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Assassin's Creed: Descent is a Fanon Assassin's Creed story by User:Sanguinoraptor. The story spans within two parts, the first part (The Fallen Master) takes place between 1313 to 1357 in the Kingdom of Majapahit, located in what now is the archipelago of Indonesia; while the second part (Iridescence) is during the invasive rule of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC - United East Indian Company of Netherlands) and the later British, Dutch Empire, and Imperial Japan in Indonesia. The part also covers another Assassin during the Dutch Military Aggression in post-Independence declaration Indonesia.

The story introduces a new Assassin of the modern times living in Jakarta named Arjuna Wijaya or nicknamed Juna. He is currently a hired gun on the run (since he killed a friend/relative of the Vice President of Indonesia who is in turn apparently a Templar), and with the help of his fellow Assassins, goes underground.

In the few late days, Juna realizes from his friends of his assassinations' trail patterns and deduces that a Piece of Eden is a central plot that drives his leader to these kills. After a friend, Alysha, retraces Juna's genealogy, they discover that Juna descended from several prominent figures in the Hashashin history. They contact their fellow Assassins in the US under the possession of an Animus, Animus 2.0, in order for Juna to relive the genetic memories of his ancestors that Alysha deems may have a connection to the Piece of Eden in question.

The Fallen Master part (Sequence One) details of the life of a civilian of Majapahit Kingdom named Panji. He is not in any way related to the Assassins; however, he grew up with his own ideas and views and they closely resemble the Assassins' ideology. The Sequence tells of how Panji was involved with the Templars' subtle involvement in the fall of the so-powerful Prime Minister and military leader of the time, Mahapatih Gajah Mada and how Panji was inadvertantly a reluctant part of it. It also tells of how Panji came to the discovery of the existence of the Pieces of Eden.

The Iridescence part (Sequence Two) is later accessed with Alysha's update to the Animus called the Kilasbalik (Indonesian for flashback). The memory tells of two Assassins: one is of an Assassin named Jaka Atmajaya, a farmer from Java who was involved in the Javan War against the VOC and the Dutch colonial rule, going as far as the Netherlands itself to assassinate several Templars involved in the war that the Assassins failed to kill. The other one is of the life of a young Assassin named Rajawali Putrabayu or usually called Rajawali (Indonesian, literally hawk or falcon) and how he was involved with the Templars still looking to ruling Indonesian archipelago in their two-stage Military Aggression, and how he understood and involve himself to the hunt of the Piece of Eden the Dutch Templars were after.

Pieces of Eden and other 'magical' items involved[]

See also: Gauntlets of Eden

Panji comes into contact with the Gauntlets of Eden first in Compound Two of the First Sequence. He witnessed an event during a Majapahit territory expansion in 1352 where an opponent kingdom fought back the Majapahit army, but Mahapatih Gajah Mada's war gauntlets glew so bright and the next thing that Panji knew, about fifty of the opponent soldiers were on the ground.

Due to the amount of Pieces of Eden radiation in Panji's genetic memory, it is likely that he has come into further (and closer) contact with this Piece of Eden. There is also a chance that there is more than one item involved in the trail that Arjuna and his friends follow.


These are the episodes in Assassin's Creed: Descent. So far, only the Sequence One is accessible. The Sequence Two will be accessible as soon as Sequence One is completed.

  • Sequence One: The Fallen Master
  • Sequence Two: Iridescence


These are the characters who appear in the story:

Modern times:

  • Arjuna Wijaya: the main protagonist. The story in the modern times is mostly told from his first-person viewpoint. An Assassin living in Jakarta who goes underground after assassinating a Vice President's relative, which is a Templar. Together with his friends, Arjuna (Juna) came into the realization of the involvement of possible Pieces of Eden in the assassinations his leader had ordered him into. He uses the Animus to access the genetic memories of his ancestors that Alysha finds having lots of exposure levels to the anomalic Pieces of Eden radiation within the memory genes.
  • Alysha Susila: Arjuna's old friend, a fellow Assassin. She assists Juna in most situations, and in many occasions (sometimes mentioned), she had saved his life. She is rather down to earth and keeps tracks on what's important, although sometimes several things prove to be a greater distraction for her.
  • Satrio Bagus: Alysha's big brother who keeps picking on her. Rather happy-go-lucky, but that unnecessarily means he's reckless. An Assassin who had assisted Arjuna in many of his missions.
  • Rebecca Crane (mentioned, emailed, cameo)
  • Erudito (email, cameo)
  • The Indonesian Mentor: a Mentor living in a hidden room in the prison island of Nusakambangan, which is known best as Indonesian Alcatraz.
  • Other Indonesian Assassins
  • Indonesian Templars
  • The Observer: the story started with a first-person narration from him. It is suggested that the whole story is actually Juna's personal records that he steals to show in the form of the story, for reasons yet to be revealed. His identity is still currently unknown.

