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Assassin's Creed: Bushido is a game released on December 10th, 2017. The game takes place in Feudal Japan, from 1579 to 1582.

The game puts you in the role of Assassin Katsumasa Yamamoto, following his journey throughout the game.

The game Initially takes place in Yamato, however as soon as the Third sequence is complete, more areas will unlock over time, and ends at Kyoto.

Multiplayer and Co-Op make a return in the game, which takes place in numerous locations throughout Japan, taking you through Historical Events and Battles during the Sengoku Period, either as an Assassin or Templar.

Multiplayer And Co-Op[]

Multiplayer and Co-Op finally return after Unity, however, it is completely different than previous installments.

Modes like Deathmatch and Wanted return, but there are new modes, in the list below.

  1. Hunt- A mode where you're objective is to find a certain target, and assassinate the target. it can be done in any way, either through stealth or combat, any method will work. This can be played with 2 players or more.
  2. Sengoku- A mode where you relive battles and events throughout the Sengoku Period, either as an Assassin or a Templar. There is a set path for each of the two factions in chronological order,each of them having five missions in total. But there are 6 DLC packs, each of them having three Missions in total.


Japanese Brotherhood[]

  • Katsumasa Yamamoto- The Main Protagonist of the game. After his brother is executed by Templars, Katsumasa becomes an Assassin, in order to avenge his brother. A living symbol of vengeance, He will stop at nothing to kill as many templars as he can.
  • Sadatada Hebari- A Master Assassin, and one of the best in the Brotherhood. He was the one who took in Katsumasa, and trained him in the art of stealth.
  • Yanami Mosori- An Apprentice Assassin, and one of the most recent recruits in the brotherhood. Impulsive and stubborn, her family was also killed by Templars, thus Katsumasa takes an interest in her.
  • Mitsukuni Narikai- An Assassin, and historian. If anyone knows about almost anything about the history of Japan, Mitsukuni is the one to go to. Due to his vast knowledge, some have called him the "Master Of History".
  • Toshisuke Kasuro- An Assassin, and Doctor. His knowledge of medicine has made him useful to the Assassin's. He is also a Merchant, so you can buy his medicine, for a small price of course.
  • Yukitada Madera- A Long-Time Assassin, and Head Master of the Japanese Brotherhood. At one point in his life, he served Yoshimoto Imagawa at the Battle Of Okehazama as standard bearer, but was crippled by Katsuie Shibata. Now he is the Head master for the Assassins, making new recruits Assassins every day. He is also currently trying to contact Mitsuhide Akechi.


  • Iefusa Tamaru- A Weapon Maker, and ally of the Assassins. He was captured by English Mercenaries , but Katsumasa rescues him from his captors. He becomes a Merchant after that, allowing Katsumasa to purchase better weapons from him.
  • Mitsuhide Akechi- A Retainer serving under Nobunaga. At first, Mitsuhide serves his master with absolute loyalty, however, as the game progresses, He becomes more and more conflicted with Nobunaga's brutal methods of conquest. And by the time Yukitada contacts him, Mitsuhide is already willing to help the Assassins in anyway he can.
  • Nitemare- Nothing is known about this mysterious man, not even his name. All that is known is that he is known as Shi No Kage, which translates in Japanese as Shadow Of Death, and is a legend among the Assassins, and feared by the Templars.
  • Kotaro Fuma- A Ninja from the Hojo Clan. He appears in the game as an informant for The Assassins.

Japanese Rite Of The Templar Order[]

Oda Clan[]

The main branch of the Templars.

  • Nobunaga Oda- Daimyo of the Oda Clan, and Head Master of the Templars. After winning the Battle Of Nagashino in 1575, he acquired a Sword Of Eden, which slowly drove him into a down spiral of madness. Now more brutal and aggressive than ever, Nobunaga has previously destroyed the Shogunate, forcing Yoshiaki Ashikaga into exile. With this newfound power, Nobunaga built Azuchi Castle, and began to move his forces all across Japan. Only the Assassins can stop him now.
  • Nobutada Oda- Son Of Nobunaga, and Heir to Nobunaga's legacy. Nobutada is just like his father, cold, calculating, and ruthless. He was the one responsible for killing Yanami's Family, and ordering the execution of Katsumasa's Younger Brother. He is also the leader of the Crimson Five, a group of Master Swordsman from all over Japan.
  • Sadakatsu Murai-
  • Ranmaru Mori-
  • Shigeharu Takenaka-
  • Haruyasu Kadera-
  • Motokiyo Arazu-
  • Kuninari Toriyama-

Tokugawa Clan[]

Led by Ieyasu Tokugawa, they serve Nobunaga with their utmost loyalty.

  • Ieyasu Tokugawa- Daimyo of the Tokugawa Clan, and vassal to Nobunaga. Unlike Nobunaga, he is kind-hearted, and generous, especially to the people of Mikawa, his home province. Assassin Mitsukuni Narikai, predicted that Ieyasu would be destined to unite Japan under a peaceful rule. Ieyasu once did serve the Imagawa Clan, but after it's Daimyo was killed by Nobunaga, Ieyasu rebelled and took Mikawa for his own. Now, Ieyasu serves Nobunaga with dignity. But Ieyasu is starting to notice that Nobunaga is getting more and more ruthless each day. He is hoping that one day, the war will end, and peace achieved.
  • Hanzo Hattori- Head of the Ninja clan known as the Hattori, and one of two of Ieyasu's Bodyguards. Hanzo is Kotaro's Nemesis, due to them having opposing viewpoints on the war.
  • Tadaktasu Honda- A Retainer of Ieyasu Tokugawa, and one of Ieyasu's two Bodyguards. Tadakatsu is feared on the battlefield, not only for his signature Spear "Tonbogiri" which in Japanese translates to "Dragonfly Cutter", but because of how in all of his battles, he never suffered a battle wound. The only one who ever came close to hurting him was Sadatada Hebari, a Master Assassin.
  • Nobuyasu Matsudaira- Son of Ieyasu, who is currently imprisoned for alleged ties to The dying Takeda Clan.

