Andrew Whitehound
Andrew Whitehound
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April 21, 1990

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Andrew "Andy" Whitehound (1990 -) is a member of the Assassin Brotherhood and the main protagonist of Heritage. He joined the Brotherhood in 2013 after escaping capture from Abstergo. He was selected to retrieve his ancestors Apple of Eden by the Assassins later on, he retrieved it in December, 2013 this was a big one up on the Assassin Brotherhood. He was a descendant of the Assassins, Issa and Alerion D'Aramitz.


Early LifeEdit

Andy was born and raised as your ordinary person. He went to school, went through puberty, graduated, went to college and eventually got a job but little did he know that he was of Assassin heritage.

Working for AbstergoEdit

After graduating college in engineering, Andy saw Abstergo was hiring engineers for their Abstergo projects and so Andy applied and got the job a few weeks later. Andy worked at Abstergo for a few months loving his job until on his night shift he was kidnapped by the guards and placed in an animus, he began reliving the genetic memories of his ancestor from the French Revolution. After being pulled out, Abstergo told him of why they did this: because he had an Assassin heritage and his ancestor wielded a Piece of Eden in his lifetime they then resumed animus time.

After a few days, through his time in the animus, Andy had discovered many secrets about the Assassin and Templar Order and knew he had to escape. Via the Bleeding Effect, Andy used his ancestors skills and escaped Abstergo.

Joining the AssassinsEdit

A month went by and Andy was found by the Assassins, they took him to their hideout and explained to him his heritage. Andy wished to join the order for revenge on Abstergo, they agreed to train him via the animus.

After training in the animus through reliving the life of his African ancestor Issa. The Assassins assigned Andy to find the Piece of Eden his French ancestor found in the nineteenth century, Andy had no choice but to accept this mission.

Hunt for the AppleEdit

Andy began his mission immediately jumping in the animus and finishing the life of his ancestor.

A few days later, while in the animus he was pulled out by the Assassins and was told an important member of the group had been kidnapped and the Assassins superior to Andy were either dead or missing so Andy was chosen to retrieve this captured Assassin. The Assassins location was at Abstergo.

Andy returned to Abstergo with his new skill set and defeated all the guards in his way and eventually he got to the top floor (where the Assassin was being held) and killed the leader and retrieved the Assassin. After this Andy was congratulated and rewarded the rank of Master Assassin, Andy then returned to the animus.

Finally, Andy had gotten to the point where his ancestor discovered the Piece of Eden. Andy discovered that his ancestor had hidden it in a Vault in Paris. Andy and the Assassins later retrieved it.


Andy is blond with blue eyes, and stands at about 6'1. He is fit for his age and prefers to wear his hood up than down due to him feeling insecure about his "messy" hair.


After his time in the animus, Andy obtained Eagle Vision from his French ancestor: Alerion and also obtained some of his skills via the Bleeding Effect. Andy has the ablities of his African ancestor: Issa also through the Bleeding Effect.

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