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Andrew Waring Janea
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Biographical information

April 03, 1985

Political information

Filipino Brotherhood of Assassins

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Conquest

Andrew Janea, a Filipino Assassin who unknowingly abducted by the crew of Abstergo Foundation Manila Branch founded by the Filipino Templars. As he relives the memories of his ancestor Habagat, a Visayan Assassin along with the famous Datu of Opong/Opon Lapu-Lapu and became Grandmaster of Assassins in 1550.

Early life[]

Andrew was born on 03 April, 1985 to his father Jericho Janea and mother Rosamie Ingson Waring. His father was a professional engineer in a famous company where they were suppliers of military weapons for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Most people don't even know that his father was a grand-master of the Filipino Brotherhood of Assassins before he became an engineer.