"Looks can be deceiving"
―A taunt preformed by The Nag.
Angélique Ingur was a Haitian-French voodoo princess who was captured by French Pirates in the 1770s. She was able to use her charm and wits to escape and chose to stay in France. Whilst in France, Angélique found the Assassins and chose to join them and was a helpful member of the order during the French Revolution. She located and hunted down the members of the Luxembourg fighters, along with the Assassins Marie Anne and Pierre Étienne.

At some point during the production of "Behind the Revolution" (a codename for Assassin's Creed: Changes), Angélique's genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar. The purpose was to influence the general public via the different game consoles, under the pseudonym The Nag.

She is an ancestor of Ethan Homecome.

Angélique Ingur
Biographical information

Unknown, c. 1749–1751


1819 (70 or 68 aged)

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Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Assassin's Creed: Ashes


Mariah Inger

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  1. Angélique is a French form of Angelica – which is derived from Latin angelicus meaning "angelic", ultimately related to Greek αγγελος (angelos) "messenger".
  2. The quote was created by Grifidj10
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