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Author Von Juvi H. Cater
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Published by Wattpad
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Unknown Assassin's Creed: Domination

Assassin's Creed: Conquest is an on-going Tagalog novel series published by Wattpad. The story focuses on the protagonist Andrew Janea, a Filipino Assassin who abducted by the Filipino Templar in the year 2020 as he relives the memories of his ancestor Habagat, a Visayan Assassin and mighty warrior of Opong in Mactan Island, along with his mentor Datu Lapu-Lapu. Together, they fight and protect the Opong against the Spanish Templars.


Chapter 1[]

In 2020, Andrew was abducted by the crew of Abstergo Foundation in Manila, Philippines. Dr. Vedasto Driz Ibarra, a scientific researcher of the said Abstergo branch, used him for tracing his ancestor named Habagat during the pre-Spanish colonization in the Philippines until the permanent Spanish settlement in the country (the 1500s - 1570s). This mad scientist ordered his men to arrest his family for forcing him to agree on his project. During the synchronization of Animus, Andrew saw some glimpses such as Isu and human, the first settlement of Malay people, and the discovery of Sword of Eden called Gintong Kampilan (Golden Kampilan), and the partial event of the Battle of Mactan.

In 1501, Habagat was born to his father Makisig, an army commander of Opong, and his mother Lakambini, a merchant. He is a weak child showing his not capable of being a warrior of his land. However, when his mother died in 1516, which encourages him to become a warrior despite being weak. The newly appointed leader of Opong Datu Lapu-Lapu seen his dedication and encouragement then asked him to join his army, but he undergoes intense training for one year. He became a member of the Opong army when he defeated Bagyo, a warrior from Pilipul assigned by Datu Zula, to challenge him in 1517.

Chapter 2[]

After defeating Bagyo in a freestyle fighting, Makisig finally recognized Habagat as a warrior of Opong and apologized for being a rude father to him. Afterward, they celebrate his victory and become a new member of the Visayan Brotherhood of Assassins.

In 1517 in Portugal, Ferdinand Magellan was an explorer who sought an expedition to Spice Island by crossing the ocean to the west. He requested that he awarded compensation to the Portuguese King Manuel I to explore the island. They had a dispute with the king, so his request was not granted. Instead, he decided to go to King Charles of Spain to continue his expedition plan, and it was approved. He was accompanied by the Spanish Explorer Juan Sebastian de Elcano on five Spanish Ships, namely Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Santiago, and Victoria. They carry Santo Niño (Child Chirst) with the Apple of Eden, which is their weapon to facilitate their conquest of the place they are going.

On March 28, 1521, Magellan's group landed on the island of Limawasa, in the modern province of Southern Leyte. When they arrived on the island, some men hired them to trade. They include a native named Panglimang Awang or known by the Spanish as Enrique of Malacca from Malaysia. He was the one who spoke to the people of Limasawa because he was the only one who could speak the Malay language to express the Spanish purpose. They provided offerings such as porcelain as a tribute to foreigners until they met its chief Rajah Kulambo and came to terms with the fact that the two groups had agreed on an alliance.

After three days, the first mass of Christianity took place on the island of Limasawa under the leadership of Father Pedro de Valderrama. Everyone in Limasawa, including Rajah Kulambo, became Christians after the mass. They presented the Santo Niño or Christ Child as part of the mass ritual when it suddenly flashed with a powerful light that signaled Spanish control over the natives because all who saw it would change their minds, and they become loyal to the Spaniards. Antonio Pigafetta, an Italian scholar and chronicler, often recounts the events of Magellan's expedition in a book to provide information on the island they are on when they return to Spain. Antonio had witnessed the change in people's thinking and behavior but could not understand why it happened, so that the Santo Niño held by the Spaniards had become a mystery to him.

On April 7, 1521, Magellan's group traveled again with Rajah Kulambo to Sugbu, the largest island adjacent to Limasawa, to befriend the same Rajah named Humabon. When Magellan's group and Rajah Humabon's group met, they presented their offerings. Humabon's group was amazed that they had just seen unique offerings made from the time of the European Renaissance. The two first talked in a hut to discuss important matters. They want to ally with Rajah Humabon, yet, there was a challenging fight between a Spanish General Joaquin de Iglesias and the best warrior of Sugbu Bak-Olaw to test their exceptional ability. If the Spanish win, Rajah Humabon accepts their request, or else they have to leave the island. The fight ended with Spanish victory, and their condition was recognized.

