Alekos Argyris
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December 1736


May 1790

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Real-world information
Alekos Argyris was a Templar-swordsman and a lover of the Templar leader Reginald Parker. Born of normal parents, when he lost them during a civil conflict, Alekos became a member of the Ottoman Royal House, who at that time ruled Greece. He was a Greco-agent of the Ottoman Sultan who had been sent to Egypt for a special mission. He met Templars and decided to join their cause together with lover Reginald Parker. Alekos hunted the chiefs of the Assassin Order and so the Templars took over the entire region. Alekos performed numerous missions for the Templars and became an Assassin Hunter like Shay Patrick Cormac. In 1790, during a retaliation, Alekos died of a shotgun and his death deeply devastated Parker.

He is a maternal ancestor of Deanna Geary.

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