"Jacob, your sister is right. You disobeyed my orders and didn't even care to listen. You acted too brash, and you could have gotten yourself killed."
―Alana scolding Jacob Frye after the Liberation of Devil's Acre, August 1868.
Alana Rose Dorian
Alana Rose Dorian cropped v2
Master Assassin Alana Rose Dorian
c. August 1868.
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Biographical information

November 8th, 1839
Crawley, United Kingdom


December 19th, 1929
London, United Kingdom

Political information


  • British Brotherhood
    (1861-1870, 1874-1901)
  • Brotherhood of the German Empire
Real-world information
Appears in

The Birth of Alana Rose (as an infant)
Expedition to Greece (mentioned only)
Prelude to Liberation (as a child)
Return to London (as a child)
A Visit to Egypt (as a child)
The Fallen Mentor (as a child)
The Liberation of Devil's Acre
The Aftermath


Camilla Luddington

Dame Alana Rose Dorian (1839-1929) was a Master Assassin of the British Brotherhood from 1861 to 1869, and again from 1874 to 1901. She played a role in the formation of the Brotherhood of the German Empire, serving as its first Mentor from 1871 to 1874 while living in Berlin. Alana was also known for her work as an Assassin theorist, ranging from coming up with new ways to assassinate Templars to how she would right the wrongs of former Assassins. She was the only child born to Master Assassins Juliette Marie Dorian and Samuel Marshall, and the granddaughter of French Master Assassins Arno Dorian and Elise de la Serre. She is of French, British, Austrian, Welsh, and German descent.

Early Years

Alana Rose Dorian was born in the early hours of November 8th, 1839 in her Mother's room within the Goff House in Crawley, to her mother Juliette Marie Dorian and Samuel Marshall. An adventurous child in her youth, her mother would always set up mini treasure hunts within the Goff Mansion and the surrounding area to satisfy her daughter's needs. She would always accompany her parents on trips to Crawley, and watch her parents free-run across the rooftops. When Alana was seven years old, Juliette took her daughter to Egypt, showing Alana the hotel and cafe her grandmother had stayed forty-seven years prior. Alana remembered the trip fondly, remembering the time where her and her mother drank tea inside the Eagle Talon Hotel and Cafe, burning her tongue on her green tea. Afterwards, Juliette took Alana out to the Great Pyramids with her daughter on her shoulders, letting her sit on one of the blocks.

Juliette told her the story of how Elise had to stay inside the pyramid to wait out a severe dust storm. After this, Juliette showed Alana the ruined former tomb of Bayek, the Medjay who would ultimately go on to form the precursor to the Assassins. After explaining who's tomb it was, Alana was eager to find out who Bayek is. Juliette calmed Alana down, and they returned to their hotel room, where Juliette informed Alana that they will be visiting Bayek's real tomb bright and early the next morning.

After a seven hour carriage ride, Juliette, Alana, and Bernie Willows arrived at Hotep Cavern, and let the two ladies walk inside, where Juliette showed Alana Bayek's coffin, as well as Amunet's, which had fallen down into a crevasse. Alana again asked her mother who Bayek was, only for her mother to tell her that they will be visiting Bayek's home of Siwa, and she will tell her who he was there.


Alana, aged 7 on her mother Juliette's shoulders in Egypt, May 1847.

After another two hour carriage ride, the trio arrived at Siwa, and pitched a tent. After her mother started a fire, Alana asked her mother again who Bayek was. Juliette informed her daughter of who Bayek was and what he did over his lifetime, as well as the tragedy that happened underneath the Temple of Amun, and that she would show her the temple itself the next day. The next morning, with Alana on her shoulders, Juliette took her to the Temple and informed her that Alexander the Great visited the Temple and was proclaimed the Son of Amun by the Oracle, and that he used a powerful staff to open the vault beneath the temple, which was blocked by rubble and debris. After their visit to the temple, Alana and Juliette returned to Bernie, who got them back to Cairo safely.

