"If you want to become someone, start working – don't just sit there and have pity on yourself. "
―André Lindanger
André Mathiassen Lindanger was a Danish aristocrat and Templar operating in Denmark–Norway during his lifetime. He was the Grand Master of the Dane-Norwegian Rite of the Templar Order, until he was killed by Templars Vendela Magdalene and Gudbrand Aarhus – and was succeeded by the former.
André Lindanger
André Lindanger
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Febraury 1710
Viborg, Denmark–Norway


July 1769
(aged 59)
Copenhagen, Denmark–Norway

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge
Assassin's Creed: Templar
Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Voice actor

Gideon Emery
(AC: Ashes)

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Early life Edit

André was born in Vilborg in 1710 to a noble family. At a young age, he became a member of the Dane-Norwegian Templars. When Andre was 25 years adopted a 12 year old girl, Tessa Roberts. Tessa lived for the following years in the André's house that she was like a second father despite having only 13 years apart. Tessa also took the last name of André and was known from then on as Dame Lindanger. André paid a teacher who taught Tessa everything there was to know in general and what made Tessa quite happy. A promising youth, he became a member of the Inner Sanctum very fast, already at the age of 27. Despite being under the age limit, he was admitted with special permission, most likely because his father was the Grand Master. André would eventually rise to become a Grand Master himself with his father's death in 1751.

Templar-affaires Edit

The Faroe Islands Edit

Before becoming Grand Master, however, André was tasked to travel to the Faroe Islands and retrieve an artifact. The Grand Master, André's father, tasked his son to find a memory seal that had been used by the Bjorn Eriksen, a viking.

Before the voyage to the islands, André executed some investigations on the viking's backstory: his life, his heritage, his family, his connections to the Brotherhood – and the Templars Order. Upon his arrival at the Faroe Islands, André had learned that Bjorn was an Assassin that raided settlements owned by the Templars. Bjorn had a connection with the Templars through the Scandinavian Templar-turncoat Frida. During his lifetime, he had killed several high-ranked Templars – and even obtained an Apple of Eden.

When André walked down to the landing stage, André was soon contacted by a woman who called herself Frey Furaha. From what he had learned from the Grand Master, André knew Frey was the Templar leader of the Faroe Islands. They walked to the Templars' hideout: a printing works-shop. Upon their arrival here, André asked why the Order had chosen this place as a hideout. Frey answered that from here, she had the possibility to control the information that would be publihed. She controlled the printing press, not allowing the Assassins to print false and baseless articles – trying to frame the Templars as the society's bad guys.

After gaining information about the geography of the area, André and Frey went out to try locating the memory seal. The Templars back in Copenhagen somehow knew the seal was to be located at the islands, but not the exact place. André and Frey had lend some horses for the search in the woods. During the travel, André asked if there were any Assassins at the Faroe Islands. Frey answered that there were jut as many Assassins as there were Templars at the Faroe Islands: very few. After the short chit-chat, they both saw something of interest. It seemed to be some kind of cave with glowing carvings. The two Templars bound their horses to the trees before entering the cave. Inside it, André and Frey was stunned by the paintings. It showed tactics of vikings, seemingly. But the glow from the carvings turned the paintings into showing something far greater. People bowing to three other men and women – each holding a round ball. What did it mean? The Templars walked down the cave further. Not long after, they found a room with a tomb. The glowing carvings ended at the tomb. Frey walked up to the tomb and removed the top enough to see what was inside. A skeleton dressed in white robes was put to rest. The artifact was placed in the skeleton's hands. André took the memory seal. For a brief moment, it could look like the skeleton hold it back: not willing to give up the artifact. André pulled a little harder before he got it free. According to the Templars in Copenhagen, the seal was to obtain information of a great value. What could it be inside them? When it began to glow, André and Frey dropped their jaws. André dropped it, but the shining plate was glowing stronger and stronger. Things became white before it went black. When André opened his eyes again, he was standing outside cave – but there were no trees. He and Frey were both shimmering in blue.


Offares, Byzantine Templar

A man dressed in white robes and a red and white robe. The man was carrying the seal with him. Behind the man, persons who had to be his family walked with sorrowful faces. It seemed they knew what was going to happen. André could tell from Templar-records that this was the same things that was happening at the deathbed of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. This was written by the Byzantine Templar Offares – great grand child of the Templar Seraffo. André and Frey was witnesses of following the man in white robes into the cave. A stone was placed in front of the cave. How was that removed? The man was walking through the corridors. André and Frey could not do anything but following the man. Inside the tomb, the man let his fingers touch the letters: Kit Zavier. The man then viewed over the treasures and food his family had left behind. Things he would need in the afterlife.

When André again opened his eyes, he and Frey now noticed the rotten food and the robbed treasures. "Why would the grave-robbers leave behind this plate?" André answered that he did not know, of course – but the most reasonable argument was that the robbers did not found any value in it, or saw it as witchcraft. André and Frey walked out of the cave, with the memory seal in their inhabitance. They would now return to the city and investigate the facts: who was Kit Zavier, and what was his meaning in life? They also wanted to know: what is the seal; what does the Dane-Norwegian Templar Council need with it?

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  1. André is a French and Portuguese form of Andreas, coming from Andrew – which means manly or masculine.
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