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The Altair, sometimes referred to by the U.S Navy as the USS Altair was a frigate used in the early 19th century, Captained under the Assassin Achilles "Dyami" Kenway. The vessel fought in many battles in the War of 1812 and also was the Flagship for the relived Assassins Fleet.


Before becoming an Assassin Ship it was first used as a Templar Trading Ship in the Knights Fleet. It served as a Trading Ship for the Templars to deliver supplies to many secret Templar Forts abandoned in Wars.

The Assassins[]

In 1805 it was on a routine supply deliver for one of the Forts. Before the Ship was ready to leave but an Assassin Man O' War attacked them. The Forts defenses did not last against the Assassin Vessel. After the defenses were destroyed the Assassins raided the Fort capturing the Frigate in the Process. The ship was given to Assassin Achilles "Dyami" Kenway who would use it in his quest to destroy the Templars control over the Sea.

Defending the Homestead[]

In 1811 the Templar Brig the Morrigan II Captained under Liam "Monro" Cormac attacked the Altair and its Harbor. Its Captain and crew eminently got to the Ship and engaged in battle with the Morrigan II. After an intense battle, the Altair overpowered the Vessel and forced the crew to beach it in the shallows. The crew and their Captained docked the ship and engaged on foot to battle the surviving crew members. After the fight was over Achilles used the ship to finish off the Morrigan II.

War of 1812[]


  • Achilles "Dyami" Kenway(Captain; 1805-Unknown)

    Captain of the Altair Achilles Kenway

  • Connor Kenway (Quartermaster; 1805-1811)
  • Many unnamed Assassins and sailors(1805-Unknown)