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Hey, my name is VladAssassin. Ive been a fan of AC since 2012 and i really enjoy making up AC stories and characters.

As a note, i would like to state that the laptop im using for some reason puts all this computer code looking writing into the pages and articles i write. It usallyy appears in a very long paragraph on the top of the page and in a sentence length at the bottom of the page. The glitch also makes the writing i type into misspelled or adds an extra letter to the word. If anyone notices please tell me or a community staff member and we will try to correct it. At the moment i try to make my corrections through my tablet. Please forgive me and alert me if this glitch is noticed. Thanks!

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Chapter 1[]

Versailles, June, 1919

At last the first world war has ended. Nations and kingdoms fought each other during this war, allies became turncoats, and the world, was put in shock. The people thought this be the end to all wars. It was of course, the end to all but one war. The Assassins and Templars have fought this restless war for centuries. My Order thought this war would bring the Assassins to an end, but as always, they would rise again. Are we born to fight this war forever? Who will win? Those questions have yet to have been resolved. But for now, i will play my part.

Dear Andreas,

The Templar Order has been hunted to near defeat, we are what is left. Jaques Callapry, he is a frenchman polotic and former ally to the Templars. we had just discovered that he has been trading secrets to the British, espesallyy Templar secrets. He claims he is doing right for the people of the Earth. He is an ignorant traitor. He has already given to many secrets out, he must be silenced. Do not be detected.

A car drives up to a palace. The streets are crowded with civilians and cars full of important figures arriving for the big event. People cheering the end of the war. As the automobile stops at the front, the driver turns around to the formally dressed man and says, "Alright, Monsieur. Shall i wait out back?" "Yes" the man replies , "this shouldntt take less than a hour if all goes well". The man exits the car and walks up the stairs. As he enters the palace he notices polotics from diffrentt nations around the world all gathered, drinking and laughing before the conference begins. As the man starts to make his way to the stands, he is stopped by a British speaking figure. "Sir Falke! Welcome to France!" The man is in a cheery mood. "Would you enjoy a drink?" "No thank you, i have been sent here to on important business and must not me rash." As he talks he hands the british man a note. The man looks down at the note he had just received and glanced at the cross stamped into the note. "Jaques is upstairs about to sit down for the conference. May the father of understanding guide you."

The man nods and walks upstairs. as he reaches the top he can see the whole area of the palace the conference will be held in. A man tells the room to settle down as the guards close the doors. Reporters and photographers are left upstairs, taking notes and pictures. The man strolls through the crouds and then sees his target. The target walks into a backroomm as the doors close on him. The man walks toward the closed door. A guard asks what he's doing. "I have a letter for the prime minister, it is very urgent. The guard lets him walk trough. As the door closed behind him, he sees the target sitting down in a chair next to the fireplace. The two are alone in the room. before he can walk up to the target, he hears the target state, "Hello Andreas."

"My pleasure being here Jaques."

"You were not invited to this conference."

"I made myself an invitation."

The room was filled with silence.

"I know why your here Andreas."

"Jaques, first of all let's not..."

"Let's not what?! Betray that god forsaken Order?! We talked about this Andreas. We both know what they did back during the war. The Assassin's saved us. If it wernt't for them we be dead at the bottom of the ocean!"

"Jaques. I know what they did is retched, but..."

"But what?! Are you a mad man?! They left us to die! They left us, you almost lost your life, and yet you still show your loyalty to the ORder?"


"The Assassins saved us, and i cantt repay for what they did!"

"You have important knowledge however..."

"That knowledge could help us! Help the world! Help our future generations! Look at you, Hanna is expecting a child by this month, dontt you think your child would want to grow up in a world where he wouldntt have to be stressed or look out behind him to make sure a hiddne blade isntt about to kill him?!"


"My life is worthless anyway, even if i dontt die today, what is to say that i wontt be killed or assassinated sometime shortly" "Just do it then, Andreas."

The man walks up to Jaques. Puts one hand on his shoulder and uses a dagger to kill him. "Im sorry Jaques." The target lies slumped over dead in his chair.

The man walks out of the room, down the crowded stairs, and back outside. He sees his driver. As he enters the driver asks, "Back to Berlin i persume?" "Yes" the man replies.

