Arne Otsberg (1766-1834) was a Swedish Assassin who lived during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. He fought alongside Assassins and armies from Germany, France, Spain, and Russia in the fight against Emperor Napoleon of France. He was also the ancestor of Griffin Hynes on the Maternal line.

Arne Otsberg
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June 9, 1766 Stockholm, Sweden


August 29, 1834 (68)

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Assassins Swedish Army (1805-1810) Third and Fourth Coalitions (1804-1807

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Assassin's Creed: Alliances

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Early Life Edit

"As teenagers, Knut and I looked for trouble and found it."

Arne was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1766. He was the second child to a noble family and lived his early life with luxury. Arne and his brother, Knut were close brothers who both went to the same school and were good students. By the time they became teenagers, Arne and Knut looked for trouble and often found it, resulting in them getting arrested a few times. By the age of 16, the two brothers were called by their father who scolded them for their recent behavior, then told them that they had potential for something big and one day they would find out what it was.

Learning Family History Edit

"Knut begins to pick the lock, I keep watch. No guards coming. He successfully picks the lock and we enter."

In 1782, a now 16 year old Arne had given up on messing with the guards of the city after getting arrested once again for three months after stealing coin purses from several people. When released, Arne chose that this life wasn't worth it and announced his changed ways to his family, who accepted it with open arms except Knut, who wasn't ready to give up their life of trouble just yet. The two brothers still cared deeply for each other, but had their arguments over Arne quitting getting in trouble, this got their father's attention who finally decided that the two of them were old enough to learn about their family's history. One morning in August of 1782, Arne and Knut's father called them over to the room he was in, there the two brothers were sat down by their father who told them the family secret, their father and other relatives from past times were part of a secret group called the Assassins and told them about the nature of the Assassins and that they had potential to become Assassins if they choose. Arne and Knut both thought about it for a few hours and chose to join the order of Assassins. Their father first needed to make sure if they could complete missions needed for the order, and sent them to steal money from a chest in a noble house heavily guarded. Arne and Knut went to the house and snuck in from the roof and made their way to the room were the chest was located. Once there, Knut began to pick the lock while Arne kept watch behind him, they eventually breached the room and stole as much money as they could carry from the chest and returned home. Their father congratulated them and indicted them as members of the Assassins.

Family Tragedy Edit

"Never before have I felt grief the same way as I did then, my family and I start crying on our own times after the general visits us."

For the next six years, Arne and Knut worked together and went on solo missions for the Assassins that included, killing Templar agents, stealing documents from members of the Swedish royalty, and keep peace in the city streets. In 1788, news came to the Otsberg family that Sweden and Russia were now at war and were looking for volunteers. Arne considered joining the army in his youth, and he now had the opportunity to but he chose to remain an Assassin over being a soldier. This decision wasn't taken well by Knut, who always wanted to look for ways to serve his country and the two brothers had a heated argument that night, which ended with Knut telling Arne that when he would return, he would choose not to be an Assassin anymore but remain an ally in the military. Arne agreed that that would be a good compromise and the two wished each other luck the next morning when Knut left to join the army. For three months, Arne and his family would receive letters from Knut, telling them about his experiences and how he still loved and missed them. Eventually the letters stopped coming, and the Otsberg family just thought that battles were just interrupting his letter writing. Their thoughts were crushed when they received a letter from one general saying that Knut had been killed by Danish forces shortly after the Theatre War begun. Arne felt grief like he never felt before along with his family, this caused Arne to become more silent and distant in general. Despite this, Arne continued to serve the Assassins loyally, even though he still struggled with the loss of his brother, but he still learned to accept his brother's death and looked into the future.

Relocation to France Edit

In 1789, a year after Knut's death, Arne and his family had finally began to get better in terms of loss and their lives were able to continue. Arne still served the Assassins loyally across Sweden and sometimes venture to Norway for missions. One day in 1789, Arne heard of a violent revolution in France, Arne was intrigued and considered traveling there to meet up with the local Assassins and help them with the chaos, but wanted to make sure that Assassins were active in France before going there. Arne's answer would come two years later in 1791, where he heard that a man named Charles Gabriel Sivert had been killed by someone in the Notre Dame Cathedral in France. Upon hearing how the murder had been made, Arne was sure that an Assassin had done it and immediately went to his home to prepare for his relocation to France. After packing his things, Arne bid his family members goodbye and promised that he would write to them like Knut had done and left for a boat to France.

