabs Alana in the knee in 1903 before his prototype of the Animus overheated, causing him to abandon his project.

After the desecration, Isabelle and Vivian returned to the crypt to restore it to its former glory, as well as repair Alana's sarcophagus and reposition her body as it was before the breach of the crypt.

Personal Life[]

Growing up, Alana was the opposite of her mother. She was wild and full of energy, and often curious about her surroundings. Juliette wrote in her journal of young Alana, saying that she was a 'curious individual with an inquisitive mind.' Her father Samuel said of his daughter, that Alana was 'Born with Juliette's looks, my tenacity, and the wits of both of us.'

Alana cared for everyone she worked with, even if she didn't like them. This is shown during the Liberation of Devil's Acre, where Alana worked with Jacob. Despite Jacob disobeying her orders, Alana tried to show Jacob the error of his ways, although Jacob shrugged her off when she tried. Despite scolding Jacob several times, Alana still cared for him on a friendship basis, even into old age.

Alana was incredibly close with her cousin Gabrielle, who lived in Paris. The two of them first met in 1850, when Juliette and Alana traveled to Paris to meet up with Francois and Gabrielle. The two of them would meet up again in Canada in 1867. From there, the pair would update each other of the happenings within their respective Brotherhoods, until Gabrielle's death in 1929.

Alana was good friends with fellow Assassin Maria Williams, serving as a big sister and a Mentor to the younger Assassin. The two women referred to each other as the 'sisters they never had'. Alana was a part of Maria's first mission as a Master Assassin, where the duo assassinated two high ranking Templars in Croydon in January 1865. Despite knowing Maria and her brothers Marshall and Caelan since they were kids, Alana and Maria really got to know each other as they were training as Assassins, as both of them were trained by Juliette, Alana's mother. Alana, Maria, Marshall, and Caelan worked well as a cohesive unit together, and referred to themselves as the 'Ravens of Crawley.' Upon Alana's return to London in 1874, the four of them reunited as the 'Ravens of London'. The Ravens would disband in 1876 due to Maria's tragic death and Caelan's dealings with the German Assassins as their recently appointed Mentor.

Isabelle Allard and Vivian Cadieux, two well known Master Assassins, met Alana only once, in 1932, in London during a visit with Isabelle's mother, where Alana would give the two young girls a vast lesson in Assassin Theory, as well as give them detailed depictions of key events of her life, such as the Liberation of London, the hunt for Jack the Ripper, as well as the Incident of 1903. Isabelle later on described the elderly Alana as 'a knowledgeable, enigmatic woman who will go down in history as the greatest Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood', and praised her for her selflessness as well. Vivian said that 'aside from my parents, Alana Rose Dorian is my greatest inspiration to do good in this world as an Assassin.'

Romantic Life[]

Alana with her children Vienna and Cavan, February 1888.

Alana married Albert Andreas Richardson, who was the son of a wealthy shipping owner in Liverpool, on September 9th, 1865 in a small intimate ceremony in Crawley. Alana first met Albert when she was nineteen while both their parents were visiting on a business trip in Birmingham, and according to Juliette, the young couple were 'inseparable'. The couple would have two children in the form of fraternal twins. Their daughter Vienna Victoria Dorian and son Cavan Samuel Richardson on July 1st, 1866, eight minutes apart. British Brotherhood naming traditions meant that the firstborn child would take the last name of the mother, whereas the second born child would bear the father's last name. Alana nearly died from blood loss after passing the twins, but would rest for two weeks in the home of Albert's parents in Liverpool under the careful watch of doctors. Albert would pass away while Alana was in London on August 18th, 1868 from a sudden but lethal case of typhoid fever, which was later revealed to be severe cyanide poisoning. Alana would not remarry after his passing, and focused on training her children in the ways of the Assassins while living in Munich. Shortly after Albert's passing, there were rumors coming from Albert's side of the family in Liverpool that Alana cheated on Albert while she was in London and had Albert killed to cover her tracks. Alana denied the feverish claims until she assassinated Erica D'orelli in 1874. She brought the documents proving that Erica was responsible for Albert's poisoning, and Alana had to get Evie and Jacob to tell Albert's family that they never witnessed Alana with any other man, saying she would always return to the train after a mission when they were in London, and not go to a brothel and philander with the locals. After this, relations between Alana and Albert's family were smoothed over and were on good terms.

