Alessandro Rizzo da Roma (1510-1576) was a Roman member of the Italian Brotherhood of the Assassins, serving as its mentor from 1533 until his death in 1576. A strong and capable fighter, Alessandro led the Brotherhood through the troubled times during the end of the Renaissance.

Raised during and after the Liberation of Rome, Alessandro was care free and happy-go-lucky teenage. However, everything changed when the Templars killed his parents and destroyed Rome. Fleeing with his younger sister across the countryside, Alessandro was rescued by a Tuscan assassin. There, Alessandro continued and intensified his training, hoping to gain vengeance. Soon after, he began his quest, traveling across Italy, but soon discovered that the conspiracy was much larger than he expected.


Early LifeEdit

"Alessandro is strong. He will make a fine Assassin."
―Ezio to Alessandro's father on whether he is capable enough to become an Assassin.

Alessandro was born on May 1, 1500, as the first child of Alberto and Clare Rizzo. 3 months earlier, Clare was ill, but Alberto could not buy medicine for her because the Borgia had taken all of their money. Alberto attempted to steal the medicine, but was caught and attacked by several guards. As they beated him, Ezio Auditore da Firenze and his recruits killed the guards and rescued Alberto. He then explained why he had stolen the medicine, and Ezio offered a spot in the Brotherhood. Alberto eagerly agreed, and he and Clare took up residence at the Tiber Island headquarters. Despite the illness, Alessandro was born healthy.

Alessandro was trained to be an Assassin since the age of 7. This interested him, however his real interest was painting. A few times he helped Leonardo da Vince on his artwork, and Alessandro believed that being an artist was his true calling. This worried Alberto, a devout member of the Brotherhood, and he told Ezio of his concerns. The Mentor told him not to worry because "everything will work out".

Sack of RomeEdit

"Do not let my death cause you to hide in a corner. You are fighter, Alessandro, and a Rizzo!"
―Alberto to Alessandro moments before his death

In 1527, Alessandro was reluctantly practicing swordplay at the top of the headquarters when his father returned from Florence bloodied and injured. The Assassins swarmed around him, asking him what had happened. Alberto told them that an army under the command of Charles III was amassing on the outskirts of Rome. Alberto then told Alessandro to stay strong before dying of his wounds. A cannonball then ripped through the headquarters, forcing Alessandro to perform a Leap of Faith off of it.

After retrieving a Roman Longsword and a Leather Spaulder from the Blacksmith, Alessandro fought his way through the invading German and Spanish forces. He hoped to make to his sister and his mother, but got sidetracked when he noticed he was nearing the camp of Charles III. Alessandro avoided the guards by freerunning across the buildings, and then performed an air assassination on Charles.

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