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Andrés François
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Andrés in a battle, see another enemy ship approaching behind his Madame de la Mer
Biographical information

19 June 1697


18 March 1773 (aged 75)

Political information
  • French Navy (1712–1714)
  • Pirate Republic (1717–1718)
  • Caribbean Assassins (1717–1728)
  • British Assassins (1728–1735)
  • French Assassins (1735–death)
  • (Templars, unwillingly)
Real-world information
Appears in

AC IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed: Purge (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

"To know when you're going to die, is worse than knowing you're going to die"
―Andrés François teaching his illegitimate daughter about how it is to be hunted

Andrés François, aka The French Tongue, aka Andrés François, marquis de Bullion, aka lord Verdict was an Pirate-turned-Assassin that operated in Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy, Great Britain and France. He was the husband to Templar Quintina LeCroix, father to Madeleine, Louis-Dominique and Élise. He was an descendant of Marie Anne François, the Templar-martyr who died in the High Middle Ages.

During his time as Assassin, Andrés met a woman named Eleonora Verdict, whom he had a daughter with: Victoria Verdict. Also, as a high-ranked Assassin, Andrés' was tasked by Edward Kenway to locate the creator of the Observatory in Jamaica: Consus. Back in Great Britain, Andrés and Eleonora managed to locate a Shroud of Eden in Ipswich – which had contact with Consus. They brought this to Kenway, who sealed it in a box – and hid it inside the White Chapel. With the death of Kenway in 1735, Andrés and Eleonora hid it in a vault under the Buckingham Palace. Eleonora and Victoria was tasked to stay in Bath – making sure the Templars did not managed to capture the city. He left for France. Who was Consus?

In France, Andrés located the French Brotherhood, wanting assistance from them. He was recruited, and tasked to find a Piece of Eden called The Staff of Eden. It was rumored that the King used this to control the minds of the people, the clergy, and the aristocrats. The King was in that case a puppet, ally or member of the Parisian branch of the Templar Order.

Early life[]

Born in the gutter[]

Born in the outskirts of Marseilles, Andrés was the son of a family of thieves that taught him various tricks as he grew up, turning him into a master of disguise and sleight-of-hand. While his crimes as a child were relatively petty, Andrés soon advanced to more serious thefts, robbing stagecoaches and pilfering jewelry from princesses and nobles. He was the oldest of six children, and when his mother died giving birth to the sixth child, Andrés took a job as a journeyman landlord in the city at the age of 8. In the city he worked for a baker named Gaspar-René La Culotte. The young boy served as the journeyman from the age of 8 to the age of 13.

A Princess[]


At the age of 13, Andrés one night went to the theatre. At the theatre, he picked one girl with shining of gold, sapphires and other jewelry: Camille Duvalier, princess of Bouches-du-Rhône. Camille was approximately in the beginning of her 17s, making her four years older than him. She was dressed in a red purple, and with her orange hair like a mane. Around her neck it was wrapped a neckless with a red cross. After the death of her father, her brother had got the role as the Prince, but he died of sickness – and since he had no heirs – she was given the role to rule. She was at the theatre with her grandparents – her mother had lost her life after being killed by robbers.

Camille Duvalier

When the play was over, Andrés waited outside. Her grandparents walked up to the carriage, with their sticks in front of them. Their granddaughter walked behind them – and in the shadows Andrés walked up to them. He was without scruples when it came to rob nobles: they were born in wealth, and did not know what it meant to work hard to survive in the world. He grabbed his dagger and threatened the 17-year-old. When he asked for her purse and jewelry, she gave it to him. When he turned to go however, he heard a pistol clicking. The robber turned around, seeing a pistol muzzle pointing at him. The pistol had been hidden under her cape, impossible to see. She asked the robber to giver her back her purse. The young man did so, and the princess immediately yelled for the guards. Andrés, perplex of the yelling, dropped the weapon and fled the crime-scene.

Returning to the Le Culotte, Andrés was soon apprehended by the landlord's journeymen: Le Culotte had tasked them to stalk the young boy – he was a bit suspicious how he got moneys except for the wages he was given from Le Culotte. They saw him trying to rob Camille Duvalier, and now they would take him to the bailiff in Marseilles. Andrés, terrified, hit his attackers in the balls; before kicking Le Culotte in the same place. All three of them fell to the ground. Andrés grabbed a barrel and hit each of them in their stomach and head: killing the journeymen, and making Le Culotte blind by the wood-splinters. Andrés fled the inn, leaving the people who he had knwon for years, behind. How could they have betrayed him on this way? Who did not needed money for their family?

Andrés would turn to a life of crime the next two years.

Part of a crew[]


Madame de la Mer

Golden Age of Piracy[]

Captain of de la Mer[]

Locate the Great Man[]

Pirate Republic[]

Caribbean Assassins[]

Working with Kenway[]

Locate Mlle. Rodriçoir[]

A Piece of Eden[]


Kenway-adventures []

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Eleonora Verdict []

Victoria Verdict[]

The Templar in Bath[]

The Shroud of Eden[]


Novice of the Parisian Branch[]

Andrés François' Assassin robes

Kill La Culotte[]

Kill Duvalier []

Kill Vipère[]

Investigate the monarchy[]

Seven Years' War[]

The Staff of Eden[]

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Later life[]



Templars []