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"My ancestors came to this land away from the troubles of the world in hope of preventing it from spreading. But now it has followed us. My father is dead at the hands of those troubles, and now I must fulfill my duty. Decanse en paz. "
―Arnaldo, talking to Sir Charles Saunders, after assassinating him.
Arnaldo de Narvaez
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Don Arnaldo Alejandro de Narvaez y Avala (1756-1821) a.k.a El Aguila (The Eagle' (I'II)) was a Hispanic Assassin living in Colonial America during the 18th/19th Centuries, and during that time fought for the liberation of the American States of Georgia, South Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia on behalf of the Continental and New Spaniard Armies. He is the ancestor of modern assassin, Jaime Rodriguez.


Gathered from the factfile left by Jaime: Arnaldo was the Don of Key Point, a title that has been in his family since his ancestor, Panfilo de Narvaez was made Conquistador (Conquorer) of Florida, although Panfilo never actually conquored it. They title has then come to a much more honourifuc title, Don, which is the basic title given as a protector of the inhabitance of the local area. Arnaldo gained the title after his elder brother, leon went far north to help the Continental Army in the Canadian Front.

Early Life[]

"This was never to be my responsibility, My brother was to lead, I was to follow behind him in his shadow."
―Arnaldo, reflecting back on his life.

Arnaldo was born the second child and son of Don Alejandro de Narvaez and Elena de Avala. He had an elder brother, leon who was born two years before him. While his brother was taught to lead, Arnaldo was taught to follow, in preparation for Leon to take over as Don. Three years after his birth, his sister, Isabell was born.

Arnaldo lived quite the privileged lifestyle, but was always determined to out best his brother. They would constantly try to beat each other at fencing, which would usually end with Leon as the victor. Arnaldo never gave up on trying to beat his elder brother and often kept himself perched in high positions in order to catch him by surprise. Leo kept saving "Usted debe ser un pájaro, ya que te gustan los lugares altos." (You should be a bird, seeing as you like high places).

Their father enjoyed telling Arnaldo about their family history, and even stories about some famous assassins in the past: The master assssin who ruled the holy lands, the aristocrat who overthrew the borgia, the assassin who poisoned Alexander the Great, and a lot more. He was also fascinated by the designs of the hidden blade, he even drew up his own little designs on the stone outer walls in chalk. But he knew that his brother would be the one to succeed their father.

Life as an Assassin[]

Alejandro: "Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember..."
Arnaldo: "Nothing is true."
Alejandro: "Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember..."
Arnaldo: "Everything is permitted."
Alejandro: "We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

---Arnaldo's initiation into the Assassin Order, performed by his father, Alejandro.

Sequence 1: The Lion Has Claws . . .[]

Key Point, FA 1775

At the age of 19, Arnaldo was at the right age to finally receive his robes. His elder brother Leon had already been wearing them for two years and had already arranged for a transfer to the Northern Colonies. Arnaldo was upset to see his brother leaving, but he hugged his brother for a final time before he switched to their mother, their sister, and finally their father who was both looking proud at his eldest for taking on such a responsibility, but also sad to see him leave his family to go further north than any of them had ever gone in their families history

"I know you'll make us proud." Their father said to Leon, before releasing his grip on him and he parted ways, pulling up his hood over his head. The white robes with orange curled patterns soon vanished as Arnaldo watched his brother go further and further away, until he was there no more.

Arnaldo confronted his mother, while she wept like a mother should when one of her children leaves for the first time and not knowing when they shall return. Isabell, his sister cried slightly, but she was made of much sterner stuff than their mother was, after all she was a de Narvaez and the blood of Assassins as he was well.

Their father, Don Alejandro, placed his hand on Arnaldo's left shoulder and slowly loosened him from his mother grip.

"It is time." He whispered into Arnaldo's ear, as Arnaldo turned to meet his fathers eyes, he was still gathering round his brothers departure, but he was now also gathering excitement on the new revelation that had occurred, he was nineteen, which meant, due family tradition, he was old enough to be accepted into the order.

"I'm ready for this" he said, though he was also shaking, ever by the adrenaline or maybe just a slight touch of over excitement.

"Good, but before we begin. I require a few items that you will need to collect: some wood, a few coins and a small blade. Once you return with these items, The ceremony shall begin."

Arnaldo accepted the mission and immediately dashed off into town. His feet rapidly hitting against the roads as he pulled his body constantly forward. Arnaldo continuously turned his head looking for something in relevance to the list he had been given. . .