A New Friend Edit

"The mentor of the French Assassins says that Arno and I are to now be partners as Assassins. This started a friendship between us."

In February of 1791, Arne arrived in France and four days later, arrived in Paris. Upon entry, Arne was so amazed on how big and lively the city was, but that feeling was later crushed when he saw so many riots and lootings in the city by the angry and starving people. Arne searched around the city for days, looking for any signs of Assassin activity or something that can help him find were they were based at. One day, Arne spotted a man in blue robes jumping between roofs of buildings, Arne then climbed to the roof of one building and began to chase after the person. Eventually the man lead him to some sewers before disappearing, Arne searched around for him before suddenly being pinned to a wall and seeing a hidden blade near his face. The man demanded to know Arne's name and why he had following him, Arne responded with his name and stating he was a member of the Assassin order. Knowing this, the mysterious man took his arm used to pin Arne off of him and said he was part of the same group and questioned Arne what he was doing in France because he sounded foreign. Arne told the man that he had come to France to help the Assassins with all the chaos going on and knew the Templars would hatch some plot in this chaos. The man then tole Arne his name was Arno Dorian and brought Arne to the Assassin council. Arne repeated the reason for his traveling to France to the council and asked them to allow him to assist them, to which the council accepted and declared that Arne would accompany Arno on his missions, starting a friendship between the two.

Assistance Edit

Arne and Arno would work together on many missions together throughout Paris and this brought them to trust each other and become friends. In one mission done together, the two Assassins needed to get information on one of Arno's targets: Frédéric Rouille, so they scouted parts of Paris that were under heavy Templar influence to hopefully find someone or something that can give them any sort of leads. When they arrived, they were immediately charged at by Templar guards, Arne killed five of them with his sword and dagger and Arno killed three of them with his weapons. After the guards were dead, they made their way to a building full of guards and they realized that they would need to split up to find intel. So Arne chose to go to the roof to kill any guards that were on the verge of detecting Arno while Arno made his way into the entrance and keep moving, then they would meet up at the second level of the building and continued on together. The plan went well with Arne killing any guards that were about to see Arno with his hidden blade, and breached the building through a window after Arno entered the building. Arne killed seven more guards as he made his way to Arno and once they were together, they continued on. They eventually found a locked door, Arno then used his Eagle Vision and saw that the information needed to get to Rouille. Arne then picked the lock and the two Assassins were greeted by four guards upon entry, Arne killed two of them with his throwing knives while Arno killed the other two with his Phantom Blade. After that happened, Arno took the documents that held the place that Rouille might be. The two Assassins then left the building to the council after the mission was done.

Someone Of Suspicion Edit

"Arno burns the documents and the officer with him pulls out a box. He produces something- Wait! Is that? I can't tell for sure but I know I saw something circular and golden."

In 1792, Arno was sent to Palais des Tuileries to destroy documents that could destroy the brotherhood sent from Assassin mentor, Mirabeau to the king of France. Arno chose to bring Arne along with him and they made their way to the the Palace and were met by a rioting crowd upon arrival. The two Assassins chose to split up with Arno going through the front gate and Arne scouting the palace on a nearby roof. The plan worked well withe Arne killing any snipers that could potentially shoot Arno. After half an hour, Arne noticed Arno in a room with another man, an officer by the looks of him, and he saw them fight off extremist revolutionaries and Arno opening a secret door after they were dead. Arno grabbed the documents and saw the officer taking out a box and see him produce what looked like a circular golden object out of it. Arne wasn't sure what he actually saw, but he was no less worried and curious and chose to ask Arno about it. When Arno eventually escaped the palace, Arne questioned him on the officer he had been fighting with, to which Arno replied that the man was a Corsican officer named Napoleon Bonaparte. Arne then asked Arno if he had seen what Napoleon had taken from the box in the room, to which Arno replied that he didn't notice. This only added to Arne's suspicion and told Arno to make sure Arno kept a close eye on Napoleon should they meet again, and made their way home.