Early in the morning, Alana woke up to see her father standing in their hotel room. She got up from her bed and hugged her father, who came from India to meet up with them and take them home. After showing her father her outfit, Sam escorted Juliette and her daughter to the docks to meet up with the captain who would be getting them back home safely, Steven Blair. The trio boarded his ship, and set sail for England. On the journey back to England, Juliette informed Alana that she will be taking her as her apprentice. Upon their return to Crawley, Alana began training under her mother, in the ways of combat and lore of the Creed. Alana would train under her mother for fourteen years. She received her first Hidden Blade at the age of eighteen.

Alana, aged 19.

Master Assassin

On November 12th, 1860 Alana and Juliette made a trip to London to pick up some morphine for an ailing Elise, where they were set upon by the Blighters, the street gang associated with the Templar Order. Alana and Juliette were forced into combat, with their Hidden Blades and kukris against their rusted knives and flaming boards. Alana and Juliette succeeded in defending themselves against their adversaries, with Alana fighting remarkably well for a woman of her age. Alana didn't escape the fight unscathed however, as she sustained minor burns on her arms. Juliette promised Alana that she would tell Leonard Frye of how Alana handled herself in London.

Returning to Crawley three days after the attack, with Juliette and Alana being praised for their bravery. Leonard was so impressed with the way Alana handled herself in combat, and awarded Alana the rank of Master Assassin at the age of twenty one, a few short days before her grandmother passed away.

Investigating the Death of Thomas D'Arcy McGee

In late March of 1868, Juliette sent Alana to Ottawa, the capital city of the young country of Canada, with the hopes of setting up a Brotherhood in the country. Upon arriving at the docks, Alana spied a woman with red hair wearing French Assassin robes. That woman was Alana's cousin Gabrielle, who had earned the rank of Master Assassin as well. She informed Alana that her father sent her to Canada as well, with the hopes of starting a Brotherhood.

On April 7th, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, the man who was chosen to be the Mentor of the Canadian Assassins, was assassinated outside his home. Close friends of the fallen politician begged Alana and Gabrielle to find the man behind the assassination. After investigating for several hours, Alana and Gabrielle had no luck in finding the killer. The next day, Alana and Gabrielle were informed of all the suspects who were arrested. The two of them were directed to a suspect named Patrick Buckley, who was the stable hand of John A. MacDonald, the Prime Minister. He informed them of a scruffy looking Irishman with the last name of Whelan. Later on in the evening, Alana and Gabrielle went to a pub owned by a man named Michael Starr, where they each ordered a pint of Alexander Keith's. Sitting beside them was a man mumbling about a Fenian takeover. Alana asked the man what he was talking about, before the bartender called him by his last name. Alana realized that they had their man. Whelan aggresively shoved Alana into Gabrielle in an attempt to escape, spilling Alana's beer in the process. Alana quickly grabbed Whelan and applied a rear naked choke, dropping to the ground and wrapping her legs around him, preventing him from escaping while Gabrielle went to call for the police outside. Once they arrived, Alana let go of the hold, and watched as the police began to search Whelan. On him, they found several items that linked him to the assassination of McGee, and arrested him on the spot. The next day, Alana and Gabrielle hand picked Isaiah Summers to become the first Mentor of the Canadian Assassins, helping him set up bureaus in Ottawa and Toronto. Shortly after, Alana parted ways with Gabrielle, who returned to France. Alana was greeted by a courier who handed her a letter. The letter was from her mother, stating that the Frye twins had disobeyed her orders and went to London with the intent to liberate it from Templar influence, and that Jacob had nearly crashed the British economy with the death of Templar Phillip Twopenny. Juliette requested that Alana go from Ottawa to London to assist the twins in bringing Starrick down. Alana complied, and boarded the next ship to London.

Assisting the Fryes in London

Alana Rose Dorian v2

Alana Rose Dorian c. August 1868.