Antonio continued his writing about their journey while he was resting in a hut. A man suddenly enters his residence and will shoot him with a peculiar knife attached to his wrist. Antonio saw his ring finger was cut-off, and he had other weapons attached to his clothing. He introduces himself as Ignacio de Tierra. A Spanish Assassin descended from Aguilar de Nerha's group and has no intention of killing him because he wants to know their plan. Antonio agreed to find out their real plan after hearing Ignacio's story about the history between the Assassins and Templars.

Chapter 3[]

Antonio sent a letter to Ignacio about the Templars' plan in a few days. The letter states that the Magellan group sail with Rajah Humabon to ally with Datu Zula and Datu Lapu-Lapu. Ignacio decided to go to the place they were going to. He needs to inform the people immediately about their plan.

On April 10, 1521, on this day, Lapu-Lapu's group sailed with Habagat to Samar, which is one of the largest islands found in this country, to find the legendary weapon they call the Golden Kampilan. Upon arriving in a city called Biringan, a mysterious place of unique technology and civilization, they explored and found their way to the hidden Kampilan. They meet Apo Magyan at the camp of Biringan, where the warriors are located after they go through the strange ordeal caused by the unnatural phenomenon. Apo recounts the first civilization, called the time of the Isu. They are known as intelligent beings and are more capable than humans. They look like people, but they are bigger than they are, and they can know the future but in the short term. Humans and Isu are lived together until the Isu attacked by humans for being abusive. Isu created artifacts that they call the Pieces of Eden to control them.

Suddenly the Animus desynchronized due to an unknown malfunction, then Dr. Ibarra first decided to postpone the project. Afterward, they locked Andrew in a room with other subjects. He met Serafin Jintalan Cabias, an Assassin, and spent a year as a prisoner in Abstergo, next to his bedroom. After a few days, the two learned that they were planning to escape from the other Assassins who had been detained here as they mingled in the canteen during lunch.

Chapter 4[]

Andrew and Serafin learned that some Assassin members were planning to flee from the facility, and they were immediately arrested by Abstergo personnel. It is just one of the plans of the Assassins, so they want to see the whole facility. They make a real plan next week. The next day Andrew returned to Animus to continue the synchronization and back to the scene where they had a conversation with Apo Magyan regarding the previous civilization. Suddenly Lapu-Lapu cut the conversation out of his boredom and wanted to find the Kampilan. Apo accompanied them to the area where the hidden weapon was located. In the middle of their journey, Habagat noticed that the sky had changed to red, and he felt something terrible was happening to them.

Apo Magyan confronted them and his soldiers at once as they rushed to kill Lapu-Lapu and his men. The Lapu-Lapu's men fought in defensive mode, but soon their battle formation is weakening due to the continuous receiving of arrows from opponents. Habagat began to have counter-attacks on the other side to destroy the enemy's formation. Apo Magyan confronted Habagat as he was alone in the fight. Habagat was unable to defeat the aggressive Apo Magyan, and Lapu-Lapu helped him defeat it. Even Lapu-Lapu was challenging to knock out Apo, but Habagat had a chance to stab his neck.

Chapter 5[]

Habagat entered a memory corridor after he defeated Apo Magyan. He tells the young assassin the truth behind the assault that he wants to confirm if Lapu-Lapu and his army are the outsiders who take care of the Golden Kampilan. Afterward, they proceed to the place where the Golden Kampilan is located, according to the captive named Bantog, a warrior from the group of Apo Magyan. When they arrived, Lapu-Lapu decided to make Bantog an offering for their god Bathala to come out, but Habagat disagreed, and he offered a ring finger on his left hand as an offering.

Suddenly someone appeared to Habagat as a gorgeous woman, and she asked him if he was the warrior destined to be the new owner of the Golden Kampilan as prophesied. They all followed with the magical woman to the mysterious place they called Maharlika, where the Isu race lived. This time, Lapu-Lapu released Bantog to become Opong's warrior, and the captive did not hesitate to thank him. When they reached the large door and entered, Habagat was suddenly surprised because his companions were like a stone that does not move and does not speak. He could not understand what was happening until he heard a strange voice from afar. Moreover, it was here that the great god of the Filipinos Bathala appeared to him.