Dark Times Ahead Edit

Arne continued to spy and gather information on Napoleon while assisting Arno with some of his missions. The first time Arne actually got to meet Napoleon was when Arno met with him to get the final word on Rouille before killing. While the two met, Arne observed from a few feet away and even shook hands with Napoleon after the conversation was done. Arne couldn't help but respect Napoleon for his bravery and cunning intellect and considered that maybe he hadn't taken the Apple, but still was sure to keep a close eye. When the time came for Rouille to meet his end, Arno once again breached the palace, but Arne breached the other side of the palace to minimize the amount of guard activity. As Arne moved through the palace, he killed almost all the guards along the way, freed some captured soldiers of the French army, and busted down the entrance to allow the rioters to breach in and also help distract the guards. As Arne reached the top of the palace, he saw Arno fighting Rouille and a bunch of guards surrounding them with one raising his axe to bring it down on Arno. Thinking quickly, Arne shot the brute with his pistol and killed two more with his hidden blades. Arne then produced his sword and fended off the remaining guards. While fighting, Arne received some cuts and one stab wound, but then learned the enemy's tactics and focused more on parrying then counter killing them. This provided Arno with enough time to kill Rouille and help Arne kill the final two guards. When the targets had been killed, the two Assassins ignited their smoke bombs to throw the snipers' aim and escaped the palace with Rouille dead. After completely becoming incognito, Arno thanked Arne for all the help he had provided over the past few months. Arne then asked Arno if he had been keeping an eye on Napoleon, to which Arno replied that he didn't Arne was serious about that. This enraged Arne who told Arno that he was pretty sure he had seen Napoleon take the Apple of Eden. After a brief shouting match, Arne then chose to back off stating that they had just one a victory and didn't want their friendship ruined. The two then parted on relatively good terms, but Arne left not completely trusting Arno.

Helping A Friend In Need Edit

In 1793, Arne had been in France for two years now, he continued to write to his family and visited them a year prior. He also continued to serve the Swedish and assist the French Assassins. One day in 1793, Arne visited the Assassin Council and asked them if he could help any Assassins in missions, they said that he need not do anything for now seeing as he had already done a lot of work for the brotherhood. Arne then questioned them where Arno had gone seeing as he hadn't seen him for a few weeks, the council informed Arne that Arno had been expelled from the Assassins for not asking for permission of the council when killing targets. Arne was shocked and immediately left the council to search for his friend. Arne didn't know where to start looking, then he realized someone that could help him, Arno's close associate named Elise de la Serre. Arne was hesitant on the thought of asking a Templar for help, but knew she was the only help he could get if they were to help Arno. Arne tracked down Elise for six days and finally spotted he from one rooftop he was on and started making his way towards her. When he eventually reached her, she performed a back kick into his stomach which knocked the wind out of him, Elise then pulled her sword and slashed at Arne, but he was able to dodge or dive roll away from them. Arne then shouted Arno's name at Elise to signify that he knew Arno, Elise at first looked at Arne in confusion then slowly sheathed her sword. Arne then tolled Elise that he was a friend of Arno and was searching for him. Elise responded that she was doing the same thing and even knew where he was, Arne asked Elise if he could come with her to help Arno, Elise agreed under the condition that she would be the first to talk to him, to which Arne agreed. Arne then waited for an hour before seeing Arno and Elise walking out of Palais de Versailles and ran to them. Upon reaching them, Arne asked Arno if he was okay and if he was ready to be an Assassin again, to which Arno said that though it would take time, he was ready. Arne then gifted Arno's robes that he had previously gotten from the Assassin Council and wished him luck on his journey.

Falling Out Edit

"I get up in anger, we stand near each other, waiting for something to happen. It never does."