Alana arrived in London shortly after the assassination of Phillip Twopenny. Upon arrival, Alana immediately sought out the train that was conducted by Agnes MacBean, an ally of the twins. Boarding it hoping to find the twins, she was greeted by Henry Green instead. Alana and Henry talked about several topics, such as the arrival of the Fryes, Crawford Starrick, and the state of London. Alana was shocked when Henry told her about the Fryes arriving in London. Henry told her he was the same, not knowing that they had disobeyed Juliette's orders. Alana asked Henry where she could find Evie, to which Henry replied that she could be found on the London Bridge. Alana thanked Henry and set off to find her. Alana found Evie right where Henry said she was. Alana approached Evie, who was surprised to see her. After talking for a few moments about how the twins came to London and the twins disobeying Juliette's orders, Evie informed Alana that the Blighters were messing around with trade upon the River Thames. Alana informed Evie that she would assist her in combating the Blighters interfering with trade on the Thames. Evie and Alana would pair up together frequently to disrupt the Blighter trade.

Working closely with Jacob, Alana informed him of a man who goes by the pseudonym of 'B' who frequents the Sinopean Club that could be Starrick's pawn in British politics. Jacob returned to Alana to inform her that he found a spy hired by 'B' to spy on Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, and that the spy ended up getting killed by a sniper. He said that he interrogated the Sniper, who told him under duress that their target was affiliated with the Hussars, and that the Blighters were going to attack Disraeli's carriage. Alana tasked him with protecting the Prime Minister and his wife the next morning. Early in the afternoon, Jacob returned to Alana, informing her that he did rescue Disraeli and his wife, but did not learn of who 'B' was. Mary Anne Disraeli said she would inform Jacob of who 'B' was the next night if he took her through Devil's Acre. Alana wasn't too keen on the idea, but let Jacob escort Mrs. Disraeli through Devil's Acre the next night if it meant they would get a name as to who 'B' was. Alana began to think that it was James Brudenell, who was protesting the Corrupt Practices Bill in Parliament. Later on that night, Jacob returned to Alana with name of 'B', who was James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, proving Alana's suspicions right. Alana tasked Jacob with eliminating him silently, as to not draw any suspicion. Jacob succeeded in his mission much to Alana's delight, but Evie came back, angry after cleaning up Jacob's mess with Twopenny with her preventing severe inflation and restoring the Bank's printing plates to the bank itself. Alana broke up the fight, and reminded them that they still had to liberate Devil's Acre.

Arriving at Devil's Acre, Alana was going to inform the twins of the plan to liberate Devil's Acre. Just as they were about to carry out their plan, Jacob darted off into the slum ignoring Alana's plan. Upset with Jacob, Alana and Evie carried on with the plan, where Alana infiltrated the tallest building in the slum to burn Blighter plans, and go on to assist the Fryes in picking off the Blighters. Alana succeeded in burning the plans, but got knocked down by Lilla Graves, the gang leader of Westminster. Alana squared up with Graves in hand to hand combat, sustaining several shots to her belly, cracking three of Alana's ribs. Graves was about to finish Alana off, but Evie intervened, and engaged Graves in combat. Alana landed a kick that landed flush with Graves' chin, allowing both Evie and Alana to end Graves with thrusts by their Hidden Blades. After dusting themselves off, they heard Jacob taunting five Blighters. Alana and Evie leaped out the window and helped Jacob fend off the last of the Blighters. After liberating Devil's Acre, Jacob began to recruit Rooks out of former Blighters, while Alana went into Lilla Graves' office, and compared documents she had received from her mother about Devil's Acre to a map of the area on the desk of Graves. As she was comparing the documents, Alana could hear Jacob and Evie arguing. Alana called the twins into the office, where Evie called Jacob out on his strategy. Jacob tried to explain himself by saying that his strategy whittled the Templars down to nothing. Alana retorted that his strategy also led to the near downfall of the British economy. Jacob stormed off, not wanting to do anything with Alana or his sister. After Jacob's abrupt departure, Alana and Evie returned to the train, where they sat down and began to plot the downfall of Starrick.

