"I'm an avenger. A masquerade. A crusader. I am an Assassin."
―Alexander Brand[src]
Alexander Brand
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Near Ontario-New York border, British America[1]

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Colonial Assassins[1]
Crew of the Ebony Hawk[1]
New France Assassins[1]

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Revanchist

Alexander Olivier Brand (1750 - unknown), and called Otaktay by the Iroquois, is a member of the Colonial Assassins, and founder and Mentor of the New France Assassins. He is of Iroquois, French and British heritage. He is also ancestor to Aaron Davis in his paternal line.


Early lifeEdit

"I fight with strength, force, and when I have absolutely no other choice... subterfuge. That's how father taught me as a child."
―Alexander explaining his style of assassination[src]

Alexander Olivier Brand was born near the Ontario-New York border in British America, in 1750 to Assassins Samuel Brand and Aquene.

He was trained as an Assassin by his parents until 1763 in the aftermath of the French and Indian War, when the Colonial brotherhood was attacked and eradicated. In an effort to protect his family, Samuel and Aquene retired themselves and settled on the Frontier, near Concord, Massachusetts.

On 7 May 1767 during the night, apparent thieves came and attempted to rob Alexander's family home but were fought off by his father, however he died from excessive blood loss caused by their leader who was called Jean-Jacques Bernard . Aquene later died from grief, sending her son into a homicidal rage from which he began hunting and killing thieves.

Life as an AssassinEdit

"I know nothing of this man: his name, his face, his whereabouts. But I will find him, if it takes the rest of my life and I will make him pay."
―Alexander, on the Hessian Johann Schmidt[src]

Alexander in his father's Assassin robes

Taking his father's robes, Brand completed his training in Louisiana and continued hunting down thieves until 1770.

Personality and characteristicsEdit

"If you don't have the strength to take what is yours, then you do not deserve it. If you do not have the strength to take a life, you should not be here."
―Alexander, to a pirate[src]

As a man of principle, Alexander believed certain rights, several being: the right of conquest but also that of retribution, believing an eye for an eye if your strong enough. He valued strength and disliked passive prostest and inaction, however he did so in certain situations although reluctantly. He also believed what would eventually become revanchism.

He had amber eyes and due to his Iroquois heritage he possessed dark skin.

Equipment and skillsEdit

"Put most anything in my hands, I'll turn it into a weapon."
―Alexander Brand[src]

Brand an assortment of weapons, ranging from a customized musket, flintlocks, swords, rope darts and a bow, he also wielded the traditional hidden blades of Assassin Order. He once claimed to be able make a weapon out of most anything.

He was a talented free-runner, fighter, decent helmsman as well as a charismatic leader and captain.


  • The basis for Alexander's appearance was derived from an earlier design for Connor Kenway from Assassin's Creed III.
  • The name Otaktay comes from the Sioux language meaning "He kills many".


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