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<blockquote>"I will always fight for my country, but never for the German who destroys it." -Arnulf to Adolf Hitler before he assassinates him, 1945.</blockquote>{{Birth/death|title1 = Arnulf Florian|image1 = Fallout 2.jpg|caption1 = Arnulf Florian at Nazi gathering|born = November 13th, 1913|died = Unknown|affilation = German Brotherhood of Assassins (1940-Unknown)
SOE (1940-1945)|appears_in = Assassin's Creed: Fallout}}Arnulf Florian is an assassin of the German Brotherhood who operated in World War 2. He was born on the 13th of November, 1913 and has an unknown death date.
He was born somewhere in Germany and was raised there for one year. His family fled to Belgium at the start of the First World War, hoping to get in contact with their British allies. But when Belgium was attacked by the Germans, his mother had died in the incident and his father had disappeared, leaving young Arnulf in the burning town of Louvain.
A young German soldier had found the young child and took him to the hospital. It had appeared that Arnulf had some memory loss and war trauma. He didn't remember the attack on Belgium or anything before that, only his first name. When he woke up he found Adolf Hitler sitting on the end of the bed. Seeing as Arnulf had no parents to go to, Adolf decided to take him under his wing.
During the time it took to train him (and at a very young age), he learnt basic gun skills, agility, combat abilities and battlefield strategy. He had gained more knowledge and intelligence and he had even excelled further than the troops on the battlefield, learning reading, writing and knowledge about the world. After around 17 years of training, when he turned 18, he was ready to fly. He was accepted into the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) and was trained none other than Hermann Goring himself.

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