Bathala's behavior was annoying because of his strange conversation with Habagat, and the young assassin did not expect it. Bathala suddenly remembered something when he heard from Habagat why they were taking the Golden Kampilan to change how the two races treated each other in the right way. He remembers Janus, the only person who helped him after the war between the Humans and Isu, who had the same desire as Habagat. He was the first person to take care of Golden Kampilan until his next generation.

Because the Biringan was about to collapse, Bathala gave the weapon to Habagat. While taking the sword, he saw events from the future like the revelation of Agustin Legazpi's plan against the Spanish Templars and the assassination of Andres Bonifacio, the leader of the Katipunan. After he saw that, his reaction suddenly changed, and he had a new purpose with this weapon. Bathala expected that his attitude would change with what he saw in the future, which he worried about. However, he warned Habagat of the proper use of the so he would not have bad luck in the future. When Bathala suddenly disappeared, Biringan became a vast forest.

Chapter 6[]

On April 24, 2020, they arrived in Lapu-Lapu safely and were still with the new army member Bantog. When they came back to Opong town, they found out that a foreigner had been caught from Sugbu town. A Spanish Assassin, Ignacio, was mistaken for an opponent because he did not have permission to enter the city. When they reached a mountain where Ignacio was caught and tied up, they immediately talked to him to find his purpose.

Ignacio was immediately released, and he immediately treated his wounds with doctors' help in the town. Lapu-Lapu apologized to Ignacio for the soldiers' behavior, but the foreigner also apologized for entering the village without permission. A small party was to pay homage to the foreigner who was also a member of the Assassin who came from far away.

Ignacio trusted the Kampilan to Habagat, and so did Lapu-Lapu's decision. The next morning, the entire Opong army had a meeting with their citizens to discuss and prepare for the arrival of Magellan and Rajah Humabon.

At the end of the discussion, Habagat approached Ignacio to find out more details of the plan they would carry out. But he suddenly left and told Habagat to accompany him to a distant place to talk in-depth. Arriving in a forest, Ignacio challenged Habagat with a duel with their favorite weapon to find each other's strengths. Ignacio also wants to know if Habagat can be the guardian of the Kampilan to ensure his worth.

The next day, Habagat underwent training and education under Ignacio to become more skilled as an Assassin. As a result, Habagat received the modern Hidden Blade made by Ignacio, it is made of bamboo with steel attached to it, and its blade has a tooth design on its side.

On the night of April 26, 1521, Rajah Humabon's messenger returned from Opong and announced what Datu Lapu-Lapu had said that he refuses to recognize the Spaniards. The Rajah was angry, so he prepared an army, and he planned to attack the town of Opong. Ferdinand is quietly happy because he feels that there be a forced conquest of the island of Mactan, and he uses the Apple of Eden again when they get down there.

Antonio heard everything Ferdinand and Juan were talking about as he rested in the other room. Ferdinand suddenly remembered that they were just next to Antonio, so he immediately looked at the other place. When they arrived, no one was there, but Antonio immediately left through the window and closed it so that no one would come out. Ferdinand lost his temper when he discovered that Antonio was not there even though the writer already knew what they were talking about.

Antonio could think of no other excuse for Joaquin but to run. The general immediately chased him, but the natives suddenly stopped him, so he unknowingly killed him in front of Antonio. When Antonio was afraid, he ran fast until he reached the other place.

Antonio did not immediately understand what the leader of those natives was saying, but he still tried to talk to Mangubat. Fortunately, he also learned the Malay language from Enrique, so somehow, his wish came to Mangubat, and he also gave some money for them. Mangubat accompanied him to the island of Mactan, where the town of Opong is located to see Ignacio.

On the other hand, Joaquin immediately informs Ferdinand and Juan about Antonio's escape. Ferdinand was very suspicious that he might have heard all their plans. Suddenly the Spanish and Sugbu forces met with their leaders to discuss the war plan on the island of Mactan. Datu Zula, the leader of the Pilipul on the island of Mactan, also joined the meeting because he wanted to retaliate against Lapu-Lapu, who was his mortal rival on the said island, so he gave some natives to join the Spanish forces. This signal of the war between the Spanish troops on Opong troops. On the island of Mactan, the foreigner Antonio arrived, and he found Ignacio with Datu Lapu-Lapu. It is here that everything Ferdinand and Juan talked about before he left Sugbu.

