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Alannah Ibn-La'Ahad

Alannah is Altair's great-grandaughter

Early lifeEdit

January 16, 1486, Alannah Ibn-La'Ahad was born. She grew up in a farm just outside of Masyaf. Her mother and father were assassins. When she was 8 her father died of Malaria. Her mother raised her until the age of 17 when her mother was hanged by Roman Templar Andretto Mencini due to stealing to make a meal for them. Alannah was furious for the next two years she followed Andretto for Revenge.

The Roman Assassins GuildEdit

in 1506 she followed Andretto to Rome. He was conducting another Hanging. She finally saw the chance to get rid of him."These People have commited unspeakable crime's against Cesare Borgia today we will end these Criminals"Andretto said. All of a sudden another assassin was in the crowd.he quickly ran up and assassinated Andretto."My Revenge is lost, I have to stop this Assassin"Alannah said to herself.she chased the assassin to the top of a building next to the river."hey, you that was my kill!"Alannah said."hmmm, an assassin, my name is Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, you should join our guild here" Ezio said. Ezio and Alannah went to Tiber island and she joined the guild.

The later years of Alannah Ibn-La'AhadEdit

Alannah got Married to an Italian Explorer Nicolo Miles. in 1528 they had one child Dominic Miles.Nicolo died in 1544 by gunshot. Two years later Alannah was going to get hanged because of the templars catching her.she was about to get hung when Dominic saved her.while they were at there house Alannah was eating food she instantly died, the food was poisoned by Dr.Craveto.

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