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Assassin's Creed Aborigines is a fan film based on the award winning video game series Assassin´s Creed. Aydan Woodward plays modern day protagonist David Adams, who enters the Animus and relives the memories of his Guanche ancestor Jonay Jimitiraque ( Ryan Woodward ) from the ancient Canary Islands, who tries to fend off Christopher Columbus ( Gary Woodward ) and his Spanish armada.


A man named David Adams enters Abstergo Industries and asks to relive the memories of one of his ancestors in the Animus. A scientist sends his consciousness into the memories of his ancestor from the Canary Islands during their conquest by Spain, Jonay Jimitiraque.

In 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus and his Spanish fleet arrived to conquer the Canary Islands before setting off to America. He came there to search for a Piece Of Eden that was hidden there, while his right-hand man, Admiral Centellas, slaughtered many of the Guanche people and burned down their homes. Jonay vowed to defeat these invaders and send them back home.

One day, while Centellas and Columbus were talking in a village, Jonay assaulted them. He easily killed all the guards, but Centellas and Columbus escaped, not before accidentally dropping a note containing their entire plan: for Centellas to become guanarteme ( ruler/king ) of Maxorata , so that Columbus could easily take the islands. After saying his byes to his Guanche friend Miranda and asking her to take care of his family, Jonay foils their plan with the help of Argo, an Italian Assassin staying there; and assassinates Centellas at the Benesmen Festival, where he was to be crowned.

The King Of Spain, Ferdinand II, orders the death of Jonay, after he realizes that he is the obstacle impeding the conquest.

He meets Argo outside the Sacred Temple in Titeroygakat, where they both intend on taking Columbus down. Argo reveals that he is an apprentice of the famous Assassin Ezio Auditore. As Argo eliminates the guards, Jonay confronts Columbus at the Sacred Temple in Titeroygakat. It turns out that Columbus was only there to look for the Apple Of Eden, and it was Centellas who ordered the deaths. As Jonay asks him to leave, Columbus refuses to unless he gets his revenge. He kills Jonay by impaling him through the chest with his sword, before Jonay threatens to haunt him in his nightmares.