Chapter 7[]

It was midnight on April 27, 1521, the day Ferdinand Magellan sailed with the entire Spanish army and some Subgu soldiers to the island of Mactan. Sixty of them took up arms with corselets and helmets, including the Christian king, the prince, some of the leaders, and twenty or thirty branches. They reached Mactan three hours before dawn. During the Spaniards' three-hour voyage, the Opong army waited on the shore while waiting for their enemy. Datu Lapu-Lapu was in front of the whole military while Habagat and Ignacio were waiting for the entire group. Some natives freed the Spaniards from Rajah Humabon's group to warn the Mactans by burning houses, which angered Lapu-Lapu.

Lapu-Lapu and his men waiting for the enemy.

When morning came, forty-nine soldiers of Magellan's army jumped into the water up to our thighs and walked on water before they reached the shore. The boats could not get close because some exposed rocks were blocking their way. The other men left to guard the ships. When they arrived at the shore, the army of Lapu-Lapu formed into three divisions numbering more than one thousand five hundred men. They all shouted loud as they rushed into the enemy. Musketeers and crossbow-men fired from a distance of about half an hour but to no avail.

They fired spears, bows, and stones from Lapu-Lapu's army to the Spaniards, so they hit its musketeers because their armor was light and not durable. The foreigners are at a disadvantage because of the strength and quantity of the natives who are fighting them. Magellan's confidence is very high because of the modern weapons they use, but he does not know that the place they are fighting for the Opong army is of great benefit. Soldiers find it challenging to walk on water because their weapons are heavy, and their movements are also affected, so they cannot advance in their position and this one of Datu Lapu-Lapu's tactics that Ignacio admired for his fighting prowess. But there is a problem they face General Joaquin; he can easily defeat the natives with a sword and shield even if it is heavy. Habagat sees a strong Spaniard coming to the beach, so he did not hesitate to help his men.

General Joaquin had reached the shore with some Spanish soldiers and rushed the other group of Lapu-Lapu. His group was the strongest of all army of Spain even though they were few against the five hundred warriors of Opong.

Habagat had already reached the other group, and he could see that the warriors were retreating from the Spaniards' strength. He saw the general kill his comrades one by one. Suddenly Habagat impatiently at what he saw, so he did not hesitate to kill the Spanish general. But Ignacio suddenly blocked the fight between the two, and Ignacio faced Joaquin. The general revealed that Joaquin was his former comrade, which makes Habagat be confused, but Ignacio explained the truth to him. He disables Joaquin by using poison knives that shot his one eye until he dies.

Habagat, on the other hand, reached the middle group where many fighters were killed due to the force of the Spanish musketeers. He pulled out a slingshot and took a rock and dead coral, and one after another, he throws at the opponents from a long distance unnoticed. They simultaneously stab them so that they cannot recover after they are distracted.

Rajah Humabon and Datu Zula feeling worried for Magellan's group, so he immediately sent another fighter to help the Portuguese.

They can see that the Spaniards and other native warriors were at a disadvantage in the strength and quantity of the Mactan warriors. But Magellan still did not give up the fight, and this time he released the power of Eden. Lapu-Lapu's group stopped fighting and turned around to chase their leader.

Magellan saw another piece of Eden holding by Habagat, and he wanted to get it. He commanded the other controlled warriors to take out the sword of Eden. Ignacio motioned for Habagat to use the sword to lose the power of Apple of Eden. There were bright light flashes, and the controlled warriors shone until the Apple of Eden lost control of their minds. Magellan was furious, and he used the Eden again, but the sword held by Habagat opposed it. But Magellan used the other ability of the piece of Eden. It can form a clone of its own, and the people of Mactan were shocked when Magellan turned into ten clones of himself.

A warrior returned to their ship to report to Rajah Humabon and Datu Zula. They found out that the Portuguese and other foreigners were in danger, so they decided to help them. Magellan was not good at fighting, as were the clones, so Ignacio and Lapu-Lapu quickly killed them. This time, other warriors came from Rajah Humabon and Datu Zula to help the lone Magellan.