By 1794, Arne had become a helpful and accepted member of the French Assassins to the point where he reached the rank of Master Assassins. However as Arne's stance and loyalty to the Assassins grew greater, his friendship with Arno continually deteriorated, with Arne becoming more and more distrustful of Arno due to him not taking Arne's claims on Napoleon seriously, disobeying the order, and being in love with Elise who was a Templar. Arne and Arno still remained good friends, but Arne's trust in Arno continually began to dwindle. All of it came to a head in 1794, after Arno had killed French Templar grad master Germain and the death of Elise, Arno fell into a brief depression following this and Arne decided to pay Arno a visit. The two Assassins visited Elise's grave and Arno put flowers on it, Arne told Arno that he was truly sorry for Arno's loss. Arno however, instead began to berate Arne for not trusting Arno's decisions and for him being in love with a Templar and being extremely suspicious of Napoleon even going as far as to stalk him for any information. Arne defended his actions to Arno by stating that he was simply thinking about the brotherhood's future and Arno's choices might endanger it. That last comment was enough for Arno push Arne to the ground and cursing him, Arne got up and the two stood in front of each other in anger for a few seconds before Arne turned around and walked away. Before Arne completely left Arno, he turned to him and told him not to follow him and if he didn't do something about Napoleon, then Arne would. Arne then wished Arno luck in the future and left, leaving his former friendship with Arno shattered.

Assassination Attempt Edit

"Arno appears and lifts the wood off of me. He then starts to punch me in the face several times."

In 1800, with the revolution over, Arne returned to Sweden for a time and while still serving the Assassins, enjoyed life back home for a long time. Arne's time in France would come again in 1800, with news that Napoleon of France had become First Consul of the Republic and signed a constitution that made him First Consul for life. These reports sent chills to Arne as he realized Napoleon must have used the Apple to make the people vote for him or worse, use it to hypnotize the people into supporting him and his armies. Arne knew he would need to do something about it, so he traveled to France for the first time in five years and traveled around Paris for any way to kill Napoleon. He then was approached by Royalists who were making a plan to kill Napoleon and offered Arne a spot in it, Arne then decided if he assisted them in the assassination then he would get to kill Napoleon, the Royalists agreed and they all made the plan to set up snipers on rooftops that were near Napoleon as he road to an opera, the snipers would then shoot a machine that would kill most of the guards, giving Arne time to kill Napoleon while the snipers provided cover. The plan came to a head on the night of December 24, 1800 with the snipers getting into their positions and the other Royalists setting up the bomb. The plan started out well with the snipers hammering Napoleon's cart with gunfire and killing the guards. The plan began to go wrong when suddenly, a hooded person began climbing the buildings and killing the snipers in the buildings. Arne immediately ran to the hooded person to one rooftop where he tackled him, the man immediately drew his sword once he got back up and he and Arne fought with their sword for a few minutes. Arne was eventually disarmed by the person who was about to kill Arne, when Arne noticed something familiar about the man and questioned him if he was Arno. Arno then revealed himself and the two stood in shock as they saw each other for the first time in a long time. Arne then knocked Arno's sword using his gauntlets, picked up his sword and was about to bring it down on Arno as an explosion happened that knocked the two Assassins off their feet. Arne awoke a few minutes with a few pieces of fallen wood pinning him down, he then saw a group of guard escorting Napoleon to safety. Arne tried to get the wood off of him, but was unable to. Arno then approached him, removed the wood, then started to punch Arne in the face several time drawing blood, Arno then expressed to Arne that he should kill him, but for the sake of their past friendship, chose to spare him and left him. Arne got up sore and in much pain, he traveled to the building he had been staying at and fell asleep, knowing that war was imminent.

Time Of War Edit

Defense of Prussia Edit

The war that followed started in 1804 with Napoleon becoming the emperor of France and starting war with Britain. Sweden and the other Nordic countries originally were neutral, but in 1804 Sweden allowed Britain to use Swedish Pomerania as a military base against France and in 1803, Sweden along with Britain and Prussia sent troops to Hanover to liberate it of French troops. Arne also went to Prussia to fight Napoleon as he wanted to for years with the armies of Europe, but not actually being in the army like Connor Kenway had during the American Revolution. Once in Hanover, Arne made his way to a Swedish military base and said he could be a great soldier to use against the French, the commanders chose to let him in and explained the situation: British and Russian forces had begun to pull from Hanover, this could leave only Sweden to defend Hanover with only a small force. Arne chose to stay at the camps to assist the soldiers in the battle that would come. The battle came in 1805 when a French force came into sight, the Swedes immediately grabbed their weapons and began shooting at the French with muskets and cannons. Arne used a musket to kill seven French soldiers before they began charging at the Swedes. Arne drew his sword and stabbed a French soldier in the stomach as he made his way to Arne, the French man that Arne had killed was one of many soldiers that would fall to Arne that day with him stabbing, slashing, and cutting down many soldiers. In one instance, Arne was confronted by 16 French soldiers with 8 of them being riflemen, the swordsmen would strike at Arne repeatedly with Arne deflecting them as best he could but the speed at which the men would swing at him would almost overwhelm him at times. After killing four men, the riflemen made ready and were prepared to fire, thinking quickly, Arne grabbed a soldier and used him as a human shield against the musket balls. As the riflemen reloaded, Arne charged at them and killed two of them instantly with his sword and dagger, the riflemen and swordsmen ganged up on Arne and each of them taking swings at Arne, who either dodged or parried their attackes. Arne eventually counter killed three French soldiers and killed the remaining seven by stabbing or slashing them. When the encounter was over, Arne continued to kill French soldiers along with the Swedes with his sword, dagger, or pistol. The battle ended with the Swedish commander calling for a full retreat, Arne followed orders and ran away, eventually meeting up with another military base along with other retreating Swedish soldiers. The survivors including Arne, rested up waiting for new orders.

