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The Alexandria Assassins were formed in 1509 AD, 2 years before Ezio Auditore arrived in Constantinople in 1511. A small branch ofAssassins left Constantinople, in search

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Alexandria Assassin Logo

for a french politician known as Aceline, a well known female noble working with the Templars . A group of 7 Assassins travelled out to Alexandria in search of the noble. They arrived at Alexandria's port within 2 weeks and stay in an abandoned inn, located right outside the city. After 6 days of searching the city, they spot her in the 'Fruits et poissons marché', a new fish and fruit market, all crafted by the Templar hands to win the people over.

The group takes positions around the market. 3 watch over above on the rooftops, 2 in the crowds of people, and 2 approaching Aceline. A guard catches eye of the Assassins and quickly alerts Aceline and the other guards. They equip their weapons and charge at the Assassins . They quickly react and pull out their swords and attack back. The other Assassins charge aswell, and the rooftop watchers assassinate from above. Aceline pulls out her pistol and aims at Gherado Lippi, a warrior ranked assassin (Rank 7). She fires and injures him, while a fellow Assassin eliminates her from behind.

The remaining guards were killed and only 3 Assassins survived and they are notorious, with constant guards looking for them. They are stranded in Alexandria . An Italian assassin, known as Innocenzo, declares they make a new guild and "fight back the Templar control here". The new guild is formed and over time Innocenzo is apporved leader as he is given Assassin First Rank (Rank 10).


The Alexandria Assassins recruited many civilians to the cause, even if they didn't become an Assassin. Many were hired as simple messengers. Those who did become an Assassin were sent back and forth between Constantinople and Alexandria for training with a Hookblade. Many also took part in den and fort raiding.

The Alexandria Assassins by Jdrboy12

Chapter 1/Intro - Sailing back Home

I could feel the breeze of the Mediterrainian. We were traveling to Alexandria, my home. The mission was simple; Kill the Templar noble. Eveyone else around me was so calm, but I was shaking. I'm a simple apprentice still learning the ways of the Assassins. Although, I was excited to return home. I wondered what my father had done since i'd been away. I remembered him as a dull man, always working or sleeping. From time to time he would tell me stories back when he lived in Italia of 'Great Heros', masked in hoods. I always pondered what they looked like and what they did. He seemed to keep secret of what they looked like, I guess he figured i'd go searching for them. In a way he was sort of right. After I moved out, I searched endlessly for these 'Heros'. I never found them until I got a job as a dock worker. Thats when I met Gherado, an Asssassin from Constantinople. I've been with the Assassins till this day, learning what ever I can. "LAND HO'!" I jerk my head up to see Gherado. "Lets go kid, we got buisness to take care of." I nod my head and adjust my blade. The door opened to the deck. The sun rushes in and blinds me. It soon fades away and the town is visible. "Alexandria." I whisper, "Home."

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