Later on in the evening, Alana and Henry Green witnessed the Alhambra Music Hall was on fire. After watching it burn for a little longer, Alana informed Henry that she would investigate to see if Jacob played any role in the fire. Alana arrived to see the firemen attempting to put out the burning music hall. Weaving her way through the crowd, she spied Jacob sitting in the tree, drifting off to sleep. Alana called out to him, to which he didn't reply. Alana used her rope launcher to pull Jacob down, with the latter landing in a haystack. She led him to a back alley, where Jacob confessed to Alana that he had assassinated Maxwell Roth. Alana was furious with Jacob. When Alana asked him why, Jacob quoted Roth, and slapped Alana openly on the buttocks. In response, Alana backhanded Jacob so hard that a couple of his teeth flew out. After the altercation, Alana escorted Jacob back to the train. Upon returning to the train, Alana ordered Jacob to go to sleep, and returned to the second car, informing Henry of what had happened. Alana then returned to the first car and went to sleep, bring her chaotic day to an end.

Defeating Crawford Starrick

The next day, Alana awoke to hear Jacob and Evie arguing. As she got out of bed, she watched as Henry stormed by her with intent to break up the argument. Alana showed up to assist Henry with doing so as well. Henry informed the twins that Starrick's plan was to acquire the Piece of Eden at the Ball at Buckingham Palace tonight and use it to eliminate all heads of church and state. Evie and Jacob promised to work together one last time. Alana agreed to help assist the twins, unless the scenario was dire. After meeting with the Disraelis, Jacob managed to snag the Gladstone's invitations to the ball, while Evie procured the plans to Buckingham Palace from Duleep Singh.

While the Fryes infiltrated the Ball, Alana and Henry infiltrated the sewers after Evie had sent Jacob after Starrick. Once both of the twins were down in the Tomb of Prince Albert fighting Starrick, Alana used her Eagle Vision to see that Starrick had both of them in a chokehold, slowly draining the life out of them. Henry had heard enough, and went in to go protect Evie. After seeing Henry get taken out, Alana intervened as Evie was engaging Starrick in combat. Alana pulled the Shroud of Eden off of Starrick's shoulders, and clothesline him over the altar. Alana restrained Starrick as the Frye Twins delivered the final blow, and with the death of Starrick, London was liberated from the Templars.

The next morning, Alana, Henry, Evie, and Jacob got knighted. After getting knighted, Henry and Alana watched as the twins ran off towards the train. A courier showed up and handed Alana a letter after Henry left. Alana read the letter, fell to her knees and broke down into tears after learning about her husband's passing from typhoid fever. While she was grieving, Queen Victoria allowed Alana to stay at Buckingham Palace for a few weeks to help with her mourning.

Life in the Kingdom of Prussia & German Empire

After returning to Crawley, Alana informed her mother that she was traveling to Germany with her children to clear her mind, but also said that she would not retire as an Assassin. In 1869, Alana traveled to Berlin, the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, and settled down in the city to raise her children. Living in the capital, she would go fishing on the River Spree with her children, and take in the sights of their new home. Their life in Berlin would change in 1871, with the formation of the German Empire under Wilhelm I, and known Templar Otto von Bismarck as its Chancellor. Seeing that Bismarck has made himself acquainted in German politics, Alana knew that he had to be eliminated. For a vast majority of the year, Alana would travel to German cities such as Hamburg, Munich, and Hanover to recruit several fighting men and women into the newly formed Assassin Brotherhood of the German Empire, with her fellow Assassins naming her its first Mentor. From 1871 to 1873, Alana and her fellow Assassins devised a plan to eliminate Bismarck, but never got to execute it, due to Juliette summoning Alana and her family back to London before they could take action in the early months of 1874. Before returning to London, Alana named Henri Landers the second Mentor of the Brotherhood of the German Empire.

