Assassin's Creed: Changes is an upcoming game developed by Abstergo Entertainment under the codename "Behind the revolution". It was released in July 2020, but was presented at E3 in Motréal in 2018, and showed themselves at the E3 in 2019 and 2020. In 2018 it was Olivier Valldery and his co-worker Josèphine Ossau who presented it. In 2019 and 2020 it was Mélanie Lemay and another Abstergo Entertainment employee who presented it.

Changes is a sandbox action adventure game, and a sequel to 2017's Legends of the Caribbean, the game has the player take on the role of an Initiate as they explore the story of Marie Anne Étienne, her brother Pierre Étienne and the Master Assassin Laurent Mouzay. Their mission is to free Paris from the Templars' grip of the city, working with the Assassin Arno Dorian and Arne Otsberg. Their hunt takes them to the French Revolution and a Pice of Eden called: The Jewel of Eden.

The game was released on 23rd July 2020 in North America, 24th July in Europe and 25th July in the UK. It will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Changes is set primarily in Paris during the French Revolution in the late 18th century, with four additional areas in Calais, Le Louroux, Waterloo and Constantinople. In multiplayer these locations are able to play on: Le Bastille, Saint-Denis basilica, Temple, Animus Core, Les Halles, Palais-Royal, Seine

Synopsis Edit

Sequence 1 Edit

Those were the days

Marie Anne Étienne is a 6-year-old poor noblewoman who is waiting outside her mother's sleeping chamber. Her father is on the way back from a transaction in Tours. Her uncle, Grimon Chimen, who are a doctor arrived last week and was ready for Marie Anne's mother was supposed to give birth. Right now Marie Anne's mother gave birth to her second child. Monsieur Étienne, Marie Anne's father, soon arrived. Marie Anne ran down to the courtyard to meet her father. She did afterwards followed her father to her mother's sleeping chamber. Monsieur was first allowed to get inside the room was Pierre Étienne was brought into life.

Years pass, and soon Marie Anne have become an 11-year old girl who used her time to hunt for animals. She used snares to capture the animals, and when they were caught, she let them go: No animal deserved to lose their life to her training. One day, however, it all went wrong. She captured a hare, and when she let it go, Marie Anne heard some growls. When she turned, four wolves had surrounded her.

Marie Anne ran back to her estate – where her brother, Pierre, sat and read a book. "Daddy will not be glad for this." He told her that he would tell this to their father. Marie Anne tackled him and they began to play fight. Their uncle saw this and asked what all the fuzz was about. "Marie Anne was out in the woods."

Uncle Chimen said: "Well, at last she exploring the world unlike you, my nephew." He turned to Marie Anne: "If you are so eager to explore the world, why not do some of the training my brother have arranged for you?"

Marie Anne knew this was true, so uncle Chimen began to make ready the dolls. Marie Anne completed the training fantastically. After that, her brother tried: He did not managed to complete with glory, so he had to do it again; while Marie Anne proceeded stealthily, Pierre chose a more indiscreet way. He would rather choose a way that would give fight.

Weeks later, at the 4th of July 1776, Mme. Étienne told her children that she and her husband was supposed to go to talk to the public officer regarding their's economic issues, and their uncle Chimen would soon pick them up. He would then bring them to his house in Paris. She said goodbye with these words: "Being a noble is good; be a poor noble is better. No one cares about you if you are poor, but you do have a form of income. Use this income for the benefits of the people."

Marie Anne was not stupid, and understood that her mother was lying to her and her brother. So, when her parents traveled to the officer's castle, Marie Anne followed them. Her parkour-and-stealth-skills made her manage to stalk them without her parents noticing.

At the castle to the public officer in Le Louroux, a scaffold waited on the couple. At the age of 11, Marie Anne witnessed her parents' death. The public officer declared the Étienne-family bankrupt: Jacques Étienne had run a dangerous play with some merchants, so he and his wife ended their lives' in the gallows. This would mark Marie Anne for the rest of her life.

Later that day uncle Chimen arrived at the estate and found Marie Anne in the gardens. She held around her brother; both cried. Chimen knew what this was all about: Marie Anne had found out of the parents' death somehow and told her little brother, Pierre. Uncle Chimen walked to them and embraced them. He let them cry – let them shed tears. It was late night when Chimen escorted the children out to his carriage. His servant, Vallérie, had carried out all of the children's belongings and trifles.


  1. Marie Anne & Pierre
    • Giving birth
      • Escort Marie Anne's father to Mme. Étienne's sleeping chamber (Marie Anne)
      • Survive (Pierre)
  2. Marie Anne & Pierre
    • Youth
      • Capture five hares before letting them free
      • Escape the wolves
      • Tackle Pierre
      • Fight Pierre
      • Complete Chimen's task within time limit (kill the targets stealthy) (Marie Anne)
      • Complete Chimen's task within time limit (kill the targets violently) (Pierre) (Chimen will not be pleased anyway, so you must do it again to complete the memory)
  3. Marie Anne
    • Being a poor noble is better
      • Stalk Mme. and M. Étienne to the public officer without being detected
      • Escape the castle, and slip past the guards

Sequence 2 Edit

Assassins run in the family

At the arrival of uncle Chimen's house at the rue des Petits-Champs in Paris, Vallérie took the children's belongings to their new rooms. The house was big and great – almost too nice for a simple doctor like uncle Chimen. Marie Anne watched at their new home. Pierre found his way to the garden, where a pair of French tricolor dogs waited. This was for the help of Pierre, for this made him forget the parents' death for some years. Marie Anne on the other hand stood by her uncle's side. What was she supposed to do now? Chimen had the answer to this: Training. He did however waited with this until she became 12 year. Marie Anne explored her new home, but without alerting the servants – she did not wanted to be stopped if she discovered something unusual.

