Altaïr Ibn-Sef
Altair the 2nd
Altaïr as he appears in his own Assassin Robes.
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7th June 1225, Masyaf, Syria

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Altaïr Ibn-Sef was the son of Sef Ibn-La'Ahad. Altaïr also known as Altaïr the Second. He was also the younger brother to his two sisters Maria and Bella and the grandson of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Maria Thorpe. He had helped his Uncle and grand father in the defence of Masyaf in 1257. This was one of his greatest achievements. Later he had dropped out of history after the defence of Masyaf. Clay Kaczmarek had relived his memories in the Animus in 2012. He had helped Niccolò Polo establish the Constantine Assassin's Guild. Altaïr is known to be the inventor of the hookblade. He also was the Mentor of the Turkish Assassins.


Early LifeEdit

Birth and the First Death of a RelativeEdit

Altaïr was born to Sef Ibn-La'Ahad and Adha, in Masyaf on the 7th of June, 1225. Only after a few hours of Altaïr's beginning in life Sef had been taken to by Swammi, an Assassin Apprentice and spy for Abbas Sofian. He was taken to Masyaf's Courtyard where he was going to be executed. Altaïr was carried to the courtyard by Adha accompanied by his two twin sisters, Maria and Bella . Adha watched Swammi tell Sef that his father had ordered Sef's execution. Sef bowed his head down, waiting for his death. Adha started to cry as did Altaïr as Swammi raised his axe and swung it into Sef's head' decapitating him. Adha continued screaming while Altaïr cried. Sef's head was put on a bag which would be dumped into the river in the kingdom. Abbas later threw Malik Al-Sayf (the Assassin who was running the order while Altaïr's grandfather was in Mongolia with plans to assassinate Genghis Khan) in prison.

Growing up in AlamutEdit

By the time Altaïr was two, he had been taken to a small cottage in Alamut. One time his grandfather and uncle returned. Adha slapped old Altaïr in the face. Old Altaïr said that Swammi was lying to Sef during his execution. He also asked Adha why would he want his son executed. Adha calmed down and introduced baby Altaïr to his grandfather and his uncle Darim. Darim told Adha that Maria had been killed back in Masyaf. Adha gasped in horror. Old Altaïr then said that he will train baby Altaïr to become an Assassin like himself, Darim and Sef. When Altaïr was five his grandfather started to teach him about the creed of the order and some stories of the order. He told young Altaïr that Abbas Soffian was responsible for his father and his grandmother's death and many more. Altaïr then said that they deserve to die.

Altaïr was trained in combat by Darim in 1232. He learned how to throw a knife and wield a sword. Darim sometimes struggled to teach Altaïr some skills due to the arrogance he was starting to show. His grandfather said that he was becoming very arrogant much like himself in his youth. Despite Altaïr's arrogance he concentrated very well. Darim also taught Altaïr free-running. He also concentrated very hard on this. By the time he was fifteen, he was able to fight and free-run very well. Darim had been rather impressed.

On Altaïr's sixteenth birthday he had been given his granfather's Assassin robes and his personal sword as a gift. His mother also given him some money to buy something from the markets. Altaïr went to the market to find a civillian being harassed by guards. He walked over to the guards and told them to stop harassing the woman. The guards turned to Altaïr and unsheathed their swords. Altaïr did the same and engaged in combat with the guards. Altaïr quickly dispatched the guards. He then talked to the woman who wished she could repay him but she couldn't. Altaïr said that he did not need to be repayed and told the woman to hurry to her home or she could be harassed by more guards. Altaïr then travelled to the blacksmiths where he hoped to buy some armor. He had just enogh money to by two gauntlets. Altaïr then travelled home and told his mother and sister of what happened at the markets. His mother said that he was lucky not to be hurt. His sisters just sat down amazed. They both then said that he was lucky that he was alive. Darim and old Altaïr then came and asked that he was ready to become a full Assassin. Altaïr then said that he is ready for anything.