Leader of the British Assassin Council

Alana returned to London with her children in October of 1874, much to the delight of her mother. Alana informed her mother of her life in Prussia and the German Empire, where she served as the first Mentor of the Brotherhood of the German Empire, and their plan to combat the rising Templar threat under Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Juliette strongly approved of Alana's actions, but was sorry that she had to be called back so soon. Alana was informed of Henry and Evie marrying and traveling to India, which led to Juliette calling Alana back to London to train new initiates in the ways of the Creed due to a shortage of Master Assassins.

In July of 1876, Juliette announced that she was stepping down as the leader of the British Assassin Council, a post she had held since 1863, and informed everyone that Alana would be her successor. Under Alana, it was like Juliette had never stepped down. She made key alliances with important figures such as Benjamin Disraeli, Karl Marx, and Charles Darwin. She also made sure that Jacob kept tabs on the Rooks and their strongholds throughout London, while making sure what was left of the Blighters was being dealt with. Alana would also maintain correspondences with the American, Canadian, Russian, French, Ottoman, and German Empire Brotherhoods. Alana's Assassins would enjoy twelve years of peace and prosperity in London before the next major threat to the Brotherhood would arrive.

Hunting down Jack The Ripper

Sitting at her desk in the new Assassin headquarters, which was under the Monument to the Great Fire of London, Alana received a letter from fellow council member Jacob, that a new threat had usurped control of the Rooks from him and that he was fighting a malicious fiend named Jack the Ripper to get them back. Alana made a trip to Jacob’s lodgings in Whitechapel with her daughter Vienna to pay him a visit, but noticed the door was locked. Alana and Vienna returned to the Assassin Headquarters, feeling like they were being watched by a sinister presence as they made their way through Whitechapel.

Alana wrote a letter to Evie, urging her to come back to London to help her locate Jacob and defeat Jack the Ripper. While Alana waited for Evie, Alana appointed Frederick Abberline, an ally of the Assassins who had earned the rank of Inspector of the Metropolitan Police Service, on the case to hunt down the Ripper.

Evie returned to London from India a month later, much to the delight of Abberline and Alana. From there, Abberline informed Evie of the Ripper and that her and Alana may be the only two Assassins left in London, much to her shock. Alana and Abberline escorted her to the site of the first victim, Polly Nichols. After investigating the area throughly, Evie located the trajectory of a ring thrown not too far away from the tree. Alana dug it up to discover that it was an Assassin’s ring. The two Assassins held onto the ring, and went on their way.

Alana and Evie returned to Abberline, who handed them the key to Jacob’s lodgings. The two of them visited the lodgings, and were horrified with what they saw inside. Jacob’s normally clean lodgings was bloody and messy. Alana and Evie split up to look for clues. Alana located a bloody letter written by the Ripper himself, which was the letter that was published by the newspapers, while Evie discovered several bloodstains and weapons of fear that Jacob had brought back from India. Alana stumbled across a photo of Evie, Henry and Jacob, with an apprentice of Jacob’s in front of the Temple of Kali. Alana informed Evie that they used to call the apprentice ‘Jack the Lad’, and he acted a lot like her brother. Evie realized that she had given Jacob a statue of Kali the Destroyer. Approaching the statue, she found a letter from him, directing the pair to an unfortunate woman named Nellie. Alana and Evie exited the building, while scaring away Rooks in the process. Alana and Evie asked several prostitutes where Nellie was, until one informed Evie that Nellie was on her way to see Lady O. Alana looked over to see Nellie getting shoved into a carriage against her will. Alana and Evie immediately gave chase, and followed the trail to the Kenway Mansion. Evie informed Alana that she will sneak in and rescue Nellie. Alana agreed and climbed to the roof to watch from above. After waiting for about a half an hour, Alana saw Evie charging out, heading for a carriage. Alana rushed down to join her comrade. The pair chased after the carriage, with Alana leaping onto the roof to kill the driver and bring the carriage to a stop. The Assassins readied their blades, anticipating that Lady O was inside, but instead they found Nellie, who informed her that Lady O had used her as a decoy, and fled to her mansion. Alana informed Evie to bring Lady O to an end, while she tended to business in the city.