Assassin's Order

The symbol that was located on the rings

Train Hideout

The Wall that was discovered inside the estate of uncle Chimen

Exploring the house was unusual. It was huge, and servants waited everywhere. Marie Anne discovered a painting, showing her uncle, parents, plus three unknown persons – one of whom was dark skinned. Everyone – excepting her father – at the picture wore silverrings. The rings had a strange symbol. Under the painting it was written: Hervé Quemar, Sophie Trenet, Guillaume Beylier, Grimon Chimen, Mélanie Étienne and Jacques Étienne. After studying the image, Marie Anne found a chamber with drawings over a whole wall, with red threads to other drawings or paintings. Suddenly she was discovered by her uncle. He did not gave any explanation of the things she had seen

At the age of 12 years, Marie Anne still sorrowed: every day, hour, and minute of her life, she planned how she could take revenge over her parents. One day, when she read a book in the study, Marie Anne was aware of someone making noises in her sleeping room. She just thought it was some of the servants in the house, but soon Chimen found her in the study. "What is this?" he shouted. In his hands, Chimen hold a sheet of paper where Marie Anne had written down a dozens of ways to kill the public officer in Le Louroux. When Marie Anne did not answer, Chimen walked over to the hearth. The 12-year-old lay down her book and began to walk silently towards her uncle. Moments before Chimen threw the paper inside the fireplace, Marie Anne snapped it out of his hands. Chimen was overwhelmed when Marie Anne had taken the paper without him noticing. "Impressive," he said. "What?" To which Chimen replied that it was impressing that she could take something out from one another's hand. She told that if she had not got it, her plans would be nothing but ashes. Marie Anne was told that she could not live in the past, and had to move on.

The following month, Chimen was ready to train Marie Anne. The garden in the house at the rue des Petits-Champs was enormous, and soon it was filled with diverse things that would be challenging for her. She was tasked by steal three letters that Chimen had placed in the garden. Twelve of the doctor's assistants – who was informed of the situation – placed themselves in the side scenes of three different places: a palace, a street-café, and docks. Marie Anne was supposed to find all the letters within the time limit – of which Chimen took with the help of an hourglass. The first letter was hidden at the table in the palace-scene. Three Chimen's helpers sat at the table when they saw a rock roll in front of them; one of them walked up to it to see where it came from. The two other followed, and when the man returned, the letter was gone.

The second letter was in the pocket of one of the men – whom discussed the technique of autopsy. One of them asked the other about a letter from their boss. The one with the letter lifted it and then told that they would know the information back at the hospital. He did then put it back in his pocket. Afterwards, they heard some porcelain break. They turned their heads and when they did not see anything, they turned their attention back to one another; they had not noticed that Marie Anne had stolen the letter from one of the men's pocket and replaced it with an empty envelope.

At the scenes of the docks, the letter was hidden inside a locked box. Marie Anne saw the difficulty in the whole, and now she concentrated to trigger her Eagle pulse to see which of the doctors who had the key to the box. The doctor patrolled between some papers of individuals who carried a form of disease, a box of instruments who was in need at the hospital, his fellow-doctor, and a cauldron with a pig-head. After waited for minutes, Marie Anne saw that the man became slippy. He sat down and put the keys at the box that Marie Anne was supposed to rob. She moved gently towards the box, grabbed the box, unlocked with the key, took the letter and replaced it with an empty envelope.

After this, Marie Anne came back to her uncle and delivered him the letters. He said that she was supposed to keep them and read them. Afterwards, she was supposed to read them to her brother, Pierre. Uncle Chimen left the area with his fellow-doctors. Marie Anne established herself in the study and read the letters.

Years passed, Marie Anne questioning about the secret society named The Assassins; who were/are they; what are their purpose; who do they fight for; how long have they existed. These questions was the daily subject in the house at rue des Petits-Champs, so it was inevitable that Pierre would hear of this. At the age of 18, Marie Anne was questioned if she would like to become a part of the secret society; Dr. Chimen was a part of it, and his servant-girl, Vallérie, was an ally. Marie Anne accepted and when her time came for travel the Eagle's path in 1784, the Mentor – Comte de Mirabeau – found her interesting and a reincarnation of the Assassins' Creed. With the years of training, Marie Anne did no longer thought of seeking vengeance. She served the Brotherhood of Assassins, and did followed it step by step.

Laurent 12F

Laurent Mouzay

While Marie Anne was targeted by diverse Templars in Paris, her brother Pierre had nothing to do. He lived in the mansion of Chimen. He wanted to become a part of something bigger, something stronger than the Assassin Order. His uncle did however thought that to control the boy, the Assassin Order just had to take him – or else he would do something really bad. Pierre had to train, and the training program created by Chimen was enough to make his time pass by. This was however not enough: He was relentless and wanted to fight instead of lurking in the shadows – to Chimen's hatred. It was rarely Marie Anne was home these days, busy finding out which of the Templars pulled the strings in Paris; she worked with another Assassin named Laurent Mouzay, and these two made a special couple in the Brotherhood – but they did not make a relationship. Laurent found Marie Anne's brother like a bird trapped in a cage, and made him a part of the Assassin Order before he had become 18 years, more precisely: 1789, at the age of 17.


  1. Marie Anne & Pierre
    • Home, sweet new home
      • Explore the house, without alerting Vallérie (Marie Anne) (discover your sleeping chamber, the Assassin-painting, and the Assassin-wall)
      • Catch the dogs before the dinner is served (Pierre)
  2. Marie Anne
    • Future plans
      • Steal you plans of vengeance from Chimen before it is burned, but do not alert him – or else he will burn it in haste.
      • Execute the challenges from Chimen
      • Read the letter
      • Be initiated to the Brotherhood of Assassins
  3. Pierre
    • Copycat
      • Execute the challenges from Chimen (you will fail, because you do not want to be stealthy – the game leads you to do it violently)
      • Talk to Mouzay
      • Be initiated to the Brotherhood of Assassins (with the help of Mouzay)

Sequence 3 Edit

Hooligans of Calais

Targets:The Daredevil
Pierre 12F

Pierre Étienne as an Assassin

The two siblings are sent to Calais to deal with the Templar-hooligans: Marguerite Murat, Joséph Iscariotte and Shamar al-Djin. It was originally just Marie Anne who was tasked to traveling, but Laurent Mouzay convinced the Council to send Pierre also. Marie Anne pointed that her brother was not worthy and ready yet: Mirabeau meant that Pierre was ready to be tested; if he never got a mission, he would end up like Bellec. Bellec was an Assassin who sat inside of Le Bastille for simple thievery. Marie Anne and Pierre traveled as soon as possible.

