Angela Crawford
Angela Crawford
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1751 (aged 31)

London, United Kingdom

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British Assassins (until 1751)

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Assassin's Creed: Source (mentioned)

Angela Crawford (1719 - 1751) was a member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins during the 18th century. Through a union with the Templar Richard Ravensdale she sired a son, Kenneth Ravensdale. Kenneth would go on to father Angela's grandson, Osyka, making Angela an ancestor of Horatio Pierce.

She met the Templar Richard Ravensdale in 1745 through a mutual assassination target, Charles Radclyfe. After agreeing to work together she fell for him and vice versa which would lead to the birth of their son, Kenneth, in 1746.

On December 8 1746, the two finally assassinated Radclyffe but also learned of each other's true allegiance the two broke off their relationship and cut ties in order to protect each other and their son. Richard made one request before leaving, that Angela would not indoctrinate Kenneth into the Assassin-Templar conflict to which she agreed.

She raised her son completely unaware of the Assassin-Templar War although in 1751, the Templar Grand Master of the British Rite ordered an attack on her and Kenneth's manor. Angela died protecting her son, her death would go on to lead Kenneth into becoming an Assassin like her.

Angela possessed Eagle Vision which she would go on to pass to her son.

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