Assisting The Spanish Edit

In 1807, France invaded Portugal with the help of the Spanish, a mistake because immediately after the taking of Portugal, France also too over Spanish. Brutal fighting and guerrilla warfare between the Spanish locals and French army began. This all prompted Arne to travel to Spain in an attempt to help out the Spanish drive out the French Army. Arne arrived on August 6, 1808 and witnessed the worst cruelty he'd ever seen, seeing soldiers sacking and slaughtering at will and Spanish rebels punching and stabbing French soldiers to death put a heavy toll on Arne but he was still determined to help in any way he could. One day Arne was walking down a street and saw a French military patrol, Arne readied his hidden blade when shots started ringing out of nowhere and the soldiers started falling down dead. After the ambush was over, Arne saw some people pointing guns at him on the roof, he quickly shouted out in Spanish that he was there to help them, one of them replied something, but Arne couldn't speak a lot of Spanish and asked him if he knew Spanish, to which the Spanish rebel replied in English asking Arne why he wanted to help them. Arne told him that he heard and seen the brutality and wanted to help in any way he could. The Spanish rebel told Arne about an attack on a French military checkpoint and told Arne he could help them take part in it and told Arne his name was Javier. Arne traveled with Javier and the group a few miles out to the military checkpoint Javier had spoken of. Upon arrival, Arne stated that they didn't have enough people to carry out and assault on a base like this even with the element of surprise, to which Javier told Arne that other rebel groups were surrounding the base. Arne grabbed a rifle and got into position and awaited Javier's signal to fire, and when it came all hell broke loose. Arne and the other rebels fired shots at the French soldiers, Arne killed one guard and wounded another with the same shot. The fighting went on for a few minuted with Arne scoring nine kills and all seemed to be going well, then reinforcements and even though they couldn't see the rebels, they had cannons to shoot at the roofs. Arne immediately turned around and ran alon with other rebels before he was sent off his feet and into the air. Arne awoke a few hours later covered blood form his fallen rebel allies and fallen pieces of wood. Arne was able to get up and made his way to a boat to return to Sweden with another failure.