Alana waited for Evie inside the Assassin Headquarters, where she came in rather angry. Evie told Alana that she was successful in assassinating Owers, but Jack framed her for a massacre that was publicized in the papers by Weaversbrook Publishings. She also told Alana that Abberline couldn’t cover them forever, and that he would arrest her in the Ripper’s stead. Alana tasked Evie with locating  Weaversbrook when Vienna rushed in and informed that she hear word on the streets that Rooks were heading for Juliette’s flat near St. Paul’s cathedral. Alana accompanied her daughter to Juliette’s flat. Upon entry, Alana saw four Rooks corner her mother. Alana and Vienna assassinated the four Rooks, and asked her mother why the Rooks beset her. Juliette informed them that they were there because Jack wanted her dead due to her ties with Jacob. Juliette also informed the Assassins that Arthur Weaversbrook was publishing the letters, and asked the pair to find him and get some answers out of him. Traveling from her mother’s residence, they came across Rooks cornering the man. Using fear tactics to scare the Rooks, they met up with Evie talked to Weaversbrook, who informed them that he was publishing the letters due to the Ripper threatening his family by kidnapping his son. Alana informed him to stop publishing the letters, while Evie went to go rescue his son. Alana and Vienna returned to Juliette's flat. Upon returning from saving Weaversbrook‘s son, Evie returned to Juliette's flat informed Alana that she was traveling to Deptford to the prison hulk ships, with the hope of saving Jacob.

Shortly after Evie returned, Inspector Abberline informed Alana that the Ripper has struck again, this time taking the life of Mary Jane Kelly. Alana and Evie met Abberline at the site, and were greeted by the Ripper’s most brutal work. Evie was so appalled that she flew into a rage, having to be restrained by both Abberline and Alana. Abberline informed Evie once again that he couldn’t cover Evie and Alana forever, and told her again he would arrest her instead of the Ripper if she didn't deliver his head on a platter. Through her Eagle Vision, Alana discovered that this was a message from the Ripper to Evie and Alana. The message led Alana and Evie to a cemetery in Whitechapel, where Annie Chapman was killed. Alana and Evie discovered another Assassin ring, and with it another message for the two of them. The second message led them to the murder scene of Catherine Eddowes. After clearing the area of Rooks, Alana and Evie scoured the area to discover two more Assassin rings, the other belonging to Elizabeth Stride, and another message from Jack, leading Evie to where Jack’s mother was murdered. Alana accompanied Evie to the site, where she watched as Evie was hallucinating due to a fear bomb. After the fear bomb wore off, Evie informed Alana that she saw the Ripper in the hallucination, that he was Jack the Lad, and demanded the two Assassins challenge him at Lambeth Asylum.

Alana and Evie made their way over to Lambeth Asylum, and carefully averted the eyes of the polices as they carried out their infiltration. Upon entering the asylum, Evie and Alana were confronted by several patients, whom Alana and Evie had to knock out as they made their way through the asylum. Entering a room of slaughtered people, Alana and Evie found out that their prize was in the basement of the asylum. The pair rushed down to the dark and decrepit basement, where the two women were jumped by the Ripper. Evie was immediately thrown aside as the Ripper turned his focus to Alana, propping her up by her collar and pulling out his knife, holding it to her forehead. Jack asked Alana where her and Juliette were to rescue his mother from the Templars, an act that Jacob failed to do. Alana tried to explain to him before the Ripper ran his jagged blade across her forehead, causing a laceration on Alana to bleed. Wishing Alana a happy birthday, the Ripper was blindsided by Evie, using her fear tactics on the Ripper before retreating into the shadows. The pain from Alana's forehead was so immense, but she continued to fight, distracting the Ripper while Evie landed the first strike. Evie handed Alana some Fear tools in order to combat the Ripper from the shadows. Alana landed the second strike on Jack, who used a Fear bomb of his own to vanish, letting more patients into the basement. Alana fended off the patients, killing some of them even though she didn't want to. Just as she finished them off, Evie landed the final strikes on Jack the Ripper. Alana helped Evie drag Jack's body into the room, looking back to see Jacob slouched in the corner. Alana set the body down while Evie tended to Jacob, just as Abberline entered the room, asking what happened in here. Evie said nothing happened, but Alana added that Jack the Ripper was dead, and that nobody must know that Jack the Ripper was an Assassin. Abberline hesitated for a few moments, before hearing a fellow officer shout that journalists were arriving. Looking back at Alana and Evie, Abberline ordered the officer to get the journalists out. After the journalists left, Alana, Evie and Abberline escorted Jacob under the cover of darkness back to Juliette's flat, where she took care of both Jacob and Alana's wounds.

