Aleksandr Bogomolov
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c. 1559 Novgorod, Tsardom of Russia


c. 1647 (aged 88), Moscow, Tsardom of Russia

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Russian Brotherhood

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Hard Choices

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Marton Csokas

"Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape."
―Aleksandr Bogomolov to Feodor I

Aleksandr Vladimirovich "Sasha" Bogomolov (Russian: Александр Владимирович Богомоловc. 1557-1629) was a Russian-born Assassin of the Russian Brotherhood of Assassins and served as their Mentor from 1598 until 1625. During his tenure as Mentor, he oversaw the long struggle between Assassin and Templar puppets known today as "The Times of Trouble" before finally achieving victory with his allies in 1613. Through his leadership, the Assassins were assured a powerful place in Russia.

Aleksandr was responsible for several notorious events during his career as an Assassin. In 1580, he assisted in reviving the Russian Brotherhood in Moscow, and a year later he was tasked with the assassination of Templar-allied Ivan Ivanovich of Russia to allow his brother Feodor I to take his place. Thirty-two years later, his actions allowed the Assassin-allied Romanov Dynasty ascend to Tsar of All Russia. His friendship with Mikhail Romanov allowed him to use the library of Ivan the Terrible as an Assassin as a repository.

He is the ancestor to Ethan Lovett.

Biography Edit

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Zoe, protecting her son as they traveled to Moscow, 1569

Aleksandr was born to Assassin-affliated parents: an Eastern Orthodox mother, Zoe, and an Eastern Orthodox father, Vladimir Bogomolov.

Vladimir was executed by the Oprichnina during the Massacre of Novgorod in the winter of 1569, due to being suspected as part of a conspiracy against Tsar Ivan IV. Aleksandr frantically attempted to save his father before his execution, but was prevented by his mother Zoe, who had sacrificed her husband so they could escape. The two quickly left Novgorod before reaching Moscow, where Zoe gave Aleksandr to Anastasiya before dying of fatigue.

Death of Feodor I and the Times of Trouble Edit

Assassination of Feodor I Edit


Tracking Boris Godunov and the Templars Edit


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The False Dmitriys Edit


Templar Invasion of Muscovy and Rise of Wladyslaw IV Edit


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Trivia Edit

  • Aleksandr can be translated as "Defender of man", as it is dervied from the Greek name "Alexander".
  • Bogomolov can be translated as "pious one, devotionalist", as it is a patronymic derived from the Russian богомол (bogomol).
  • Aleksandr is the first member of the Bogomolov family to become an Assassin.
  • Aleksandr has been shown to bear one prominent facial scar through his lip, it is never explained how this occurred.
  • Aleksandr was the first Assassin of the Russian Brotherhood to be buried with the Tsars. He was buried next to Mikhail under a psuedonym as per the Tsar's request.
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