Alexis "Lex" Stillman
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April 4,1992

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"I wanted so badly to apologize to him. But every time I see him, I remember her death all over again."
―Lex to Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings

Alexis "Lex" Stillman is an American Assassin. She is the sister of Lucy Stillman.

Alexis was born on April 4, 1992 into the Assassins and was trained alongside her sister by William Miles.


Early LifeEdit

"Lucy, I love you!"
―Alexis to Lucy

Alexis was born on April 4, 1992. Both her parents were Assassins and she was very close to Lucy. She would often tell Lucy that she loves her.

The day after her 10th birthday, Alexis was immediately trained to be an Assassin. Lucy, her sister, would often encourage her to try her best whenever she felt like giving up on training. Even though she was good at it, she was easily tired out. When Lucy was 17 and Alexis was 13, Lucy performed her leap of faith, making her an Assassin. This made Alexis feel inferior to Lucy though she never said it to her until her 16th birthday. Immediately after that, William sent her to spy on Abstergo, but Lucy wanted to study first, so she cut her ties to the order but never failed to contact Alexis for her birthdays and Christmas.

As a kid, she looked up to Lucy and Ezio Auditore da Firenze as her idols.

When she was 14, Alexis completed her Assassin training but was saddened that Lucy wasn't there to see her. When she was 16, Alexis was allowed by William to go to Medical School.

Trip to ItalyEdit

Lucy: "No way! I want you to stay with the Assassins! You're much safer there!"
Alexis: "I can't believe you. I thought you would be happy for me! You know, when you became an Assassin, I felt inferior to you. Like I wasn't good enough. That's why I trained harder, because you wanted me to be an Assassin! But when I became one, where were you? You were a no-show! I forgave you for that! Now, I think it's time for me to do what I want!"
―Alexis to Lucy after the latter objects to her wish of going to Medical School.

Wanting to share her news with her sister, Alexis went to Italy on a trip funded by William. They met up in Monterrigioni, an old Assassin fort and spent the day there together. Lucy also introduced her to a friend of hers; Rebecca Crane, also a member of the Assassin order. When they stopped at a cafe to have lunch, Alexis told Lucy that she's going to Medical School. Lucy immediately objected, wanting her to stay with the Assassins for her own safety. This led to a row between the sisters, with Alexis arguing that all her life she simply wanted Lucy to be proud of her and she thinks that it's time for her to do what she wants. After that, she left Lucy and Rebecca, deciding to go back to America and go to Med School regardless of what Lucy said.

Homeward BoundEdit

When Alexis returned to her hotel, she immediately packed her stuff up and reserved a ticket for the next flight back to the states. 3 hours later, at 7:30, Lucy found her at the airport with 30 minutes left to kill before the plane leaves. Lucy apologized to her before she left, saying that she was sorry for not being there on her induction to the order and that she supports her if she wants to go to Medical School. Alexis then replied that she forgives her and the sisters said their good byes to each other. As she was about to leave, Lucy told her that she has always been proud of her. After that, Alexis went home to America.

Medical School daysEdit

About 2 months after her trip to Italy, Alexis enrolled in the Warren Alpert Medical School in Rhode Island where their mother stayed with her. A smart girl, Alexis was offered to take advanced classes and managed to earn her M.D. in Cardiology a month after her 19th birthday. In the course of her Med School days, she only had 2 boyfriends because she didn't want them to be hurt in case the Templars went after her. Her parents, William Miles and Lucy, who managed to come home from working in Italy, attended her graduation. Lucy was extremely proud of her but only managed to stay for 2 days. Alexis was immediately taken for a job in a Hospital somewhere in Rhode Island while her parents went back with William to The Farm. Alexis and Lucy would often meet up either in Italy or in Rhode Island once every month and would contact each other thru E-mails.