Alana would date after Albert's death. The first man she would date was named Jurgen Hanselmann, a tailor living in Munich, in 1871. Their relationship started off prosperous, but lasted only a year when she found out that he cheated on her with a prostitute when she returned from Maria's wedding in London. When he tried to reason himself to her, Alana responded with her right fist to his face. She would take two years away from dating before she would find a Welshman in Munich, named Henry Walsh. Maria would say that Alana was truly happy with Henry, but not as happy as she was with Albert. She would give birth to an illegitimate son while she lived in Munich on March 3rd, 1874, and named him Gareth John Walsh. Alana would live with Henry until she was summoned back to London by Juliette, where they separated in 1876. Henry would take Gareth with him back to Swansea. Gareth, inspired by his mother, would eventually join the Assassin Brotherhood in 1892, earning the rank of Master Assassin within the Welsh Brotherhood in 1900, becoming Mentor in 1912.

After sustaining severe injuries after her fight with Xavier in 1903, Vienna and Cavan were the ones who nursed Alana's knee and shoulder back to health over the span of several months.

Alana was also known for her skills as a seamstress, crafting several outfits for Assassins in the French and British Brotherhoods. Alana's Master Assassin outfit was handcrafted by herself, and took her over a year and a half to complete and was inspired by one of her Grandmother Elise's early Master Assassin outfits. That outfit would be ruined during Alana's time in Paris during the downfall of the Commune. It was discarded and left in the street. It was eventually picked up by Maria Williams before rescuing Alana from an execution. Instead of wearing her elegant robes, she switched it up by wearing a pair of black knee-high boots and tight ochre pants that rose just above her waist to go along with a white collared dress shirt and a teal outer vest. Her belt was much simpler and free of the sash. Her outer jacket was gifted to her by her uncle Francois before she left with Maria to Munich, and is where she kept all of her utilities such as her throwing knives and smoke bombs. Her kukri scabbard was along her left thigh. Alana's pocket watch was clipped onto the chest instead of at her waist. This would be the outfit she would wear in public. Alana's Mentor robes would be a hybrid of her previous two outfits, consisting of a grey dye of her first Master Assassin outfit with tight ochre-colored pants, favoring a more professional look. She would only wear the outfits on diplomatic tours or out of the public eye. These would be the outfits Alana would stick with until her temporary and permanent retirement in 1901 and 1903 respectively.

Alana would eventually fix the outfit in 1907 for her granddaughter Lillian. Lillian would wear the outfit throughout her career as a Master Assassin starting in 1915.

Writing Career[]

Alana's work as an Assassin theorist is well known among the Assassins. She wrote several papers on several famed Assassins of the past, such as Altair, Ezio, Bayek and Amunet, Connor, the Brotherhood of the American Colonies, Pierre Bellec and the French Assassin Council of the 1790's, the British Brotherhood, Aveline de Grandpre, Shao Jun, and Edward Kenway while living In Berlin. These writings were in German and were about how strict each Assassin/Brotherhood adhered to the Creed, and what she would have done to fix their wrongdoings, and how they could have been avoided. The writings were bound together within twelve chapters and written over four years, titled The Alanist Perspective, which Alana wrote about the Hidden Ones up until the reformation of the Brotherhood. It was published in November of 1874, just after Alana left to return to London. Alana published a second critique, covering from the reformation of the Brotherhood up through the Middle Ages, in 1880. In 1885, Alana published the final chapter, critiquing the Brotherhoods active during the Gloden Age of Piracy up until modern times. The critique of how former Assassins adhered to the Creed was called Alanism, in Alana's honor. Alana was also known for her critiques of certain Assassins. She wrote a paper on British Assassins Robert Fitzwalter and William of Cassingham in 1865, and two more on Ezio Auditore and Edward Kenway in 1866 and 1867 respectively. She wrote a critique on Bayek and Amunet in 1870 on the way to Munich. While staying in Munich, Alana translated the famed Magas Codex document into English, German, and Welsh.

Alana published a book of poetry while she was in London. The poetry was about the Templar targets the trio had assassinated in London. It was titled Murder Ballads: Poetry Centered Around the Templars of London. Poems she wrote that were in the poetry book were titled 'Give Me the Cure', 'The Late Pearl Attaway' , 'The Tale of Twopenny', 'Feasting on a Lord', 'Jokes Jokes Jokes', and 'Underground'.

Weaponry and Talents[]

Alana possessed a multitude of weapons and tools that helped her succeed as an Assassin. Assassin records state that she used a kukri that was gilded with gold, which was a gift from her mother upon receiving the rank of Master Assassin. Her Hidden Blade was made of gold, symbolizing her rank of Master Assassin. For when it was needed, Alana would employ the use of smoke bombs, usually to cover her escape. When in stealth scenarios, Alana would often use throwing knives to her advantage. Later in her career, Alana acquired a cane sword after the fall of Lilla Graves, and carried it with her for the rest of her career. On her, Alana carries a pistol which is a family heirloom, passed down from her grandmother Elise, who used it in the French Revolution. Later on in her career, Alana would wield an Assassin Gauntlet, notably utilizing its abilities during the hunt for Jack the Ripper in 1888.