Later Years

Alana would continue to train new initiates in the ways of the Creed until she would retire from active duty within the Assassin Order in July 1901, passing on leadership to her daughter Vienna. Alana would retire to the same flat her mother called home for the years up until her death in 1896. Alana and Gabrielle gave Juliette a proper burial next to her parents in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Alana lived her life in peace in the flat and keep watch over the choices of her daughter, who was leading the British Assassins to prosperity, much like her mother and grandmother before her. Alana was moved to the countryside upon the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, spending her time with the Frye Twins. Once the Great War ended, Alana returned to her mother's flat. Alana and her granddaughter Lillian were present in Constantinople to witness the exile of Sultan Mehmed VI in 1922, marking the end of the Ottoman Empire. Returning to London, she spent her time in the Assassin Headquarters to be closer to Vienna. Cavan would return to London from Canada after the war in 1919 to be closer to his mother. Alana Rose Dorian would pass away quietly in her sleep on December 19th, 1929 at the age of 90. She was buried beside her mother in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France.

Personal Life

Growing up, Alana was the opposite of her mother. She was wild and full of energy, and often curious about her surroundings. Juliette wrote in her journal of young Alana, saying that she was a 'curious individual with an inquisitive mind.'

Alana cared for everyone she worked with, even if she didn't like them. This is shown during the Liberation of Devil's Acre, where Alana worked with Jacob. Despite Jacob disobeying her orders, Alana tried to show Jacob the error of his ways, although Jacob shrugged her off when she tried.

Alana was incredibly close with her cousin Gabrielle, who lived in Paris. The two of them first met in 1850, when Juliette and Alana traveled to Paris to meet up with Francois and Gabrielle. The two of them would meet up again in Canada in 1867. From there, the pair would update each other of the happenings within their respective Brotherhoods, until Gabrielle's death in 1927.

Alana was good friends with fellow Assassin Maria Williams, serving as a big sister and a Mentor to the younger Assassin. The two women referred to each other as the 'sisters they never had'. Alana was a part of Maria's first mission as a Master Assassin, where the duo assassinated two high ranking Templars in Croydon in January 1865. Despite knowing Maria and her brothers Marshall and Caelan since they were kids, Alana and Maria really got to know each other as they were training as Assassins, as both of them were trained by Juliette, Alana's mother. Alana, Maria, Marshall, and Caelan worked well as a cohesive unit together, and referred to themselves as the 'Ravens of Crawley.' Upon Alana's return to London in 1874, the four of them reunited as the 'Ravens of London', and the three Williams siblings served as Council Members once Alana took over the British Assassins in 1876.

Alana married Albert Andreas Richardson, who was the son of a wealthy shipping owner, on September 9th, 1865 in a small intimate ceremony in Crawley. Alana first met Albert when she was nineteen, and according to Juliette, the young couple was 'inseparable'. The couple would have two children. Their daughter Vienna Victoria Dorian was born on July 1st, 1866, and their son Cavan Eric Richardson was born on November 11th, 1867. British Brotherhood naming traditions meant that the first born child would take the last name of the mother, where as the second born child would bear the father's last name. Albert would pass away while Alana was in London on August 18th, 1868 from a sudden but lethal case of typhoid fever. Alana would not remarry after his passing, and focused on training her children in the ways of the Assassins while living in Berlin.