Attacked by The TemplarsEdit

Richard: "Why are you letting me go?"
Alexis: "Because I pity you. You may be a Templar and I may be an Assassin, but I also took an Oath to protect lives, not take. I AM sorry for not being able to save your brother. I also want you to think of this; think about who you are serving. You're expendable to them; in their conquest for power; in their quest to enslave us all. We Assassins just want to help mankind keep their free will. Your brother, his life doesn't matter to them because they can replace him. So, if I were you, I'd leave while I still can. If you're planning on doing that, go to The Farm. I'll contact someone to meet you somewhere in Nebraska, they'll induct you to the Order. I know you want to change, Richard, so don't waste this chance."
Richard: "'"
—Alexis and Richard

One time at work a few months before her 20th birthday, Alexis was called to perform a heart surgery on a man. Despite her best efforts, the man didn't make it and Alexis was racked with guilt. She went home afterwards and went to bed. But during the night, someone sneaked into her apartment and attacked her. Thanks to her training, Alexis managed to defeat the man and used torture on him to tell him who he is and where did he come from. The man, Richard Stanton, who is the same age as her, confessed that he was one of the Templars and that he went there to kill her for failing to save her patient, Richard's brother, Leonard. Richard thought she knew who Leonard was and purposely botched the surgery to kill him. She pitied Richard for his loss and remembering her oath to save lives instead of killing, she let him go and gave him a moving lecture to think about what he's doing and that she didn't know who his brother was. Afterwards, Richard left and Alexis left as well. She resigned from her position at the Hospital and left to return to 'The Farm' and instead became a medic for the ones injured during training. Unfortunately for her, she was still forced to assassinate members of the Templar order. On her 20th birthday, she was promoted into Master Assassin and she started training children. A few days after that, Richard contacted her, wanting to be an Assassin. She immediately went to Nebraska and met up with him. When she brought him back, William scolded her for bringing a former Templar to The Farm but he eventually relented and let her train him.

Training RichardEdit

"Hey, just because I find you cute, doesn't mean I'll go easy on you."
―Alexis to Richard

With Richard on board, Alexis immediately started training him. She taught him how to free run as that was the only skill he was painfully inept at. She made him practice free running day and night, showing her harsh personality when it comes to training. But despite that, Richard never failed to flirt with her, which she always responded coldly. After his free running training (which lasted for 3 months), Alexis taught Richard how to make silent kills, which they practiced on with deers around the woods. After that, Richard performed a leap of faith, inducting him into the order. Alexis contacted Lucy about everything including his flirting to which Lucy responded with 'Are you sure you don't like him'. This made Alexis do a long distance call just to scold Lucy for that remark. After that and another 3 months later, Richard and Alexis were sent to kill two members of the Templar organization to prove Richard's loyalty to the order.

Richard: "I don't want to kill them. Those were my friends."
Alexis: "Then, you should have thought of that before you decided to join us!"
―Alexis to Richard after he hesitates on killing the Templar members.

When the two found the Templar members in Nebraska, Alexis killed one of the members. Richard hesitated but Alexis urged him to do so. Richard did so albeit hesitantly. When the two got back to The Farm, Alexis scolded Richard for his hesitance, telling him that he should've thought that he was going to kill his old friends before he decided to contact her.

Last conversation with LucyEdit

Lucy: "I just called because I wanted you to remember this; I love you, alright. Always have, always will. And I am very proud of you. I love you, Lex."
Alexis: "I-I love you too, Lucy."
―Alexis and Lucy's last conversation

After the mission, Alexis reported to William about what happened. She suggested that William send him on another assassination mission, but William decided that he has proven himself enough. After that, Alexis headed out in the woods for a while. All of a sudden, Lucy called her. Alexis asked if Lucy needed her back in Italy but was told that she didn't her there. Lucy says that she just called to tell her that she loves her and that she always had. Despite sensing that there was indeed something wrong, Alexis simply pretended that she didn't notice and simply replied that she loves her as well. A few hours later, William called Alexis and Richard. William gave them their hidden blades because of their combat prowess and told them that they would be going with him to Italy to pick up Rebecca and Desmond but they would be staying with Shaun for some reason that they weren't told.

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