Induction into the Assassin OrderEdit

Altaïr along with his grandfather and uncle, rode to Acre in early July, 1241 for his induction into the Assassin Order while his mother and sisters stayed at Alamut. They travelled through the gate to a large tower in the city. While his grandfather and Darim went through the door Altaïr had to climb to top of the tower. Altaïr did this very quickly and easilly to meet his grandfather and uncle at the top. Darim put down a mysterious retractable blade with leather straps on the ground. Altaïr's grandfather then asked Altaïr if he was ready to become part of the Assassin Order. Altaïr said yes. He then made his commitment to the order. Darim said that to show Altaïr's commitment to the order, his left ring finger will have to be cut off. Without hesitating Altaïr held out his left ring finger while Darim severed it and wrapped some cloth around his hand covering the wound to stop the bleeding. Old Altaïr then said that he needed to perform a Leap of Faith. Darim done a Leap of Faith before being followed by Altaïr. Once he hit the hay bale he now knew he would take on new responsibilities as an Assassin.

Life as a Formal AssassinEdit

Searching for the Memory Seals.Edit

Altaïr had been asked to come with his grandfather to his study in early October, 1241 after having killed many Templars. Altaïr's grandfather shown him a special "apple" which was harder than steel but very light. Altaïr asked his grandfather what it could do. His grandfather said it was ine of the Pieces of Eden. They were able to control minds and conjure illusions. It could also give knowledge of the past and the future. Altaïr only laughed, saying that was impossible. His grandfather then took the apple and turned the room into what looked like a temple. Altaïr asked where were they. His grandfather only said that it was not real but it was what was inside a temple underneath Damascus. Altaïr asked what was in the middle of the room. His grandfather said they were discs where memories could be recorded into them. In other words memory seals. His grandfather asked if Altaïr could get the seals. Altaïr said that he would. The temple then turned back into the study they were in. Altaïr asked when he could go in the temple. His grandfather said that the door only opens on the first day of every year. Altaïr then decided that he would like to see the temple door. His grandfather said that it was in the Assassin Bureau which had not been running since Abbas came to power.

On October the 30th, 1241, Altaïr went to the Assassin Bureau in Damascus where the gate was closed. Altaïr opened the gate and jumped into the bureau. All the books on the shelves were scattered across the floor, blood marks covered the walls, and a skeleton sat on a chair behind a scratched desk with a sword in the spine. Altaïr looked through the bureau so hard for a gate though he could not find it. He concentrated so hard his vision went dark. Altaïr asked himself what was happening and lost his concentration with his vision turning back to normal. He then started to concentrate using the mysterious sense again. He looked across the room and found what appeared to be a white brick. All the sudden he lost his concentration seeing the brick was just normal. He walked up to the brick and pushed it. All the sudden the bricks rolled to the side. The gate had an Assassin insignia on it. Altaïr looked at it closely his vision turning on again. The insignia was in blue while two buttons beside it were gold. Altaïr proceded to push one of the buttons but nothing happened. Altaïr went back to Alamut where he told his grandfather of his "sixth sense". His grandfather then said he had gained the ability of Eagle Vision and he will learn how to get used to it.

In the early morning of the first day of 1242, Altaïr travelled to Damascus. Altaïr realised that many people were talking about the New Year party that happened at midnight. He walked to the bureau and pushed the same brick as last time. The bricks then rolled to the side. Altaïr proceded to push two buttons which worked this time. The then opened as he walked into the temple. Altaïr saw many beams attatched to the walls. The temple looked like the inside of a futuristic building. All the sudden many blue lights filled the area as Altaïr walked forward. He then found a wall with a ladder and some Assassin insignias on the wall. Altaïr climbed the wall to find himself on a broken path with some glowing free-running beams before him. He jumped onto one beam before it fell. Altaïr just clung on to the next beam. The beam he previously had jumped on landed to ground. Lava started to quickly rise from the ground. Altaïr quickly jumped onto the next few beams, some of them falling into the lava. Altaïr then ran through the door which closed. Altaïr used his eagle vision to scan the area just to be sure. There were red pillars marked in his eagle vision, possibly being traps. He walked past one of the red beams where the bricks rolled to the sided and a giant mace came down to club Altaïr. He dodged the mace, as he did for the next ones. He proceded to the next room and scanned it with eagle vision to find nothing. At the center the memory seals. Altaïr then claimed the seals to then fall unconscious and teleport back to the cottage in Alamut.

