"When I was young, I was foolish enough to believe that being an Assassin can erase all of my country's problems but then, here I am..." Antonio Ramos after He finished all his problems.

Antonio Ramos was born in August 16, 1925. He was A Filipino Assassin who fought in the American Revolution. Raised by Alecia Rivera and Carlo Ramos, Antonio Ramos was a remarkable boy. Others might find him orphan, caused by his face which he was trained for 5 years of his life. Antonio grew up in a forest, so therefore, knows how to survive along the wilderness.


Early LifeEdit

Antonio was a poor person. He spent most of his time exploring or wandering around the forest. Sometimes he kills wild pigs and takes care of some birds. Often times, he goes around the city and searching for some screws, nails, metal or wood for his father's needs.

Father's Death Edit

"Antonio, I'm sorry to say this, but your father, he- he died." -Messenger talking to Antonio.

Antonio's father was a War Veteran. But before his Father was sent away by the general Antonio's father showed something... Antonio, along with his father opened a secret room where all his weapons and robes are stored in a chest. His father gave him the chest and told him that he should keep it for he might use it in time. When Antonio found out that his father was going home, he was so excited to see him again. But however, a messenger arrived and said that his father died within the execution of the Japanese leader. when he found out about this, he was both sorrowful.


"The strongest will survive, Antonio, so be strong!" - Antonio's Uncle

It's been a year since Antonio's father died. He wasted his teenage life training in combat techniques, assassinations, and all the knowledge his father never told him. His uncle also taught him all about the templars and how Agila Dela Cruz helped in protecting Philippines from the Templars. When he found out that Japan is attacking the Manila city, he quickly headed there wearing his Assassin's Robes. As the war continues, he was shot at the knee after killing the 34th soldier. But he managed to survive in the war.

Discoveries and Building a creedEdit

He saw a hidden well at his room. After he pulled out the object that was blocking it, he explored the cave and found the Andres Bonifacio's old robes along with the sword in it. But the cage was locked and the only way to acquire it is by the keys. He created the order in the Philippines. He wrote the rules and spoke with it to the members. He trained the members and sent throughout the parts of the world to train them and spread the order, While newly recruited assassins however, was still being trained by one of Antonio's Special trainers.

Battle and DefeatEdit

Antonio and his Assassins went to Bataan for battle. He spoke with General Edward P. King about the battle. Many Assassins died but Antonio managed to survive. In the End the Filipinos and Americans surrendered to spare the lives of the many Filipinos and Americans who was outnumbered.

Assault against the KempeitaiEdit

Antonio thought of sending full attack to the kempeitai, and they were succesful. After the attack, the Japanese were so surprised that they surrendered and the kempetai was disbanded and disarmed.

The Piece of EdenEdit

Antonio found a piece of Eden and kept it in a safe place. And he is the only one with the advanced technique to acquire it.

Infiltration on Malacanang PalaceEdit

Antonio infiltrated the Malacanang palace for the plans of Marcos.

Assassination of Benigno AquinoEdit

"You will see all your wrongs before you die!" - Benigno Aquino before he was assassinated.

He heard the plans of Benigno Aquino to his country to be ruled over with the power of another piece of Eden. So, he diguised himself and Assassinated Benigno Aquino. And took the piece of Eden.

Other RevolutionEdit

Antonio was one of the rallyists in the Mendiola Massacre, though he was not aiming for Corazon, he was aiming for Jose Diokno and J.B.L. Reyes. He want them to resign for their tyranny.


It has been 85 years since Antonio Ramos lived, and he knew that his Brotherhood wouldn't last long. So, he assigned it to Jose, shortly after his death, the Assassins Buried him in a Special Coffin with a seal for reminding others of his work. and then enclosed him in an area only openable by obtaining the 7 seals. The seals indicated a letter, a pen, a man, a sword, a shield, An assassin's robes, and a hidden blade.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Antonio was taught of Free Running at the beginning of his training. He was a fast Runner and a High jumper. He was also very damage-resistant. He has very high reflexes, very big body, and very lightweight.


Ledge Kick

Antonio was taught by his father called Ledge kick. It was used to kick off Templars while hanging on a ledge.


It was performing a normal vault but in a 180 degree direction


  • Hidden Blade- The Assassin's Favored weapon.
  • Machete- Perfect in close range combat. It can also be thrown.
  • Blow Dart- Stealth kills in long distances.
  • Impact Bomb- Bomb that is used for multiple templar kills with ease.
  • Grappling blade- used by hooking up unscalable walls.
  • Revolver- Pistol for short range shots.


Antonio was found to be obidient but a bit arrogant. He is also a calm hearted man with passion. He's a brave warrior and a very smart person too. He is also initiative infornt of other people. He can be also found as Brutal, assuming all stabs on the parts of wild animals.


  • Antonio is best suited for distraction and stealth. But he still have some skills within open combat.
  • Sometimes Antonio can be lazy, he uses his grappling blade to pull himself up even in scalable walls.
  • Antonio is also good at crafting assuming of his idea for the grappling blade.
  • On some occasions Antonio uses his voice to imitate a civilian under attack making the guards distracted.
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