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"I've waited six long years to kill you Conti, because all the messes you made will be cleaned after you die. "
―Angelo Gallantino
Angelo Gallantino
Biographical information

October 30, 1919
Little Italy, New York


April 10, 2008
(aged 89)
Washington D.C.

Political information

Assassin Order
The Mafia (specific families/families allied with the Assassins)

Real-world information

Angelo Vincenzo Gallantino is a gangster (Mafioso) who workes for the Mafia (to be exact, the Russo family) and a member of the Assassin Order and the Mafioso Assassins. Giuseppe Conti, the Don of the Conti Family, is a Templar, affiliated with the Mafioso Templars, is the target of Angelo. Angelo is also the descendant of Victorius Juventus and Ezio Auditore da Firenze and one of the distant relatives of Desmond Miles.

Life of Crime and Assassins[]

Angelo was born into a life of Crime to the Mafia. He was born to a Sicilian father and a Roman mother, both from Italy. When Angelo was 19 years old, he was affiliated with the Mafia and he and his best friend Pepe had crime in their hands. Angelo worked hard for his family, the Mafia and importantly, himself. Angelo first heard about the Assassins when he heard about Don Conti (Giuseppe) being a Templar, as the Templars were against the Assassins. Angelo was inducted to the family and his Mafia family hated the Conti Family and the Templar Mafia families allied with him. Angelo then studied about the Assassins, reading books and finally, learning his heritage of being an Assassin from Victorius Juventus, Giovanni and Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Angelo then figured out that the Mafia families against the Conti family was allied with the Assassins all over the world, which the crime they did was in favor of the Assassins. The Russo family do crime in honor of Ezio. Angelo was then an Assassin. Angelo had his hidden blades constructed for him by an Italian tailor in Little Italy named Luca. Angelo then targeted all the Templar gangsters in Manhattan, Little Italy, Chinatown, Kingston and even other gangs. Angelo then reached a warehouse in Little Italy and was ambushed by Conti's men. Angelo succeeded and Angelo and Pepe killed Giuseppe. Angelo resigned from the Assassins at the age of 67, but was allied with them. Angelo died in 2008 by murder, Giuseppe's grandson who killed Angelo in favor of his death.


  • Angelo's two brothers and his sister moved to Italy in 1945, while Angelo stayed in New York with his Mafia friends.
  • Angelo's Italian lineage of Assassins mean that his ancestor's legacies live on.
  • Angelo's favorite rifle was a Thompson Submachine Gun.