After visiting Evie and Henry Green in India in 1874, Alana perfected the use of Fear tactics, non-lethal ways of intimidating enemies by means of hallucinogenic powder by means of Fear bombs and spikes. Alana would teach these tactics to her children and other initiates and would use them herself during the Autumn of Terror in 1888.

Alana did possess an Assassin Gauntlet, but rarely used it in her early career. She would later incorporate the rope launcher in her forties to ease the burden on her knees, which bothered her over her career due to a combination of free running and air assassinations.

Alana honed her climbing and free running skills under her parents, who were impressed with her quick skills on the training course in the backwoods of the Goff Mansion. As she trained in combat, Alana learned the art of grappling and submission based combat from her mother Juliette, and sparred with her parents to hone her skills. By her twenty-fifth birthday, Alana had perfected a rear naked choke. It was so devastating, Alana's cousin Gabrielle said that 'Once you are in the hold, you are finished.'


Alana Rose Dorian left behind a rather controversial legacy. Her actions and heroics around the world and her numerous philosophies have been etched into the lore of the British Brotherhood, with some British Assassins to this day living by her teachings. Many British Assassins considered Alana as the ‘greatest Assassin England has ever seen.’ as well as ‘the best Mentor since Ezio Auditore’. The Assassin Sanctuary in Crawley has a statue of Alana inside, right beside her mother Juliette. Her Mentor robes were cleaned and sewn up, and placed in front of her statue, along with her Assassin Gauntlet and original copies of her written works and essays, in her honor.

Alana’s heroics and philosophies aren’t met without criticism. There were a handful of Assassins within the British Brotherhood that described Alana’s time as Mentor as ‘Strict, harsh, and authoritarian’, as well as Alana being labeled as a ‘dictator’. After the incident of July 1903, Alana was forced to retire due to her injuries. She was heavily criticized after the incident by the British and German Brotherhoods for her interference in such a close family matter, and that she went after Xavier just so she could be the hero once more. She has also been criticized for not letting Vienna make her own decisions as a Mentor during her early years of leadership. Quin Williams was Alana’s biggest German critic, specifically criticizing her involvement in Williams family affairs. Quin also criticized Alana’s teachings and philosophies, stating that they took away an initiate’s freedom to learn all aspects of the Creed. With Vienna in charge of the British Assassins, she began to adopt Quin’s thoughts into her iteration of the Brotherhood.

Alana's personal legacy is even shrouded with controversy. Many male Assassins believed that Alana used her beauty and good looks in order to influence her targets and eventually assassinate them and that there were even rumors that she slept with several male Assassins over her Mentorship. Alana denied the claims, stating that the rumors of her sleeping with other Assassins were entirely fabricated and that she did no such acts, and reserved her high libido for a man that truly cared for her. However, she did say she used her good looks and charm to influence her targets on occasion, inspired by what Aveline de Grandpre did in the late 1700s.

She was also criticized for coming up with the concept of 'blading', which involved an Assassin gently cutting their forehead and letting their blood mix in with their sweat, using it as a deception tactic. Many Assassins complained of blood loss whenever they performed the act and called it 'unnecessary bloodshed.'

Isabelle, a distant relative of Alana's, cited her as an inspiration and a hero, stating that Alana was an incredibly selfless woman who always put others before herself and that she was a huge reason why Isabelle became an Assassin, shortly after meeting Alana when Isabelle was twelve. Isabelle would later say that Alana was an inspiration for her and her cell to carry out their infamous Women's Rights Protest of 1964.

The Three Rose Portrait

A copy of the famed 'Three Rose Portrait' of Alana hung in the Mentor's office in Dubai, as well as in Isabelle's office in the headquarters of the French Brotherhood of Assassins.

Risqué Photos of 1868[]

During the Liberation of London between the Liberation of Devil's Acre and the Ball at Buckingham Palace, Alana commissioned an artist to paint her in a series of sensual paintings as a wedding gift for her husband, Albert. The photos consisted of Alana peeling off the top of her Assassin outfit, covering her chest, and slowly revealing her bare chest. Alana never got to give Albert the pieces, as he was killed shortly after the Liberation. instead, Alana kept them hidden away in a chest. She would later say that she felt 'incredibly beautiful' while posing for the paintings.

The paintings earned Alana criticism from her friend Maria Williams, who said that Alana baring her chest was 'imprudent and improper' and that the paintings would expose her as an Assassin. Maria later retracted her statement on the paintings, saying that Alana looked very pretty in the paintings.

