Askr Freyrson
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Fyrkat, Denmark


Fyrkat, Denmark

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Askr Freyrson (915-973) was a Danish Assassin during the Viking Era. He was Mate on a Viking longship, that sailed the Northern Sea and Kattegat. He was an ancestor to Kristine Virginia Eklund.


Early lifeEdit

Askr was born on August 21st 915 to Freyr Hagarson og Nanna Mikkeldottir. During all of his childhood he lived i Fyrkat in Denmark. His father was Mate on a big longship. Askr was, from a young age, trained to fight, using a sword and a shield, and sail a longship like his father.

Life as a sailorEdit

The first years after moving out of his home, Askr sailed a longship, known as "Vindhøgen" (The Windhawk) as a Mate. Steering the ship from Denmark to England, France, Germany, even as far as Italy and Turkey, he, along with the Captain and the rest of the crew, plundered many villages and towns.

Life as an AssassinEdit

In 935, Askr was introduced to the Assassin order by Harald Rebslager (Ropemaker). He was trained to climb, sneak, investigate and fight.

Late life and deathEdit

After retiring from his Assassin services, Askr moved back to Fyrkat, where he lived, with his wife and kids, until his death in 973. He died at the age of 58, of old age.

Personality and characteristicsEdit

Askr was very calm at all times, and would very rarely lose his temper. He was never in fights as a kid. He was a very devoted believer of the Norse Gods, especially Brage, the God of poets and musicians. Askr played the lyre at several occasions.

Equipment and skillsEdit

Askr was since he was a kid trained to fight with a longsword and a shield. He was known to be able to take down five opponents by himself. Apart from his sword and shield, Askr wielded a seax knife and a hidden blade.

Askr was very good at fighting, but had also a great expertise in climbing, freerunning, sailing and sneaking. Besides that he enjoyed playing music, singing and fishing.

Romantic lifeEdit

After retiring as an Assassin, Askr retreated to his house in Fyrkat with an unknown woman. They had two children, both of which became Assassins later on. His eldest kid was an ancestor to Kristine Virginia Eklund.


  • The name "Askr" is an old norse form of "Ask", which means "ash tree".
    • His surename "Freyrson" means "son of Freyr". "Freyr" or "Frej" was one of the ancient norse gods, and means lord.
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