Marie Anne 12F

Marie Anne Étienne as an Assassin

Upon their arrival in Calais, Marie Anne and Pierre saw a woman that was bullied by a group of mercenaries. Their leader was a woman which also carried an arm band with the red cross for the Templars. Marie Anne quickly climbed on the rooftop while her brother stood again on the ground. He understood that the woman was either Marguerite Murat, or an employee of named. He left his goods by a wall, seeing his sister would use too long time. He activated his hidden blade and ran up to the woman. She noticed the movement and draw a pistol. She shot Pierre in his left shoulder – she did most likely aiming for his heart, however. Her gang noticed it, and they discovered Marie Anne on the rooftops. The Templar got warned and used her pistol and shot up at Marie Anne. The Assassin had to protect herself from the attack, and waited until the fire ceased. The Assassin rose from the rooftop and used her own pistol to fire at the aggressors. She was at some point attacked by snipers, and Marie Anne used her pistol to shoot them too. When she went out of ammo, she used her Phantom Blade to shoot them. Below her, the aggressors had begun to climb up towards her. Marie Anne drew her sword, ready to defend herself. Five mercenaries drew their swords, and ran towards her. The Assassin used her sword to block their attacks, while she used her Phantom Blade to shot one of the others. One man stroke her arm, leaving a wound. Marie Anne beheaded the enemy. One of the mercenaries managed to stick his dagger in the side of her, and Marie used her Hidden Blade to stab the man in the neck; afterwards she drew it out and stabbed the man in the head. Still using her sword to protect herself, Marie Anne used her hidden blade to deliver another deathblow by slicing the throat of another enemy. The last enemy grabbed Marie Anne around her waist and ran to the edge of the house: he would kill himself and the Assassin at the same time! However, Marie Anne took a rope dart and threw it at the end of the house just in time. They both flew over the edge, but ended up hanging – Marie Anne holding onto the rope dart, the mercenary from her waist. Marie Anne used her hand with the Hidden Blade to hold the rope, and did, therefore, had to use the other arm. She took it to the Hidden Blade, and drew out the blade itself. She stabbed it into the man's left eye – making the mercenary fall to his death.


François Brunet was a former Assassin. He turned away from them after an accident he never likes to talk about. He never joined the Templars, however

Marie Anne climbed back to the rooftop, and loosened the rope dart. She lay it back in one of her pockets, and climbed down to her brother. He was wounded badly, so Marie Anne went to a doctor named François Brunet, whom lived close to the old Assassin bureau in Calais – and the best doctor in the city. Brunet revealed himself to be a former Assassin, too. He told Marie Anne that he knew where the Templars in Calais was to be located. Although it was easy to find them, the Assassins needed to take down Shamar al-Djin's followers. The Templars had destroyed everything the Assassins had built, and they had to pay for what they had to do. Even if Shamar was to be taken down, his followers would step in his place. Murat spread fear with her gang, and killed every person who questioned her or the Templars; if Shamar was removed alone, she was strong enough to take his role. It was the same case with Iscariotte: He had influence in all of Calais, though he was a coward – but Murat would press him to join her. With al-Djin's acolytes removed, his influence would be weakened, and the Assassins could take roots in the city of Calais.

It was never meant that Brunet was supposed to help Marie Anne or Pierre, but he enjoyed having company – all members of his family had died by the hand of a Templar. He gave them house and food. He told them that when he was an Assassin, he would have to take in to inns when he traveled to another city to learn about and locate the Templar he was dealing with. Now he did for the siblings. He also found it very odd that the Council had sent them without so much information about the Hooligans (this was the nickname the citizens of Calais had given Murat, Iscariotte and al-Djin). He gave them everything of information he had collected through the years. Pierre asked Brunet why he had not taken down Shamar and his acolytes by himself; Brunet was silent to this question – he never replied.

ACS Fight Club - Concept Art

It was either Marugerite or one of her brutes who fought in the ring, with dirty tricks

Marie Anne went out some weeks after they had arrived in Calais and located Marguerite Murat at a fight club. She was dueling a man, whom he killed very quickly. She asked for another challenger. Marie Anne had placed herself in the crowd, and soon an opportunity would come. From the crowd, the guards would have difficult to locate her – snipers was on patrols at every balcony and close to each window. Moments before Marie Anne was supposed to shoot Murat, she was stopped by a hand. Marie Anne almost shot the person, but stopped when she saw Brunet. He said that Pierre was gone from his house, and that he most likely would come here: reckless as he was. Pierre suddenly entered the ring, dressed in brown robes. Marguerite drew her sword when she saw Pierre's wounds. "Given the circumstances, I foresee your death's approaches, mon cher ami (my dear friend)," she said. Pierre had his sword too, and they began to fight. One movement made Brunet grab him to the mouth and saying, more to himself: "There goes my needle-work." It was like see to people dueling faster than their own shadows until it suddenly stopped. Murat had kicked Pierre down to the ground, and now she used her sword to deliver the deathblow. Marie Anne had tried to get forward to the arena, but she was blocked by exited citizens. Moments before Murat killed Pierre, the last named rose from the ground, grabbing his sword and stabbing Murat in through her back.

  • Pierre: "It is time to rest now, you Daredevil."
  • Murat: "No … No … No no no no! I cannot – will not – put my head to rest, garçon. I have still so much to do. So much to achieve. I have so many things and deeds to execute for the sons and daughters of La France."
  • Pierre: "Execute indeed. You have spent your time to slaughter and execute every innocent citizen of Calais."
  • Murat: "Innocents? Have you any idea what you're talking about, garçon? I have found and eliminated every individual of Calais that works against changes. If we – the Templars and the Assassins – are to change the life of the humanity, we need to reshape the society."
  • Pierre: "In the Templars' image?"
  • Murat: "Of course. The Templars are the true architects of the world. We have created eras of peace and prosperity. For the society, we have made soldiers out of peasants, created armies out of simple souls. What have you Assassins been doing throughout the ages? Except for ruining everything we have built?"
  • Pierre: "Does something make you stop talking, Murat?"
  • Murat: "Oui, la mort! A thing you have caused on me, Assassin! Claim your trophée – it will not be many of them, garçon."