Altaïr woke up to find himself with his grandfather watching over him. Altaïr gave him the seals which his grandfather thanked him for.

Retaking MasyafEdit

Five years later, Altaïr had been given a hidden gun, and a second hidden blade from his grandfather who used the apple to learn how to build them. Altaïr, now twenty-one turning twenty two in one month, had become much more arrogant. Whenever he faced and killed any assassination target, he told his mother, and sisters that he wasn't lucky. Just a better fighter. He had heared in Damascus that Abbas was alive in Masyaf. Altaïr told his grandfather this, saying that he must die.

In late May, Altaïr and his grandson went to Masyaf. His grandfather however had become very tired and wanted rest. Altaïr asked his grandfather if he would be alright. His grandfather said he would be fine. Altaïr then said he wanted to continue onwards and kill Abbas for all the pain he had caused to the family. Altaïr's grandftather said that he should be careful. Altaïr then said that he will go to Masyaf and chop off Abbas' head and bring it as show to everyone in the family. His grandfather told him to be careful and to not be captured as he left.

Altaïr arrived in Masyaf. He found two Assassins, one named Tazim, were talking about confronting Abbas and saying that he is the one responsible for his father's death. The other Assassin however refused and walked to a bench and fell to sleep. Altaïr followed Tazim to Abbas. As Tazim reached Abbas, Altaïr stepped in front of him saying that Abbas is the cause of his father's death. Abbas turned to Altaïr and said that he must be Sef's son. Tazim stood back as Altaïr ran to Abbas and unsheathed his sword just as an arrow hit his shoulder and aguard stabbed him in the stomach. Altaïr took the arrow out of his shoulder causing lots of his blood to spill. Altaïr was then taken to the prison cells where he was chained to a wall. He yelled that every good Assassin must kill Abbas or at least die trying. Abbas then became angered and had Altaïr lashed until he begged for mercy. It took the guard many lashes until he gave up whipping Altaïr saying he would never begg for mercy. Altaïr later fell unconscious due to the pain of the lashes and his untreated wounds.

After three days, Altaïr was berely able to stay conscious or speak. He was taken to the gardens behind the fortress where he was supposed to be executed. Altaïr's grandfather arrived in the fortress. Abbas went to check it out. Altaïr heard Abbas yelling to the Assassins to kill his grandfather. Abbas then retreated back to the fortress in front of the garden door. Altaïr looked down at the ground thinking his grandfather would have been outnumbered and killed. However he heard a bang and the sound of a body rolling down some stairs. After a few moments, Altaïr watched the world blur in front of him as he saw a figure approach him.

Altaïr was carried by a recruit to the courtyard. Many thought that he was dead. Though he was awoken by a burning taste in his mouth two days after he went unconscious. He woke up to find himself on a bed with his sisters, uncle, and grandfather standing beside him. Altaïr asked where his mother was. Bella and Maria stormed off crying instantly. Darim told Altaïr that as soon as she found out Altaïr had been through torture, pain, and sickness she had cried and cried and later got a heartattack and died. Altaïr bent his head down feeling responsible for his mother's death. If he had killed not tried to kill Abbas and get captured, his mother would still be alive. Altaïr then asked about Abbas. His grandfather said that he killed him and had taken his place as mentor of the Assassin order. Altaïr got into his new black Assassin robes and intended to burry his mother at Alamut. In the middle of May, Altaïr held a burial for his mother. He then burried her.

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