Alphonse de Marigot
Dandy Render
Biographical information

24 January 1666
England, Kingdom of Great Britain


30 May 1714 (aged 48)
Kingston, Jamaica

Political information

Slave Traders
Laurens Prins (formerly)
Sugar Plantations

Real-world information

Alfie Gardner (1666 - 1714), better known as Alphonse de Marigot was an English plantation owner, slave trader, murderer and member of the Templar Order.


Early lifeEdit

Alfie Gardner was born in England in 1660 to parents Reginald Gardner (1614 - 1668) and Cassidy Wendleton (1638 - 1709). His father was a privateer who was rarely at home and a member of the Assassin Brotherhood, while his mother was a seamstress who lived in London. Reginald died in 1668 aboard Calypso's Lightning, the ship he served upon. His remains were never recovered, so it's likely that he was killed attacking a Spanish ship.

Raised by his mother, Alfie was taught how to live a normal middle-class life. However, that wasn't the production of enough action for him, so he took to the streets at night. Making a small fortune from theft, Alfie kept his money hidden away for later use. When Alfie was 13, Cassidy took Alphie and left for France.

Life as a sailorEdit

After getting settled in, Alfie returned to his old habits, but at the age of 15 he found a job at the Comédie-Française theatre in Paris. Playing in comedy shows, Alfie proved to be quite the good comedian. He took the opportunity of working at a very popular venue in Paris to meet people of power and influence.

In 1684, Alfie was offered a job to work on a merchant vessel by a French captain named Jacques Thérault. He accepted, and left Paris in November 1684 and sailed across the West Indies for years. He ended up being a capable sailor, and when Jacques died of malaria in 1691, Alfie was voted in as captain despite only being 25 years old. Upon docking in Kingston, Jamaica, Alfie learned that Jacques had owned many sugar plantations across the West Indies and now Alfie had inherited them.

In 1699 Alfie and his ship The Night's Servant were attacked by a group of pirates off the coast of Saint-Domingue. He and his crew fended them off, but Alfie's left eye was torn out. He then adopted the eyepatch typical of a pirate, but always had the patch decorated as to make it look elegant.

Retirement and subsequent returnEdit

By 1705 Alfie, aged 39, retired as captain and settled in Saint-Pierre Martinique, the location of his favorite sugar plantation. By this time Alfie had become much more arrogant due to his wealth, and had changed his name to Alphonse de Marigot. He had his complexion turned icy white, and frequently wore outlandish, yet luxurious clothes. He also had his hair dyed grey, as to make it look like a powdered wig.

Alphonse's great wealth eventually caught the eye of the Templars, and in 1706 he was approached by Julien du Casse. The details of their meeting are unknown, but Alphonse was officially inducted into the Templar Order on July 25, 1706. His influence across the West Indies helped the Templars a great deal, and Alphonse was considered instrumental to the Templars' involvement in the Caribbean.

There are records of Alphonse having a partnership with fellow slave trader Laurens Prins since 1700, though the two had an argument over the treatment of slaves in 1709; Prins believed that they should've been treated like no more than cattle, while Alphonse made sure they were always taken care of. Prins was last seen in the accompaniment of Alphonse on November 13, 1709.

Despite his retirement, Alphonse slowly became mentally unhinged in his later years. He is believed to be one of the first to discover cocaine's recreational purposes, and was also a frequent user of opium. The Templars, despite their disappointment with Alphonse, used this to their advantage and made him one of their assassins. Between 1710 and his death in 1714 alone, he is believed to have killed over 80 men and women for various reasons.


In April 1714, de Marigot was brought to the Assassins' attention. After weeks of surveillance at his plantation in Saint-Pierre, Ah Tabai ordered for Alphonse's assassination. Mary Read was tasked with his murder; it would be her introduction into the order.

On May 29 at midnight, Read managed to enter the compound and found Alphonse in bed. Instead of outright murdering him, she poisoned his tea leaves that he would drink the next morning with ricin.

The next afternoon, Alphonse was seen watching over his plantation from the balcony of his mansion, then clutching his chest. He fell over the railing and fell about 20 feet, though it was enough for him to break his neck. One of his guards quickly discovered his body. Alphonse de Marigot was 48 years old.

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