Albert Hide
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July 1647

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Albert Hide was a tracker of Pieces of Eden during the 17th century. During his life, he performed many 'dirty' jobs for the Templars but generally Albert always worked for those who proposed the highest piece.

Abstergo Industries discovered that Albert had Lebanese, English, Egyptian, Arabic, Canadian and Portuguese ancestry; Albert grew up in poverty and at an unspecified time in his life he was picked up by the Templars. In later years, Albert was trained by an Assassin turncoat and although he was not a full member, Albert worked for the Order. For several years, Albert executed blackmail, extortion and murder on behalf of the Templars in the cities of London, Rome, Tripoli, Cairo, Tripoli and Moscow. Several times Albert was charged with recovering or protecting the pieces of Eden run by the Templar Order in Europe.

In July 1647, Albert traveled to Naples in Italy where an anti-Spanish revolt broke out and was orchestrated by the Templars. Naples had been blocked and Albert with the support of Egidio Colonna had to find an artifact within the city. Albert searched all over the city and eventually found the artifact in the center of the city. Known of the death of Egidio, Albert tried to get out of the city but was intercepted by an Assassin and Giovanni Gaudio. As soon as he saw the Assassin, Albert ran away and threw smoke bombs to disdain the Assassin. Albert ran around the houses in an acrobatic race and when he turned he saw the Assassin running over him. Albert climbed fast on a rampart and from there he took a leap of faith, followed by Assassin. Albert hid in a sheaf of hay and was joined by the Assassin who looked around. Albert came out and began a fight with the Assassin. In the end Albert succeeded in rejecting the Assassin but Giovanni Gaudio joined them and attacked Albert. Albert easily defeated John and when he was about to finish it, he was stabbed behind the Assassin.

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