Murat succumbed to her wounds.

  • Pierre: "I doubt that, Murat."
Memory corridor 3

Memory corridor 3

Pierre rose from the corpse of The Daredevil from Calais. Chaos went on: only a devil could kill someone like Murat. The Templars' soldiers fled the area: as the cowards they were. The three Assassins ran back to the dispensary of doctor Brunet, planning their next move.

The Bureaucrat Returning home, the siblings soon discovered that Pierre was too wounded to take out Iscariotte. Marie Anne was furious over Pierre's decision, and decided that she would write this in the mission log. He never should have come with her, he was not ready to be an Assassin yet. Brunet told Marie Anne that she still needed her brother's help to take down Shamar al-Djin. Not even the most skilled French Assassin could have taken down him. He therefore decided for them that Pierre was to stay home, recovering, while Marie Anne was to take out to Calais the next day, locate where Iscariotte was to be found, and how the city now worked with Murat out of the way. Marie Anne accepted, walking up to her bedroom.

The following day, Marie Anne made her way to the docks of Calais. Inside the building belonging to the harbormaster, Marie Anne asked if some of Joséph Iscariotte's ships had docked in the harbor lately. The harbormaster asked who she was, and she answered that she was his bookkeeper. The man had his doubts – he found it strange to be a woman – but he told her that the next week, a ship from the Caribbean – working for The Turk – would arrive with the cargo of slaves. Marie Anne's eyes betrayed her; if she had known about The Turk, she would not be stunned. The harbormaster saw it. He called for the guards, stating "this woman is a traitor and an identity thief!" The harbormaster was soon accompanied by Murat's mercenaries – so now Marie Anne knew the mercenaries was still operational, possibly under Iscariotte's and al-Djin's control and influence. The harbormaster drew a sword, and ran towards Marie Anne. After she had fought of the mercenaries, and disarmed the harbormaster Marie Anne drew her hidden blade, making her ready to kill the man. She wanted to know where she could locate Joséph. The man answered that he only got letters from Iscariotte's bookkeeper to deliver the goods. The location was different each time, so he never managed to know exactly where Iscariotte lived. Marie Anne thanked for the harbormaster's help, and let the man go. "I didn't catch your name," Marie Anne said. The man replied: "Pascal Leclerc."

Screenshot Natasha

Natasha Helena Bezhukov

Wandering in the city, trying to eavesdrop on different mercenaries, Marie Anne soon became known with the fact that a Russian princess named Natasha Bezhukov – of whom was half French, half Russian – was on her way to Calais, and would arrive in four days. The reason was that she was a strong ally of the Templar Order, making her valuable for them. She was going to visit Joséph at a palace in the outskirts of Calais. Shamar and even the Grand Master, François de la Serre, was going to visit the estate – both accompanied by a duke named Louis Philippe. In other words: a party was on the move. On her way back to Brunet, however, Marie Anne was stopped by a woman that presented herself as Suzanne René: merchant, seamstress and fighter. She led a group called La Garde, and was more than happy to help Marie Anne. The Assassin, however, asked why she needed Suzanne's help. The woman replied by saying: "You are an Assassin, you are fighting Templars, but all of you are in desperate need of help. You are many in you Brotherhood, but you don't have the resources to raise an army. I, on the other hand, already lead an army of freedom fighters. For the time being, I'm living in Paris. Come visit me in the district of Ventre de Paris when you return to the city; I'm leaving first thing in the morning." Marie Anne asked how Suzanne knew about the Templars and Assassins. She answered that she had her methods, and walked away.

Suzanne René

Suzanne René, a strong ally of the Assassin Brotherhood

Marie Anne returned home to Brunet when she suddenly heard a female scream coming from the inside. The Assassin ran into the house, finding Brunet during a childbirth. What was this? Brunet told the woman that it was a well-created boy. He stopped her bleeding when she let the son into her arms. The woman thanked Brunet. Now, Brunet found a purse on his sideboard and took some money. He walked up to his patient once again, giving her them. "I want this child to live. Here, take them. It should be two hundred livres. Use them well, mademoiselle." The woman answered that she would. Brunet showed her to a room where she could rest. Suddenly Brunet saw Marie Anne. He simply replied that he was a doctor, and it sometimes happened he got patients like her: without family or husband to take care of her. Marie Anne was still perplex, but snapped out of it soon. She told that she now knew where she could find Joséph; the mercenaries still served Joséph and al-Djin – meaning he would be protected. With the other information she had collected through the day, Marie Anne also knew Joséph controlled the economy in Calais – and then the prize of for example bread: the Frenchmen most valuable food. Brunet was proud of what she had discovered. Furthermore, she told about Suzanne René and her offer. Brunet stopped in his work remove the medicines and instruments from the table. He asked her to repeat that, and so did Marie Anne. The doctor left the room, leaving Marie Anne questioned.

Planning the strategy to infiltrate the manor of Joséph Iscariotte, Marie Anne felt the following four days went quick. When the day came for The Bureaucrat's party, Marie Anne had a full plan. Pierre, her brother, tried to find out of her plans – but she refused to show them to him, he was enough wounded as it was. Brunet gave Marie Anne some money to buy some aristocratic clothes. Marie Anne could infiltrate the palace, hidden in plain sight. Marie Anne refused to offer, however. She needed her armory to take down all of the Templars that came. And in that case, she needed more than a dress-to-impress-style. Marie Anne shared a hug with Brunet that night, before taking her leave for the mansion. Her plan was clear, and nothing should go wrong.