The car drives off. Into the night.

Chapter 2[]

Berlin, June, 1938

A young man dressed in a beige colored suit runs down the streets. The boy has blonde hair that flows as he runs. He is being chased by three men. One of the men has one of his hands over his face, his face rushing with blood. "Alder! When i get my hands on you ill hang you by a noose in the capital court!" The boy replies, " Im surprised an ignorant fool like yourself Claude can even make a simple tool such as a noose!" The boy runs into the capital building. He see's Nazi soldiers all over gaurding. He runs into a group of them. "My apologies gentlemen!" He says as he continues running. He runs into a room with no doors. The bullies enter the room. "Your so dead!" "Look Claude, just because i punched you in the face does not mean we have to fight in a capital building. Let's be good civilized Germans in Nazi training and..." before he could finish Claude punches him in the face. Alder feels his cut and notices his lip bleeding. The four men then get into a brawl. It was a long fight, but Alder comes out victorious. Alder exits the room. He walks into another room where his family is. "Alder what on Earth?!", the woman screams. "Mother its alright, it is just a cut..." "Son this is the seventh time you have come into this office with a wound!" Alder turns to the startled man at the desk. "Father! How is it today?" "Son, dontt get sarcastic with me. That's the last time you will ever get into trouble with those orphan boys again. You are supposed to be uptown in Nazi training." "What can i say, father? I dontt find the whole military rules the world stategy all fun."

Alder turns to a man sitting down next to his father. "George my brother! How..." "Alder you are the most messed up man in all of Germany. Surely Hitler wouldve put you in jail by now." "Says the Nazi supporter, what happened to family goes first?" "For your information, younger btother, i will acheive the rank of Officer before next year while your twenty years old and still playing the lazy boy game."

"Thats enough all of you!" The father exclaims. "Son come here." Alder walks up to his father. "Alder, your family has been in this tradition for centuries, i in matter of fact was given this token when i was your age by my father. "What? A leash to kepp me down?" "Ummm, no son."

Andreas hands Alder a silver token with a red cross on it. Before the father can say anything about it, he hears marching from down the hall. "Go! I will explain when i get home." "Father, what...." "JUST GO! Alder exits the room and walks dwon the hall. Marching down the hall is Hitler and his Nazi soldiers. "Good afternoon, mister!", Alder says to the frowning dictator. Hitler just stares at him, and continues marching. As Alder exits the building. He hears gun fire. He runs up stairs to check on his parents and sees Adolf Hitler with his hand over his neck. "Sir, what happened?" He looks up the stairs and sees Nazis carrying his family's bodies out of the room. Hitler turn to him and says, "Arrest this man! He murdered the Falke family!" The soldeirs grab him and throw Alder into a jail car. There one of the gaurds knocks him out. He is out cold.

Chapter 3[]

Eastern Europe, 1938

Alder wakes up in torn white clothing. A sharp pains floods over his head. As he covers the pain with his hand, he notices blood where his pain was located. As his sight cleared, he saw he was in a concrete room. Hay and cloth scattered on the cold floor. Across the room was a man sitting down. He was in the same garb as Alder. Alder looked at his hand and noticed he was holdong the stange silvewr token he had been given by his father. "Rascal, you give me that!", Alder states as he limps his way toward the man. "So, where did you get this token, boy?" the man says as he stands up. Alder collapses to thte ground and grunts. "Theif, that ia all i have left..." "All you have left of what?" the man says as he kicks the crippled Alder in the stomach. "All you have left of the world outside? Well i hate to break it to you, boy, but your never gonna see the end of this prison sentence. Your an enemy of mother Germany now!" 

"Prisoner?!" Alder exlaims as he struggles to get up. "I am Alder Falke! The son of Nazi Commander Andreas Falke, im sure i have been put here by mistake, i should be getting out of here...." 

"Your not getting out of here, boy.", the man says as he walks away from the weakened Alder. "Your lucky to even get this token pass the guards." "Now this is a curious symbol, i havnt seen this cross since '29. Care to explain what Commander Falke did in his personal time?" 

Alder looked around the room, felling the walls for a way out. "Look, i have no idea what happened. I think my family is hurt. Help me get out of this place. That's the last peice of memory i have of my family." 