By 1955, the paintings fell into the possession of Isabelle Allard, who admired Alana for her courage to bare her chest during a time when it was taboo to do so. In 1964, Isabelle made flags with the image of bare-chested Alana on them and carried them during their famous Women's Rights protest. Isabelle later stated that seeing the paintings greatly inspired her to fight for the rights of women not only in France but around the world.

Assassination Targets[]

  • Enrico D'Orelli (w. Maria Williams, 1865)
  • Lucy Thorne (w. Evie Frye, 1868)
  • Crawford Starrick (w. Jacob & Evie Frye, 1868)
  • Erica D'orelli (1874)
  • Jack the Ripper (w. Evie Frye, 1888)


"The workers of England need to be liberated from those oppressors who shackle them. Do this, and England will prosper."
―Alana talking with Evie Frye aboard the train, August 1868.

"The use of Fear tactics will most certainly give us a non-lethal advantage in our great conflict."
―Alana speaking to her daughter Vienna about the advantages of non-lethal Fear Tactics, November 1888.

"Amunet’s biggest flaw was making herself known to the Order of the Ancients. She strongly went against what the Hidden Ones really stood for."
―Quote from Alana's critique of the Hidden Ones, 1870.

"To this day, I still think about that day in July of 1903. I think about how Xavier could still be with us. There had to have been another way. A way I failed to see."
―Alana reflecting on the July Incident of 1903, June 1925.

"Aside from my parents, my biggest inspiration as an Assassin has to be Edward Kenway. His services to the Brotherhood were legendary, and I aim to emulate him with everything I do."
―Alana telling Maria Williams about who inspired her as an Assassin, March 1866.

"The Ripper wants to cut my head off with his dagger. I’d love to see him try."
―Alana replying to the taunts of Jack the Ripper, November 1888.

"It baffles me to no end that we women in England have no rights. You would think the Queen would do something about this, or at least acknowledge it, but parliament seems to think otherwise."
―Alana on women's rights in England, June 1869.

"Being an Assassin, you need to be patient and know your surroundings. Only then can you succeed in being a poet of the kill."
―Alana to a young Jacob Frye, October 1862.

"My grandfather was exiled from the Parisian Brotherhood in 1793, on the accord of following a personal vendetta. I never really understood why they exiled the only person who was investigating the man who was actually a threat to them. Sure, grandfather never asked for their permission, which is a direct violation of the third tenet. That is the only thing I agreed with them on. They didn’t even listen to his bloody reasoning or give him a chance to talk. But if they would have listened to him beforehand and let him pursue Germain, Germain’s Templar revolution would have failed, and many lives could have been saved. An absolutely moronic decision from Beylier, Trenet, and Quemar looking back at it."
―Alana questioning the exile of her grandfather Arno Dorian, April 1871.

"Master Hamid, Brotherhoods in Europe have moved away from executing those who aren't worthy of being Assassins. Instead, we spend time with them and actually take the time to educate them in the ways of the Creed, no matter how much time it takes. From one Mentor to another, I strongly urge you to change your ways. If you do, your Brotherhood will truly prosper."
―Alana, the Mentor of the German Empire Brotherhood, urging Indian Assassin Mentor Hamid to implement reforms to his Brotherhood during her visit to Amritsar, June 1873.

Written Works[]

  • A Critique of Robert Fitzwalter & William of Cassingham (1865)
  • Prison Life: My Six Months in Newgate (1865)
  • A Critique of Ezio Auditore (1866)
  • Are the Bobbies Our Friends? A Critique of the Metropolitan Police Service (1866)
  • A Critique of Edward Kenway (1867)
  • Kassandra: Myth or Reality? (1867)
  • Slavery in the United States: A Grave Injustice (1868)
  • Murder Ballads: Poetry Centered Around the Templars in London (1868)
  • Assassinations With Alternate Means (1870)
  • A Critique of Our Founders Bayek & Amunet (1870)
  • The Unjust Exile of Arno Victor Dorian (1871)
  • On Organized Religion (1872)
  • The Pieces of Eden: What Do We Know? (1872)
  • An Homage to Erwin Baudin (1872)
  • The Alanist Perspective: The Hidden Ones (1874)
  • An Homage to Maria Williams and Xavier Baudin (1876)
  • The Alanist Perspective II: Reformation of the Brotherhood and the Middle Ages (1880)
  • The Residential Schools: An Ugly Stain on the Young Country of Canada (1884)
  • The Alanist Perspective III: The Golden Age of Piracy to Modern Times (1885)
  • Socialism: A Necessity for the Working Class of England (1888)
  • Juliette Marie Dorian & Samuel Adam Marshall: A Critique of My Parents as Assassins (1901)
  • Through My Eyes: My Years as a Member of the British Brotherhood (1902)
  • Hidden Journal Entry (1905)