Helping The Russians Edit

In 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia after they went back on the embargo treaty on Britain. When Aren heard of this, he thought about going to Russia to help them drive out Napoleon, but Arne also didn't want another failure on his hands like in Sweden and Spain. In the end, Arne chose to travel to Russia on horse which took him one and a half weeks. When Arne eventually arrived, he came across a battle between the Russian and French armies, among them Arne saw another man wearing Assassin like robes. Arne drew his sword and charged his horse into the French forces and killed two of them on impact. This provided a good enough distraction from the French that the Russians were able to gain the upper hand for a time, Arne then dismounted his horse and joined the soldiers in fighting off the French. The battle ended in victory for the Russians and Arne heard talk and received good words from the soldier, at least Arne assumed because he couldn't speak any Russian. Arne then found the man in the Assassin robes and asked him if he was an Assassin in French. The replied in French that he was an Assassin named Sokol Kuznetsov, Arne told Sokol that he was an Assassin to and wanted to know if he could help in any way. Sokol said he could assist them in the defense of a town outside of Moscow, Arne agreed and he, Sokol, and the soldiers traveled to the town. The battle that ensued was unlike anything Arne had seen before, the Russians were more determined and nationalistic than any he had seen before. Arne killed so many French soldiers during the battle that he didn't even think about who to aim at with his rifle, he just shot at any French soldier he saw. The battle ended in failure as the Russians lost too many troops to continue and Napoleon's armies were closing in on Moscow. Arne was distraught at yet another failure he had been a part of, but Sokol told Arne of a plan to make sure Napoleon wouldn't completely win the battle. The two Assassins traveled to Moscow and warned the military governer, Fyodor Rostopchin that the Grand Army was closing in. Rostopchin immediately called every citizen of Moscow to evacuate the city as soon as possible and gave Arne and Sokol a special task: They and a small police force to burn Moscow to the ground so that it would be of no use for Napoleon. Arne was initially baffled at the idea, but knew that it was the only way to bring a defeat to Napoleon. Arne and Sokol along with the small police force set out at night when most of the city had evacuated and put flamable substances on as many houses as they could and dismantled the city's fire engines. On September 14, 1812, Arne and Sokol ignited the flames and ran back on a hill to overlook the fire engulfing the city. The fact that Moscow was mostly full of wooden buildings added to the fact the substance used to burn the city was everywhere, the city was almost completely engulfed the fires didn't stop util September 18. With the Moscow burning, the city was useless to Napoleon and there was nowhere else to go but back. Then winter set in three weeks early, and this added to the fact that the Grand Army was ill equipped for the winter, the losses were great. This finally calmed down Arne for a time, knowing he could now go back to Sweden with a victory, so that's what he did, waiting for the time to strike at Napoleon.

Napoleon's Downfall Edit

"Napoleon leaves the boat. There's now one more thing that needs to be done."

Two years after the burning of Moscow, the Sixth Coalition had defeated Napoleon and sent him into exile on the tiny island of Elba close to Italy. However, Napoleon was able to escape and return to France, convince the army sent to kill him to join him, and took power again. After a hundred days, Napoleon's forces met the Seventh Coalition at Waterloo Belgium, among the people there, Arne was one of them. Arne assisted the English front of the battle. Arne and English soldiers shot their muskets at the French infantry which lasted for one hour. Arne knew that Napoleon's downfall was imminent and chose to wait fort he perfect time to confront Napoleon. The first defense against the French failed with the commander calling for a fall back, and for heavy cavalry attack. Arne asked the commander if he could join in on the attack, to which the commander said he could, so Arne mounted on a horse and took part into the attack. As the cavalry closed in, the French opened fire on them which caused many casualties, including Arne's horse. Arne's horse was shot and he fell foward a few feet, but got up unharmed and was pulled on the back of a horse by another British soldier. As the soldier reigned the horse, Arne swung his sword at the oncoming French soldiers which killed many of them. The attack went well, but immediately after the cavalry regrouped, the French sent in their own cavalry, but the British were successfully able to defend the position from the French. After the cavalry attack, Arne asked the soldier who assisted him on the horse where Napoleon was located, to which the man replied that Napoleon was on a hill overlooking the battle a few miles, but didn't know how long. Arne thanked the man and snuck his way around the armies and to the hills, but Napoleon was gone with only a few of his guards at the hills. Arne killed all the guards except one and asked him where Napoleon had gone, to which the guard told Arne that Napoleon fled to Paris after seeing he stood no chance against the Coalition. Arne killed the soldier and went back to the British commander, whose army began to close in and told him about Napoleon fleeing. The commander immediately called for a pursuit on Napoleon. Arne went with the generals sent to capture Napoleon and finally did so on July 10, after a British fleet surrounded Napoleon's ship that was trying to flee Paris and Napoleon boarded the ship. Arne at one point, went to Napoleon and demanded the Apple of Eden, but Napoleon told Arne that the Apple was back in Paris in his old study.

Death Of A Tyrant Edit

Napoleon: "Come to kill me at last, Assassin?"

Arne: "You sound enthusiastic, why is that?"