There was a big pause in the room. "Here", the man says. He tosses the token to Alder. Alder misses and picks it off the floor. "Alder, i knew your father." 

Alder jerked back. "Sure, and im the President of the United States!", he said sarcastically. "Boy!" Your father was a Templar, a good one indeed." 

"Templar?" Alder exlaimed in confusion. "Your telling me my father was one of those long gone Crusade knights? I find that hard to believe."

"The Templars arent gone yet, boy, nor will the ever." 

Soon the guards opened the doors and dragged the two men out of the room. They were taken to a cafeteria. Prisoners were lining up to get some mush made of peas and potatoes. Alder tries to get in line, but is cut in front of by a big brute like man. "Excuse me, move your but and get out of my way.", Alder says to him. The man turns around, Alder realizes that he's taller and stronger. Alder gets punched in the face. He falls nearly into a coma. He tries to get up but is kicked by the same man. "If you were HItler's prey, you be fed to the dogs!" the strong man screams as he picks Alder up and throws him to a table. Alder hits the table. He gets up, assited by the man he met in the room. 

"Arent Falks supoosed to know theyre way around the German criminal class?", he jokes. "Haha, help me please." Lader replies. The two men fight the brute and his allies. The whole cafeteria becomes a battleground. The two men come out victorious however. Alder is out of breath. The man says, "Well i was wrong about Falks." He puts out his hand greetingly and states, "Geroge, my name is George." Alder looks at him for a few seconds and shakes his hand. The guards enter the room and grab the men. The force them back to their cells. "Well Alder, you are quite the good fighter for a spoiled rich boy." "Say ill train you, after all you will never make it out alive if you dont get my tips." Alder agrees and for months the two men train together in that one cold prison cell. 

Chapter 4[]

September 24th, 1939

As the two men brawl, gunfire can be heard. George stops and stares at the walls. "What?" Alder states. The room shakes very violently and sirens start to go off. "At last, its about time they came.", George says. "Who is coming?" The door unlocks with Nazi guards aiming their machine guns at the two men. A Nazi sargent comes in the room and orders the two guards to fire. Alder and Geroge dodge the fire. They take cover with a wall. As the guards walk up toward them, George grabs one of the men, snaps their neck, and fires their machine gun at the other guard. The sargent takes aim at him with a pistol. Alder sneaks up behind him and clocks a brick against his head, killing him instantly. He looks at the body and sees a token, the same one like his dad's. George also notices it. "Dang it! I knew we were captured by Templars." "Templars? Is that what the token stands for? Alder says. he two then bolt down the hall, fight a few guards, then run to the roof. The two reach a wacth tower and look down from the edge, tanks, airplanes, and infantry units are locked in a huge battle. "Jump!" George says. "Are you crazy, were gonna have our brains splat over the ground." "DO YOU HAVE A BETTER IDEA, BOY?!". Alder still doesnt budge. "Were gonna die out here if we dont move. If you want to know about your family, then come with me! Or stay here and become dog feed.". Geroge dives down the tower. Alder turns around to see guards running up toward his place. Alder look back down, then dives.

Chapter 5[]