When she was close enough, Marie Anne hid herself in some bushes. A carriage passed her, and that was when Marie Anne quickly slipped under it and held on the wheel's bars. Upon the mansion's arrival, a guard stopped the carriage, asking for a password. The persons within said: "May the Father of Understanding guide you." The guard let the carriage pass. At the courtyard, Marie Anne slipped down from the carriage, and quickly ran to a bush. The persons that walked out of the carriage was an old, beared man that looked like priest, a young woman with the lineament of a fox, and a man with red a red ribbon of order and top hat.Slipping from bush to bush, Marie Anne soon found the entrance of servants. Here, Marie Anne could find a carriage with bottles of wine. She used some ricin from Brunet's medicines to poison almost all of the bottles – she did not had enough to poison all – before the servants managed to see her. When she slipped back to the shadows, Marie Anne saw a man dressed in a blue coat talking to the fox-lady. Marie Anne followed them to the gardens. The two discussed a plot a man named Germain had set up. The woman tried to convince Joséph to join the sanctum with her – Louis and Shamar was nothing to bet one's cards on. The Bureaucrat replied that he had made up his mind. A clock rang, and Joséph called for dinner to his guests. The garden was soon empty of people, and Marie Anne made her way to the windows that lead to the dining hall. The conversations went on for a long time – during this Marie Anne set out booby traps to every entrance to the palace: no Templar was allowed to leave the area in one piece. Ropes with glasses were ready to chop off the heads, placed by the doors; tripwires with poison (making it's victim paralyzed) was put all around at the ground; horses was drugged with sleeping poison; self-shooting pistols was placed so they covered entire areas. Then, a servant came in with the wine. He gave it to Joséph, who called for a toast: a toast for the Templars. Just as the man drank, he grabbed to his chest. The company of Templars escalated to panic: they understood he had been poisoned. Every Templar drew their sword or other weapon. Marie Anne saw them talking together, and they decided to spread out.

Luxoir LeClaire, a former Assassin – now aiding the Templars and the Luxembourg fighters.

Marie Anne suddenly felt a pistol to her head. A man said: "Rise, you filthy Assassin." Marie Anne rose from the place where she had hidden herself. When she was turned, she was surprised to see Joséph Iscariotte standing in front of her. "So, I'm guessing LeClaire was right: the Assassins would indeed try to poison me. Thank god for decoys." Of course! The Templars were not that stupid! They hired an imposter when they knew an Assassin was on their tail! Joséph guided Marie Anne out in the gardens. She would die alone – and the Templars would enjoy see her corpse. Out in the gardens, Joséph asked Marie Anne how she could have been that stupid! She answered that she did not knew. It was a riddle. This made the Templar relaxing: he had cornered her. He aimed his pistol on her head. She asked why he did this, and Joséph answered: "Well, I'm going to kill you, so I can tell you about our plans: The Turk leads secret operations under the nose of the King. By doing this, we grant the government money – and The Order too. When we lost our contracts in Lisbon to an Assassin, we made sure that the Brotherhood never would break us. So, we allied ourselves with the Templar Order – granting us location far beyond our dreams. In order to make sure our plans went smoothly, my wife – now killed by your Order – held control of the streets in Calais. I am controlling the stock exchanges and the prize of food, holding the citizens under our heel. My master are playing his part, but you don't need to hear it." He signalized that Marie Anne was to put her hands behind her head. The Assassin executed the Phantom Blade, and a sharp blade was held in her hands. She threw it. Moments before Joséph managed to shoot her, the blade was inside The Bureaucrat's chest. The man fell to the ground, and the Assassin walked up to him. He was bleeding out fast: her Hidden Blade was not necessary.

  • Joséph: "Coward! You caught me off-guard!"
  • Marie Anne: "If you have an Assassin on your team, you should know better than letting an Assassin chose the movement: we always have some tricks in our sleeves."
  • Joséph: "So, this is what I get for after my life? An Assassin hanging over me like a vulture! Letting me bleed to death. How noble!"
  • Marie Anne: "You aren't deserving any better!"
  • Joséph: "Hahaha! The real reason is that you don't have the guts to take my life! … Al-Djin will not be pleased by your doings. He will use all of his influence to take you down! He will not take the news on mine and my wife's death lightly. He is a coward – like you – but he have a much darker side of him than most of you pathetic grim reapers!"

Joséph succumbed to his wound.

  • Marie Anne: "I have vowed my life to kill everyone of you Templars, and will keep that promise."
Memory corridor 2

Memory corridor 2

Marie Anne closed the eyes of Joséph, and fled the area. She hid herself in some bushes. Four Templars had died of the booby traps – none of them was the one's she had seen, and none of them was de la Serre. The Assassin went back to Brunet's house, finding the home dark and silent. The doctor slept in a chair; the woman rested on some sort of a divan; Pierre had been placed in a healing bath when she returned. Pierre saw her, and asked her how the mission ended. Marie Anne answered from the hallway that if her brother soon recovered, she would be more than happy to get his help. She had lot to tell him in the morning: Suzanne René, the Russian princess, La Garde, Joséph and the meeting, and the plot and network the Templars had created in Calais. But for now, she wanted to sleep.


In the morning, Pierre came down to the breakfast. The woman from the day earlier had left, and Brunet had made the food. While eating, Pierre asked his sister what she had managed to find out. Marie Anne answered that she had met with a woman named Suzanne René; Suzanne was a woman that seemed to be a powerful ally of the Assassins, leading a street gang known as La Garde; a Russian princess – whom was a great ally of the Templars – had arrived in Calais, and needed to be taken care of; the Parisian Templars seemed to plan some sort of scheme towards someone – most likely the Brotherhood; Joséph had also revealed for Marie Anne that the three Templars – him, Marguerite and Shamar – played different roles for the Order: Joséph controlled the stock exchanges and the prize of food, holding the citizens under the Templars' heel. In order to make sure their plans went smoothly, Marguerite held control of the streets in Calais – making it possible for the Order to carry out their business as they pleased. He had not revealed Shamar's part in this game of power. Brunet unfolded Shamar's biography, by telling the man had shown great potential in trading and smuggling for the publicity and for the Templar Order. Shamar had come to France as a slave; when he was being freed to create a life of his own, it did not take long before his former owner were dead. With his great supplies, he could help the Order in many ways, and he had been recruited. Since his recruitment, he had carried on with a lavish lifestyle – with the help of his company, The Turk. Taking him down, would make the Parisian Templar Rite losing their control of France's trading routes and posts. The Étienne-siblings asked how Brunet could know all of this. Brunet answered mysteriously that he had learned a few things during the Hooligans' reign of Calais.

