Alessio Falcone
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February 25, 1513

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Assassin's Creed - Inheritance

"... we can do this all. We can make war, we can build, we can love. We just can't vanish into nothingness and that's that."
―Alessio Falcone

Alessio di Filippo Falcone da Roma was a Roman Assassin and artist in the sixteenth century, and an ancestor of Desmond Miles.

Son of two Assassins, the Southern Italian nobleman Filippo Falcone De Vigiliis and the Egyptian Alya, and apprentice to Benvenuto Cellini, he was one of the few Assassins born with the gift of Eagle Vision.

With the Auditore siblings, Flavia and Marcello, he was part of what many Assassins of his time called "The Great Trio".


Early lifeEdit

Alessio Falcone was born in 1513, in Rome.

His mother died during childbirth, and he was raised by his father until the age of two.

When his father was killed by a condottiero of the Orsini family, Alessio was taken away in a rush by two 17-year-old Apprentices, Giovanni Borgia and Giovanni De' Medici. After the latter got wounded, Borgia decided to leave Alessio in the foundlings' wheel of the Santo Spirito in Sassia Hospital, near the Tiber river, instead of risking his and his friend's life trying to take him to the Den.

Until the age of eight, Alessio was raised by the friars, but he frequently ran away, overall at night, and in some occasions he saw the Assassins leaping into Tiber River. At some point in his stay, he developed a phobia of mice.

Escape from the friaryEdit

Eventually, Alessio was found by the Assassins and Francesco Vecellio, along with two other Assassins, Ettore and Beatrice, entered the orphanage at night and asked Alessio if he wanted to escape and live in the Brotherhood. Alessio accepted without a hesitation, but during the escape they encountered some German soldiers in the streets, and Ettore was killed.

Alessio felt guilty for Ettore's death (he had alerted the guards with a sneeze) and refused to enter the Brotherhood. He started living as a street urchin, doing chores for the Brotherhood to earn some food, but he refused every subsequent proposal to be trained as an Assassin.

He found shelter in the galleries under Roma, where he met other homeless kids, who turned on him after seeing his "privileged" treatment. In the following three years, Alessio got one of his permanent teeth chipped after an aggression. It is also in this period he saw the ghostly form of Juno in the deepest part of the galleries, the one other kids would consider "haunted", and heard her mention someone called "Desmo".

Apprentice to CelliniEdit

In 1525, Alessio, still homeless, met Flavia and Marcello Auditore for the first time. Some days after Marcello's departure with Giovanni de'Medici, now a Master Assassin and Commander of the Papal Army, Alessio was badly thrashed by the other street urchins, this resulting in a broken knucklebone, a black eye and several other wounds that required the attention of a surgeon.

Due to his growing bond with Flavia, Francesco Vecellio suggested him to travel along with him, Flavia, and Flavia's mother to San Secondo Parmense, where Marcello and Giovanni were staying after the latter had been wounded in battle. Not so much time after his arrival, Alessio fell victim of a prank pulled by Cosimo, Giovanni's holy terror son.

In the last days of April, before the group's departure to Venice, Alessio stole an old wanted poster from Marcello's belongings to make a copy for Flavia. He risked losing it when Cosimo lowered his trousers during the journey, but he managed to keep his secret until his clothes got torn in a game of tug of war, after which Marcello almost broke his nose with a punch and Francesco sent him away from the Guild.

Some days after, he played a part in saving Francesco's younger brother Tiziano from a Templar killer, alerting the artist and Assassin apprentice Benvenuto Cellini so he could disarm the Templar. Shortly after, when Benvenuto was initiated, he took Alessio as both Assassin and sculptor apprentice.

Sack of RomeEdit


The name "Falcone" is a common family name in regions like Apulia and Sicily, and it can translated as "falcon". It is also the name of the most important Medieval and Renaissance noble family in the Apulian town of Bisceglie.

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