October 4th, 1939

Alder walks into the small German city of Bydgoszcz. He is still in his original prison gown. "I can't walk past a sewer cleaner without raising my suspision wearing this!", he says to himslef. He grabs the token from his pocket and stares at it. He thinks to himself what his father was going to say to him before he was killed. What does that red cross mean? He looks straight down the road and sees Nazi guards walking his way. Alder hides behind a car and waits for the guards to pass. When they do, Alder walks into a store. The store was stocked with fine suits and gear for men. "Can i help you sir?", the store clerk asks him. Adler replies, "I need clothing. Do you have any cheap but fine suits?" The clerk looks at him suspicouslyy. Surely someone would call the guard on a frantic man wearing prison gown. Before the clerk can say anything, a fimiliar face walks into the room. "Its okay Orlef, he's with us.". That fimiliar face is George. He is wearing a dark green suit with orange and red cloth. "Took you more than a week, boy. I was sure you didntt jump." "Well excuse me, if your being chased through the woods with gunfire behind you, it take you a while too.", Adler says. "Well, that's not the first time something like that happened to me.", George states. "Here boy, follow me." Alder follows George into the back room of the store. There George says a word to a man sitting in a chair sowing cloths. The man nods, then gets up and pulls down a book from the shelf across form them. The bookshelf slides open and reveals a dark, long spiral staircase. "Follow me, boy", George says. Alder is in confusion, but follows him down. After abiut a while of walking down the stairs, the two men enter a large library. The library is decked with four floors, chandeliers, torches, and fine paintings and artifacts. Men and women who all are wearing suits and robes of diffrentt colors and textures filled the room talking to each other. Alder follows George down the long library and asks, "Who or what are you people?" "We are the ones that have guarded mankind since the wheel was first used. We are the ones that protect others when needed. We are the ones that assist your family when theri hungry, poor, or dying." The two men walk into a court room like chamber. "Welcome to the Brotherhood, Alder.". Alder stares in awe at the place and its members. He walks down the stairs into the chamber and stands in the middle of the room. Then a group of six men and two women walk up into the seats above and sit down. They are wearing white robes with a large, sinister hood that hides their faces. "George? Who is this trash?" one of the men asks. Before Alder can protest top that comment, Geroge walks up from behind him and states, "Council, this is Alder Falke, the son of the infamous Templar Andreas Falke."

"Are you mad man?", one of the council members exlaimss, brining a Templar spawn into our secret headquaterss?" "He is not a Templar, the boy doesntt even know what a Templar is anyway. And i wouldvee thought about it before bringing a Templar into our headquarters, sir."

Alder states, "What is going on?"

"The boy who you think is a Templar, actrually killed one." George pulls out a token similar to the one Alder has. "This used to belong to Anatol Mathesius, a once thriving Templar who imprisoned me and this boy. Now he is dead, killed by a brick cracking his skull." Alder remembers the Nazi sargentt he killed when he was in the jail. A Templar? Alder was filled with confusion. The council is filled with silence. "Alder Falke. Your father was a high ranking Templar. He and his family were killed by Adolf Hitler, one of the many political Templar puppets that sicken this world.", one of the men states. "My father? My family? Dead?" Alder colapsedd to the floor. He was filled with depression. The Falke family had been great friends with the Nazi leaders, espesially with Hitler. "Your lost boy, your not the first to have lost everything and come kneel before us." "George, if you really can put your trust into this one, then we will let you train him."

The man then asks Alder,"Alder, what do you want from the Assassin Brotherhood?". Alder pauses to think, then gets back up on his feet and replies," Redemption. My family has been betrayed by these traitors. I am lost, i seek out you, men and women, who can help me fight and finally brong their reign to an end!"

The council is silenced. "Very well, we will train you. George is to be your master. You will also get additional training from our weapons masters."

"Thank you", Alder replies as he walks off with George.

Abstergo File 33468092:AxisProgramIntoduction[]

January 12th, 2015

"The past is not lost forever. Our ancestors have helped us get to the place we are in today. World War II was the most costly, widespread war ever in human history, a war that gripped the world and plunged it into darkness. Now, thanks to the genetic donations of Evelyn Torres, Abstergo Entertainment proudly presents the next step in Helix technology, Axis. The Axis is a DLC content for your Helix system, explore the memories of Alder Falke, a man who's life is pulled into the great war and plays an important role in many events during this pivotal time. For only $59.99, you can explore the world during World War II in our biggest program to date. Make History!

{Abstergo Entertainment} Helix: Powered by Animus

Chapter 6[]

Denmark, April, 1940

The war has broken out. Europe is pulled into darkness. In April 1940, Germany invaded Denmark and Norway to protect shipments of iron ore from Sweden, this was a great cover up for the Templars who were secretly transporting Templar letters and mail in and out of Sweden. Alder has gone through gruesome training and has carried out many minor contracts. This is his first real Templar assassination scheme. Harald Hagemeister is a part German, part Swedish Templar appointed to oversee the underground mailing transportation, Alder is tasked by the Council to sneak into Harald's freighter ship sailing to Sweden and kill him.

Alder arrives at the docks with two other Assassin's. The group of me are looking down at the freighter ship from a tower.