The siblings decided to locate Shamar, so they split up. Marie Anne decided to locate harbormaster Pascal Leclerc again and force him to tell more about the operation and its leader; Pierre was to infiltrate the pub Murat had run – gossip would be found, and this would be valuable information to find Shamar. Brunet had told the siblings that as Assassins, he could not help them in this matter – even if he knew where and when Shamar was to be located, he would not had told them (also, he had some patients to take care of that day).

The Turk

Logo of The Turk, the company many of the "important" people in Calais are working for

Marie Anne walked down to the docks while eavesdropping on conversations between sailors and merchants. The harbormaster was not as well guarded as he had been earlier. Earlier that week, the docks had been crawling of Murat's troops – now only a few seemed to patrol the area, and not guard it. Since they were patrolling, Marie Anne simply needed to put down her hood and cover her weapons. After Marie Anne saw Pascal Leclerc not had come to work yet, she decided to continue her eavesdropping. From diverse conversations, Marie Anne learned of man named Bourienne, who needed his goods – they had to be delivered to his storehouse at the end of the day. Some men also wanted to talk to the harbormaster about some transactions. Other conversations went on about Iscariotte's death, but the feelings were different person to person. After doing further investigating, Marie Anne managed to locate the men who wanted to talk to the harbormaster: Côme, Gaubert and Absolon. When Pascal arrived at the docks, it did not take long before the men entered the latter's building. Marie could kill the men, but she decided to listen on the conversation – hoping to learn more. So, Marie Anne climbed to the second floor and heard on the conversation through the floor – which was in no good condition. The men discussed former and future transactions – and the future of The Turk. At some point, one of the men pulled out a gun and pointed it at the harbormaster. The man that had pulled out the gun, threatened the harbormaster by stating Shamar had lost his patience and needed an improvement. Furthermore, the harbormaster was to come to Shamar's soiree the very evening. The three men left the room, leaving Pascal Leclerc.

Marie Anne lightly walked down the stairs and said: "So, these men seem friendly." Pascal are about to scream – fearing for his life – when Marie Anne tells him to shut up and listen to her. She tells that she intends to enter Shamar's ball and eliminate him and the eventual Turkish Board of Directors. When Pascal confirms the Board exist of Shamar, his brother, Marguerite, Joséph and Ghufran Karimi, Marie Anne asks what else she needs to know. Pascal informs that when he is supposed to meet Shamar, he will meet the three men and get a bag over his head before entering the carriage that would bring them to Shamar – so he did not know where he lived. Marie Anne ejected her hidden blade and walked up to Pascal, asking if he had any more information. The man partly screamed The Turk was going to obtain some goods from a storehouse at the docks, to their meeting. Marie Anne thanked the man and then left the building. Pascal stopped her before she opened the door, however, stating: "I'm only taking orders. I have no part in this plot." Marie Anne said she understood. Locating the goods in the storehouse, Marie Anne soon followed the Templars who was going to bring it to the palace.

Meanwhile, Pierre had arrived at the pub Murat once ruled. After the latter's death, the building had changed on the few days. Instead of a lively place, it was quiet – or less noisy. After the death of the Daredevil, men and women now seemed to drown their sorrows. Pierre found it annoying that he had been sent to this rat-hole. The only reason he had to do as his 6-years-older sister said, was exactly that she was older than him. Also, he knew that if he compromised her, she would report it to the Council – expelling him from the Brotherhood. Feeling careless on the content of his mission, Pierre grabbed a drink at the bar. He had his hood down, obviously – but it seemed someone recognized him because of his clothing, and therefore chose to leave the premises. The bartender felt it wrong to serve bear one such as young as him, so – whimsical as he was – the bartender said he gave Pierre the strongest – while it was one of medium. When a woman approached Pierre, he did not care for a time. She presented herself as Suzanne René, and Pierre turned to the woman. "Why are you here?" she asked. "You have problems with it, René?" The woman sighed before she said: "I'm only curios. What are you and your fellow-Assassin doing to end al-Djin's reign?" Pierre answered: "My sister sent me here to find out where Shamar was to be located." Suzanne answered that the Templars Absolon Noir, Côme and Gaubert was the one who knew it – but they were at the docks. Pierre replied that his sister then would have it all covered up. René told Pierre to not let his guard down. She continued by telling him to turn around: so he did. Three men and a woman seemed to have taken interest in him. "Are those Absolon, Noir – " "No," René interrupted, "they are mercenaries of monsieur Bourienne – a high-ranked Templar." Pierre asked if it would be wisely to challenge them if so, and René answered that Bourienne was one of the key-finacers of The Turk. Taking the mercenaries down – not just them, but several – Bourienne would show himself, or his bodyguard: Alexandre Garnier. Her advice was therefore to start a fight between him and them, but not in the building – rather outside of it. When Pierre asked why, she answered: "The Council of Calais use the stocks of The Turk as their main-income. Everyone knows that the Council are nothing but puppets of the company, so in reality The Turk are the masters of the city. Showing other citizens that the Council has done wrong invest in the Templars' company, would make the citizens rally against the authorities. Everyone are tired of the bad condition, so a little rebellion will not be difficult to make. Also, making an attack inside here, would be bad for the pub's reputation – and if that is not enough for you: fighting inside here would not be strategically wise." Pierre paid for the drink and then walked out of the building. As expected, the four mercenaries followed him out on the square.