Tsutsui Clan[]

A small, but significant clan. They also serve Nobunaga as well.

  • Junkei Tsutsui- Daimyo of the Tsutsui Clan, and a servant of Nobunaga. Junkei is a coward at heart, never stepping on the battlefield once. He is also a good friend of Masanari Nozo, a fellow Templar, and Shibata Retainer. Junkei was one of the first people to ever encounter Young Katsumasa in person.
  • Sakon Shima- Retainer of the Tsutsui Clan, and Commander of Junkei's Military Force. He helps keep Junkei and his people safe from any who wish to do harm to them. He was one of the People responsible for killing Katsumasa's Younger Brother.

Ralvin & Company[]

A Mercenary Group, hired by Nobunaga to protect Him, his assets, his retainers, and territory. Each of them come from a Western Country. They are the Main Antagonists of a Side Mission Chain.

  • Edward Ralvin- The Englishman, and Leader of the Mercenaries. Banished from England for disobeying orders under his captain, Edward came to Japan to find work. There he met four others, who had a similar story, all banished from their respective Country. Thus, he formed an army with them, and began to work for gold. Nobunaga gained knowledge about them, after he was informed that they looted Takatenjin Castle, Shingen Takeda's old home. Nobunaga asked them if his company could work for him. In exchange, he would double their pay. Edward happily agreed to it, and began to assist Nobunaga in all sorts of work. Sabotage castle defenses, Assassinate local retainers, and execute rebels.
  • Nicolas Rembon- The Frenchman
  • Siegmund Wegen- The German
  • Giuseppe Vacco- The Italian
  • Octavia Vivol - The Spaniard

Crimson Five[]

Elite Swordsman from all over Japan who serve as Nobutada Oda's Enforcers. They are the Main Antagonists of a Side Mission Chain.

  • Nagamasa Komari- Number 1, and Leader
  • Hidenori Tsuki- Number 2
  • Akifusa Mazaki- Number 3
  • Muneyuki Kasaki- Number 4
  • Kagefusa Uragai- Number 5

Shibata Clan[]

A Vassal Clan serving under Nobunaga. They are currently campaigning in the Hokuriku Region.

  • Katsuie Shibata- A powerful enforcer who serves Nobunaga with fearless loyalty, He leads the Shibata Clan to absolute glory with his nickname, "The Devil Shibata".
  • Toshiie Maeda- The second-in-command and friend of Katsuie, he was once Banished, but now he's serving Nobunaga after he was forgiven for his behavior.
  • Masanari Nozo-
  • Hidenori Tsubasa-
  • Shigeyoshi Kagano-

Story Assassination Targets And Boss Battles [Warning, Huge Spoilers!][]

  1. Motokiyo Arazu [Sequence 3,1579.]
  2. Shigeharu Takenaka [Sequence 4, 1579.]
  3. Nobuyasu Matsudaira [Sequence 4, 1579.]
  4. Haruyasu Kadera [Sequence 5, 1579.]
  5. Kuninari Toriyama [Sequence 6,1580.]
  6. Hidenori Tsubasa [Sequence 7, 1581.]
  7. Masanari Nozo [Sequence 8, 1581.]
  8. Shigeyoshi Kagano [Sequence 9, 1582.]
  9. Toshiie Maeda [Sequence 9, 1582.]
  10. Katsuie Shibata [Sequence 10,1582.]
  11. Tadakatsu Honda [Sequence 11, 1582.]
  12. Hanzo Hattori [Sequence 11, 1582.]
  13. Ieyasu Tokugawa [Sequence 11, 1582.]
  14. Sakon Shima [Sequence 12, 1582.]
  15. Junkei Tsutsui [Sequence 12, 1582.]
  16. Sadakatsu Murai [Sequence 13, 1582]
  17. Nobutada Oda [Sequence 13, 1582.]
  18. Ranmaru Mori [Sequence 13, 1582.]
  19. Nobunaga Oda [Sequence 13, 1582.]

Side Story Assassination Targets[]


  1. Octavia Vivol
  2. Giuseppe Vacco
  3. Siegmund Wegen
  4. Nicolas Rembon
  5. Edward Ralvin

Crimson Five[]

  1. Nagamasa Komani
  2. Hidenori Tsuki
  3. Akifusa Mazaki
  4. Muneyuki Kasaki
  5. Kagefusa Urugai

Sadatada's Issue[]

  1. Sabari [Bandit Chief]

Collecting History[]

  1. Lord Isano [Excavation Leader]

A Dark Past[]

  1. Saburo [Ninja Leader]

Multiplayer Targets[]

Assassin's Path[]

Siege Of Itami Castle[]

  • Arinaga Umachi [Oda Regiment Commander]

Siege Of Otate[]

  1. Norimasa Uesugi
  2. Kagetora Uesugi

2nd Siege Of Kuroi Castle[]

  • Yasumoto Nobukuda [Oda Regiment Commander]