After the ship that captured Napoleon dropped him off on the island of Saint Helena, they went back to Paris and Arne quickly went to Napoleon's private study and after searching for 45 minutes, found the Apple. Arne at first didn't know what to do, then after thinking for a while, decided to gift the Apple to someone in France who could hide it the best: Arno Dorian. Arne made his way to the sewers that the Assassins operated in and made his way through. After walking in, Arne was confronted by two Assassins who questioned Arne what he needed, Arne told them he needed to speak to Arno. The Assassins led Arne to a room where Arno was reading maps for an unknown mission then looked up and was surprised to see his old friend before him. Arne greeted Arno and asked him how he had been for the past few years, Arno replied that he was now the mentor of the French Assassins and apologized to Arne seeing as how he was right all along that Napoleon was a real threat. Arne excepted the apology then told Arno that he had taken the Apple that Napoleon used and told Arno that he was the only man Arne trusted to hide it the best. Arno took the Apple and studied it for a little bit, then thanked Arne for bringing the Applet to him, the two Assassins then shook hands and wished each other luck for the future. Six years later in 1821, Arne chose it was time for Napoleon to die after hearing of his failing health. Arne traveled to Saint Helena and made his way to Napoleon's house he had been staying at. Upon entry, Arne saw Napoleon reading a book, Napoleon then asked Arne if he had come to finish him at last. Arne questioned Napoleon as to why he sounded so enthusiastic about death, to which Napoleon responded that seeing his empire in ashes and being exiled to the island was a fate worse than death and criticized Arne for it being his doing. Arne told Napoleon that only he was to blame, he said that he was a supporter of the revolution, but ended up being a monarch. Napoleon justified his actions as being the only opportunity he had for power. Arne did say that even if they were his only opportunities, they caused death and suffering to thousands of people. Arne then approached Napoleon and asked him if he had any final requests, Napoleon told Arne to make his death seem like it was of failing health. Arne complied by taking out his poison goblets and gave them to Napoleon who drank it greedily. After a few minutes, Napoleon started coughing hard and eventually collapsed, but Arne caught him and Napoleon died in a minute. Arne closed Napoleon's eyes and gave him his last rites, then put him in his bed and left the island.

Later Life And Death Edit

Arne lived the remainder of his life in Sweden and still served the brotherhood as mentor of the Swedish Assassins. Arne also married an unknown woman and had three children. Arne raised his children and trained them as Assassins when they were old enough. In 1832, Arne fell ill with a disease that left him bedridden, but still led the brotherhood the best he could. In 1834, a 68 year old Arne was in his room reading books, when he felt a piercing pain at his chest, the yelling that ensued brought in Arne's wife and children who tried to comfort and help Arne. The pain stopped after a few seconds, but Arne was not able to stand up very long. Arne told his family that he wanted to rest, so they carried him to his bed where he told all of them he loved them and told them to keep going on no matter what. Arne then entered his bed, where he passed away that night in his sleep. A few days after Arne's death, his wife received a letter from Arno that contained a feather and a letter saying how Arne was a good man who fought to the end and to put the feather in his coffin, stating "he will know what it means".

Trivia Edit

  • "Arne" is an Old Norse short form of beginning with Arn which means "Eagle"
  • "Otsberg" is Swedish "Mountain (or hill) in the east"
  • I would like to thank 3rd5aints4life for the image or Arne, the old one I used was crappy and not in good enough quality. Thanks 3rd very much, man.
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Templars Alphonse Saint-JustAnne-Josèphe DumasEthel FlintshireÉdmound-Louis BourienneHélène BastienneHouse of François (Louis-DominiqueMadeleineGeoffrey)Louis d'OrléansJoséph IscariotteMarguerite MuratRenardo SolitarioShamar al-DjinThierry Dieudonné | Enok JytteÉvinore LeClaireFederico VespucciFred WorkhouseIsabelle MendezJacques CroixMarguerite LaVenduzThérèse Bruxelles | Adlinck KesselFrederick DowncastleIvan BogodanJosèphine Chevrier | Alphonse XaviérBelle Dau-CrèmeEdward WalmartEveline HaddockFrédéric TrevilleJean-Jacques de Gambais
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Locations CalaisParisSaint-Denis
Events French Revolution (Estates-General of 1789Storming of the BastilleWomen's March on VersaillesFrench Revolutionary Wars10 AugustSeptember MassacresExecution of Louis XVIReign of TerrorThermidorian Reaction13 Vendémiaire Plot of the rue Saint-Nicaise)Persecution of the Templars
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