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Assassin's Creed: Chaos
US release
May 22nd 2012
EU release
May 22nd 2012

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Assassin's Creed: Chaos is the Fan-Fiction that follows the story of Karl Roggers and his hunger for vengeance.

Chapter 1 - Nightmare[]

The young son of Laura and Lenard walked with his parents through the exit of the theater. Karl was loving his tenth birthday. He had just watched the movie he had longed waited for. Lenard said that Karl was to be taught something that was apart of their family legacy. The city of New York was filled with many people during the night. Karl, however, did not enjoy nights in the city due to the fact that much crime existed on the streets.

"Enjoy the movie son?" Lenard asked.

"Yes, it was good!" Karl replied happily. He did not think he was ready to take on the family legacy. He did not even know a single thing of the tasks he may have to do.

"Come on, let's get in the c-," Laura's words were cut off by the sound of a gun.

"Hey yous, my boss says hi!' yelled a dirty, crazy looking man. The man pointed his pistol at Laura's neck and fired. She fell down to the ground with blood pouring from he neck. Lenard unsheathed a knife hidden in the sleeve of his suit and stabbed the man in the throat. The man fell to the ground but in his last momments, he shot Lenard in the chest. Karl could not comprehend anything. He did not want to believe his parents were dead. His mother was already fully dead, but Lenard twitched slightly.

"Join the Assassin Order my son, it is our legac-," Lenard died before he finished his words. Karl was now alone with no one left to care for him. He looked around to find that many civillians had already run away. Karl sat at his parents' bodies for several minutes before a NYCPD van had arrived. Several men jumped out of the van.

"You have to come with us," said the officer. Karl stepped into the van and watched the several officers put the bodies of his parents and the man that killed them into body bags. He had nothing left.

To be continued.