Outside the pub, the mercenaries threatened him by the woman stating: "'Ey, kiddo: wha' the rush? 'Fraid you'll loose?" Pierre put one of his hands on the pistol, firing as soon as he turned – killing one of them. The mercenaries was obviously not ready for the attack, being stunned for a few seconds. "Au contraire, mademoiselle. I just don't want to disturb the peaceful locaux by spilling your blood on the tables." The woman was not so easily knocked off her perch: "En garde, garçon!" Pierre took out his sword, replying with the same phrase. The two men, one with a cleaver, the other with a dagger, engaged the fight. Pierre almost laughed because of the pathetic equipment, but soon stopped when he saw how aggressive they fought. While Pierre had been trained in doing tricks, these opponents fought by swinging their weapons all around. Pierre waited for an opening. He saw it. Pierre managed to doge the weapons. He ejected his hidden blade. He stabbed the big one in his leg, making him falling to the ground. Pierre fell out to the small of them. The little mercenary was still fighting aggressive, but Pierre made an end to that with his sword. While the mercenary was dangerous to fight close with a weapon, Pierre used his sword to disarm the man; he then pushed his rapier into the mercenary's stomach, and thereafter placing his hidden blade into the man's neck. The big mercenary with the cleaver had risen from the ground and now ran towards Pierre. Strong as a gorilla, the mercenary lifted Pierre from the ground and threw him four meters over the square. The woman cheered: "Go on, Didier!" The big mercenary named Didier walked up to Pierre, picking up the cleaver from his belt – he had put it back when he charged toward the Assassin. Pierre took himself to the nose: it was broken. Pierre turned around. Didier threw the cleaver. Pierre lay himself to the ground just in time. The weapon's only damage was on the hood, making a tear. Quickly back on his feet, Pierre was to eject the hidden blade when he was shot in the arm by a pistol the woman wielded. Didier laughed, stating: "Nice shot, Dorothée!" Didier grabbed Pierre's arm with the hidden blade, bending it backwards – he also held the free hand of the Assassin. Pierre was not going to end his days by his own blade. He rose a foot and kicked Didier below the belt. The mercenary lost the grip and fell to the ground. Pierre was quick, placing the blade in the throat of Didier – he then closed the man's eyes. Dorothée screamed in vain. Pierre was quick, lifting his pistol to the woman – who had reloaded it and pointed it at him. Pierre pulled the trigger, but nothing came. Of course it didn't; he had not got time to reload it as Dorothée had. The woman shot towards Pierre. The man ducked. The female mercenary pulled out a dagger of her own and ran towards Pierre. The Assassin just had time to put back his pistol, and pick up the little mercenary's dagger. Fighting the woman by swinging the dagger towards her, Pierre only gave her minor injuries. When a shot from nowhere went into the woman's side, Pierre got the possibility to slice her throat.

Standing with three corpses around him – and a fourth further away – Pierre looked for a place where the shot had come from. There. A young woman had given the blow. Pierre thanked the woman, leaving the scene of crime, walking back into the pub. Inside here, the landlord stood by the fireplace, talking to a customer. When he saw Pierre entering the pub, the landlord grabbed a fire iron and pointed it at the Assassin. "Sortez de mon établissement, votre larve (Get out of my establishment, you maggot)!" Pierre took a few steps towards the landlord, pulling out his sword. Lifting their weapons in an attempt to attack the other, the men were stopped by a third part: just as Pierre and the landlord struck swords, Suzanne René's sword held the weapons down. "Du calme, monsieur! This man is with me. We were just leaving." Just as the woman lifted the sword, the weapons of the men fell to the ground. Suzanne walked over these and took direction for the door. Pierre took up his sword, following after Suzanne. The landlord said: "The next time we meet, your little friend here won't be able to help you." Suzanne were still inside the room, and to this comment she turned around, walking past Pierre. The Assassin did not notice that she took one of his knives and threw it towards the landlord. The knife barely missed, flying right by his ear. When the landlord came around, Suzanne did nothing else but smile a bit for a reply, before leaving the building – followed by Pierre.

"Nice aim," Pierre flattered. Suzanne understood what he had in mind, turning his head to him. "I'm thanking you for the compliment, but I refuse the offering you place behind your words." Suzanne was not stupid, and she knew Pierre was giving her compliments with the thoughts as any man have with a woman. They were walking to an unknown part of the city, a part where Pierre had not been yet. Pierre understood he was compromised, and took the word again: "I must thank you for the help at the pub, madame." Suzanne told him to stop there, stating: "Oh no, I'm not married. Mademoiselle is the right form for me, little one." The two had entered a part of the city which seemed to be untouched by rich influence: men, women and children walking by the streets covered in dirt – someone drunk, someone selling themselves, someone playing, someone screaming, someone seducing another. Pierre wanted to look away, but Suzanne told him not to: "Look at these people, garçon. These are the ones who you are supposed fighting for. Don't trust those with coins from a noble family, because their money come from these poor souls." Pierre lifted his head to see those who lived at the edge of starvation. Women with their half-naked children stood by each house-corner and begged for money. Men with animals locked inside cages walked up and down the streets: "Fresh roosters! Get your fresh meat here! Fresh roosters!" Pierre said to Suzanne: "I don't get why they must sell those animals alive." The man overheard the statement, replying: "How else could I sell them fresh, monsieur?"

After walking for a while, Pierre asked Suzanne: "Why are we here again?" Suzanne explained: "The Turk is a Templar-affiliated group that not only control the high seas and economy; they control every pillar of Calais – some years prior, they also controlled Lisbon if I'm not mistaking. However, the point of this trip is: While rich men and women live carefree lives away from the poverty, people below them starve – only wishing to get their hands on a slice of bread. All of these rich people are being guarded by Templar-dogs – such as al-Djin that bâtard." The two walked for a little bit longer before Suzanne continued: "I have my origin from a merchant-family, and I have some income back in Paris. What I want you to do for me – in return you will be provided with my help – is to recruit an army of these poor people. Only men and women who know desperation – and pushed to the edge of their sanity – know what needs to be done to prevent such things. I will provide the army you give me, with weapons, and so will my brother." Pierre looked at her. Still as a 17-year-old, he acted cocky: "And what use will the Brotherhood have for your army?" Suzanne laughed and looked ironic at him, her voice teasing him: "Don't play games with me, garçon. The Brotherhood work in the shadows to serve the light – as the Creed say – but sometimes, visual presence is more effective and valuable than hidden. Go now." Suzanne turned around, leaving Pierre in the poor borough of Calais – seeking for persons suitable for the woman's army. Personally, Pierre felt it was right with a street-army working for the Brotherhood – making it easier to spy on and expose Parisian Templars.

Wandering in the streets of Calais, Pierre met with four individuals he found interesting: Armand Lavoisier, a maroon – who had later rose in the ranks of the French Army, now retired; Claire Varlet, a hunter – who had lost her husband after this was murdered by a bear; Charlotte Baxton, an English prisoner-on-the-run – wanted for theft of jewelry and other valuables; Léandre Tasse, a purse-seller – also, an educated duelist. The four of them all had several friends, and when Pierre gave them the offering to join an army of normal citizens, they gladly accepted – and would try to convince their friends to join, too.