  • Alana's nickname growing up was Alana-Bana, and it was given to her by her mother Juliette. She despised it whenever it would come out of Jacob's mouth, however.
  • The name Alana is derived from the Irish word meaning 'Attractive'. Rose was given as her middle name due to her mother Juliette's love for roses. The last name Dorian is Greek for the word 'Gifted.' Alana Dorian means 'Attractive and Gifted.'
  • Alana spoke with a predominant Welsh accent.
  • Alana stood around 5 feet 6 inches tall.
  • Jacob was known to have an incredible attraction to Alana when they were younger, and was disappointed when he found out she married Albert Richardson. He tried to get with her again after his passing, but failed due to Alana not wanting to remarry.
  • Alana was inspired by several Assassins to become one herself. Alana has stated that her primary influences on her as an Assassin were her grandparents Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre, her uncle Francois Charles Dorian, her parents Juliette and Samuel, Edward Kenway, Ezio Auditore, Amunet, and Ethan and Cecily Frye.
  • Alana's choker necklace had a pendant attached to it. On the outside was the British Assassin insigna. On the inside of the lid was an Iron Rose, and on the opposite side inside the pendant was the last ever photograph taken of her husband Albert, who was holding a young Vienna and Cavan in the photo. Alana wore the pendant to remind herself who she was fighting for.
  • Alana is the Godmother of Maria Williams’ son, Xavier. Maria is the Godmother of Alana's twins Vienna and Cavan.
  • Alana could speak, read, and write in four different languages: English, French, Welsh, and German.
  • Alana was overly critical of how the French Assassin Council handled the exile of her grandfather in 1793, citing them as 'oblivious to his true motives', and called Trenet, Beylier, and Quemar 'morons' for how they handled the situation.
  • Alana had a keen interest in the Pieces of Eden, much like her mother. It started at a young age, when she sat down with her Mother, who was learning about the Shroud of Eden.
  • Alana shared her mother Juliette's negative beliefs on British imperialism, and was arrested in her early twenties for protesting against it, and was forcibly arrested for allegedly throwing a rock at a police officer in London. She would serve her sentence at Newgate Prison from June to December of 1864.
  • Her forceful arrest led to a strong disdain for law enforcement, and would write the first draft of Are the Bobbies Our Friends, her critique of the Metropolitan Police Service while in prison.
  • Upon meeting Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1877, Alana and her mother were quite fond of their socialist beliefs, and praised them for their work in the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.
  • Politically, Alana identified herself as a Marxist.
  • Alana preferred coffee to tea.
  • Alana and her mother Juliette were fiercely against the Residential School System set up by John A. MacDonald, calling the schools ‘barbaric’ and ‘horrific’, in letters written they wrote to him.
  • Alana was also overly critical of organized religion, and wrote a lengthy essay on the topic.
  • In her later years, Alana became a fan of football, and supported Liverpool F.C. She attended several of their matches before the outbreak of WW1. After the war, Alana and Vienna would regularly attend matches at Anfield, due to Vienna moving the Assassins to Liverpool during the onset of the War. Alana and Vienna were present for the 1914 FA Cup final at Crystal Palace in London.
  • The bureau Alana founded in Liverpool was built underneath the site of Anfield, the future home of Liverpool F.C. The bureau was later abandoned in the 1920's, but was converted into the 'Boot Room' in the 1960's by Liverpool Manager Bill Shankly.
  • During the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-20, Alana, at the age of 78, caught the flu. Battling the flu for 2 months, Alana made a full recovery.
  • Like her mother and grandfather before her, Alana possessed the rare sixth sense known as Eagle Vision.
  • It is said by some Londoners that on cool summer nights, Alana's ghost could be seen walking about the rooftop and dome of St. Paul's Cathedral, with sightings being more frequent near the end of July. The most famous sighting of Alana's ghost was during the Blitz, when Isabelle Allard and Vivian Cadieux witnessed her ghost on the roof from Lydia Frye's flat through the smoke.
  • Alana's looks and appearance were inspired by Victoria Atkin.
  • In her later years, Alana was on the list of people to be poisoned by German Templar Stefan Klein. He failed in doing so, due to commitments with the Nazis.
  • Alana has three character theme songs: 'Home is for the Heartless' by Parkway Drive, 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody' by Bootstraps, and 'You'll Never Walk Alone' by Gerry and the Pacemakers.
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