Majapahit age:

  • Panji: the memory/age's main protagonist. A civilian of the Majapahit Kingdom, he obtains the idea one day to become an observer of the world's dynamics around him and sees how power had corrupted many. Eventually, he grew an ideology of his own which accidentally resembles the Assassins' closely.
  • Wisnu: a friend of Panji. More of his identity will be revealed when the part of the Sequence concerning him is completed.
  • Mahapatih Gajah Mada: Majapahit's legendary Prime Minister and military leader. A powerful, brave, effective, and pretty clever warrior. Currently one of Indonesia's prominent figures.
  • King Hayam Wuruk: also known as Rajasanagara, the King of the Kingdom of Majapahit which successes his mother Queen Tribuana Wijayatunggadewi. It is within his span of rule that Majapahit reaches its peak glory.
  • Princess Dyah Pitaloka Citraresmi: a princess of the Sunda Kingdom that King Hayam Wuruk wished to marry, yet because of a misperception between Gajah Mada and the Sunda King, the supposed marriage instead turns into a full-scale battle now known as the Battle of Bubat.
  • Other Templars

Indonesian Colonial era and Military Aggression Retaliation warfare:

  • Jaka Atmajaya: father/godfather of Rajawali (revealed later), also an Assassin contributing in the early wars between Dutch colonials and ancient Indonesians. More of the identity will be revealed once the Sequence is finally accessible.

    First draft coloring of Rajawali Putrabayu.

  • Rajawali Putrabayu: the main protagonist of the Sequence. Born in Sunda Kelapa, which is of a shore area, which in turn got him born with natural enhanced physical abilities. More of the identity will be revealed once the Sequence is finally accessible.
  • Tara Kalya: data not accessible yet.
  • Putra Mangunjaya: data not accessible yet.
  • Marshall H. W. Daendels: the Governor General of the then-Batavia (now Jakarta), who led the Dutch East Indies (Hindia Belanda) which now stands independent as Indonesia. He takes in the place of the former Governor General, Albertus Wiese, who supposedly had came into contact with the Assassins. More of the identity and involvements will be revealed once the Sequence is finally accessible.
  • Johannes van den Bosch: a Dutch Lieutenant General who proposed the idea to focus the resource search to only Java, Sumatra, and Bangka. As a matter of fact, these places were where he believed the missing Pieces of Eden the previous Templars of the VOC searched for. He himself is a prominent Templar. However, he later left Java due to differences with Daendels even though Daendels was mostly affiliated with the Templars. More of the identity and involvements will be revealed once the Sequence is finally accessible.
  • Prince Diponegoro: a prince who stirred a rebellion against the Dutch tyranny in Java. Until now, the war he started was regarded by Indonesian historians as one of the toughest for the Dutch to handle. Matter of fact is, many Assassins are involved in the wars, using the chance of outbreak to take down as many Templars as possible in the wars. More of the identity and involvements will be revealed once the Sequence is finally accessible.
  • Warriors and Assassins of the Javan War, better known as Diponegoro War.
  • Sutomo: an Indonesian Revolutionary War hero, best known for his burning speech which had spurred lots of people into a springing jolt of action which spirited them up through the Revolutionary Wars. More of the identity and involvements will be revealed once the Sequence is finally accessible.
  • Army General Soedirman: an Indonesian Retaliation War hero, one of the youngest to reach the rank of General during that age since he obtained the rank when he was only 31. Secretly an Assassin Mentor. More of the identity and involvements will be revealed once the Sequence is finally accessible.