Armand Lavoisier

One of the men, Armand Lavoisier, wanted to know if Pierre was up to a little adventure, to which he replied that he was. Baxton, who overheard the conversation, asked what they were up to – to which Lavoisier replied that it was none of her business. The two men walked down a street, close to a brothel. Pierre asked what they were going to do here – to get laid? Lavoisier laughed before turning around to him: "No, to obtain information. My sister, Odeda, live at this brothel – but now she have become pregnant with one of her customers. The man calls himself Gaubert, and is a regular customer here." Just as Lavoisier said that, two men came down the street. "Speak of the devil, both Gaubert and Côme." Pierre asked who's who, and Lavoisier answered that the one with the hat was Gaubert, the bold one was Côme. The two men suddenly stopped, seeming to fight about something, and then Côme left – walking in the opposite direction of the Assassins, who at this point pretended to watch through a shop-window for guns. Gaubert passed them, trying to enter the brothel. Lavoisier, on the other hand, had plans for Gaubert. He turned around, grabbing the man from behind – holding over his mouth. Lavoisier and Pierre brought Gaubert to the backstreets, where they interrogated him. "Where is my sister, le monstre?" Lavoisier pointed a sword at the man, who lay on the ground. "I don't know what you're talking about, monsieur." Lavoisier laughed, before stating: "Oh, shut up, you know who I'm talking about – there are no other dark-skinned prostitutes at that brothel. Where is my sister?" Gaubert sighed, before saying: "All right, I know her – but I don't know where she is." "You don't? All right then." Lavoisier seemed to be happy, turning around – surprising Pierre. Gaubert sighed of relief. Lavoisier turned quickly around, placing his sword in the space between Gaubert's legs – not far from his groin. "You're quite sure?! I might not miss next time." "No, no, please. I remember now: when I learned of her pregnancy, I brought her to the docks to get transported to a plantation in Caribbean and some of my contacts." Lavoisier thanked for the information, leaving Gaubert. Pierre followed the man to the docks.

It was evening, and the docks seemed to be unprotected. However, some of Murat's troops was still patrolling. Pierre and Lavoisier went to talk with the harbormaster – who seemed terrified over Pierre's outfit and hood. "Don't hurt me, please! I know nothing." Pierre was perplexed for a few seconds, before telling the man to calm down: "Where is the slave-ship?" Pascal Leclerc knew it would be best to get these men off his property as soon as possible, so he told them that he did not knew of a slave-ship, but if there were some – which he hoped it weren't – they would probably find it the Hôtel de Esclave. The men asked where the castle was to be located, and the harbormaster pointed to the westside of the city. The two men left the docks, not knowing that they were being followed.

The Slaver

Arriving at the palace, the men was soon approached by five men. The guards asked what they were doing there, to which they replied they merely wanted to check in on the man who lived there. The men answered he was not to be seen, and Pierre answered he needed to meet him. One of the guards pulled out a sword and threatened them to move on, away from the Hôtel de Esclave. After arguing with the men, Pierre decided to leave the palace.

Multiplayer Edit

Abstergo Entertainment decided to bring multiplayer back after a few years of no multiplayer in the main games. The modes in the Multiplayer include ones from other games like Wolfpack, Deathmatch, Wanted, Artifact Assault, and Manhunt. However, Abstergo Entertainment decided to make new modes such as Raids which is a 4 player mode that requires the players to sneak inside palaces or forts to find a certain item and sneak away after stealing it. Another mode added to Changes is called Riots, this requires the players to inspire crowds of citizens in Paris to resist the king and you must protect as many citizens you can from the guards once a riot starts. A last mode is one that is called Four Targets. This is four re-playable individual multiplayer-missions that let the player work with three other Assassins from the Parisian Brotherhood: Louis la Mort, Charles Dawkins and Angélique Ingur. The purpose of the missions is to eavesdrop on conversations from the citizens of Paris, and with this information, the Assassins is supposed to find a Templar-target in a well-guarded place. At the location they are supposed to find information about the Templar's operation, locate their henchmen and kill him/her – to get a confession from them. Later the players need to protect some civilians from the Extremists in a riot, where the Templar will be. If you are cable of killing the Templar now, the upcoming mission will be easier. The last mission will take place at a new location, where the Templar – if he/she is not killed – and his/her lieutenant: here you are supposed to kill the lieutenant and execute three other side-objectives.

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Templars Assassins Saint Vierge
The Englishman Louis la Mort The Coach
Soldier Stalker Borough-Captain
Turncoat Nag Diplomat
Prostitute Merchant

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Inner Sanctum Edit

The Leaders of the different factions of the Templars in Paris.

Parisian Rite Edit

Louis d'Orléans' henchmen. These Templars the masters of Paris, and all other Templars are answering to them – which in turn answering to Louis.

Saint Vierge Edit

The Lieutenants in the group of Saint Vierge. The Saint Vierge rule the streets of Paris, and use their Lieutenants to control every pillar of the society, guiding people to their rightful place.

Four Targets Edit

The followers of Frederick Downcastle. These Templars are higher than the Templars in Saint Vierge, but are lower than the Parisian Rite themselves. Josèphine is the Master of the Underworld in Paris; Ivan control the whole clergy; Adlinck control the Parisian town guard and the Swiss guard.

The Seekers Edit

Former members of the Saint Vierge, and the followers of Edward Walmart, these Templars still tries to keep the Revolution alive by using their influence to keep the people unknown to what is actually going on. They are trying to locate the Hourglass of Eden, creating a utopia of order, peace and prosperity. They are to be located in all the boroughs of Paris, and some in Saint-Denis.

Luxembourg fighters Edit

The Luxembourg fighters was an extremist Templar-affiliated group that operated in the revolutionary Paris. The Fighters used the Luxembourg Palace as their headquarters, and ruled the trading and lives of every soul in the poor or middle-class of Paris. During the whole French Revolution, The Fighters was hired multiple times to execute the Templars' dirty-work.
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