Alana was also known for her skills as a seamstress, crafting several outfits for Assassins in the French and British Brotherhoods. Alana's Master Assassin outfit was hand crafted by herself, and took her over a year and a half to complete.

Alana's work as an Assassin theorist is well known among the Assassins. She wrote several papers on several famed Assassins of the past, such as Altair, Ezio, Bayek and Amunet, Connor, the Brotherhood of the American Colonies, Pierre Bellec and the French Assassin Council of the 1790's, the British Brotherhood, Aveline de Grandpre, Shao Jun, and Edward Kenway while living In Berlin. These writings were in German and were about how strict each Assassin/Brotherhood adhered to the Creed, and what she would have done to fix their wrongdoings, and how they could have been avoided. The writings were bound together within twelve chapters and written over four years, titled The Alanist Perspective. It was published in Novermber of 1874, just after Alana left to return to London.

The critique of how former Assassins adhered to the Creed was called Alanism, in Alana's honor.

Weaponry and Talents

Alana possessed a multitude of weapons and tools that helped her succeed as an Assassin. Assassin records state that she used a kukri that was gilded with gold, which was a gift from her mother upon receiving the rank of Master Assassin. Her Hidden Blade was made of gold, symbolizing her rank of Master Assassin. For when it was needed, Alana would employ the use of smoke bombs, usually to cover her escape. When in stealth scenarios, Alana would often use throwing knives to her advantage. Later in her career, Alana acquired a cane sword after the fall of Lilla Graves, and carried it with her for the rest of her career. On her, Alana carries a pistol which is a family heirloom, passed down from her grandmother Elise, who used it in the French Revolution.

During the fight against Jack the Ripper in 1888, Alana was taught by fellow Assassin Evie Frye in the ways of Fear tactics, a non-lethal way of intimidating one's opponents.

Alana honed her climbing and freerunning skills under her parents, who were impressed with her quick skills on the training course in the backwoods of the Goff Mansion. As she trained in combat, Alana learned the art of grappling and submission based combat from her mother Juliette, and sparred with her parents to hone her skills. By her twenty-fifth birthday, Alana had perfected a rear naked choke. It was so devastating, Alana's cousin Gabrielle said that 'Once you are in the hold, you are finished.'


  • Alana's nickname growing up was Alana-Bana, and it was given to her by her mother Juliette. She despised it whenever it would come out of Jacob's mouth, however.
  • Alana's name is derived from the Old High German word meaning 'Precious'.
  • Alana had a dog, a German Shepherd she had named Kaiser, whom she brought back from Berlin in the year 1874.
  • Jacob was known to have an incredible attraction to Alana when they were younger, and was disappointed when he found out she married Albert Richardson. He tried to get with her again after his passing, but failed due to Alana not wanting to remarry.
  • Alana could speak, read, and write in four different languages: English, French, Welsh, and German.
  • Alana was overly critical of how the French Assassin Council handled the exile of her grandfather in 1793, citing them as 'oblivious to his true motives', and called Trenet, Beylier, and Quemar 'morons' for how they handled the situation.
  • Alana had a keen interest in the Pieces of Eden, much like her mother. It started at a young age, when she sat down with her Mother, who was learning about the Shroud of Eden.
  • Alana shared her mother Juliette's beliefs on British imperialism, and was arrested in her early twenties for protesting against it.
  • Upon meeting Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1877, Alana and her mother were quite fond of their socialist beliefs, and praised them for their work in the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.
  • Alana identified herself as a Marxist, in support of her friend and ally Karl Marx.
  • Alana met a young Vladimir Lenin in 1878, and informed his parents that ‘he has the power to change the world.’
  • Alana was also overly critical of organized religion, and wrote several papers on the topic.
  • Like her mother and grandfather before her, Alana possessed the rare sixth sense known as Eagle Vision.
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